Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day


Another opportunity to remind you of our specials collections lists of titles, where we list stories around particular themes. We don’t have a huge collection of stories set around Independence Day (on our holiday-related stories page), but there are a few listed below to help you get into celebratory mood.

If you want to see what other specialist collections we have, they’re all accessible from the main Titles page.


Independence Day


Field of Stones by Southernfrau

The First Annual Green River Independence Day Sharpshooters’ Competition and Fireworks Display by Dori —-(THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards : Best Family Story)

Fourth Rite by Whistle

(The) Glorious Fourth by Mary Whimsey

Illuminations by Charlene

Independence Day by JEB

It Go Boom by SandySha

Rocket’s Red Glare by Kit and Southernfrau



Lancer Gateway Team
04 July 2022


One thought on “Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day

  1. I hope you know how much I look forward to your updates and appreciate all the work you do to keep Lancer very much alive.


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