Mid-Month Memo 05: The Lancer Hacienda

Have you ever wondered about the enormous house used as the hacienda in Lancer? Many of you probably know that it wasn’t just a backdrop on a film lot somewhere, but a real house near Carmel. Handily placed for the film industry, actually. While only the pilot episode was actually filmed on location, the houseContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 05: The Lancer Hacienda”

Mid-Month Memo 04: The World According to Jelly Hoskins

“See, the thing about John Madrid? He’s an ace high shootist. He’s the kinda man who don’t care a continental ’bout facing up to them road agents who fancy they got the bulge on him when they’s facin’ him three varmints to one, and that don’t change none ’cause these days he’s callin’ hisself aContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 04: The World According to Jelly Hoskins”

Easter Stories

. Colored Eggs & Giant Bunnies by  Belinda (The) Easter Bunny (Surprise Series #4) by Terri (The) Easter Bunny and Johnny Madrid by d.b.brisbin The Easter Bunny Cometh by Southernfrau (An) Easter to Remember (#4 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona) Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton (The) Lancer Easter Egg Hunt by JEB (The) Love Letter (An Emoji story) by goldieasj There Goes Peter Cottontail .Continue reading “Easter Stories”

Mid-Month Memo 03: Beauty and Homecare Recipes

Back to Great-Granny’s recipe book for more home recipes. Some of the ingredients had us scratching our heads in bemusement, but we’ll share the recipes here anyway. You’ll never know when you need to mention one of these in a story sometime! Measurements are usually given in drams or drachms (same thing, different spelling), whichContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 03: Beauty and Homecare Recipes”