Mid-Month Memo 01: Home Remedies

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Here’s the first of a new series of mid-month posts about… well, stuff that might be of interest to our readers, and to writers who want to add a note of authenticity to their stories. These posts will cover a whole range of topics on the history of the old West. We hope they’ll be interesting, useful and fun. Enjoy reading this post, and be grateful for modern medicine!

For many Victorian families, seeking treatment from a doctor or drugs from a pharmacist was prohibitively expensive, a situation made worse in the American west where medical professionals may have been few and far between. Many families relied upon recipes for home remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation, using ingredients commonly available from a local apothecary or pharmacist – or, in some cases, the local butcher! This page gives you the recipes from the collections of two ladies: one an English Victorian (using her spelling, which was variable at times) and an American.

Measurements are usually given in drams or drachms (same thing, different spelling), which is shown as ‘dr’ and a number. The Britannica encyclopaedia defines as this “An apothecaries’ dram contains 3 scruples (3.888 grams) of 20 grains each and is equal to one-eighth apothecaries’ ounce of 480 grains.” Clear as mud.

Other measures used are ordinary ounce (oz) and pound (lb). Liquid measures used are pints and gills (a gill is ¼ of a pint).

Methods are often patchy, at best, and don’t give the sort of precise instructions we are used to – no oven temperatures, for example. But remember that the Victorian housewife used a stove (in the US) or a kitchen grate (UK) where the fire was always on, winter and summer, to ensure they could cook. They were used to controlling recipes by the position they’d put things in the oven.

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Victorian kitchen grate, with oven to the right

The recipes often contain ingredients that are now controlled drugs (opiate derivatives such as laudanum, or poppy syrup) or poisonous (such as syrup of squills, or belladonna), which were all then readily available and bought over the counter. Dosage instructions are sometimes missing – if they aren’t mentioned with the recipe below, then they aren’t given. That alone must have made taking these remedies a bit of an adventure.

So our advice is, don’t try these at home!


(i) From the Receipts (Recipe) book of Julia Robson Winter

Julia Robson Winter (1872-1962) was Starry Diadem‘s great-grandmother (Starry’s first name is Julia, after her), born in the Co. Durham area of the UK. Her ‘receipt book’ was started just after her marriage in 1894, and she and her daughter Caroline kept it going for decades. It was handed on to Starry when Caroline died in 1978.


Choleria Drops

1 oz tincture of cayenne
1 oz tincture of rhubarb
3 dr laudanum
1 oz essence of peppermint
1 oz spirits of camphor
2 dr oil of pennyroyal

Dose: 1/2 teaspoon to 1 teaspoon in well-sweetened hot water.


Cough medicines

Recipe One
2 dr laudanum
2 dr oil of aniseeds
2 dr syrup of squills
2 dr paregoric
1 dr oil of mint
2 ozs of Spanish (liquorice)
1 lb of treacle.


Recipe Two
2 dr syrup of squills
2 dr syrup of poppies
2 dr Friar’s Balsam
2 dr paregoric

Shake well before taking 1 teaspoonful, 2 times a day.


Recipe Three
1 dr peppermint
1 dr paregoric
1 dr spirits of nitre
1 dr ether
1 dr laudanum
1 dr aniseed

Put ½lb treacle into a jug, pour ½ pint of boiling water over it and let it stand until cold. Then shake ingredients well and add to treacle and water.

½ a wine glass-ful for an adult, a little less for a child.


Recipe Four
½ oz of ipecuana wine (that is: ipecacuanha or ipecac)
¼ oz essence of ginger
4 oz syrup of squills

Add to 8 oz bottle and fill up with water.

Dose: 1 teaspoonful every 4 hours.


There are actually several more recipes in the book, but you get the general idea.



Recipe One
2 drams (drachms) each of:
– tincture of rhubarb
– laudanum
– essence of peppermint
– spirits of champher (camphor)
– cayenne tincture


Recipe Two
2 dr peppermint
2 dr red pepper
2 dr camphor
2 dr rhubarb
4 dr opium or laudanum

Adults 12 to 18 drops on sugar (cube).


Recipe Three
1 dr tincture of capsicum
1 dr oil of cassia
1 dr oil of aniseed

10 drops on sugar.


Liver Complaint

1 oz best Turkey rhubarb
1 oz of B Carbon Potass
? syrup of sugar

Put into a jug and pour over 2½ pints Boiling water keep in the steam until cold, then add 1 oz of spirits of wine and 1/10th oz of (?) peppermint.

1 tablespoon-ful before breakfast every morning.



6 dr of laudanum
2 dr of hearts-horn oil (harts-horn)
1 dr of soap liniment
1 dr of belladonna liniment

Mix it and shake well together.



Recipe One
¼ lb Epsom Salts
20 grains Pot sulphate of iron (potassium?)
20 grains quinine
5 drops sulphuric acid

Dissolve in 1 pint hot water.

Dose: 1 wineglassful in the morning.


Recipe Two
1 packet of Lions Blood herbs
1 packet of Lions Constipation herbs
½ oz of liquorice juice

Boil 1 pkt blood herbs and ¼ pkt constipation herbs for 20 minutes together, then add juice and two tablespoons of treacle.


Rubbing Bottle

½ gill of turpentine
½ gill of white wine vinegar
whites of 2 eggs

Shake well together in a bottle and let stand for 24 hours, then use.


Salves and Ointments

Recipe One
3 oz lard
1 dr beeswax
1 dr camphor
1 dr spermaceti
1 red precipitate powder

Grate wax, camphor and spermaceti and put into a jar, then add the other ingredients. Place in the oven top until it is melted, then stand the jar in a dish of cold water, stirring until it stiffens.


Recipe Two
1 lb mutton suet
¼ lb lard
2 oz olive oil
2 oz beeswax
2 oz burgundy pitch (?)

Cut suet up into small pieces and render down over a slow fire, then strain it into the other ingredients which must have been previously melted. Simmer the whole for about ¼ of an hour, then pour into a suitable receptacle to cool.


Recipe Three
get 2½ oz resin
1 oz yellow wax
4 oz lard

Melt them together over a slow fire, strain the mixture through muslin and stir constantly until cold. This is good for scalds or burns.


Recipe Four
1 oz beeswax
1 oz white pitch
1 oz white resin
2 oz frankincense
2 oz Venice turpentine
½ mutton suet

Render suet in the oven. Bruise beeswax, white pitch, white resin and frankincense. Add suet after it has been strained, and let stand in the oven until is is all properly dissolved, then add the Venice turpentine. Set it to cool.



½ pint of best vinegar
½ oz camphor
½ oz spirits of wine
1 oz best turpentine
1 new laid egg

Break up camphor and put in with spirit of wine in a bottle. Beat up egg into the vinegar and when the camphor is melted, add the egg and vinegar to the spirit of wine. Then add turpentine, and shake it all up so it gets thoroughly mixed. Rub this mixture on sprained joint. It should be kept in a well-corked bottle. It is also good for rheumatism.



(ii) From the recipe book of Zelma Irene (Heaney) Larson

Zelma was Buckskin‘s maternal grandmother, whose handwritten recipe book has been printed out for her descendants to treasure.


Mustard Plaster

To help with congestion or croup:

3 beaten eggs
Add 3 heaping tablespoons flour
1 heaping teaspoon mustard powder
Mix well
Add 1 teaspoon turpentine and 1 tablespoon melted lard

Beat all together and spread on a cloth. Place cloth, mixture side down on chest. Leave on all night. It will not blister skin.
Makes three applications for a child

For boils and ulcers

Place a piece of bread (white bread) over the affected area. Drip HOT milk (whole milk) on to bread until saturated and let sit for 10 or so minutes. Will draw poison to a head to be drained.




Do you have old family remedy recipes like this that you’d like to pass along? Post them into the comments here (or email them to starrydiadem@gmail.com) along with the name of your ancestress who is credited with the recipe, and we’ll add them to the Home Remedies page in the Resources section.

Happy New Year

A New Years Message from the Lancer Fiction Gateway Team

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Selected writings of Abraham Lincoln
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The Lancer Gateway Team wants to thank you for your support during the past year.

We’ve had several hurdles to jump in 2020. The biggest of which was the loss of Anna’s original Lancerlovers site and having to move all the stories to a new home.  Working together Anna Orr, Sandy Sharp, Ronnie Fish, Margaret Pollitt and Margaret Smith completed the task in less than three months.

Once Lancerlovers was archived in it’s new home, we realized the need to have all our fiction in one place. The answer was the creation of the Lancer Fiction Gateway . Working together we’ve made the Gateway the home of not only Anna’s Lancerlovers site, but also Karen’s Lancer FanFiction.  In addition, for our reader’s convenience, we’ve added links to as many Lancer stories we can find on the internet. 

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December 2020 Update


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Quite a big update this month! As well as the normal run of new stories, we’ve added our Specialist list of stories set during Hogmanay/New Year. We’ve published the site stats for November, too.

Also check out our plans for a series of mid-month blog posts that will cover anything from history to interesting facts to brilliantly useful on-line sources and directories. Not only do we hope you find these extra posts interesting, we’re throwing them open to you to contribute if you wish to. See below in the Plans for 2021 section


New Stories Archived

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Today’s Question’s… Tomorrow’s Answer’s Rated -R
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Lancer and Curry by Sage (at Yucca Press)



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Sage (at Yucca Press)




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Charlene has very kindly given us copies of 8 more real scripts for episodes of the show. The scripts are provided as downloadable .pdf files. Go HERE to see the full list of scripts to read.

New scripts (click on the episode title to download the pdf):

Episode 1.04 | Foley | Airdate: 15 October 1968

Episode 1.05 | Lawman | Airdate: 22 October 1968

Episode 1.08 | Jelly | Airdate: 19 November 1968

Episode 1.12 | The Escape | Airdate: 31 December 1968

Episode 1.23 | Man Without A Gun | Airdate: 25 March 1969

Episode 1.24 | Child Of Rock And Sunlight | Airdate: 1 April 1969

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Episode 2.23 | Goodbye, Lizzie | Airdate: 28 April 1970



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Hogmanay/New Year Stories

From our Holiday-Related Stories page:

Beginning a Blessed New Year by JEB

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Site Statistics for November 2020

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These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc).




Starting in January, we’re planning to post occasional mid-month blog posts that will cover topics of interest to writers and readers of Western stories. We aren’t promising (threatening?) one every month, but as topics come up or we find interesting snippets in our Research pages, we’ll share them. We’ll continue to remind you of holiday-related stories when that’s appropriate, too (Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc).

For our first post, look out in mid-January for Home Remedies, a look at how people treated minor illnesses when access to medical help was expensive or difficult. Not everybody could call upon Sam Jenkins in Green River, and instead made their own remedies for anything from cough to rheumatism. That was true of the UK as well, and Anna raided her great-granny’s recipe book to share some of those remedies here.

Big Question: would any of you be interested in an occasional guest spot for one of these posts?

Have you found something really fascinating about the old West that you’d like to share? Is there some aspect of Western life that you want to talk about? If so and it’s likely to be of general interest (rather than something very narrow and niche), then let us know, and perhaps we can build up a programme in which everyone in the Lancer Community can take part.



A wonderful New Year to you all, Lancer fans! Let’s hope 2021 is kinder to us than 2020.


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Christmas Stories

Here at the Lancer Gateway we have a host of what we call ‘Special Collection’ stories: those based around the episodes, or holidays, or crossovers with other western series etc.

Here’s our (large!) collection of stories themed around Christmas:

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Lancer Writers List Advent Calendar

A few years ago, the Lancer Writers list ran an advent calendar themed around Christmas, a mix of stories, articles about Christmas traditions, recipes and crafts. While the stories were added to the archives, the rest was compiled into a (rather hefty!) .pdf file, which you can download from this link.



Our usual monthly update will be published at the end of the month. In the meantime, enjoy a little Advent Lancer!


Lancer Gateway Team
December 2020



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November 2020 Update


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Note: Last month the Gateway inadvertently linked stories from FFN belonging to Lancer1968 to Desert Sun’s author page.  Those links have been removed. Our apologies to Lancer1968 for the error. We will be adding Desert Sun’s stories to her page over the next couple of months.


New Stories Archived

LancerLovers Archive

(The) 7:15 to Red Bluff by Buckskin

After ‘After The Pirates’ (After The Pirates #2) by RonD

Capture Series by Nancy Marie Rated R
(The) Capture
Forbidden Consequences

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Drifting by chrischime

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(The) Gunfighter And The Lady (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Heat by Olley

I Am Johnny Madrid’s Wife by Robyn B.

Johnny’s Loss by goldieasj

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Making Deals (#4 Surrogate Fathers Series) by Olley

Moving On-Moving On- Wild and Free (#6 Surrogate Fathers Series) by Olley

My Mother Used To Say… by Buckskin

(A) Little Bit Of Soul by RonD

Living On A Prayer (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Missing by PatriciaG

(A) Scorned Past (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Abracadabra” – lost page
The Games Afoot At the Arcade Hotel
A Piece of Cake

Straight From The Heart by SandySha

Thru His Eyes by Robyn B.

Tuck and Roll (#5 Surrogate Fathers Series) by Olley

Val And The Kid (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Who Are You? (Rated R) by Nancy Marie


Lancer FanFiction Archive

Ballad of the Desert Sun by Desert Sun

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(A) Simple Game by Desert Sun

(The) Adventures of Goldie Locks & Red Robin Hood by Desert Sun


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Based Upon A True Story (FFN Link) by Latebloomnriter

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Ringers (Link to SWA) by S

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True Lancer (link to FFN) by WolfPrye

Une odeur de poudre (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Waterloo (Link to SWA) by S

*SWA SquidgeWorld Archive


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geturkicks66 (at FFN)

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Both LancerLovers and LancerFanFiction consists of a collection of sub-sites, with authors’ stories posted to the site corresponding to their author name – so author ‘Harriet’, for example, will be posted to subsite F – K. The system collects stats for each of the subsites, to show visitor numbers and pages (that is, stories) viewed. We’re sparing you the individual stats this month, but the total figures for each main site for October are:

LancerLovers: 4,010 visitors viewing 34,790 pages

LancerFanFiction: 1,182 visitors viewing 6,580 pages


These figures don’t cover visitors to the Gateway who then go on to view externally hosted stories (those on FFN or AO3 etc).




Lancer Gateway Team
November 2020


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Thanksgiving Stories

Here at the Lancer Gateway we have a host of what we call ‘Special Collection’ stories: those based around the episodes, or holidays, or crossovers with other western series etc.

Here’s our collection of stories themed around Thanksgiving:

(The) Best Gal Darn Turkey in the Whole Gal Darn World  by Linda B (Kona)

For These We Give Thanks by Patti H.

Giving Thanks by Laraine

Giving Thanks by Winj

His Life, His Thanks by Barbara V.

New Traditions (Scotland Series #1) by Winj

Pondering Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Remembrance by S.

Thanksgiving 1880 (Holidays series #1) by Em

Thanksgiving At Lancer by EJ

Thanksgiving At Lancer by Vickie B

Thanksgiving With Family (#1 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

Truman’s First Thanksgiving by  Boonie

We Gather Together: The First Lancer Thanksgiving by Vicki L. Nelson

Wrinkled Potatoes and Old Tomatoes (Brat Pack Series #18) by Southernfrau



Our usual monthly update will be published this coming weekend. In the meantime, enjoy a little Lancer with your turkey on Thursday!


Lancer Gateway Team
Thanksgiving 2020



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October 2020 Update


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Hallowe’en is almost upon us, so stop by the specialist holiday list and thrill yourself into shivers with ghostly Lancer stories.


New Stories

LancerLovers Archive

Between Heaven And Hell by Buckskin

(The) Elf On The Shelf by Vicki L Nelson

Forbidden Encounter (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Ghost Town by Marilyn

(A) Gun For Hire (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Tea, Wine, and Glenlivet: A Collaboration of Lancer WritersRound Robin by  MichelleRonnie, and SandySha

(The) Gunman’s Woman Series by Charlene
Tequila Sunrise

Johnnie and The Women by goldieasj

(The) Missionaries by Nancy Marie

My Inheritance (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Pearls of Wisdom by SandySha

Remembering by Sam

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Nickelodeon – New entry
“Curiouser and Curiouser”– A lost page

(The) Striving Son of A Rancher by Nancy Marie

Who Makes Me Happy by Vicki L Nelson
(The) Aftermath
Coming Home
Conversation with Grandfather


All External Archive Links (AO3, FFN, WWB, etc..)

(The) Homecoming/The Highriders by BluewindFarm

Johnny’s Requiem (M/M) by Mistress Marilyn

(The) Line Shack (M/M) by Mistress Marilyn

Poetic License (M/M) by Mistress Marilyn


New Authors

BluewindFarm (at WWB)

Nancy Marie


Authors No Longer On Lancerlovers or Lancer FanFiction

The following authors requested their stories removed:

Barb/ Barb A


New Pages


Charlene has very kindly given us copies of real scripts for episodes of the show. These are the working scripts and may (do!) differ slightly from the final transmitted episode. It’s fascinating to see the evolution from typed page and stage directions, to the finished product we all know and love. Please show your appreciation of Charlene’s generosity by reading and commenting on her stories!
This page will be updated as Charlene checks and releases the scripts to us. Scripts archived so far:
Episode 1. 03 | Chase A Wild Horse
Episode 2.01 | Blind Man’s Bluff
Episode 2.03 | The Kid
Episode 2.06 | Cut The Wolf Loose
Episode 2.11 | Scarecrow At Hackett’s
Episode 2. 13 | Shadow Of A Dead Man
Unfilmed | Beef To Fort Bowie


Updated Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards


Fandom News

A reminder that Charlene has started a Fandom Wiki on Lancer, and will be very happy to have fans visit it, use it, and contribute to it. There is scope for a great deal of information to be added – background data, episode lists, episode reviews and commentaries, guest star lists, scripts, etc. The Wiki is here: https://lancer.fandom.com/wiki/Lancer_Wiki

Do take a look. If you’d like to be involved with developing the Wiki, please email Charlene


Site Statistics for September 2020

Both LancerLovers and LancerFanFiction consists of a collection of sub-sites, with authors’ stories posted to the site corresponding to their author name – so author ‘Harriet’, for example, will be posted to subsite F – K.

Top Level Stats

We’ve collected top level stats for each of the subsites, to show visitor numbers and pages (that is, stories) viewed. The totals for each site for September are:

LancerLovers: 3,711 visitors viewing 31, 600 pages

LancerFanFiction: 1,017 visitors viewing 8,817 pages


Individual Subsite Figures





Lancer Gateway Team
October 2020


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October 2020 Special Update


~Authors please note and follow the advice on formatting in the
submissions guidance.~

This is an enormous post – sorry if it crashes your emails! – but we are delighted to tell you that the Lancer Gateway is now your route through to the biggest collection of Lancer stories available anywhere.

When Karen allied with us to rescue her old Peter Brown site and we came up with the idea of the Gateway as an umbrella list of Lancer fanfiction, we thought it would take weeks to collect together the links to stories on other archives. Well, we were a little too pessimistic there, because (not counting the 32 story links we added last month for existing LancerLover and LancerFanfiction authors) we’ve added links to

216 stories and all 25 ‘new-to-us’ authors

who are archived on Archive Of Our Own (AO3), FanFictionNet (FFN) and the Women Writers Block (WWB).

We thought that merited a post all of its own, rather than swamp the usual update at the end of the month. Still, there’s plenty here to keep you reading until that post comes along.


Gateway Archive Team



New Links to Stories Archived on AO3, FFN and WWB

Abuela by KelticDream13

Acts of Kindness by kayaklady

All His Christmases At Once by PollyVictorian

All Others Pay Cash  by Stargzer

Answering The Call by Stargzer

Away in A Manger by solista

Barbed Wire by KelticDream13

Belonging by Stargzer

Beginning Series by solista
(A) Beginning Part 1  diff family history
(A) Beginning Part 2
(A) Beginning Part 3
(A) Beginning Part 4

(The) Big Gamble by rowdy_tanner

Black by Stargzer

Black Velvet If You Please by Stargzer

Blessed Series by solista
Blessed Part 1
Blessed Part 2

Blood on the Range by Stargzer
Blood on the Range
Timestamp: Blood on the Range

Blue by Stargzer

Bone-Tired  by solista

Boston Butterfly by Stargzer

Bright As Yesterday by PollyVictorian

Carterville by Stargzer

(A) Case of Mistaken Identity  by AnalisaPh54

Catch Colt by NokuMarieDeux

CattleDrive by KelticDream13

Changes  by solista

Charlie Series  by McLance
(A) Sure Way To The Heart 
Judging A Book By Its Cover
La Familia

Christmas Comes to Butler’s Crossing by Stargzer

City Boy by Stargzer

Cold Sweat by Stargzer

Conclusions  by solista

(A) Contemplation of Life  by solista

Contra Spem Spero by Stargzer

Crow by Stargzer

(A) Dad Of Heart  by fanclaire

Deal by Stargzer

Deals Lancer by KelticDream13

(The) Death Of Johnny Madrid by Carla K

December 25 by solista

(The) Demise of Raul  by solista

Desperation and Need by callyhughes

Destiny Series by solista
Destiny Part 2

Drawing Lines In The Grey by Stargzer

Dreams  by solista

Double Blessing  by Latebloomnriter

Easy  by JoaniexJony

Echoes And Ripples by Stargzer

En El Fuego  by Stargzer

En Plein Air by Stargzer

(The) End of the Beginning by PollyVictorian

Endure, And Persevere  by Latebloomnriter

Enigma  by solista

Experimental Conclusion  by Latebloomnriter

Family series  by solista
Hidden Lies

Farewell to a Friend by kayaklady

(The) Feud by kayaklady

Finding A Family  by chantellescribbler

First Born(s) by Stargzer

For The Love Of Betty by Stargzer

Forgiveness by Stargzer

(The) Friends by Nikolettelime

(A) Frozen Rose  by Pvt. Bear

Fruit of the Vine by AnalisaPh54

Ghosted by Stargzer

Giving Over by Stargzer

Git Along, Little Doggies by Stargzer

Good Man Feeling Bad by Stargzer

Halloween Is Early by KelticDream13

Hats Off  by Latebloomnriter

Height  by Stargzer

Her by Stargzer

High Riders: Johnny’s Story by PollyVictorian

High Riders: Scott’s Story by PollyVictorian

Hired Gun  by solista

Home Again  by Qweb

Homecoming by clgfanfic

Hunter by KelticDream13

I Walk Alone  by solista

Il faut que tu comprennes que tu n’es plus seul by Nanthana14

Impervious Swamps by Stargzer

In Absentia by Stargzer

Indomitable series by Stargzer
Of Indomitable Spirit

Inside Information by Stargzer

It’s Not the Size That Matters by AnalisaPh54

Jigsaw Pieces  by PollyVictorian
(A) True Lady (The first of three Jigsaw pieces)
Long Delayed (The second of three Jigsaw pieces)
(The) Need To Know (The third of three Jigsaw pieces)

Joys Of Motherhood, Or Not  by solista

(A) Judge’s Quandary by AnalisaPh54

Judgment  by solista

Just A Dollar by Stargzer

Just A Glimpse by PollyVictorian

Kindest Hearts  by solista

(A) Last Hogmanay by PollyVictorian

Lancer Style  by Latebloomnriter

Letters From Home by Stargzer

Level, Sight, Cock, Shoot by Stargzer

Life Series by solista
Life 2

Lineage by Stargzer

Little Vacquero  by solista

Live to Die  by solista

Long Walks and Ruminations by Stargzer

Look Inside series by solista
(A) Look Inside
(A) Look Inside 2
(A) Look Inside 3

Lost by Stargzer

Lost and Found by Nikolettelime

Lost Innocence Series by solista
Lost Innocence
Lost Innocence 2

Lost Lancer Episodes: The Bucks are Runnin’ by Stargzer

Maria  by solista

Madrid by Stargzer

Making Plans by Stargzer

Matters of the Heart  by solista

Measured Up Series by Stargzer
Measured Up
Let it Stand

Mending Walls by Stargzer

Mercury’s Flight by Stargzer

(A) Minimal Man  by solista

Monster by solista

My Heart’s True Treasure  by solista

My Horse Awaits by PollyVictorian

(The) Narrow Path by Stargzer

(The) Need For A Father  by solista

No Dodging by PollyVictorian

No Questions, Yet Answers  by Latebloomnriter

Nobody’s Purr-fect! by AnalisaPh54

Not Today  by MarieDee

Not With My Ol’ Man series by solista
Not With My Ol’ Man
Not With My Ol’ Man part 2

Nous sommes frères, non? by Nanthana14

Of Ants And Men  by Latebloomnriter

Oh What (A) Tangled Web Part 5- Scott  by solista

On The Boat From Inverness by PollyVictorian

On The Doorstep by PollyVictorian

One Day by Stargzer

One Thousand Dollars by PollyVictorian

Passing Through by PollyVictorian

Past And Present by KelticDream13

Paucity by Stargzer

Pintura Fresca by Stargzer

Ponyception – A Lancer Crack!fic by Stargzer

Quelques mots des Lancer by Nanthana14

Quelques textes des Lancer by Nanthana14

Reflection  by solista

Regrets – A Christmas Story  by solista

Relativity by Stargzer

Rhythm and Hues by Stargzer

Richer Man  by Latebloomnriter

(The) Ride by Stargzer

Ringing In A New Year  by solista

Roped and Reeled In  by Latebloomnriter

(A) Rose By Any Other Name by Stargzer

Rosemary And Thyme by Stargzer

Samhain Eve  by KelticDream13

Saving Grace by AnalisaPh54

Scott et Johnny by Nanthana14

Seeking Shelter In The Storm by Stargzer

Showdown With The Past by  Carla K

(A) Soldier’s Christmas by PollyVictorian

(A) Soldier’s Hallowe’en by PollyVictorian

Somethin’ In My Eye by PollyVictorian

Someone To Ride The River With  by solista

Spice of Life – A Lancer Crack!fic by Stargzer

Stand By Me by westernfan

(The) Star Pupils by PollyVictorian

Surprise! by Stargzer

Tall In The Saddle by Stargzer

Taking Chances by Stargzer

Taking Time by Stargzer

(A) Tangle in Abilene by PollyVictorian

There and Back Again by PollyVictorian

(A) Thirst For Vengeance by Carla K

This Time Lancer by KelticDream13

Three Kings  by Latebloomnriter

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Stargzer

Time Flies by Stargzer

(A) Time To Play by Blueyes (aka LuvLittleJoe)

Troubled  by Latebloomnriter

Truth Series by nicksfriend
Truth And A Tick
Truth And The Pup

(A) Tule Fog  by PollyVictorian

Twas The Night Before  by solista

Two For Luck by Stargzer

Two Of A Kind by KelticDream13

Un éclat du passé by Nanthana14

Unashamed Misfit  by solista

Undercover Brothers by Nikolettelime

(An) Understanding by Stargzer

Untold Secrets  by solista

Vaya Con Dios by PollyVictorian

Visitor from Dublin by KelticDream13

Watching  by solista

(The) Weight Of The Past by LibertyBelleAnne

What Polonius Said by Stargzer

Which We Ascribe to Heaven by Stargzer

WHN Warbuton’s Edge by Stargzer

Will I?  by Latebloomnriter

Will We Make It Through December series by solista
Will We Make It Thru December 1
Will We Make It Thru December 2
Will We Make It Thru December 3
Will We Make It Thru December 4  
Will We Make It Thru December 5
Will We Make It Thru December 6
Will We Make It thru December 7
Will We Make It Thru December 8

Without Johnny? by KelticDream13

Words, Words, Words   by Latebloomnriter

Yellow by Stargzer


Author List for AO3, FFN and WWB

Many of these authors write across a range of fandoms. When you click on an author’s name below, you’ll be taken to the page we created here on the Gateway to hold the list of an author’s Lancer stories, rather than to their home archive. But on that page, you’ll also find a link through to their home archive where you can find their entire range of stories.

Archive Of Our Own







Carla K















Pvt. Bear






Womens Writer Block

Blueyes (aka LuvLittleJoe)




Lancer Gateway Team
11 October 2020



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Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those statistics show that this particular author’s entire series was being read in sequence, so readers are evidently enjoying it. Nor is this author alone in having her stories read regularly. But – and it’s a big but – readers don’t seem to be telling the authors that they’re enjoying the stories, not giving back any comments or encouragement.

One of the beautiful things about the Gateway is that so many stories written through the years that honor this show and its characters are available for everyone to read. Membership is not required and the site is easily found on the internet. Perhaps lost fans of this series stumble upon the site and relive their first love or crush through the eyes of the writers who share their stories. Many readers go back time after time to relish their favorite stories and authors or stumble upon a new favorite.

To the readers of these wonderful stories, there are ways you can show your appreciation to the writers. Respond to them via the e-mail link provided at the end of every story. Hit the ‘like’ button on the bottom of the last page. It is important that readers acknowledge the stories they enjoy so the writers will continue to write and post, and, most important, that Lancer remains as vital and alive as it was over 50 years ago. If you like reading Lancer stories and want to continue to see new ones, do encourage the authors by telling them how much you like their work. Whether it’s a new story or an old favorite, if you’re reading it, take a moment to email the author and tell them that their work has given you pleasure.

Thank you to the writers who love these characters so much that you go to the effort of struggling with each paragraph, sentence and word. Writing is indeed an act of love and, whether acknowledged or not, it is appreciated. It is disheartening to lose any writer because they do not feel they are being read due to lack of feedback. But please understand that this site is rather like a library. Although you do not have the capability of seeing who ‘checks out’ your book, know that every day people are going to the site and reading your stories. So, please, do not become discouraged. You are being read.

In order to encourage writers to continue to write and post, we will post the statistics for both LancerLovers and the Lancer FanFiction site with the monthly update, to show how many visitors and page views we’re getting. And to encourage more feedback, we’re looking into ways of making it easier for readers, too.

It is amazing how many friendships have been formed over the years just by readers communicating with writers through this passageway and other avenues that bring people together who loved this show and its characters. So please, writers continue to write and keep your stories catalogued here, and readers, show appreciation with a like or a post directly to your favorite writer. Before any of these stories are lost, we urge you to help save them.

Thank you.

Ronnie (Ronnie)
Gateway Archive Team

Sorry, everyone!

The archive team is testing some of the bells and whistles on the site, to see what we can use to make it function better. Obviously, that wasn’t a bell we should be ringing! We hadn’t realised that it would create posts that would be sent out to our subscription list.

So sorry that you got a few silly emails! We’ll try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.