Transcript: Splinter’s Group

Air Date: 03 March 1970
Director: Virgil W. Vogel  
Written by: Sam Roeca

Guest Stars:    
Samuel: Tim O’Connor
Sarah: Diana Ewing   
Sheriff Jayson: William Mims


SL is crawling across the sand. Looks up at sun and his eyes appear swollen. He looks up to see buzzards circling. He tries to get up and falls tumbling over and over and over down the side of the hill, losing his canteen. Buzzards fly over.

Mr. Calhoun, Rufus and Sara are out searching for food. They find an animal hole and Mr. C gets down digging in hole saying, “God is with us”. Animal is shown looking at them Mr. C says, “Pity to be pilfering in front of God’s creatures….Ah, so be it.

Sara puts food in her mouth.

Her father grabs her arm saying, “Think of others. Do you come first?”

Sara spits out the food into her hand and put in sack.

Rufus sees animal and starts after it. Sara and her father finish putting food in sack and follow Rufus. Rufus watches animal go into hole, aims gun and then starts putting it away he sees SL laying on the ground facedown. He walks over to him lifts arm as if to strike him with his gun and

Mr. Calhoun says, “Rufus!”.

He drops his arm.

Mr. Calhoun and Sara come over.

Rufus says, “Why not? He’s probably another one sent out lookin for us.”

Mr. Calhoun puts down cane and bends down to SL turning him over. Before he even turns him over, Calhoun takes SL’s gun out of the holster and tucks it into the waist of his pants.

Sara says, “He gotta badge?”

Mr. C says, “No, but he’s hurt.”

Sara says, “How could any sane man be doing out in the badlands.”

Rufus says, “We’ll find out.”

Mr. Calhoun looks at Rufus saying, “You’re prepared to kill too quickly.”

Rufus says, “Well, I never had your blind faith in anybody, including God.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Come on, help me.”

Rufus picks up SL and carries him towards the abandoned mine they are hiding in. .

  . Mr. Calhoun calls out, “William…..William.”

Several people come out to meet them. A man says, “Who is he?”

Mr. Calhoun answers to a young girl, “Tilly, get some water, not hot, Tilly. Luke warm.”

They carry SL into the cave and place him on a makeshift bed. Tilly comes over with a bowl of water and a cloth.

Sara says, “Oh, thank you, Tilly.” Hands her the sack. “There’s some roots and onions and things in the sack.”. T

illy smiles and says, “Good! I’ll start a stew.”

Sara sits down by SL.

Rufus looks at SL and says, “We’d left him alone out there he’d of died natural of exposure……I say he’s come tracking us down and we’re gonna have to kill him.”

Sara puts a cloth on SL’s forehead.

Lots of people are waiting to eat the stew Tilly has made. SL starts to move his head and slowly opens his eyes.

Sara says, “Pa”.

Mr. C says, “How is he? Hello.”

SL looks at them and says, “Who are you people? Where am I?”

Mr. C says, “We found you outside, son. Unconscious.”

Rufus says, “Who are you is the main question.”

SL says, “Well, my name is Scott Lancer. I have a ranch down near Morro Coyo. I was taking a shortcut through the badlands. I…..I stopped to get some water. It must have been bad….because it made me sick. (sighing) Last thing I remember,  I was falling……that’s it.”

Mr. Calhoun asks SL, “How do you feel now?”.

SL moves a little looking like he wants to be ill, “Terrible. My stomach feels awful. Feel like a thousand head of cattle rode right over me.”

Mr. Calhoun says, ” Try a little of this broth here. See if it’ll make you feel better.”

SL says, “Thank you.”

Mr. C. says to people, “Let’s eat.

Sara holds bowl up to SL when Mr. Calhoun starts praying saying, “We pray for the well being of our visitor and give thanks for today’s sustenance. Amen.”

Scott waits for the prayer to end and takes a drink saying, “It’s….ah….it’s good. Very unusual.”

Sara says, “Well, it’s better than nothing, which is what we had yesterday.” .


We hear Sara singing and a man playing music.

SL is walking around inside cave looking at the people. He comes across a man sitting with a woman who obviously is very ill. He touches her forehead saying, “She’s burning up!” He looks a man who nods slightly and then goes back to find Rufus and Mr. Calhoun.

Glove update: he has them tucked into the back of his belt.  Usually he rests them on the handle of his gun while its in the holster–but of course, he doesn’t have a gun at the moment.

Mr. Calhoun is reading the bible.

SL sits down saying, “You people plan on settling around here?”

Mr. Calhoun says, “No, we were on our way to Canada.”

SL says, “How did you get stuck here?”

Rufus says, “It’s our concern.”

SL says, “Well that may be but right now your in sad shape……Have you got any medicine?

Mr. C. says, “We have prayer.”

SL says, “Look, you can’t stay here. (looking and gesturing) That boy…..He’s got desert fever. Now that can develop into pneumonia…spread through the whole group.”

Rufus says, “We now that. We buried three people last week. My own son among ‘em.”

SL says, “Well then, don’t you think it’s time you did something about it. Like, get some food and medicine out here?”

Rufus says, “That ain’t possible.”

SL says, “Morro Coyo isn’t that far from here. I could bring a wagon back.”

 Rufus says, “Your stayin here. Now, when we leave we’re gonna let you go.”

Sara says from across the room, “We don’t want anyone to know where we are. No one.”

The same man with the ill woman are seen coming into this part of cave.

Mr. C says, “Let me just say this, sir. At one time we were forced to fight for our convictions……other people were hurt…..we were wrongly blamed… we run.”

Rufus says, “There’s them that’d give a lot to get their hands on us.”

Woman who is so ill pleads, “Please! Please! Please let him try!”.

SL looking at woman and back at the men saying, “Look, you people saved my life. Now, all I’m trying to do is return the favor. I’ve got no reason to tell anybody where you are.”

Mr. C holds out bible saying, “Would you say that on this?”

SL puts hand on bible swearing, “I swear on this bible that I’ll never tell a soul where you are.”  

Mr. C says, “So help you God, Mr. Lancer?”

SL says, “So help me God.”

Woman coughs.

Mr. C. hands SL his gun saying, “Your revolver, sir.”

SL puts gun in holster saying, “I’ll leave at first light.”

Mr. C. says, “I’ll accompany you.”

Sara says from across room, “I’ll go too.”

SL gets up, looks at Sara and leaves room.

Rufus walks over to Sara saying, “Your father’s not too strong. If the time comes, (giving her a gun), your gonna have to do it for us.” She nods and takes gun.


Opens with gate of Lancer. ML and JL come out of the Hacienda. JL says something, I replayed this a dozen times and best I could get was, “Burke, you guys ready to go.” JL is carrying a shotgun. JL and ML are just about to get on their horses when Jelly looks up and says,

 “Ah, no need man. Here’s Scott now.”

SL is shown walking slowly towards them with Sara and Mr. Calhoun behind him.

ML says, “You men go back to work.”

ML, JL and Jelly walk towards SL, ML has arms out saying, “Scott!”.

JH says, “We figured you was lost or stolen.”

JL walks over to SL saying, “We was getting ready to go out and look for the pieces.

SL slaps JL’s shoulder and JL slaps his stomach.

JL looks SL up and down saying, “If you don’t look like somethin”.

SL puts his arm out towards Mr. Calhoun and Sara saying, “Well, if it were not for these people you’d have been looking all over the badlands. The buzzards would have strung me to every corner. They saved my life.”

Sara and Mr. Calhoun walk up holding hands. SL says, Murdoch, Johnny, Jelly (waving his hand at Mr. C and Sara) Mr. Calhoun, his daughter Sara.

JH and JL just stare at them, ML walks over to them patting Mr. Calhoun on the back saying, “Mr Calhoun, you are welcome, come on into the house.” Yelling. “Maria” Maria says, “Yes, sir”

 ML says, “Put some coffee on.”

They all head for the Hacienda.

JL looks at SL. They put arms on each others shoulders and walk in house together.


Maria is pouring coffee, Lancers are at the table getting read to eat.

L wearing that BLUE SHIRT I JUST LOVE yes, that’s much better than his usual BEIGE.  Not as nice as the blue jacket though. says, “Anyway, there are these 25 Paiutes stranded out there, too sick to make it across the badlands and since they saved my skin I figured I’d go back there with these 2 missionaries and take them some food and medical supplies…..Now, I …eh… could pay for it out of my own personal wages but I thought perhaps the house would like to contribute a share….After all you did get me back.” SL smiles and

ML says, “Yeah, well it’s a bad exchange but we’re obligated.” smiling looks at Mr. Calhoun and says, “We’ll load up a wagon after we eat.”

SL gestures at Mr. Calhoun to pray, “Ah, Mr Calhoun.”

Mr. Calhoun prays saying, “Ah…We are grateful oh Lord for this providence. We ask your forgiveness for our sins, sloth, coveting, lying (SL looks up at Mr. Calhoun and back down) we hope that in thine eyes on occasions these things are forgivable. Amen.”

SL and ML both say, “Amen” and

ML then says, “Now, come on let’s eat.” They start passing food around the table. “Teresa, maybe you can find some comfortable clothes for this young woman and while we’re loading the wagon, Scott maybe you can go into town for some supplies, medical supplies and produce and all that.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Good Samaritans, all of you. I’ll go with you, son. The sooner we’re gone, the less we’ll have imposed upon you.”

This is different.  Teresa might as well not be there at all, we just get a glimpse of her.  ML is sitting at the end of the table as usual.  But in most other episodes, Scott is on one side of the table, on ML’s left and JL and T are opposite him.  The guest, is any, sits at the other end opposite ML. In this scene, Scott is seated between Sara and Teresa, on the opposite side from where he usually sits. JL should be beside Calhoun, but he mustn’t be there since we can’t see him. Three people on one side and only one on the other is way out of balance.  No sign of JL eating at all . .


Shot of town, Scott is in general store looking at dresses.

JH walks through carrying sacks of flour saying, “Here I am half into my first ?????(Couldn’t make this out, can you?) (it sounds like “tear” which means nothing. I want him to be saying his first week off or vacation, but it sounds like tear or tare . .  ) in 6 months and I end up packing groceries to Paiutes.”

Woman following him says, “Don’t burst the flour sacks.”

Mr. Calhoun is looking at grocery list and

Henry says, “Here’s the quinine in case it’s typhoid…….Are you sure, sir you didn’t farm or plot outside of Laramie. My wife and I grocered there. We jump around a bit.” Mr. Calhoun shakes his head. “Or it could have been…”

Mr. Calhoun interrupts saying, “I’m sure that we’ve never met before.” Looking at list. “Ah, you can forget this coffee. But vegetables as much as you can provide. Home jarred as well as air tight.”

Henry says, “I have green beans, cabbage leaves and pickled carrots, a good balance with beef to ward off scurvy.” He walks out of room into back storeroom where his wife is taking things off the shelves. “We can unload most of this on the Indians. I was about to throw it out.”

His wife says, “Keep your voice down. Maybe we can get rid of the chocolate, mice are gettin to it.” She’s dusting the jars as she speaks.

. Calhoun is nervous about it too  The grocery guy is the hotel clerk from Legacy, I think.


Back at the Lancer Ranch, ranch hands are helping load the wagon. Teresa brings out some jars of food giving them to Jelly. J

elly says, “Let’s put those here in this crate.” Hands put a crate of chickens on wagon and they start squawking. Jelly says, “Oh, stop your squawkin before I fricassee every one of you.”

JL brings out blankets and gives them to JH and heads back for Hacienda.

ML says, “Hey, Johnny I think I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” Shakes his hand. “See you on Wednesday.”

JL says, “Good Luck.”

JH says to ML, “Now you sure you don’t want me to come with you?”

ML says, “Ah, don’t be silly Jelly I’ll be fine.” To hands. Hey, Hank more feed.” To Mr. Calhoun. “I wish I could give you some fresh milk to take to those Paiute kids but it’d be spoiled by the time you got it there.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Well, Mr. Lancer I hope that someday I’ll be able to repay you for all this.”

ML says, “Well, no need for that, Mr. Calhoun. No burden on us. We’re just glad we’re in the position to help out.” He mounts horse. “And if I ah don’t see you when I get back from Stockton. Good Luck with those Indian children.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Thank you, sir.” Murdoch rides off.


Sheriff is sitting at his desk cleaning a lantern globe. Henry and his wife come rushing in the office.

Henry says, “Sheriff, there’s a wanted man was in my store a couple hours back.”

Sheriff says, “Oh?”

Henry says, “He used to stomp towns in Colorado, preaching to high heaven. That was Sundays, weekdays he worked on the silver mine, Cripple Creek.”

Sheriff continues to clean globe.

His wife says, “That’s where my Henry heard him preach.”

Sheriff says, “Just hold your voices down, please. What was the man’s name and what was he wanted for?”

Wife says, “Tell him.”

Henry says, “I will if you’d just keep out of it. He organized the miners two years back and they struck because of workin conditions.”

His wife says, “When the mine owners brung in the vigilantes and hired guns and….

Henry interrupts saying, “I told you to keep out of it. The miners rioted….”

Sheriff says, “You’re not talking about the Cripple Creek Massacre!”

Henry says, “Nothing else but.”

Sheriff gets up and goes over to file cabinet looking through files saying, “What’s the man’s name?”

Grocer’s wife says, “My Henry isn’t good at names, but he never forgets a face.”

Henry says, “A dozen people were killed in that fracas.”

His wife says, “And there’s a price on this man’s head.”

Sheriff pulls out papers saying, “Is this the man?” Showing them wanted poster.

Wife: “That’s him, that’s the one . . .

Henry says, “No mistakin it, no mistakin it.”

Sheriff shows other two pictures saying, “What about these other two, were they with him?”

Wife says, “No he—-

Henry interrupts saying, “This is the last time I’m gonna tell you to shut up! He come with Scott Lancer and headed back to the ranch.”

Sheriff walks to his desk.

Henry says, “Now I want it clear understood, sheriff. I brought you this information.”

Sheriff is standing by door says, “Rest assured, Mr. Wilkes…if this man is Calhoun, you’ll be duly rewarded. Now in the meantime keep this thing quiet, some of his men may be around here.” The sheriff leaves his office.


Scott is wearing that blue shirt.   And a pair of work gloves. Of course.  He’s putting chickens in a crate. SL says, “Now Jelly tells me these are great laying hens, they oughta keep you in fresh eggs all the way to Canada.” He shuts crate picking up can. “So, if people get hungry don’t let them get over anxious and stew them, all right?”

She nods her head and

SL starts feeding the chickens. “You don’t say much, Sara. I get the feeling you don’t like me.”

Sara says, “Oh, that’s not true!….Well, you’re all real generous people.” She starts to walk away and turns around with a small smile saying, “I’d like to live in a house like this.”

SL says, “Doesn’t take much…..Find the right man….start breaking ground.” . .  .

Sara says, “No, for me that kind of life could never happen.” Sara turns quickly and picks up jars of food for the wagon.

SL watches her with a thoughtful look on his face.


Jelly is holding a wanted poster. JH says, “Are you saying this man killed four men?”

 Sheriff says, “The miners were pinned in the main galley and he led them out of there in a brazen charge for escape and shot the men down right there in front of most everybody in town. And two of them were deputy lawmen.”

JH says, “You know, ceptn’ for Dooley Fraught Parsons I always have been suspicious of any man that spouts the scriptures.”

JL walks over and is looking out the window as the wagon is being loaded.

 Sheriff says, “They’ve been on the run for two years. Shot their way out of Colorado and we lost track of them in Eastern California.”

JL says, “What’d you think you’re gonna do?”

Sheriff says, “Well, we’ll…..we’ll follow this fella here.” Walking over to JL. “And we’ll apprehend them all.”

JL turns to face Sheriff. “It’s…ah…why I need your help.”

JL waves hand saying, “You mean to say you really think that Scott’s gonna lead you to them?….After they saved his life, Sheriff?”

Sheriff says, “He ain’t got no choice…It’s the law.”

JL says, “The Law!”

Sheriff says, “Scott’ll be the first one to understand that.”

SL enters the Hacienda, seeing the Sheriff he says, “Oh, hello Sheriff. Didn’t see you come in.” He smiles. “You running for election or is Johnny in trouble?.” He walks over to alcohol cabinet and opens it. “Need a couple of that….bottles of that good sherry— for medicinal purposes.”

 Sheriff starts toward SL.

JL says, “Sheriff, let me.” He takes flyer and walks over to SL. “Brother, you ever heard of a place called Cripple Creek?”

SL has a bottle of sherry in each hand saying, “No, what is it?”

JH says, “Oh, it’s a small mining town up in…ah…Colorado. A couple years back about twelve people got shot up.”

SL says, “Remind me to stay out of small mining towns.” SL starts to walk away,

JL grabs his arm stopping him saying, “Scott.”

SL turns saying, “Johnny, really I don’t have time right now for a history lesson. I’ll come back later.” He gestures, then points with a bottle in each hand. 

JL says, “It’s over.” Handing him wanted poster.

SL tucks one bottle under his arm so he can take the poster,  looking at it then looking at Sheriff, walking over to him saying, “I don’t believe this….I mean they can’t be involved in this.”

Sheriff says, “They’re killers. All of them.”

SL says, “Women and children too, Sheriff?”

Sheriff says, “The Law isn’t concerned with them, only with the men folk. It’s your duty to help apprehend them.”

JL says, “Sheriff” . . 

Sheriff continues, “Leave us a good trail tomorrow. We’ll follow with a big posse.”

SL says, “No. Nobody’s following us . . . I don’t know anything about your Cripple.. whatever it is. I know one thing, that those people saved my life and they didn’t have to.”

Sheriff says, “They’re wanted criminals. Now you’re a landed people. You gotta responsibility here.”

Notice that he doesn’t say that he gave his word. 

JL says putting his hand on the sheriff’s shoulder, “Sheriff, look why don’t you let me handle this peacefully and quietly, huh?”

Sheriff says, “Scott is our only chance.”

JL pointing out window saying, “Look, those people see this badge and they’re gonna get suspicious. What you say we go out the back way?”

Sheriff thinking, “All right. I guess you’re right.”

JL says, “Come on. I’ll handle the case for you, don’t worry about it.” They walk away.

SL folds up poster and puts in pocket and heads towards door.

JH says, “Now Scott you don’t figure on goin back alone with those murderers do you?”

SL says, “That’s exactly what I figure to do.”

JH says, “But….but they killed 12 people up there in Cripple crick. All the time they’re mouthin the gospel. You think they’re gonna let you…..” We know that JH is very nervous about what these people might do–they are killers as far as he is concerned.  This is important, since we know that he’s going along–makes you wonder again why SL brings him!!! 

JL comes back in slaps his hands together saying, “Jelly? Your turn. ” He signals for him to leave.

JH Leaves and SL says, “All right, Johnny. It’s your turn. What do you have to say?”

JL says, “Only what Murdoch would say…..Those people…..can’t run…..forever.”

SL says, “That’s very good because that’s exactly what he would say.” They both smile and laugh.

JL says, “Look, why don’t you wait til tomorrow, huh? Til he gets back, huh?”

SL says, “Well,ah……” The door opens and Sara walks in stopping by doorway saying, “Pa thinks we should leave while there’s still a couple of hours of daylight left.”

JL says looking at SL, “Well, you know you’re kind of tired. I think you’d make better time if you were to wait til tomorrow morning.”

Sara looks at SL saying, “Well, does that sound all right to you, Mr. Lancer?”

SL says, “Yeah, that’s a—a—a good idea. We could all use a little rest. Start first thing in the morning.”

Sara says, “Well, when you have a minute could you help me tie down t he chicken crates?”

After Sara asks SL to help with chicken crates he says, “Sure.” and Sara leaves.

SL heads for door pauses, turning, looking at JL he says, “Ah, Johnny, whatever happens don’t follow us.”

JL doesn’t say a word, so technically he doesn’t really agree but he does nod his head. SL heads for door and looks back at JL and leaves. Scene fades out with JL thinking.


Late that night outside the hacienda SL, Sara and Mr. Calhoun are walking toward wagon. Mr. Calhoun says, “Mr. Lancer, I don’t understand this kind of departure.”

SL says, “My brother, my father about half a dozen hands will want to go with us. Do you want that?”

SL, Mr. Calhoun and Sara walk up to wagon.

JH is tying rope.

MR. Calhoun says, “No, I don’t.”

JH looks at Mr. Calhoun nervously.

SL says, “You don’t have to worry about Jelly, he’s all right. We’re gonna need him too.” SL says to Sara, “Get in the front.”

JH gets on wagon. SL helps Sara up. Mr. Calhoun gets on wagon and then SL gets on.

JH gets horses moving and Dewdrop starts squawking, JH says, “You hush or I’m gonna stuff you.”

In the hacienda, Teresa comes out with a candle lit

JL says, “Teresa.”

Teresa startled says, “Oh, ah what’s all the noise?”

 JL says sitting in chair with his eyes closed, “Just a man doing what he has to do.” Teresa says, “What do you mean?”

JL says, “Oh, why don’t you go on back to bed, huh. Talk to you in the morning.”

Teresa says, “Ok. Goodnight.”

JL says, “Goodnight.”


Shot of town in the morning and then Sheriff’s office. Sheriff is talking to deputy. JL walks into office, he puts hands on hips drops them looking outside and back at Sheriff.

Sheriff is saying to deputy, “Get the Adkins brothers.” Sheriff is making a list. “they want to be in on everything. And Leif Jackson and his boys, and tell them to bring their shotguns.”

JL says, “Sheriff.”

Sheriff continues with deputy, “And the widder Evans, if she ever wants that son of hers to be a man he’ll come along too.” Deputy leaves,

JL says, “Sheriff.”

Sheriff says, “There…there’s 36 on the posse, that ought to be enough to handle any bunch of miners.”

JL takes off his hat flips it in the air while saying, “Sheriff, I got something to tell you. You can forget about that posse. As a law abiding citizen of this community I came out here to tell you something. My brother-big pause- Scott– did a terrible terrible thing. Well, maybe even a misdemeanor.” Sheriff looking at his list distracted says, “Look, I can’t be bothered with…Scott?”

JL says, “Scott took off late last night with them vicious killers.”

Sheriff says, “We’re not ready yet!

JL says, “Well, I’m sorry….”

Henry and his wife come rushing in. Mrs. Wilkes says, “Sheriff!”

Sheriff says, “What is it?….What is it?”

Mrs. Wilkes says looking at JL, “Mr. Lancer don’t you people eat any of those greens your brother bought!”

JL says, “Why not?”

Henry says, “They gone bad….read bad. The Otis’s bought some day before yesterday. Doc Mort just came by to warn us they’ve got botulum or somthin in it. Deadly poison….we didn’t know!” Mrs. Wilkes says, “Little Willie Otis died of it!”


Wagon is stuck. Jelly, SL and Mr. Calhoun are pushing while Sara has reins trying to get horses moving.

JH says to SL, “My day off, here I am smugglin supplies to killers. You know what their gonna do soon as we get there? They’re gonna cut our throats.” Wagon finally rolls forward. JH falls on ground, shaking his head.

SL walks back picking up shovel and moving hat to his crown. He is wearing his gloves. SL says, “See these tracks” Handing JH the shovel.”Cover them up.” He pats Jelly on the shoulder.

SL walks away carrying brush and sticks.

JH covers tracks saying, “What am I doin this for? I want them to follow us.” Goes back to covering the tracks.

Sheriff, JL and two deputies are checking tracks. Sheriff is squatting, checking tracks says, “Look at them tracks. This is gonna be easy as pie.”

JL standing looking says, “Yeah, right now it’s easy.”

Sheriff says, “You should of let me bring more men.”

JL says, “There was no time…….You ever tracked before, Sam?”

Sheriff says, “I….I got an Indian usually reads signs for me but we, ah, left in such a hurry I didn’t have a chance to get a hold of him.”

JL says, “What about you?”

Sheriff says, “Me? Well…ah…I done a lot of huntin’. Rabbits and deer even a bear once.”

JL smiles saying, “I’m talkin bout a man. What about a man?”

Sheriff says, “Well, ah….actually….ah—“

JL says, “Well, come on.”

They mount horses and ride off.

Wagon is seen going through water. SL jumps off wagon with a hatchet in his hand and cuts a large branch and uses it to brush their tracks.

Sheriff, JL and two deputies come through water. JL gets off horse.

Sheriff says, “They must have gone down the creek bed to hide their tracks. Pretty tricky, huh? Leif you head down stream see where they come out. Seth, you go upstream and do likewise.”

JL is looking around on the ground. He finds a piece of a branch, waves it at the sheriff without saying anything. Then he sees a cut off stump. Looks around, chuckling, saying, “Well, that’s not like my brother.”

Sheriff says, “What’s that mean?”

JL says, “Well, that means” pointing “we go that way.”

Sheriff looks both ways, scratches his head. JL mounts his horse and they move on.


JH is putting greens into pot that is over fire. He says, “Yes, man. I’m gonna make you the tastiest unfattening conglomeration you ever put in your mouth.” Sara smiles. “Ah, vegetable base of course.”

Sara walks over to SL who is taking care of the horses, she says, “Where’s father?”

SL says, “Well, he’s out there checkin……making sure we’re not followed. I may be very sensitive but I get the strong impression that he doesn’t trust me.”

Sara says, “Well, he’s tryin to. It’s hard for him, he likes ya.” Sara walks away and SL follows her. She starts picking up dishes,

SL leans on wagon with arms crossed saying, “Sara, when you people get to Canada…..Well, if you get to Canada. What you gonna do. What’s gonna happen to you?”

Sara says, “My life’s been well planned.” She walks away with dishes with SL following.

SL says, “Your father said that you’d been driven like cattle. Now uh” SL takes off hat. “I’m not pryin in your life…it’s just that I’m worried about your people. Mainly about you. It’s just not right. I mean, your people don’t have to run all their lives.”

Sara says, “We been running for a long time now. All the way from a place in Colorado. I’ve been frightened so long it doesn’t even hurt anymore. I just look around real quick without any feeling inside and if it’s hunting me I kill it and if its a friend I feed it.”

Close up of SL, he sighs and puts hat on.

Mr. Calhoun walking with rifle in his arms. He finds sack of flour.. Looks towards camp. Back to camp, Sara is putting dishes down.

SL says, “Sara” SL sits down on log. “Sara, I want to talk about this” SL grabs her arm and turns her to face him. “Will you let that alone a minute and talk to me. Now, I can’t help you unless I know what’s going on….now all I know is you people have a real problem, now trust me and talk to me.”

Sara hesitates. Mr. Calhoun walks up.

Mr. Calhoun says, “Mr. Lancer, this ah sack of flour must have fallen off the wagon back there” He drops it. “Makes an ideal sign for anybody who might be trackin us.”

SL says, “Mr. Calhoun are you sayin that …..”

Mr. Calhoun says, “I’m not sayin anything, son. I’m not sayin you did it or your friend over there. But if we’ve been this careless all the way, perhaps other sacks of flour have fallen off.”

SL says, “Don’t you think its time you started to trust somebody?”

SL and Mr. Calhoun stare at each other.

Sara looking away says, “Pa!” Mr. Calhoun looks seeing Johnny and the Sheriff coming their way saying, “That answer your question about trustin somebody?”

SL looks at them,

Mr. Calhoun knocks pan off fire and starts stomping on it saying, “We’ll get supper tonight.” JH looks at him “Supper can wait.”

SL walks over. “We’re movin out.”

JH sighs saying, “Scott, I don’t like this. I’m turnin back right now!”

Mr Calhoun says, “No you’re not! We’re moving out….we can lose them at dark.”

SL says looking at Mr. Calhoun, “Mr. Calhoun I don’t care what you think but we covered our tracks.”

Sara looks at SL saying, “Did we? SL looks at her.

JH throws down spoon and walks away. SL picks up two large jars of food and puts it in wagon. Sara picks up bowl of fruit.


The wagon is rolling down the road. SL pulls on reins and stops it saying, “Whoa.” He gets down and

Mr. Calhoun follows saying, “What are you doing?”

SL says, “Well, if we’re gonna lose them we have to keep moving til after dark….it doesn’t look like we’re gonna make it.” SL starts walking away with Mr. Calhoun following him.

Mr. Calhoun says, “Well then we fight.”

SL says, “You know something, Mr. Calhoun, for a religious man you seem to have an awful lot of violence eatin away at you”.

Mr. Calhoun says, “Well, I’ve had to learn….there are many things that have happened, Mr. Lancer, that you’re not aware of.”

SL says, “Want to tell me about them?”

Mr. Calhoun says, “No.”

SL says, “There’s a block and tackle under the front seat. Get it. ” He heads up the hill.

Sheriff is squatting by a cold fire. Sheriff says, “How long been gone?”

JL says running coals from fire through fingers, “About 45 minutes to an hour.”

Sheriff says, “We oughta be up with them by night.”

JL says, “Yeah, maybe.” Standing up he slaps his hands together.

Sheriff says, “That is if you keep out slickerin that brother of yours.”

JL stops adjusts hat small smile. JL says, “Come on, Sam.”

Sheriff follows. They get on horses and head out.


JH is leading horses up hill. JH says, “Hi-yah. Hi-yah.”

SL and Mr. Calhoun are halfway up hill pulling on ropes tied to horses and wagon.

SL says, “Come on, Jelly. Move em out.”

JH says, “Hi-yah! Hi-yah!. “JH looks back several times. “Hi-yah! Hi-yah!”

They get wagon up the hill. SL puts ropes in wagon and Sara walks up.

Sara says, “Did what you said.”

SL says, “You didn’t cut the branch too far from the road did you?” (listen to this line again–it might be my tape, but its weird–just doesn’t sound like SL’s voice to me–I had to listen again to see if it might be Calhoun, but he’s not on screen, so its supposed to be Scott. )

Sara says, “No, not more than 10 feet.”

SL puts his hat on.

“You think it’s gonna work?” Sara scratches her head

SL says, “I don’t know but I know one thing.” Adjusts his hat. “We won’t have to wait long to find out.” He claps his hands, says “|Okay , let’s go”, dust cloud from his gloves. He walks off, Sara watches him.

JL and Sheriff come down the road riding fast. JL stops.

Sheriff says, “Johnny, the tracks have stopped.”

JL says, Yeah, they sure did, didn’t they.” Looking around Sheriff gets down, looking at bushes.

Sheriff says, “I found it. Come on let’s go.”

Johnny is sitting on his horse with his chin resting on his hand. When the sheriff finds the branch, he sighs. He is thinking hard here. The Sheriff gets on horse and starts to ride away. JL lifts finger as if to say something and looks at hill.


They bring wagon up to Splinter’s camp.

A man shouts: “Hey! Its Samuel!”

The sick woman’s husband says “The Lord is with us, Mary.”

She replies, “Bless that young man.”

SL helps Sara down.

Tilly runs up to Scott saying, “Scott, I knew you’d get here! Scott I knew! I prayed”

SL picks her up and hugs her. Lucky Tilly.

SL smiles saying, “Tilly, I’d like you to meet my friend, Jelly Hoskins.” JH takes off his hat. “Everybody, my friend, Jelly Hoskins.”

Someone says, “Hello”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Without him we never would have succeeded.” JH says, “Well, ah everybody help unload the wagon now. But don’t anybody eat anything until I say so. Cause I’m gonna build you the sweetest vegetable stew you ever laid eyes on.” Man says, “You better get inside Mary. Come on.”

Splinters are helping unload the wagon

JH says, “All right, watch those chickens! Come on. Somebody get a hand there.”

Mr. Calhoun is talking to Rufus saying, “We were trailed last night by riders…may have lost them but just in case, you better put a sentinel back there.”

As Mr. Calhoun walks away Rufus says, “Right.” Rufus walks by wagon, Sara is carrying a sack of flour.

SL says, “Sara, now why don’t you let me take that one.” SL takes flour. “You’ve done enough man’s work in the last 48 hours….let’s see you do something like a lady…like riding herd on Jelly while he’s doing that cooking— because he can’t cook as well as he thinks he can.”

SL and Sara walk away.


JH is inside mine putting dried apricots in kids mouths saying, “Yes, sir bellies that’s been empty for too long don’t like too much food all at once. That’s why I brought my own dried apricots. Now, that’s one a piece for all of you til I get the main course going. Now, you all get lost while Tilly and I cook up a storm.” JH puts apricot in Tilly’s mouth. Boy stands and JH says to him, “You too, at’s a boy,” He slaps him on the behind.


SL is pouring medicine onto a spoon to give to Mary.

SL says, “Easy now I want you to take all of this right down.” Putting spoon in mouth. “Very fast now.”

Mary coughs. “Tastes awful, I’ll admit. The worst it tastes the better it is for ya.”

They laugh.

To William. “You just make her comfortable.” SL gets up. “I’ll be back in a while to check on her.”


JH is dumping greens in pot.

JH says, “Ah, it’s gonna be fine” Breathing in. “Ooh, that’s better. Now how would you feel about maybe just a hint more cabbage?.” JH puts more cabbage in.”

Tilly says, “Well, I like cabbage with corned beef but….”

JH says, “Do you want to take over?”

Tilly says, “Oh, no. It smells just fine.”

JH stirs pot.

Tilly says, “But dont’ you think it needs just a little more beef?”

JH says, “Now, I’m the chef around here and I say when it needs more beef.”

JH tastes stew and says, “Needs more beef.”

Tilly smiles and JH puts more beef in pot.

Scene 20

SL walks over and sets down medicine and spoon. Sara is checking on boy.

SL says, “Well, how’s he doing?”

Sara says, “He’ll be all right.’ Long pause. “I got something to show you.”

SL follows Sara. She sits on the ground and pulls gun out of bag and gives it to SL who is also sits or kneels, can’t be certain.

SL says, “If this is a gift, I think I should tell you I’ve already got one.” They look at each other and laugh. SL says, “What’s it for?”

Sara looks down SL says, “Or should I ask what was it for?”

Sara looks up saying, “If I’d had to, I would have killed you with it.”

SL says, “Why tell me about it now?”

Sara says, “I guess because I saw your world. How pretty and sun lit and warm it was.”

SL says, “Sara, you don’t have to tell me any more.”

Sara says, “But I do Scott. We’re so far away, so far away.”

SL says, “We’re never so far away” SL puts hand on her face. “that we can’t get back, if we trust someone.” SL stares at Sara.

JH says, “All right, all right, a little quiet around here….I declare this stew at it’s pinnacle, so everybody form a line.”

SL says, “Looks like Jelly’s ready with that food.” SL gets up. “I better go see what I can do.”

He walks away with Sara staring. He walks by Splinters looking. Sara find wanted poster, opening it.

Mr. Calhoun is heard saying, “Shall we pray. God grace unto you Lord for having sent onto his these men of charity….”

Sara is heard screaming, “No! No!” She runs out and up to SL saying, “You knew, you knew all along!!!” She hits him, “You’re nothing but a liar, you’re a liar liar liar!” She starts away and SL goes after her touching her. Sara says, “Get your hands off me!” Sara gives poster to her father screaming, “Father, look at that! They’re even cheap and cheap bounty hunters…they aren’t here to help us, they are leading them right to us!”

SL says, “Sara, please!” Sara slaps him saying, “I lost my faith in men a long time ago….But how could you do it to these children.” Crying putting hands on head. Mr. Calhoun is staring at SL.

SL says, “All right. I found out.”

Rufus grabs SL knocking him down. Jelly jumps in to help Scott and the Splinters pull Jelly off. They pull Rufus off SL and Sl hits him back several times–once in the stomach and then to the head. He turns to Splinters saying, “Now, wait a minute. Now listen to me, we never let anybody follow us and we tried to cover up our trail…” Shots are heard.

Scene goes outside, JL is seen on horse. Splinter man shoots at him and horse rears, Johnny gets off horse and runs for cover behind rock drawing his gun. Sheriff follows Johnny.

Scene goes back inside, SL says, “Wait a minute, give me a chance to talk to them.”

Rufus points gun at SL saying, “Those two first.”

Mr. Calhoun stops him saying, “Bind them!”

They tie up SL and JH.

Mr. Calhoun and Rufus leave mine.

Scene goes back outside.

JL yelling, “Scott!”

Mr. Calhoun tells his men to, “Spread out. Shoot if they show themselves.”

Back to JL and Sheriff.

Sheriff says, “They’ll shoot before they’ll listen, you can bet on that!.”

JL yells, “Scott!”

Shot of Calhoun.

Sheriff yells, “”Calhoun, do you hear me! Calhoun, can you hear me?”

The Splinters fire at JL and the Sheriff.

JL yells, “Scott, will you tell them to stop shooting. We haven’t come to arrest you people but to warn you. The food is no good.”

Scene goes to SL, JH and Sara who can hear what JL is saying.

SL says, “Sara, that’s my brother Johnny. Now he said they haven’t come to arrest you people.”

Sara says pointing gun, “Sure, we should welcome them with open arms and they’ll have 40 other men come streaming in here.”

JL yells, “Calhoun can you hear me!……Scott, will you tell them to stop shooting!”

Mr. Calhoun yells back, “I did not understand you, Mr. Lancer.”

Back in mine SL says, “Sara, a lot of good people are gonna be killed for no reason. Now, my brother wouldn’t lie.”

Sara says, “All men lie.” J

H laughs and says, “This was gonna be my day off.”

SL says, “Open your mind long enough to listen to me.”

JH says, “Don’t you think that’s asking a little too much of her.”

SL ignores JH and says, “If I’d come here looking for a reward in the first place would I gone to all the trouble to haul that big wagon up here. I could have turned you and your father over to the sheriff….brought a posse up here by myself. Now doesn’t that make more sense? Think about it.”

.The Splinters are firing at JL and Sheriff.

JL yells, “Scott! Then, quietly to the Sheriff: “What’s he doing?”

Sheriff says, “How if blue blazes do you get through to men like that.:”

JL yells, “Tell them to stop shooting!”

Back in mine SL says, “The reason I brought that food up here is because I was beholden to you people.”

Sara stares. “Sara, I liked you….you’ve seen the way I live. You don’t think I need to scrounge around for saddle tramp money?……Do you want more blood on that ground out there?. Well, you can stop it! All you have to do is cut me loose….Believe in someone, Sara. Trust in someone. Just once. Because if trust is beyond you then you are too far away…too far away to ever get back.”

Sara thinks about this a bit, then gets up and cuts them loose.

Back to JL and Sheriff.

JL says, “They can’t hear us with this wind blowing. You wait here.”

They keep firing and JL goes around rocks. Rufus aims at JL. SL pulls rifle away from

 Rufus saying, “That’s where you stop shooting at people and listen.” Yelling. “Everybody call it off.”

JL says to SL, “Oh, brother, am I glad to see you. I been yelling my fool head off. Those jarred vegetables are no good. They’re poisoned, all of them.”

JH runs into mine.

JL: “That’s why we come out.” Mr. Calhoun walks out.

JH runs up to pot of stew saying, “No, no, no. Get away, get away.” He tips over stew. “Some days it just don’t pay to get up.”

Outside the mine, Splinters are walking with JL, Sheriff and SL.

Mr. Calhoun says, “That’s what your takin us back for the reward?”

Sheriff says, “Well, it…we are a little out gunned for that I’d say.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “God’s will that brought you here in time to warn us.”

SL says, “And it was your daughter’s trust that kept you alive long enough to hear it. Maybe you should think about that, Mr. Calhoun….Everything worked out all right this time but how many more times will it work out?. Pretty soon there won’t be enough of you left to make it worth running.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “There is no one to help us.”

SL says, “My father could. He knows the Lt. Governor. It’s been two years, sir. Two years is a long time… maybe people can look at it a little differently with more understanding.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “We’ll talk on it.”

The Splinters all walk away.


At Lancer, JH comes out carrying food saying, “Oh, now just stop crowding me. They’ll be enough for everybody.”

ML, Mr. Calhoun, Sara and SL are standing in room, ML says reading letter, “In response to your telegram I’ve spoken to the Governor and he’s agreed to review the Cripple Creek incident in light of more current evidence of criminal provocation. He can promise nothing at this time but should these new facts be corroborated, amnesty would be granted to all the miners involved. Arthur L. Chambers. Lt. Governor.”

ML folds up letter saying, “That’s not all I could wish for but there’s hope.”

Mr. Calhoun says, “Hope and trust. I’m afraid that for awhile there some of us had forgotten the meaning of those words.”

Looking at Sara, ML says, “Well as much as this time I can guarantee the beef is prime and the vegetables fresh. I suggest we join the barbeque.”

They all walk out of Hacienda.


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