Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those statistics show that this particular author’s entire series was being readContinue reading “Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors”

September 2020 Update

. ~Authors please note and follow the advice on formatting in thesubmissions guidance.~ . New Stories LancerLovers Archive Affectio (Latin Series #6) by Shallowz Behold A Pale Horse by Lacy Contentus (Latin Series #5) by Shallowz Dear Mrs. Sinclair by Cobalt Jan   Drabbles by Cobalt Jan   Dust by Cobalt Jan   Emilia by Olley (The) Falcon’s Apprentice—The FirstContinue reading “September 2020 Update”


As of today, there are 2 major changes to the way we’ll be archiving Lancer fanfiction, that involve: 1. the old Peter Brown site; and 2. the creation of a new Lancer Fiction Gateway ( . 1.    The Lancer FanFiction site, aka the Peter Brown site – back in business! As most of you know,Continue reading “SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT : THE LANCER ARCHIVES”

June 2020 Update

Authors please note that the submissions guidance for the archive has been updated. Please follow the advice on formatting and submission. . New Stories Closure by Styzgal El Espírotu de la Abuela by Buckskin Emerson Was Right: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin Father’s Day – Val (Surrogate Fathers series #2) by Olley Harmony byContinue reading “June 2020 Update”