February 2023 Update


~ we archive completed stories only
~ please note and follow the advice on formatting stories in the
submissions guidance
~ please ensure we have your most up-to-date email address


New Stories Archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction

Badge Without a Gun by SandySha

Brothers? by Olley

Dime-Store Novel (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Edge of Darkness by Buckskin

Keeping Brothers by Sherry

(The) Last Attempt by Silvia

(The) Legend and the Gun (Rated NC-17) by Nancy Marie

(The) Lion and The Lamb- WHN by Olley

(A) Question of Betrayal by Doc

Reverberations by chrischime

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Glances of Eyes. Grasp of Hands.

Shiftless Behaviour by PatriciaG

To Love A Sinner by DaleL


Preserving The Legacy: Older Stories/Newly Archived

Bubble Boys by Spiritfire

(The) Conversation by JenniferB (2012)

Drabbles by Spiritfire (Unknown date)
A Lancer Water Droplet
Going First
The Bath

(A) Halloween Miracle by Dori (2009)

Keeping Score by Kathy K (2006)

Moonlight Magic by Becks (unknown date)

(The) Train and the Paniolo by Linda B (Kona) (2006)

(The) Witch’s Moon by Dori (2009)


Our ‘Specialist Collection’ Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans
(who are ill or In memoriam stories)

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards

Lost Authors – Preserving Their Legacy

Pre-Lancer Stories: The Road Home…

Round Robins



Updated RESOURCES Pages

The Lancer Hacienda : if you saw our special post, you’ll know that Chris Huntze contacted the Gateway Team to offer a wonderful treasure trove of photos, memories and insights into how the Rancho and the grounds were used in the pilot episode, collected by his family. This link – The Huntze Family Archive – leads you to an overview page, with more links to the photos and memorabilia etc. Chris has sent us another photograph, so you’ll find the page on the Rancho’s grounds has been updated since the special post. All thanks to Chris for his amazing generosity!


We’ve updated the Beauty Recipes and Homecare Recipes page, to include a host of great recipes provided to us by Anne Haslam. Thank you, Anne!


We’ve also updated the Lancer Hacienda Cookbook. Many thanks to those who have sent in recipes. If you have any more you would like to share, please send them to us.



Useful RESOURCES Pages to Bookmark

Episode List


Lancer Hacienda Cookbook



Next Update

The next monthly update is scheduled for March 26, 2023.


Submission Date

To have your story included in the next monthly update, please send it to the archive teams by March 19, 2023.


If you want to contact us about this update, please leave a comment below the post.


Lancer Gateway Team
Anna, Karen, Ronnie, and Sandy
February 26,2023

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