Lancer at 55: The Hacienda and the Huntze family archive


The Hacienda at the Santa Lucia Preserve

Normally in February we send you a note about all the Valentine’s Day stories we have, a reminder of the love stories and sweet romances those Lancer boys keep falling into.

Not this year. This year we’re celebrating a different kind of love, one that’s lasted for the last fifty-five years and is as strong and vibrant as it was in the beginning. Can you believe it’s that long since Lancer was first aired? So many years, and yet, as so many you say, “Lancer lives on!”

We hope we’ll be doing more throughout the year to mark Lancer’s fifty-five years – its emerald anniversary. We’re kicking off, though, by featuring the place it all began: the Rancho San Carlos, near Carmel,CA. The hacienda itself.

Sometimes the gods line up treasures for us. Not emerald, but pure gold.

Earlier this month, out of the blue, Chris Huntze contacted us through the Gateway. My grandparents worked on the Rancho when the filming was going on, he said. We have photos of the Rancho, memories of visits there when I was a kid, cool momentos of them shooting the pilot would you be interested?

Well, you wouldn’t expect us to say no! So now we have a host of photos and Chris’s recollections, and a far better understanding of how the hacienda was laid out, and how the various parts of it -Moore’s Lake, the old polo fields, the back lawn, the patio courtyard, the guest house lawn – were used during filming both the family-reunited scenes and that wonderful gunfight at the end.

We’ve gathered this all together and organised it into sections to make it easier for you to visualize the hacienda and its grounds, and see how they were used to create the Lancers’ home. Here’s

The Huntze Family Archives
Eleanor and Wes Huntze
The House at Rancho San Carlos
The Rancho’s Grounds
Filming the pilot episode 

And for more information on the Rancho San Carlos, and to help orientate yourself when it comes to the lay out:

The Hacienda main page

Aerial views of the house and environs, taken from Google Earth.



Oh and the Valentine’s Day stories? They’re HERE.



Lancer Gateway Team

13 thoughts on “Lancer at 55: The Hacienda and the Huntze family archive

  1. Wowww that’s a great thing. I will take my time and explore all that file! Thank you so much. Silvia 

    Inviato da Yahoo Mail su Android

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A treasure trove of pictures and information! Fantastic job of organizing and providing us with tidbits of information that we otherwise would never have known. A huge Thank You to Chris Huntz for sharing this information and offering these tantalizing pieces of information in our never-ending quest for all that is Lancer!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sharing comments that were posted on Facebook so the Huntze family can see them:
    Sue Saunders
    Thank you to the Huntze family for passing these on. Also thanks for posting them. I look forward to reading all this. Right now just looked at the pictures.
    Peggy L. Rinberger
    This places is so beautiful.❤️
    Robin McFadden
    Thank you and Thank you to Chris and the Huntze family for preserving and sharing the information about the pilot and the Hacienda.
    Lynne Wheeler
    Thank you for sharing!
    Terri Derr
    Incredible! Thank you, and the Huntze family!
    Maureen Olley
    This is wonderful
    Janet R Dunn
    Oh wow. Can’t wait to finish reading this.

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  4. More From Facebook for the Huntze family:
    Anne Porter Wilfong
    Wow, amazing stuff. I feel like I just went down the rabbit hole, now I want to watch the pilot again. Thank you for sharing this!!


  5. This an incredibly GREAT idea, 👍👍👍😁💝 and what I’ve looked at and read so far is all a real treat!!! Kudos!!! Karen Pinkney (avid Lancer fan and fanfiction reader!!!)


  6. From Facebook for the Huntze family:
    Mary Branch:
    As everyone else has said…WOW! THIS SO FUN! I love to sketch out floorplans. I am going to try my hand at reconciling the real building external pictures with the insides we all know so well. Won’t be perfect as they are very different, but a fun excercise.
    Tina Hutchins:
    Fascinating. Thank you. I’m going to watch the pilot again too.
    Terri Stroub:
    Love this!❤️, This some of the most interesting to read about the filming of Lancer I
    Catherine Lani Edwards:
    This is awesome, thank you so much for posting Sandy, and to everyone who contributed. I still have some way to go and will catch up with it all, properly, at the weekend😘😘😘
    ELeigh Boger:
    This is wonderful. So thankful he saved and shared these memories.
    Crystle Spong:
    Thanks to everyone who shared and put this together for all of us!!!!!
    Brenda Winslow:
    Wow thanks for sharing
    Beverly Kimbell Perriccio:
    Thank you. 😊
    Robbie Tyrrell:
    Wow! Amazing!
    Marilyn Handt:
    Wow! That’s awesome! Loved the old pics of the Hacienda.


  7. Thank you for the 55. I spent a very happy evening going through all the sites. Amazing, your work is much appreciated, will be visiting it often.


  8. More from Facebook for the Huntze family:
    Deborah Moulden:
    Loved this. Thanks Mr. Huntz for giving us access to all this wonderful information and pictures.
    Connie Renda:
    Wow, this is super exciting! Send Mr. Huntz a HUGE THANK YOU From all of us! That newspaper article about how cold it was is interesting- I didn’t realize that they filmed the pilot episode while Custer was still on the air. I guess it’s a good thing that show didn’t last a whole season, otherwise we wouldn’t have had Scott!
    Conny Beil:
    This is fantastic! Thank you for this wonderful Valentine’s present, and to the Huntze family and Anna Orr.
    Adriana Maffei:
    wow wow wow!!! thank you !


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