This is the new Lancer fanfiction archive, opening for business in May 2020

A software disaster has led to us closing the old LancerLovers site to new submissions.

New authors will be archived here from the outset. Existing authors will have new stories archived here, and we will gradually move their existing stories across. Eventually everyone will be moved to this new archive, but it will be the work of several months, most likely, so please bear with us as we work through the long list of authors and stories.

The Titles lists and the list of Authors will be hybrids until we’ve moved everyone across. Links to transferred authors will take you to a page on this site. If we haven’t transferred an author over here, the links will take you back to the old site until we do.

We know this means it’s going to be an inconvenience, moving between the two sites. We hope it won’t last long, and you’ll have a stronger, more resilient archive for the future.

Do bookmark this site, as we’ll close the old site completely once we’ve got everyone’s stories transferred over.


Use the navigation links at the top of the page to find the author or the title you’re looking for, or just to explore the site. Have fun!


Submit A Story For Archiving


Lancer belongs to 21st Century Fox. We acknowledge the owner’s entitlement and copyrights absolutely. The transformative works hosted on this website make no claim to the copyright of the originals; they are pieces of fanfiction done in homage. No financial benefit (in any form) has been realised as a result of their production and posting to this website.
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