Christmas Stories

Here at the Lancer Gateway we have a host of what we call ‘Special Collection’ stories: those based around the episodes, or holidays, or crossovers with other western series etc.

Here’s our (large!) collection of stories themed around Christmas:

All His Christmases At Once   (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

All I Want For Christmas by Susan

Away in a Manger by Suzanne

Bah, Humbug by Starry Diadem

(The) Best Worst Christmas Eve by Vickie N

Christmas (Widow Morris series #17) by Doc

Christmas 1858 by Mary Whimsey
(FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Holiday Story)

Christmas 1864 by MaryO and Mary Whimsey

Christmas Blessings by JEB

(The) Christmas Choice by Karen and Nancy

Christmas Countdown by  Belinda   

Christmas, Finally by Adriana

(The) Christmas Guest (Guest Series #1) by Em

Christmas Lesson (#2 in the Winter’s Tale series) by EJ

(The) Christmas Letters by Laraine

Christmas Mischief Series by EJ
(A) Little Christmas Mischief
Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny

(A) Christmas Missed (#2 in the Frosty Christmas series) by EJ

Christmas Morning by Linda B (Kona)

Christmas Past – Christmas Present by Sue

(A) Christmas Promise and Prayer -a poem by Southernfrau

Christmas Prayers by Cadillac Red

(A) Christmas Promise and Prayer -a poem by Southernfrau

Christmas Series by SouthernfrauChristmas Memories
Let It Be Christmas
Oh Christmas Tree!
Faith Will Bring You Home

(The) Christmas That Almost Wasn’t by Mary Ann

(The) Christmas Tree by Linda B (Kona)

(A) Christmas Visit by Winj

The Christmas Visitor (Guardian Series #7) by ZoeyT

Cradles by Dale L

(The) Donkey by Kim

(An) Early Christmas Present by Margaret P.

(The) Elf On The Shelf by Vicki L Nelson

Feliz Navidad (Holidays Series #2)  by Em

(A) First for Christmas by Skye

Flores De Noche Buena by Barbara

Forged Chains by Kathy P

Frosty Christmas Series by EJ
(A) Very Frosty Christmas
(A) Christmas Missed
Will Another Christmas Be Missed

(The) Garrett Christmas Letters, 1871 by Ros

(The) Gifts  (Surprise Series #2) by Terri

God Bless You, Johnny Lancer by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(The) Greatest Gift Of These by Winj

(The) Grouch Who Stole Christmas by Whistle

Home by Karen and Nancy

Home for Christmas Series by Winj
Home for Christmas
(The) Second Lancer Christmas

Home for Christmas by Winnie

Hope by Dale L

If We Make It Through December by Vicki N and Sammi Q

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by JEB

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (At Last) (Small Matters Series #8) by Vicki L. Nelson

(The) Impatient Christmas Gift by Patti H

In A Stable All Forlorn (Surrogate Fathers series #3) by Olley

In Memoriam by Rhiannon

Incident of the White Wolf by Trinidad

It Should Have Been The Best Christmas Ever by EJ

It Started Out A Good Idea (#1 February Observances series) by EJ

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas by JEB

It’s Not Easy Being A Father by EJ

Jackrabbits, Snow and Christmas Trees by Linda B (Kona) and Ros

Jingle Bells 1871 by ZoeyT

Johnny and Santa’s Flubber Belly Dance by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Lancer Christmas (#4 in the Johnny and Holly Series)  by Buckskin

(A) Lancer Christmas in San Francisco (#2 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

(A) Lancer Christmas Story, 1863 by Suzanne

Like Father Like Son by Margaret P.

Little Lamb of Christmas by  Belinda

Making Do (It All Adds Up Series #9) by Sandra

Memories Made by Charlene

Mending Fences by Caroline

Merry Christmas To You, Too! by Snicklefritz

Midnight Clear by Amber

Milagro by Winj

Miles Apart by Winj

Miracle in the Wilderness by Amber

Mirrored Christmas by Spiritfire

More Important Things than Money by Margaret P.

My Father’s House (Coming Home series #3) by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(The) Night Before Christmas by Linda B (Kona)

O Come Let Us Adore Him (Brat Pack Series #19) by Southernfrau

Pissing Contest by CC

Prankster Posse Santas by JEB

(The) Presence Of Christmas by S.

Random Chance by Dale L

Recipe for A Family Christmas by Marcia

Recollections by Doc

Return Series by Doreen
(The) Return
Returned To The Fold

Ruffled by Margaret P.

Sam’s Best Christmas Present by JEB   

Santa Knows If You’ve Been Good Or Bad by EJ

Season’s Feelings by Cindy

(A) Soldier’s Christmas (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Silver Bells by Christine

Silver Bells Ringing by SandySha

Snow Angels (Scotland Series #2) by Winj

So This Is Christmas by Winj

(A) Son Is Born by Barbara

(The) Special Gifts by goldieasj

(The) Spirit of the Season by Terri

Spirit Star by Buckskin

Star of Light by Darla M. Poulos

Storybook Christmas by Maureen

(A) Tale of Four Stockings by Margaret P.

That Which Unites Us by Caroline

That Special Gift by Linda B (Kona)

Three Friends Christmas by EJ

(A) Trio of Gifts  by AJ

Truman’s Lancer Christmas -Complete Rev. Ed by  Boonie

Twas The Night Before Christmas : The Play by Linda B (Kona)

Upon the Midnight Clear by Lisa Paris

Unwelcome Visitor by Barbara V.

What About Christmas? by EJ

Winter Reflections by d.b.brisbin

You Better Watch Out by CC

Yuletide Christmas by Tina



Lancer Writers List Advent Calendar

A few years ago, the Lancer Writers list ran an advent calendar themed around Christmas, a mix of stories, articles about Christmas traditions, recipes and crafts. While the stories were added to the archives, the rest was compiled into a (rather hefty!) .pdf file, which you can download from this link.



Our usual monthly update will be published at the end of the month. In the meantime, enjoy a little Advent Lancer!


Lancer Gateway Team
December 2020



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