September 2021 Update


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The Hacienda at Rancho San Carlos – some good news!

You might remember that a couple of months ago we issued a Mid-Month Memo on the hacienda at Rancho San Carlos (here), in which we mentioned the rumour that the house had been damaged/destroyed during the recent Californian wildfires.

We’re delighted to tell you that an employee of the Santa Lucia Preserve, which encompasses the old rancho, tells us that the hacienda wasn’t affected by the wildfires. The house suffered a little collision damage recently to the porte-cochere at the front, but is otherwise in very good shape and in constant use with dinner served nightly, guests in residence, and events held weekly. You can follow the Preserve on Facebook or Instagram for current-day photos, including a Lancer-themed post from last month. 



Stories marked with *** are older stories that we’ve just added to the Gateway archives. A final check of the old Peter Brown site revealed several stories that were listed on the Titles page, but not on the relevant author’s page, and so got missed on the transfer across. They’ve been added now – so enjoy them!


New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

Ambushed by Nancy Marie

Home Rated R by Robyn B.

Johnnie and The Scavengers by goldieasj

Measure of Loss by S. ***

Molars and Vets by S. ***

Mothers Day by S. ***

Never Mess With An Old Man by Buckskin

Passion in Time by S. ***

Reckoning by S. ***

Retribution by S. ***

Rutabaga Stew by S. ***

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
The Explosion
The Aftermath
Hide and Seek
Madame DeMorset’s Cosmopolitan Emporium of Fashion

Shadows and Sunlight- In My Father’s House by Buckskin

Spinning Tales by S. ***

Strange Fruit by Wendy K ***

(The) Trail to El Pueblo by Sherry


Lancer FanFiction Archive

The Power of Love by Ruthie W.



New Authors

Ruthie W.



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AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


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Holiday-Related Stories

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Site Statistics for August

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LancerLovers: 6,334 visitors viewing 56,780 pages

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These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc).




Lancer Gateway Team
26 September 2021


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  1. Thank you to everyone involved in making this website a success. You are not taking for granted.


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