June 2021 Update


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A Moment to Take Stock

In October 2020, we finished the rollout of a new feature to the Gateway: we added a function that allows direct comments on stories.

We never had that on either the Peter Brown site or the old LancerLovers as they were, well, very old and creaky. They just didn’t have that level of functionality. With the Gateway, then, for the first time outside the huge multifandom sites, Lancer authors have the chance to get feedback even on older stories (and in some cases, some very old stories!), and readers can tell writers just how much the stories mean to them.

It isn’t a perfect system. On Fanfiction-dot-net, for example, if you leave a comment on an author’s story, the site is big enough and sophisticated enough to send an automated email directly to the writer to tell them a comment is there. We can’t manage that. Instead, Sandy or I must manually approve each comment, then send it on to the author to see and respond to if they wish to. And then approve each reply…

That isn’t a complaint, by the way! It’s one of the delights of managing the Lancer Gateway, that we can see, on a daily basis, just how much the stories we link to on LancerFanFiction (the new Peter Brown) and LancerLovers are loved by you, the readers. It’s rather thrilling, to be honest, when we look at the sites and start adding up the numbers.

So I thought I’d share those numbers with you. Starting from the first moment we allowed comments to be made until yesterday (26 June), this is the total number of comments the stories on both sites have received — not including stories we link to that are held on other archives, of course:


When I came up with the idea of the Gateway, it was to give readers a one-stop portal through to as many stories as we could manage to find. That seemed revolutionary enough, to be honest! But with this extra bit of functionality, we’ve moved beyond just being a place to find stories, to a place where authors and readers talk to each other. Not about new stories posted as each chapter is written, because that’s what the .io and Facebook groups are for, but about completed stories, and often about older stories, some of them wonderful classics, being given a new lease of life. Writers can be assured that older stories never die—rather like Lancer itself, if you think about it!

I don’t know about you, but I’m awed by that. And so very, very proud.

Well done all of you who support the authors this way. You can’t know how happy it makes an author feel, to know someone has enjoyed their stories. Keep it up!

Anna (Starry Diadem)



Help Needed

A few days ago one of our readers, Carolyn, suggested we create a new Special Collection of stories to cover the period before Scott and Johnny came home — what we’re calling the ‘Pre-Lancer’ period. We thought that was a pretty good idea, so what we’re looking for is suggestions to help us compile lists of stories about Johnny as Madrid, Scott before he came west, and Murdoch’s life after moving to the USA from Scotland. In addition, we’ll put in a section of stories that might cover both the family’s pre-Lancer time as well as events that happen after they meet (that is, stories that range across many years or have a lot of backstory in them).

If you have a story you’d like to suggest to go on the new page, please respond to this post or email us using the email addresses below.

Thanks everyone!

The archive team



New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

Beginning by Doc

(A) Condemned Man (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

(The) Epidemic by Barbara V.

Flesh and Fire Rated R by Robyn B.

Memorial Day by Flynnie

Moose Tracks – High Riders WHN by chrischime

(The) Protector by goldieasj

(The) Road to Morro Coyo by Sherry

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
A Slice of Justice
The Future on the Right
The Past on the Left

What If’s, Regrets, And My Blue-Eyed Baby Boy by Buckskin



New External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

The authors listed with the external links are not archived here. Their author pages are a simple list of their Lancer stories for the reader’s convenience.

La Vegenance de Johnny (Johnny’s Revenge) by Nanthana14 (at FFN)

Murdoch’s Spices by Sissy (at SWA)

(A) Thing Fathers Do (linked to FFN) by Cadillac Red



New Authors

Sissy (at SWA)



Our Special Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards




Site Statistics for May

The total visitor figures for each main site for May are:

LancerLovers: 5,557 visitors viewing 52,762 pages

LancerFanFiction: 1,659 visitors viewing 8,984 pages

These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3, or an author’s personal website etc).

As of today, we have archived or linked to the Gateway 228 authors and 3305 stories.




Lancer Gateway Team
27 June 2021


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One thought on “June 2021 Update

  1. Thank you for efforts in keeping our characters alive in our hearts although the entire cast has now rode off into the sunset.


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