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About Lancer

Articles and Reviews

(The) Episodes:

Episode List

Episode Transcripts

Episodes: Behind The Scenes
……Call Sheets and Shooting Schedules
……Filming the pilot episode – from the Huntze family archives
……Scripts (downloadable pdf format)

Fandom Wiki (in development)


Lancer (TV Series 1968-1970) – IMDB

Lancer (TV Series 1968-1970)- Photo Gallery IMDB

The Lancer Mothers – Catherine and Maria




Elizabeth Baur entry at IMDB and Wikipedia

Paul Brinegar entry at IMDB and Wikipedia

Andrew Duggan entry at IMDB and Wikipedia

Wayne Maunder entry at IMDB and Wikipedia

James Stacy entry at IMDB and Wikipedia

Full Cast and Crew




American West – general sites

Asian-American History Timeline

Legends of America – articles and information on the old west.

Making of America – Cornell’s online collection of documents and journals

Western Movement – chronicles of the pioneer movement across America. Masses of links here – sadly not all are live.



Beauty and Homecare Recipes

Beauty and Homecare Recipes




Boston Directories and Street Maps

Boston History and Architecture

Harvard Archives

Harvard Class Catalogue for 1862-63 Academical year.
Probably the year Scott would have been a freshman. This gives details of the entrance examination requirements and the curricula for all the classes for that year.




California Gold Rush

California Gold Rush – 1849 map for prospectors

California Historical Society

California History Resource Guide

California’s Native Americans

California Timeline

Early California History (Library of Congress)

History of California (Wikipaedia)

Indigenous Peoples of California (Wikipaedia)

Land Grants in Alta California

Monterey County Historical Society

San Francisco History links – click on the county listed, and you’ll get a page of links to various aspects of history of the SF region.



California Cattle and Cattle Drives

California Cattle Boom 1849-1862

California Cattle Demise 1870-1912

Cattle Drives and Crew Positions

Cattle Glossary



Civil War And Aftermath

Abraham Lincoln’s Legal Career – Thanks to Peyton Vogel for the link.

Atlanta’s Role in the Civil War – with thanks to Noah Sloane for finding this link for us. There are more useful links inside the article. NEW

Civil War Glossary

Civil of War Prisoner of War Camps (Wikipedia)
Additional info on Prison Camps
What was it like to be a Civil War Prisoner (Youtube video)
Cahaba Prisoner of War Camp

Civil War in Richmond, Virginia

Civil War Medicine

From Cotton to T-Shirts: The Role of Cotton in the Civil War

Legal Changes After the Civil War and the 14th Amendment – thanks to Ana for sharing her research with us.

Legal History of the 14th Amendment – thanks to Becca Riggs for her research and for sharing.

Understanding the 14th Amendment – Rights of Former Slaves – thanks to Elizabeth at the Social Studies Help Center for the link.




19th Century Gentleman

Brooks Brothers

Cowboy Dress, Arms and Equipment as used in the Little Missouri Range Country and the Medora Area in the 1880s by Don Rickey (.pdf file)

Cowboy/Vacquero clothing

Victorian Fashions and Costumes from Harper’s Bazar




Information compiled from various sources

Vacquero – history of the vacquero (links to .pdf book). The whole site very interesting for Spanish/American perspective, although focused on New Mexico





The Food Timeline – pioneer, Civil War, Cowboy and Victorian foods

Lancer Hacienda Cookbook



Glossaries/Western Terminology

Cattle Glossary

Cowboy’s Personal Gear

Dictionary of Americanisms (downloadable .pdf of a dictionary compiled in 1859. Lots of New England phrases and words)

Horses and their gear etc

People and the Land

Saddles and Tack Glossary

Spanish Glossary

Western Slang




Wiki entries for:
Colt Single Action Army revolver
Colt Navy Revolver
Henry Rifle
Revolvers explains double and single actions
Winchester Rifle

Follow this link to a playlist from Forgotten Weapons of 65 videos devoted to guns from the Old West. 




Horses : A writer’s guide



Lancer Hacienda

The Hacienda



Lancer Ranch Location

Geraldine’s research

Ros and Linda’s research




David Rumsey Collection of historical maps

Gold Regions of California

Library of Congress Map Collections




19th Century Medicine – Pre Civil War

200 Years of American Medicine – 1776 – 1976 (downloadble pdf)

Apply Salt, Gunpowder and the Yellow of an Egg – the treatment of rattlesnake bites

Common Diseases of the 19th Century

Drugs on the Frontier

Early 19th Century American Medical Worldview

Health and Medicine in the 19th Century – V&A museum

History of Blood Transfusion

History of Wound Care (Wikipedia)

Home Remedies

Medical Antiques– extensive internal links to manuals, history etc.

Medical and Surgical Care 1861-1865

Medical Treatments in the late 19C – Melnick Medical Museum

Pharmaceutical Patents & Potions 1800s-1919

Public Health in The 19th Century

Victorian Medicine – BBC

Victorian Medicine – Livingstone

Victorian Medicine – Simple History




Costs and Comparisons – information on things like pay, how much things cost, the buying power of a dollar at various dates etc



Newspapers and Journals

California Digital Newspaper Collection

Chronicling America – Library of Congress searchable online database

US Historical Newspapers



Spanish Names

Construction of Family Names

Boys’ Names

Girls’ Names

Spanish Naming System




Transport: Railroads

California Railroads ca 1870-1872

Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum – a treasure trove of a site about the Transcontinental Railroad. Click on the History tab for dozens of documents on the building of the railroad, ephemera, guidebooks, timetables and 19C accounts of travelling across America

Chinese Immigration and the Transcontinental Railroad

North American Railroads

Pacific South West Railroad Museum

(The) Real Cross Creek

(The) Transcontinental Railroad

(The) Traveller’s Guide to Trains 1871 (.pdf file)

Union Pacific Railroad Museum



Transport : Stagecoach

Butterfield Overland Mail See here for images

Butterfield Overland Mail in California (with stations listed and distances between them)

Stagecoach Terms and Slang

Stagecoach Travel The Over-Land site – a treasure trove of Western information.

Wells Fargo history – Wikipaedia



Useful Reference Books List

Useful Reference Books lists resources suggested and rated by writers in the fandom, covering everything from guns to gals!



Writing Resources: Technical

Common Errors In English

How to type Spanish letters and accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡)

World Wide Words – a site on the meaning and derivation of words and phrases.



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