Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those statistics show that this particular author’s entire series was being read in sequence, so readers are evidently enjoying it. Nor is this author alone in having her stories read regularly. But – and it’s a big but – readers don’t seem to be telling the authors that they’re enjoying the stories, not giving back any comments or encouragement.

One of the beautiful things about the Gateway is that so many stories written through the years that honor this show and its characters are available for everyone to read. Membership is not required and the site is easily found on the internet. Perhaps lost fans of this series stumble upon the site and relive their first love or crush through the eyes of the writers who share their stories. Many readers go back time after time to relish their favorite stories and authors or stumble upon a new favorite.

To the readers of these wonderful stories, there are ways you can show your appreciation to the writers. Respond to them via the e-mail link provided at the end of every story. Hit the ‘like’ button on the bottom of the last page. It is important that readers acknowledge the stories they enjoy so the writers will continue to write and post, and, most important, that Lancer remains as vital and alive as it was over 50 years ago. If you like reading Lancer stories and want to continue to see new ones, do encourage the authors by telling them how much you like their work. Whether it’s a new story or an old favorite, if you’re reading it, take a moment to email the author and tell them that their work has given you pleasure.

Thank you to the writers who love these characters so much that you go to the effort of struggling with each paragraph, sentence and word. Writing is indeed an act of love and, whether acknowledged or not, it is appreciated. It is disheartening to lose any writer because they do not feel they are being read due to lack of feedback. But please understand that this site is rather like a library. Although you do not have the capability of seeing who ‘checks out’ your book, know that every day people are going to the site and reading your stories. So, please, do not become discouraged. You are being read.

In order to encourage writers to continue to write and post, we will post the statistics for both LancerLovers and the Lancer FanFiction site with the monthly update, to show how many visitors and page views we’re getting. And to encourage more feedback, we’re looking into ways of making it easier for readers, too.

It is amazing how many friendships have been formed over the years just by readers communicating with writers through this passageway and other avenues that bring people together who loved this show and its characters. So please, writers continue to write and keep your stories catalogued here, and readers, show appreciation with a like or a post directly to your favorite writer. Before any of these stories are lost, we urge you to help save them.

Thank you.

Ronnie (Ronnie)
Gateway Archive Team

28 thoughts on “Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

  1. When I was posting, didn’t bother me in the slightest if I didn’t get feedback. I wrote for me, and hopefully others enjoyed it too

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    1. I think many authors agree with you, Jean – me included – but some do get disheartened if their efforts receive nothing but silence. People write for varying reasons, and we all react differently. I can’t blame someone who’s laboured for many hours on a story then feeling shortchanged if the readers don’t acknowledge that they’ve read and (hopefully!) enjoyed the story. That the writer finds it demotivating is a great shame, but understandable.

      I think one of the problems is that currently there isn’t any way of making an immediate comment on the story. We’re looking into changing that.



  2. Ronnie- thanks so much for this guidance. I have been reading for about 7 years and was never aware that Authors expected feedback. I will start providing feedback even if it just the LIKE. I don’t want to lose any of these brave and generous folks who provide such wonderful stories. I am a data person, spent my career as a Clinical Trial Data Manager so really like that the group is keeping metrics. Best Regards,Connie OrmeLivonia, NY

    —————————————–From: “Lancer Fiction Gateway” To: Cc: Sent: Wednesday September 30 2020 5:46:13AM Subject: [New post] Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

    lancerloversarchive posted: ” For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those stati”

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    1. Connie. Thanks so much for your response. As a writer I do appreciate feedback. Rather the icing on the cake. Thanks for your reminder that not all are aware to give feedback. I do hope this encourages folks to leave feedback even if only a like. Take care. Ronnie


  3. I have enjoyed many stories and must apologise for not giving feed back and will endeavour to do so in future.
    Thank you to all the authors.

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  4. Thanks for the advice on making comments. I love these stores but didn’t want to bother the writers with comments But now that I know they would be welcomed I will definitely put my 2 cents in
    Thank you so much for all you do!!!

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    1. Carol. Thank you for responding and reminding us that perhaps not all are aware of leaving feedback. The writers appreciate anything you may have to say, even a short like. Ronnie


  5. Ronnie and Anna, So glad you have opened up this discussion. It feels a little uncomfortable to reach out to an author who is no longer active and whose stories may be many years old, but that feedback is always welcome in my experience.

    I do think writers also need to try and focus on the satisfaction of a job well done. It’s magical to be able to have the characters, who you love, say and do the things you want them to. Not everyone gets to experience that thrill. Feedback is the icing on the cake!

    That being said, I am a voracious reader and will try and do better about leaving my thanks for the many hours of pleasure which I have been given.


    1. “It feels a little uncomfortable to reach out to an author who is no longer active and whose stories may be many years old, but that feedback is always welcome in my experience.”

      Oddly enough, I got an email only this week, out of the blue, about my old Lancer stories and I’m not really active in the fandom except for maintaining the archive. It was a great boost to the ego! So yes, I do think feedback is always welcome.

      But I also agree with you about writers focusing on their own satisfaction. I write because I love to write, and it’s so much a part of me that I can’t imagine life without it. Feedback is most definitely icing!

      Thank you for responding – I saw you’d liked a post, so I’ll pass that on to the writer.



  6. Guilty as charged! 🙂 I am new to the world of fan fiction and have yet to let authors know how much I enjoy their stories. I will make amends. I found the Lancer Fan Fiction site after being sent home last spring to begin the nightmare of teaching from home. I took a break and watched, “Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood” and exclaimed, “Lancer! I remember that show”. I eventually found this wonderful site and have been giving myself story breaks ever since. I want to thank the archivists and site managers for all of their hard work. I love the organization of the site: authors, titles, genres, etc. I can tell that the work done is a labor of love. And the authors…such a talented group. Thank you all!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Sheila and so glad you found Lancer and the Gateway. Anna is the genius behind the organization of this site and keeping the archive going on her own for many years. Prior to Anna, Karen Fedderly maintained the Lancer Fan Fiction site. Lancer fans are very grateful for all of their work. We hope you continue to enjoy all of the wonderful stories.


  7. I hadn’t thought to leave a comment for the older stories. I will try to do better. It is a shame that authors are leaving the site because of this.

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  8. When I was posting (it’s been a LONGGGGGG time), I used to enjoy receiving comments. I guess readers have forgotten me, but that’s my fault for dropping out of sight. I know my email address was known on the original site, but I’m not sure it appears anywhere now. And, I have a new primary email address. I’ve been enjoying a lot of the new stories posted here and guess I should have said so. Part of the problem, I think, is that this is not a “member” site. Anyone stumbling upon it can dig in and start reading. Rambling, rambling… Anyway, I’m glad the show is still generating so many good stories. Keep it up!


    1. Hi Mary
      Nice to hear from you! We do have an email for you on the site at (if you email me at, I’ll provide the full email). Is that still current? If not, is there one you would prefer to use now?

      People are starting to leave comments at the site rather than email authors – I suppose copying the email and moving it to their own email programme is a few steps too many for a lot a readers. At the moment, we’re approving comments and sending them on to authors, so a current email would be a boon. I don’t know how long we can sustain that though, and it may have to be left so that authors check their stories once a month, or something, and respond to comments if they wish to.

      All the best

      Anna (Starry Diadem)


  9. It’s so good to see the ‘like’ button and the comments box available at the end of the stories now – this makes it much easier and quicker to give feedback. A few likes is better than no feedback at all; at least you know then that somebody has actually read the story all the way through.


    1. We’ve been sending them on as fast as they come in. Sadly, we’ve found a couple of cases where the email address we hold for the author isn’t valid any longer. Those are going to be a little more problematic.


  10. I am new to this site. I tried to leave feedback on stories I really liked and couldn’t seem to do it because I had to be a member and sign in. I tried to sign up only to end up in a place asking for my domain. I didn’t want to set up a web site so I left that page and tried again and ended up on a different page where I didn’t need a domain and I thought I was in. However when I tried to left a msg on how much I liked the author’s tales, i got a msg saying my email was needed but I couldn’t find a place on that author’s comment site to put in an email so I would guess my msg wasn’t received. I say all this to tell authors not to be discouraged because of no input. Perhaps many like me have problems posting the attaboys.


    1. Hi Fallfan

      You shouldn’t need to sign in to leave a comment, although you do have to be signed in to leave a ‘like’. Can you let me know which page you were trying to comment on, and I’ll double check the settings.




      1. I’m sorry. I found this site around a month ago and have been having fun wandering thru the many stories and have no idea where I tried to leave comments. Also as I noted I couldn’t figure out where to leave my email address and I think I was logged in.


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