Lancer at 55: Images of Scott

. . This special LANCER55 post is chock full of images. We all have them tucked away in corners of our PCs and tablets: screengrabs, or copies of publicity shots, or images carefully scanned from old TV articles and magazines. To celebrate the anniversary, we’ve collected as many good pictures of Scott as we couldContinue reading “Lancer at 55: Images of Scott”

Lancer at 55: The Hacienda and the Huntze family archive

. Normally in February we send you a note about all the Valentine’s Day stories we have, a reminder of the love stories and sweet romances those Lancer boys keep falling into. Not this year. This year we’re celebrating a different kind of love, one that’s lasted for the last fifty-five years and is asContinue reading “Lancer at 55: The Hacienda and the Huntze family archive”

Mid-Month Memo 17: Lost Authors – Preserving Their Legacy

. We have a new specialist title page on the website, dedicated to preserving the legacy of authors who have been lost to the fandom over time. It’s a sad fact that writers come and go, and their stories become ‘orphaned’ on mailing lists and FB groups.  Many stories on this page were rescued fromContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 17: Lost Authors – Preserving Their Legacy”

Mid-Month Memo 16: God Bless Us, Every One

In other words, its once again time to remind you all of our amazing collection of Christmas stories from the Holidays special collection page. There are lots of Christmas stories. Lots and lots and lots, in fact. To get us in the right mood…“There are many things from which I might have derived good, byContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 16: God Bless Us, Every One”

Mid-Month Memo 15: Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving

November gives us two opportunities to share themed stories with you: Veteran’s Day/Memorial Day on 11th November, and Thanksgiving on 24th. We don’t have huge numbers of stories under either category (stand by for next month’s reminder about Christmas stories which will bust your email box!), but certainly enough to share with you the poignantContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 15: Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving”

Mid-Month Memo 14: Hallowe’en

       Another opportunity to remind you of our specials collections lists of titles, where we list stories around particular themes. Our collection of Hallowe’en stories comes second only to the Christmas set – there’s something about the holiday that brings out the ghostliness in our writers, it seems! Enjoy being scared and spooked by theContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 14: Hallowe’en”

Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day

       Another opportunity to remind you of our specials collections lists of titles, where we list stories around particular themes. We don’t have a huge collection of stories set around Independence Day (on our holiday-related stories page), but there are a few listed below to help you get into celebratory mood. If you want toContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day”

Mid-Month Memo 12: Easter Stories

       . Colored Eggs & Giant Bunnies by  Belinda (The) Easter Bunny (Surprise Series #4) by Terri (The) Easter Bunny and Johnny Madrid by d.b.brisbin The Easter Bunny Cometh by Southernfrau (An) Easter to Remember (#4 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona) Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton (The) Lancer Easter Egg Hunt by JEB (The) Love Letter (An Emoji story) by goldieasj Luke 10:37 by Buckskin There GoesContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 12: Easter Stories”

Mid-Month Memo 11: Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories

. We love months where we can point you to properly themed stories! Today we’re celebrating the feast of St Valentine, with a wonderfully appropriate image (supplied by Antigone, to whom grateful thanks!) and the dozen Valentine-themed stories we host on the Gateway and archives. Do enjoy them, along with your chocolates and champagne… (The)Continue reading “Mid-Month Memo 11: Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories”

Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those statistics show that this particular author’s entire series was being readContinue reading “Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors”