November 2022 Update


~ we archive completed stories only
~ please note and follow the advice on formatting stories in the
submissions guidance
~ please ensure we have your most up-to-date email address


New Stories Archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction

Another Legacy by RonD

Bad Company (Rated NC17) by Nancy Marie

Best Month for a Gunfight by SandySha

Blood Ties by Charlene

Dichotomy by chrischime

El Coyote…The Return by Jane-Louise

Hombres by Kathy Smith Barsotti

(A) Horse by Yoshino

Pies by goldieasj

Pony Alice–The Epilogue by Suzanne

Sacrifice by Buckskin

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Great and Sudden Changes
The Wishbone

Superstitions and Apparitions: A Lancer Halloween by SandySha

Thinkin’ On Thankful by Buckskin

We Give Thanks by Barbara V.


Preserving The Legacy: Older Stories/Newly Archived

Birthdays by S. (written 2003)

Drabbles by Olley (written 2017/2018)
Warburton’s Edge
Mistrust, Pity, Fear & Truth
Jus’ Curious

(The) Experiment: The Well by Olley (written 2017)

Layers by Olley (written 2017)

(The) Red Sunset by Olley (written 2017)

(The) Storm by Olley (written 2017)


New External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

The authors listed with the external links are not archived here. Their author pages are a simple list of their Lancer stories for the reader’s convenience.

Pour le prix d’une âme (For The Price of A Soul) by PetiteDaisy (at FFN)



New Authors

PetiteDaisy (at FFN)




New Pages

Early California History (Library of Congress)

Land Grants in Alta California



Our Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards

Pre-Lancer Stories




Next Update

The next monthly update is scheduled for December 25, 2022


Submission Date

To have your story included in the next monthly update, please send it to the archive teams by December 18, 2022.



If you want to contact us about this update, please leave a comment below the post.


Lancer Gateway Team
November 27, 2022


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