December 2020 Update


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Quite a big update this month! As well as the normal run of new stories, we’ve added our Specialist list of stories set during Hogmanay/New Year. We’ve published the site stats for November, too.

Also check out our plans for a series of mid-month blog posts that will cover anything from history to interesting facts to brilliantly useful on-line sources and directories. Not only do we hope you find these extra posts interesting, we’re throwing them open to you to contribute if you wish to. See below in the Plans for 2021 section


New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

Adventure in the Desert  by  Robyn B.

At What Cost A Dream by Buckskin

(The) Bargain by SandySha

(The) Christmas That Wasn’t by EJ

Finding Family by Robyn B.

Finally, Belonging by Robyn B.

Goodbye Johnny Lancer NC – 17 by Robyn B.

His At Last by Robyn B.

His Vengeance Rated R by Robyn B.

Johnnie And Santa Claus (#4 in the Johnnie series) by goldieasj

Just Tell Me Why by Robyn B.    Big Valley Crossover

Justice For Teresa Series Rated R   by Nancy Marie
Justice For Teresa
The Madrid Way

Last Moments Rated R by Robyn B.

(A) Letter to Heaven by Barbara V.

(The) Man Without A Past Rated R by  Robyn B.

(The) Man Behind The Badge Series by Nancy Marie
(The) Man Behind The Badge Rated -R
(A) Father’s Greatest Challenge Rated -R
Troubling Teens Rated -R

(A) Match Not Made In Heaven series by Nancy Marie
(A) Match Not Made In Heaven Rated -R
(The) Mustangers Rated -R

Mattie by Robyn B.

My Journey Back From Hell NC-17 by Robyn B.

Never Mess With A Lancer by Robyn B.

Not To Be Sniffed At by Olley

One Man’s Legacy by SandySha

Piece Of His Soul Rated R by Robyn B.

(The) Promise NC-17 DeathFic by Robyn B.

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Star Crossed Cahooters

Today’s Question’s.. Tomorrow’s Answer’s Series by Nancy Marie
Today’s Question’s… Tomorrow’s Answer’s Rated -R
(The) Journey Home Rated -R
(The) Betrayal Rated -R

(The) Value of Freedom by Silvia


Lancer FanFiction Archive

Caught Without a Shirt by Desert Sun

Clouded Memories by Desert Sun

Dewdrops Adventures – Volume 1 by Desert Sun

Gunfighter’s Tale by Desert Sun

Hands of Iron by Desert Sun

In A Blaze of Anger by Desert Sun

In the Heat of the Moment by Desert Sun

Johnny’s Girl by Desert Sun

Just Another Day by Desert Sun

Lancer Limericks 2015 by Desert Sun

Lancer Rhymes by Desert Sun

Ringing In The New Year by Desert Sun

Second Chances by Desert Sun

Stranded in Dos Dedos by Desert Sun

Twisted Tongue Lancer Tales by Desert Sun



New External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

The authors listed with the external links are not archived here. Their author pages are a simple list of their Lancer stories for the reader’s convenience.

Lancer and Curry by Sage (at Yucca Press)



New Authors

Sage (at Yucca Press)




Updated Scripts Page

Charlene has very kindly given us copies of 8 more real scripts for episodes of the show. The scripts are provided as downloadable .pdf files. Go HERE to see the full list of scripts to read.

New scripts (click on the episode title to download the pdf):

Episode 1.04 | Foley | Airdate: 15 October 1968

Episode 1.05 | Lawman | Airdate: 22 October 1968

Episode 1.08 | Jelly | Airdate: 19 November 1968

Episode 1.12 | The Escape | Airdate: 31 December 1968

Episode 1.23 | Man Without A Gun | Airdate: 25 March 1969

Episode 1.24 | Child Of Rock And Sunlight | Airdate: 1 April 1969

Episode 1.26 | Devil’s Blessing | Airdate: 22 April 1969

Episode 2.23 | Goodbye, Lizzie | Airdate: 28 April 1970



Our Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards



Hogmanay/New Year Stories

From our Holiday-Related Stories page:

Beginning a Blessed New Year by JEB

First Footer by Linda B (Kona)

(A) Last Hogmanay (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

New Year Series by d.b.brisbin
Johnny’s First New Year’s Eve
Johnny’s First New Year’s Day
(The) Wishing Star JOINT SECOND PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Holiday Story

New Year 1883 (Holidays Series #3) by Em

(The) New Year (Jamie Stories #3) by Cat

New Year’s Resolutions by PaulaR

(A) New Year’s Eve in Hell (#3 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 1 by Patti H.

Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 2 by Patti H.

Resolutions by Olley

Ringing In The New Year by Desert Sun

Turn, Turn, Turn by Jean

What Will The New Year Bring? by Southernfrau



Site Statistics for November 2020

Both LancerLovers and LancerFanFiction consists of a collection of sub-sites, with authors’ stories posted to the site corresponding to their author name – so author ‘Harriet’, for example, will be posted to subsite F – K. The system collects stats for each of the subsites, to show visitor numbers and pages (that is, stories) viewed. We’re sparing you the individual stats this month, but the total figures for each main site for November are:

LancerLovers: 5,537 visitors viewing 34,540 pages
(av page views per visitor: 6.24)

LancerFanFiction: 1,270 visitors viewing 5,058 pages
(av page views per visitor: 4)

These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc).




Starting in January, we’re planning to post occasional mid-month blog posts that will cover topics of interest to writers and readers of Western stories. We aren’t promising (threatening?) one every month, but as topics come up or we find interesting snippets in our Research pages, we’ll share them. We’ll continue to remind you of holiday-related stories when that’s appropriate, too (Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc).

For our first post, look out in mid-January for Home Remedies, a look at how people treated minor illnesses when access to medical help was expensive or difficult. Not everybody could call upon Sam Jenkins in Green River, and instead made their own remedies for anything from cough to rheumatism. That was true of the UK as well, and Anna raided her great-granny’s recipe book to share some of those remedies here.

Big Question: would any of you be interested in an occasional guest spot for one of these posts?

Have you found something really fascinating about the old West that you’d like to share? Is there some aspect of Western life that you want to talk about? If so and it’s likely to be of general interest (rather than something very narrow and niche), then let us know, and perhaps we can build up a programme in which everyone in the Lancer Community can take part.



A wonderful New Year to you all, Lancer fans! Let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us than 2020.


Lancer Gateway Team
27 December 2020


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4 thoughts on “December 2020 Update

  1. Thank you, Team, for yet another awesome job in bringing these stories and interesting tidbits together for us to enjoy! Your hard work is more than appreciated!



  2. Thank you for all your hard work in bringing all of these stories and additional information together in one easy to use site. Hope 2021 is a good year for all.


    1. Thank you Janet. It has bee a dream for a long time of Karen and Anna of having all the stories together. Now I’ve joined them and couldn’t be more thrilled.
      Sandy Sharp


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