June 2020 Update

Authors please note that the submissions guidance for the archive has been updated. Please follow the advice on formatting and submission.


New Stories

Closure by Styzgal

El Espírotu de la Abuela by Buckskin

Emerson Was Right: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

Father’s Day – Val (Surrogate Fathers series #2) by Olley

Harmony by goldieasj

Irreplaceable by Styzgal

Is This My Day To Die? by Buckskin

Locked Down by Sherry

Man’s Gotta Do by RonD

Meeting Destiny : A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

Quarantined: Lancer Style by SandySha

Riding With Him by Sherry

Shadows of Another Time Series
Gunfighters and Schoolrooms: At Shadows Edge by Sandysha

Sitting With Him by Sherry

(The) Sacramento Bee by Olley

Tempting Fate by Buckskin

What Would Pappy Do? by Buckskin



New Authors




Existing Author news

Author pages and stories for the following authors have been copied to this new archive from the old Lancerlovers:







Barb and Shallowz


Cadillac Red







Starry Diadem






Specialist Collection Title Lists Updated

AU/AR Stories


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories



Site News: Resources Section

The following pages have been added to the Resources section:

Boston Directories and Street Maps

Spanish Glossary

Spanish Naming System

Useful Reference Books



Site News: Titles Pages

All the Titles pages – the main page and the four sub-pages (Titles A-F, H-M, N-S and T-Z) now have A-Z navigational panels that will allow you to search across all the pages for the stories you’re looking for. No matter which Title page you’re on, if you want all our titles starting with S, click on S in the navigation panel and you’ll be taken to the list of S stories.

The Titles page is the main place to go to find our special collections lists – Holiday stories, AU stories, Crossovers etc. These pages too, where needed, have navigation panels to help you find stories to suit. So if you’re looking for Christmas stories (in June?!) then open the Holiday stories page, and you’ll find a clickable list of holidays at the top to help you navigate.

The Authors list page also has an A-Z panel that means clicking on the letter P, for example, will whizz you straight to all the authors whose names begin with that letter.



Lancer Archive Team

Contact us at lancerloversarchive@gmail.com

Resources Section Uploaded

The resources section – everything from glossaries to how much a ticket from Boston to San Francisco cost Scott when he travelled on the Transcontinental – is now live.

You will always find it by using the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page, but for today, I’m feeling indulgent, and I’ll give you the link here:




May 2020 Update

At this archive:

Another Sort of Conversation by Adriana

Because of a Galloping Horse by RonD

Christmas, Finally by Adriana

I’m In His Hands by Adriana


Updated Crossovers Stories List

Updated Holiday-related Stories List




At the old LancerLovers Archive

This is the final update I was able to make at the old archive. This is cut and pasted from the Update page there, so sorry about the odd tabular format.

Because Of A Galloping Horse by RonD NB This is now at this archive too35,750
Dotting That I by Charlene990
Emerson Was Right A collaboration by Adriana, Buckskin, DarlaMPoulos, Doc, Flynnie, KathyP, M.E, Ronnie, SandySha, Sherry, VickieLNelson and Christine Jensen.4,935
Forever and Always series by Buckskin 
 Grace’s Legacy1,505
Home Again Series by Raian 
 Waiting On (downloadble pdf)22,400
 Odds and Ends (downloadble pdf)2,930
 Song Sung Blue (downloadble pdf)6,430
 Timbre (downloadble pdf)6,210
 Unbeliveable (downloadble pdf)1,795
 Bearded (downloadble pdf)5,740
Indomitable series by Barb 
Johnnie by goldieasj9,480
Luke 10:37 by Buckskin4,705
Widow series by Doc 
Staying Alive by Buckskin13,385
The following stories have been reactivated and moved from the defunct Mags account to that of BarbA:
All Others Pay Cash2,725
Answering The Call1,860
Contra Spem Spero1,610
Curiouser and Curiouser15,985
Drawing Lines In The Grey5,110
Git Along, Little Doggies645
Hyde N’Shriek5,825
(The) Incident1,580
Just A Dollar2,575
Level, Sight, Cock, Shoot1,695
Measured Up Series
 Measured Up970
 Letting It Stand1,601
Mending Walls6,475
Ponyception – A Lancer Crack!fic990
Spice of Life – A Lancer Crack!fic625
Author page for RonD created. 
Updated Authors list 
Updated Crossovers list 
Updated Episode Tag pages : Tags in series order and Tags-alphabetical by episode title
Updated Round Robins page

27 May 2020

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