Thanksgiving Stories

Here at the Lancer Gateway we have a host of what we call ‘Special Collection’ stories: those based around the episodes, or holidays, or crossovers with other western series etc.

Here’s our collection of stories themed around Thanksgiving:

(The) Best Gal Darn Turkey in the Whole Gal Darn World  by Linda B (Kona)

For These We Give Thanks by Patti H.

Giving Thanks by Laraine

Giving Thanks by Winj

His Life, His Thanks by Barbara V.

New Traditions (Scotland Series #1) by Winj

Pondering Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Remembrance by S.

Thanksgiving 1880 (Holidays series #1) by Em

Thanksgiving At Lancer by EJ

Thanksgiving At Lancer by Vickie B

Thanksgiving With Family (#1 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

Truman’s First Thanksgiving by  Boonie

We Gather Together: The First Lancer Thanksgiving by Vicki L. Nelson

Wrinkled Potatoes and Old Tomatoes (Brat Pack Series #18) by Southernfrau



Our usual monthly update will be published this coming weekend. In the meantime, enjoy a little Lancer with your turkey on Thursday!


Lancer Gateway Team
Thanksgiving 2020



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