Mid-Month Memo 07: Hallowe’en Stories


One of the best things about organising an archive, is that we can create a host of specialist lists of titles, dividing them up into anything from stories covering specific holidays to cross-overs to episode tags.

Today’s post falls into two parts. First, our list of stories themed around Hallowe’en, with all its ghostly and spooky happenings:

All Hallow’s Eve by Winj

Almost Alone by Linda B (Kona)

Be Careful What You Wish For by Lisa Paris

Birthright Series(external links) by Shelley
Birthright Revisited

Blood Lust by Maureen

Blood On The Moon by Lisa Paris

(A) Bump in the Night by Linda B (Kona)

Carving Out Fun (Brat Pack AU) by Southernfrau

Death’s Letter, S by Lisa Paris

(The) Devil’s Garden by SandySha

(The) Devil Made Me Do It by Kit and Southernfrau

Evil Comes Calling (Lancer/Angel X-over) by LindaB and Ros

Evil Spirits by d.b.brisbin

Fire on the Mountain by Winj

Ghost by Charlene

Ghost Town by Marilyn

(The) Ghost Tree by SandySha

Ghostly Apparitions by Heather

(The) Green River Punkin’ Chunkin’ Contest by JEB

Halloween Is Early (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

Halloween Pranksters by JEB

Halloween Traditions by  Belinda

Haunted by Linda B (Kona) and Ros

(The) Haunting by Doc

(The) Howling by Terri

Hunter’s Moon by CC

(The) Lady in Red by Cadillac Red

(The) Lady in White by Cadillac Red

(A) Little Bit Of Soul by RonD

Las Mariposas by Susan

Maldecido by Linda B (Kona)

Midnight Well by Caroline

Mischief Night (Small Matter Series #6) by Vicki L. Nelson

Murdoch’s Halloween by EJ

Old Woman In The Woods by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(The) Ones We Trust Most by Linda B (Kona) and Maureen

Paradigm Shift by Winj

Resurrection Mary by Vicki L. Nelson

Samhain Eve  (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

Sentenced To The Flames: Isham’s Regrets by Buckskin

Shiver Me Lancers by Linda B (Kona)

(The) Spirit Stone by Lisa Paris

Spirits by goldieasj

(A) Soldier’s Hallowe’en (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Spooked by Whistle

Things In The Night by Sprite

(The) Thinnest Veil by Dale L

Trick or Treat by  Belinda    

Twisted by Darla M. Poulos

(The) Veil – A Halloween Tale by Wendy K

Visitation by Dale L

(The) Waiting Room: The 3:15 by CC

When Strangers Meet by Laraine

Whispers by Winj


And second, stories linked to that weird, devilishly bizarre episode, A Scarecrow at Hackett’s. We’ve always thought that episode was the Lancer writers’ nod to Hallowe’en, and that whatever else he was, Absolom Weir, was not your normal conman…

Episode 2.11 (A) Scarecrow At Hackett’s

(The) Devil’s Garden by SandySha

Scarecrow Series by Winj 
Worlds Collide

What If by Styzgal



Enjoy! The Lancer Archive team wishes you a spooky, fun-filled Hallowe’en!

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