Happy New Year

A New Years Message from the Lancer Fiction Gateway Team

‘The words we leave behind in stories or books, whether read or not, are our legacy.  It may be the only one we leave, and we should make sure they’re there for everyone.  Someday someone might stumble across this book, the words…well, they might mean something to them.’

Selected writings of Abraham Lincoln
 (Feb.12,1809-April 15,1865)  


The Lancer Gateway Team wants to thank you for your support during the past year.

We’ve had several hurdles to jump in 2020. The biggest of which was the loss of Anna’s original Lancerlovers site and having to move all the stories to a new home.  Working together Anna Orr, Sandy Sharp, Ronnie Fish, Margaret Pollitt and Margaret Smith completed the task in less than three months.

Once Lancerlovers was archived in it’s new home, we realized the need to have all our fiction in one place. The answer was the creation of the Lancer Fiction Gateway . Working together we’ve made the Gateway the home of not only Anna’s Lancerlovers site, but also Karen’s Lancer FanFiction.  In addition, for our reader’s convenience, we’ve added links to as many Lancer stories we can find on the internet. 

As the quote above reminds us, the stories are our legacy to the fandom and 2020 has been Lancer fiction’s most successful year ever. 

We end the year proudly reporting the Gateway is now the home of 220 authors and 3,129 stories, either currently archived or linked to the site.


The Gateway went live in May.  Between May and August, the site was populated with stories from LancerLovers and LancerFanfiction.

LancerLovers stats, May – December
199,089 views, 28,115 unique visitors, and stories have had 977 comments

LancerFanFiction stats, August – December
27,963 views, 5,103 unique visitors and stories have had 104 comments.

For 2021 we look forward to your continued support. Enjoy reading the stories and remember to thank the authors for sharing their legacy with us.
Lancer Fiction Gateway

Happy New Year
From Anna, Karen, and Sandy
The Lancer Fiction Gateway Team

17 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Thanks to you gals for doing a momentous job to preserve and make available to us the wonderful stories of our Lancer fanfiction writers!!! I spend time before bed at night and just before I get up in the morning reading them, and I LOVE THEM!!! They really complete my day, every day!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, and keep up the good work!!!Karen Pinkney


  2. Congratulations and a huge thank you to all the treat for all you do for us, and thank you to the wonderful writers too


  3. Thank you so much to all of you for your fabulous work . My Lancer adventure began in 2013 by finding those beautiful stories on the net. I’m never tired reading them . I only hope a lot of people will find them and love them as much as we do Lancer fans, and that other stories, other writers will join the group !


  4. Thank you for the for the stories. Even though the entire cast has rode off into the sunset the stories keep them alive in our hearts.


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