Mid-Month Memo 11: Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories


We love months where we can point you to properly themed stories! Today we’re celebrating the feast of St Valentine, with a wonderfully appropriate image (supplied by Antigone, to whom grateful thanks!) and the dozen Valentine-themed stories we host on the Gateway and archives.

Do enjoy them, along with your chocolates and champagne…

(The) First Annual Green River Boxed Supper Auction and Valentine’s Day Dance by Dori

(A) Happy Valentine’s Day Affair by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Her Luggage by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Secret Valentines by  Belinda

Token of His Love by CC

Valentine’s Day Series by D.B.Brisbin
“Johnny, You Make Me Sweat”
“Girls, You Make My Sweat”

Valentines Greeting by Linda B (Kona)

(A) Valentine For Johnny by Patti H

Valentines for Truman by  Boonie



The Gateway Archive Team

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