May 2021 Update


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A Year of Change and Achievement

On 23 May 2020 disaster struck our fandom when the software for the old lancerlovers site was corrupted beyond repair. On 25 May 2020, we created the new LancerLovers website on WordPress. Since then we’ve:
– transferred 158 authors and 2,398 stories from the old LancerLovers archive to the new one, with the help of an archive team which included Ronnie Fish, Margaret Pollitt, and Margaret Smith 
– worked with Karen on supporting the old Peter Brown site by transferring 29 authors and 365 stories to a new site on WordPress, Lancer FanFiction
– created the Lancer Fiction Gateway in September 2020, making it the portal for Lancer fans to find stories to read wherever those stories are archived on the internet.
The Gateway, which isn’t in itself an archive, links through to LancerLovers, Lancer FanFiction, and to several multi-fandom archives (such as and Archive Of Our Own). Although, sadly, we lost links to 133 stories from 4 authors who didn’t want us to list their work on the Gateway, as of today we currently have access to 227 authors and 3292 stories.

Not bad, for one year’s work!


New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

All Or Nothing by ZoeyT

Besotted Rated R by RonD

(The) Bond Between Brothers by Buckskin

(The) Choice of A Life by Véronique

Fear by Olley

Fears by Silvia

(A) Mother’s Love by Barbara V.

Only One Who Cares by DaleL

Saying Hello by Sherry

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
New at the Nickelodeon – The Depth of Life
Peeling A Few Apples
Adding A Little Spice

Secrets in the Dark by Barbara V.

Wanted by chrischime

Well Aimed Conversation by Charlene


Lancer FanFiction Archive

(A) Mother’s Worry by Shelley H.

Not Just Another Day (A/U Warning attached) by Shelley H.

Realizations by Shelley H.



New External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

The authors listed with the external links are not archived here. Their author pages are a simple list of their Lancer stories for the reader’s convenience.

(The) Chair (at FFN) by Melobee

Catching Hold of Something (at FFN) by Melobee

Un repas de famille (Family’s Dinner) (at FFN) by Nanthana14 



New Authors

Shelley H.



Our Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards




Site Statistics for April

The total figures for each main site for April are:

LancerLovers: 6,371 visitors viewing 51,496 pages

LancerFanFiction: 1,657 visitors viewing 8,253 pages

These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc). Overall, numbers continue to rise steadily.




Lancer Gateway Team
May 2021


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2 thoughts on “May 2021 Update

  1. Thank you for all your hard work preserving and sharing these great stories with us. Through you Lancer Lives On.


  2. A heartfelt thank you to all who have taken the time and trouble to collect these stories together for the rest of us to enjoy and I do enjoy reading the works of the many who contribute. It would have been a shame to lose them.


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