Lancer at 55: Images of Scott


Lancer at 55 image provided by Laurie


This special LANCER55 post is chock full of images. We all have them tucked away in corners of our PCs and tablets: screengrabs, or copies of publicity shots, or images carefully scanned from old TV articles and magazines.

To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve collected as many good pictures of Scott as we could lay our hands on, and put them together on one page. Use them as inspiration for your stories, or to sit back and reminisce about your favourite episodes, or simply to remember how dashing and good-looking the show’s stars were, and that its enduring place in our hearts is due to how well those stars brought their characters to life.


On the face of it, Scott Lancer had a privileged life as one of Boston’s elite, a graduate from Harvard and the grandson of a rich businessman. But the darker story slowly emerged as we learned of his Civil War experiences under General Phil Sheridan and his time in a Confederate POW camp. It all goes to make for a fascinating character, so read more about Scott HERE


Enjoy the pictures, and send us more if you have them and you’d like us to include them on the page. There can never be too much of a good thing!


Lancer Gateway Team
15 March 2023


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