Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day

       Another opportunity to remind you of our specials collections lists of titles, where we list stories around particular themes. We don’t have a huge collection of stories set around Independence Day (on our holiday-related stories page), but there are a few listed below to help you get into celebratory mood. If you want toContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 13: Independence Day”

Mid-Month Memo 12: Easter Stories

       . Colored Eggs & Giant Bunnies by  Belinda (The) Easter Bunny (Surprise Series #4) by Terri (The) Easter Bunny and Johnny Madrid by d.b.brisbin The Easter Bunny Cometh by Southernfrau (An) Easter to Remember (#4 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona) Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton (The) Lancer Easter Egg Hunt by JEB (The) Love Letter (An Emoji story) by goldieasj Luke 10:37 by Buckskin There GoesContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 12: Easter Stories”

Mid-Month Memo 11: Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories

. We love months where we can point you to properly themed stories! Today we’re celebrating the feast of St Valentine, with a wonderfully appropriate image (supplied by Antigone, to whom grateful thanks!) and the dozen Valentine-themed stories we host on the Gateway and archives. Do enjoy them, along with your chocolates and champagne… (The)Continue reading “Mid-Month Memo 11: Romantic Valentine’s Day Stories”

Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors

For the second time in a month, an author has pulled their stories from the archive because they are getting no feedback from their readers. Their stories are being read – we can see that from the statistics the website software collects, and those statistics show that this particular author’s entire series was being readContinue reading “Giving Feedback To Lancer Authors”