January 2021 Update


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New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

An Emoji Christmas Story by Suzanne

Brother, Where Are You? Rated R by Robyn B.

Burn by chrischime

(The) Challenge by Buckskin

Changes- The First Year by Buckskin

(A) Day In Green River by Barbara V.

Dream Within A Dream by MaryB

Enemy At The Door: The Devil’s Shadow (#2 Shadows of Another Time Series) by SandySha

Haunted by My Past (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Hiding in Plain Sight (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Kiss Me Cate by MaryB

(A) Matter Of Life And Death by Robyn B.

Missing Scene from Angel Day by MaryB

Picture Challenge 2017 by MaryB

Quicksilver- Part 1 by Skyehyker

Riled by MaryB

Services Rendered (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
An Evening at the Mansion
Kickshaws of Conversation
The Ritual of a Fine Cigar

(The) Talks by goldieasj

Thursdays by Charlene

Wanted: Dead Or Alive Series by Nancy Marie
Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Rated -R)
Abilene Bound (Rated -R)
Betrayed Trust (Rated -R)

With This Ring (Riding the River Series #8) by SandySha

Who Are You More? by Robyn B.

Why Madrid by MaryB


Lancer FanFiction Archive

(The) Gallic Charmer by Desert Sun

If Only In My Dreams by Desert Sun

Last of the Super Lancers by Desert Sun

On a Moonless Night by Desert Sun

(A) Question of Ownership by Desert Sun

Remembering Mi Amiga by Desert Sun

Scott’s Dilemma by Desert Sun

Teresa’s Birthday Duo by Desert Sun
Teresa’s Birthday Presents
(The) Snake

Where’s Barranca? by Desert Sun


New External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

The authors listed with the external links are not archived here. Their author pages are a simple list of their Lancer stories for the reader’s convenience.



New Pages

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Home Remedies



Our Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards



Site Statistics for December 2020

The total figures for each site for December are:

LancerLovers: 6,916 visitors viewing 46,033 pages
(av page views per visitor: 6.66)

LancerFanFiction: 1,650 visitors viewing 7,514 pages
(av page views per visitor: 4.5)

These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc).






Lancer Gateway Team
January 2021


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