Mid-Month Memo 03: Beauty and Homecare Recipes

Back to Great-Granny’s recipe book for more home recipes. Some of the ingredients had us scratching our heads in bemusement, but we’ll share the recipes here anyway. You’ll never know when you need to mention one of these in a story sometime! Measurements are usually given in drams or drachms (same thing, different spelling), whichContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 03: Beauty and Homecare Recipes”

Mid-Month Memo 02: Valentine’s Day Stories

A special post for the most romantic holiday of the year, with a list of the stories in the archives with a link to Valentine’s Day. . (The) First Annual Green River Boxed Supper Auction and Valentine’s Day Dance by Dori (A) Happy Valentine’s Day Affair by Margaret Schmitz Compton Her Luggage by Margaret SchmitzContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 02: Valentine’s Day Stories”

Mid-Month Memo 01: Home Remedies

Here’s the first of a new series of mid-month posts about… well, stuff that might be of interest to our readers, and to writers who want to add a note of authenticity to their stories. These posts will cover a whole range of topics on the history of the old West. We hope they’ll beContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 01: Home Remedies”