Transcript: Glory

Air Date: 10 December 1968
Director: Gene Nelson
Written by: Jack Turley

Guest Stars:
Glory: Brenda Scott
Collier: Laurence Naismith
Hatcher: Johnny Seven

Scene 1

Men are playing cards at table in saloon.

Collier says, “I’ll . . . ah need two of your most charitable cards, sir.” He is a smiling, balding man, nicely dressed–velvet collar on his jacket and a polka dot pattern cravat.

Hatcher deals cards out and says, “Dealer takes one.” Hatcher wears a string tie and a vest, he is not smiling.

Collier looks at cards and smiles saying “Fascinating! Fraught with possibilities.”

Hatcher says, “Dealer bets fifty.”

Another player folds, throwing his cards down.

Collier says, “Well, uh never let it be said that Garrison Collier walked away from a bet, be it whales or ceiling wax. So, ah I’ll see your fifty, sir and I’ll raise you fifty.” BIG smile from Collier.

More players throw their cards down.

Hatcher looks at Collier, picks up chips and says, “I’ll see your fifty and raise you a hundred more.

Collier looks around saying, “Glory, my dear. Glory.”

From behind the men watching Glory gets up from a table saying, “Yes, yes, grandfather.”

Collier says, “Glory would you be good enough to fetch my money case from the hotel?”

Glory says smiling, “Well of course I’d be delighted to.”

Collier looks at Hatcher saying, “She’s the very light of my life, that sweet girl.”

Hatcher looks at Collier and says, “I raised you a hundred. How bout it, Collier?”

Collier says, “Well, of course, of course, you can count me in. Glory will be back with the money shortly and ah in the meantime I see no reason why we should delay so with your permission sir, I’ll play light.”

Hatcher looks at his cards then at Collier saying, “All right, until she gets back.”

Scene 2 outside

Glory strolls down the sidewalk, and sits down closing her parasol. Glory has very blond hair with a ribbon in it and is wearing a nice blue and white dress. Scene goes to Pete who is waiting for the stage.

JL walks up to him saying, “Hi, Pete.”

Pete says, “Howdy.”

JL sits on chair, Pete says walking over to JL, “Well, Murdoch and Scott due back from Stockton today?”

JL touches hat saying, “Yes, they’re supposed to be…unless they figured out a reason to stay longer.”

Pete says checking watch, “Like wine, women and song, maybe?”

JL says, “Yeah, wine, women and song. Pete that’s three good reasons.”

Pete says, “Well, stage will be along any minute now.” Pete walks away.

Glory is shown still sitting on bench.

Scene 3  Back to the poker game:

Collier says “Just to keep things sociable, I’m afraid I shall have to insist on another raise.”

Hatcher puts chips out and says, “Call.”

Collier puts his cards down saying, “Three lovely ladies. Full.”

He starts to take the chips but Hatcher puts hand on his saying, “You lose. Four brothers.”

He has four jacks. Collier says, “My congratulations, sir. Ah, that is a very good hand.”

Hatcher says, “I count five hundred you owe me.”

Collier says, “Yes, yes of course.”

Glory comes in, saying in distress, “Grandfather! Grandfather! We’ve been robbed.” She kneels by him.

Collier says, “What! What are you saying, girl!”

Glory says, “Oh, the money case isn’t under the mattress anymore, it’s gone.” She’s crying.

Collier hugs her saying, “Oh, there, there Glory it’s perfectly all right. It doesn’t matter.”

Glory looks at Collier saying, “Oh, but Grandfather what are we going to do now? We don’t have any money.”

Collier says, “Nonsense, we have plenty of money back in St. Louis. We’ll merely contact the bank. But first, ah…we must find the Sheriff and ah…tell him what had happened.”

Collier gets up and Hatcher says, “We have no Sheriff in this town.”

Collier says, “What! You have no representative of law and order!”

Hatcher says, “We make our own law and order. You owe me five hundred dollars.”

 Collier says, “Well, sir under the circumstances…”

Hatcher interrupts saying, “Five hundred dollars!”

Glory says, “But surely you can’t expect my Grandfather to pay you right now!” She rubs away a “tear”.

Hatcher says, “That’s exactly what I expect.”

Collier says, “Oh never mind, Glory! The gentlemen is quite right. I’ll….ah….I’ll write a draft from the bank. If you’ll give me your full and complete name, sir.”

Hatcher says, “Wade Hatcher.”

Collier says, “Wade Hatcher, ah… H A”.

Hatcher says, “No bank drafts. Cash.”

Glory says, “But don’t you understand, we’ve been robbed!”

Hatcher looks at them and says, “The only thing I understand is hard money.”

Collier says, “But Mr. Hatcher if you won’t accept a draft on the bank you’ll have to wait until I can wire St. Louis.”

Hatcher nods slightly, “Uh huh. All right. You’ve got two days to come up with five hundred dollars.”

Collier says, “Mr. Hatcher, please be a little practical. Even if the bank would send the money at once it’d take at least a week to get here.”

Hatcher draws gun pointing at Collier saying, “Then you better find another poker game and this time you better win or this town is gonna get a five hundred dollar funeral.”

Scene 4

Stage comes racing into town. Pete says something like, “Stage comin’ in” .

Stage pulls up, we hear ML’s voice, we don’t see him yet. He says, “What a ride!”

Man helps woman out of stage, SL comes out behind her.

JL is standing on the sidewalk says, “Well, we in business or not, Scott?”

SL gets down saying, “Ask the horse trader in the family.”

ML gets down says, “Hello Pete!”

Pete says, “Hello, Mr. Lancer.”

ML pats JL’s side and says, “We made nine hundred dollars, Johnny.”

 JL says, “Nine hundred dollars, for those old dust kickers!”

SL says, “Told you this guy was a horse trader.”

JL says, “Come on I’ll buy the first round!”

JL starts to walk away ML says, “Oh, no thank you Johnny. I think all I want to do is find a nice hot tub and disappear out of sight for a while.”

They laugh.

SL says, “That makes two of us, that old bucket shook everything loose but our teeth!”

JL says, “Listen, I got the horses over at the ah livery stable.”

ML says, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, let’s not forget what we went for.” Yelling, “Hey, Pete! I’ll take the one with the Stockton Bank printed on it.”

Pete puts locked box on barrel saying, “All right!” He unlocks it. “The bank.” Looking inside saying, “There it is.”

Man is watching them,

Pete says, “Good trip, Mr. Lancer.”

ML says, “Profitable, Pete, profitable.”

Pete says, “Sure looks like it.” He picks up ledger. “If you’ll sign here.”

ML hands money to SL saying, “All right.” Handing bank bag to SL. “A third of this is yours, you carry it, it’s heavy.”

SL takes bag saying, “My pleasure, my pleasure.”

Pete says, “Nine hundred dollars returned from company security.”

ML says, “There you are, Pete.”

Scene 5

Glory is talking to a store clerk trying to sell him her brooch. Glory says , “It’s an old family heirloom. my dear departed grandmother got it from a Dutch sailor right off a ship in New York.”

Clerk says, “Really.”

Glory says, “Yes. See, my .  . my grandfather’s 87 now and he’s just suffered a stroke. I’m all alone I… I have to find means to take care of him now.”

Clerk looks at the stones through a magnifying glass.

Glory walks away a little facing away from clerk saying, “All I ask is just a fair price, just enough to take care of my grandfather in his last remaining days.” She sniffs.

Clerk says, “Lady, I’m not in the jewelry business. But I might be able to find someone that I can sell it to.”

Glory says, “Oh, could you?”

Clerk says, “I’ll tell you what I’ll give you two dollars cash money or three dollars trade.”

Glory yanks the brooch out of his hand.

Scene 6

The Lancers are walking down the sidewalk, ML and JL in front with SL behind them. Man comes from alley, hits SL over the head, grabs the money bag and runs.

JL chases him down and makes a flying tackle when the man is blocked by a horse drawn wagon in the street. JL sits on him, punches him in the face.

ML runs up behind him.

 Towns people help them pick up money.

Glory sees coins laying on the ground.

Storekeeper says, “This town ain’t fit for decent people. Thieves. Highriders. And no law to run them out of town.”

Glory says, “Those two men out there, the ones who lost their money. Who are they?” JL and ML are walking towards SL who is sitting on boardwalk holding his head.

Storekeeper says, “Thems the Lancers. They own a ranch just south of town. And one of the few families who always pay their bills.”

Glory says smiling, “Well now, those are my kind of folks.”

JL and ML walk over to Scott, who is sitting on the boardwalk, pointing to his head.

JL pats him on the head, then musses up his hair. They say some words and SL gets up and they walk away with SL in the middle, JL and ML have their arms around him.

Scene 7

Collier is playing cards at a table in their hotel room by himself.

Glory is sitting on the bed she says getting up, “Oh, Grandpa it’s hopeless. How do you expect to win five hundred dollars? You can’t even deal seconds!

Collier says, “Oh, Glory, Glory! Where’s that old spirit? We’ve been up against it before!

Glory smiles saying, “Yeah, well, we always had running room before.”  She walks over to window looking out at Hatcher’s men.

“They’re still there?”, he asks her.

Glory says, sighing, “Like buzzards sitting on a fence.”

Collier says, “Well, we’re not going to let them see they’ve got us scared, we’re going to bluff it out til the end.”

Glory looks at Collier, “How much money do we have left, Grandpa?”

Collier says, “Oh, maybe thirty dollars, barely enough to start me in one good poker game.”

Glory says, “Well, you can make that last til I get back.”

Collier says, “Back? Back from where?”

Glory says, “Those men down there are watching you, not me. I can go to Stockton and get a bank loan.”

Collier says, “Oh, but you’ll need collateral for that my dear and we don’t have any.”

Glory says leaning on door jamb, “Why, grandfather I do believe I have a certain charm. Or so you’ve said many times.”

Collier says, “You’re a treasure, Glory. A rare treasure indeed.” Collier walks over and kisses her cheek.

Scene 8

Scene starts with men on horseback, chasing cows. JL is chasing cow towards a steer.

JL yells, “Take em home.” He sees more cows, whistles and rides up to them. Looks around and sees a woman with a wagon with a broken wheel. He rides towards her down the hill. The woman has a white parasol, she’s wearing a greenish colored sleeveless dress with lace at the neckline.  Its Glory!

Glory says, “Thank goodness!”

JL says, “You picked a good place to have trouble, lady!”

Glory says, “Way out here?”

JL says,  “See that hill there, there’s a ranch house on the other side.”

Glory brushes hair back, “There is?”

JL says, “Name’s Johnny Lancer.

Glory says, “Well, I’m pleased to meet you Johnny, I’m Glory, Glory Smith.” She puts her hand out and back down.

JL says, “Don’t you worry about your buggy, we’ll fix it back at the ranch house. Climb on.” He puts his hand out

Glory says, “That’s very kind of you.” Glory gets up saying, “What did you say the name of your ranch was?”

JL says as Glory gets on behind him, “I didn’t. But it’s Lancer.”

Glory says, “Lancer, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.” She rests her head on JL’s back holding on tight.

They ride towards Lancer.

Scene 9

Scene opens with night shot of Lancer. Family is eating at table. There are two people waiting on the table, a man and a woman.  

Glory says, “After I arrived in town they said there wouldn’t be another stage for a week, so I rented a buggy.”

ML says, “”That’s mighty dangerous country for a young women traveling alone, Miss Smith.”

Glory nods her head, “Yeah, I guess it is, but I’m anxious to settle my grandfather’s estate and get back to St. Louis.”

JL says, “Well, I have a feeling once you get there you’ll want to stay, it’s pretty good cattle country.”

Glory drinking tea says, “No, it’ll be a sad visit with grandfather gone.”

Glory looking sad, everyone looks at her, SL takes a drink staring at her.

Teresa says, “Well, I …I’d love to visit St. Louis sometime.”

Glory says, “Would you?”

Teresa nods her head, JL is smiling.

Glory says, “Well, if you do I’ll hope you’ll come stay with me at my house. Oh, it’s so lovely.”

SL taking a drink and looking at her again.

“It’s very tall and stately. It has white marble columns and a rose garden. Oh it sits way up on a hill in a grove of black heart hickory. And if you look off in the distance you can see the Mississippi River gently rolling down towards New Orleans. Oh, I tell you it’s just…well, Teresa once you get me started I just won’t want to stop.” She laughs,

SL says, “Tell me, Miss Smith do you happen to know the Emmett Russell family in St. Louis?

Glory shakes her head slightly saying, “No, no I…I don’t think I’ve heard of them.”

ML says, “Now Scott, St. Louis is a pretty big city. “

SL nods says, “I know, I’ve spent considerable time there.” SL keeps cutting his food and eating.

Glory says, “Well, perhaps you have some other friends you could name?”

SL says looking at her, “Well, I doubt you’d know them if you’ve never heard of Emmett Russell. He happens to be the mayor of St. Louis.” SL continues to eat.

ML looks at them, JL drinks milk, smiling.

Glory laughs, “Well, I’m afraid you’ve caught me, women just aren’t any good when it comes to politics, are they?” Everyone laughs except SL.

Teresa says, “Well, Glory’s right. I mean I don’t even know the name of the mayor of Morro Coyo.”

JL says looking at her, “Teresa, there is no mayor in Morro Coyo.”

Teresa says, “Well, see!”

SL laughs a little.

Glory looks at SL saying, “I hope you’ll give me another chance to redeem myself.”

 SL says putting glass down, “Discussing mutual friends in St. Louis?”

Glory says, “Discussing whatever you’d like.”

SL looks at her and  puts his  glass down. It gets quiet at table,

ML says, “Uh, Miss Smith. Uh tell us some more about this um this ranch that you’re trying to sell.”

Glory, “Oh, well I don’t really know too much about it. I guess it’s about 2000 acres.”

ML says chewing, “I suppose you’re looking for a total cash offer.”

Glory says, “No, I don’t think that’s necessary.”

ML says, “You’re not?”

Glory says, “Well, I was thinking more of a down payment of sorts. Something to show good faith. Five hundred dollars or so.”

SL looks at her,

JL says with a grin, “I’d say  five hundred dollars is a pretty good show of faith.”

ML says, “Well, good land is hard to find anymore in California. Man has to consider all possibilities.”

SL says, “Even if the opportunity is a hundred miles from here?”

ML laughs saying, “Scott, if you climb a tall enough tree you can look over and see what’s behind the next hill.”

Scott smiles at that. 

Teresa says to ML, “Um I thought  this was supposed to be a social occasion, not a business meeting.

ML says, “Teresa, you’re right. Miss Smith, may I um offer this suggestion. You stay here at Lancer for the next several days as our guest.” 

Camera is on JL who is drinking his milk and Teresa who is looking delighted.

Glory says looking at SL, “Oh, no! I don’t think….I couldn’t!”

SL looks at ML as ML says, “Now I have some friends that might be interested in your ranch.”

Glory says, “Really!”

ML says, “Well, at least let us um let us give you the benefit of me asking.”

SL wipes face with napkin,

Glory looks at him and says, “Well…”

ML says, “It might save you a long trip to San Jose.”

Glory bites her lip, looks at JL and Teresa and says, “Well, for a few days then.”

Picking up her glass. Teresa says, “Oh, that’s wonderful. It’ll be nice to have another woman around here. Oh, come on!” Teresa gets up and walks towards her. “Why don’t we go upstairs and find some clothes a little more comfortable for you to wear. You know, without the lace.”

Glory says, “Would you excuse me, gentlemen.”

JL scrambles up and pulls out her chair. Glory says thank you and Teresa gives him a dirty look shaking her head. As Teresa walks by, JL pinches her cheek.

Murdoch speaks to Juanita in Spanish. complimenting the meal.

Juanita says, “Mucho garcias, patron”.

ML says, “I’m going to finish my brandy out on the porch. I’d appreciate some company.” 

JL and SL follow him, SL grabs his glass and JL grabs food off plate.

SL walks over to pillar and ML says to him, “Well Scott, what’s the problem?”

SL says, “About what?”

ML says, “Miss Smith.”

JL looks at both of them.

SL says, “She’s a very beautiful woman.”

JL says, “I didn’t think you noticed.”

SL and JL both smile

SL says, “I noticed.”

Taking a drink. ML walks over to SL saying, “Well?”

SL says leaning against pillar, “I don’t know. There’s just something about her. The ready answers, that smile she bores into you. She’s pretty smooth.” SL takes another drink.

JL says smiling, “That’s what I like about her.  Smooth, smiling, always ready with the answers.”

ML says, “Wait, wait just a minute before you start locking horns over Miss Smith’s hand. There’s a little business proposition I’d like to discuss.” ML takes a drink.

SL says, “About land investment?”

ML looks at SL, then JL, back at SL, “Scott, when I bought this ranch 25 years ago it was nothing but dead scrub and cactus. The worst possible investment I ever could have made. Yet I went into it with my eyes open, wishing I had better sense, now this didn’t turn out too bad did it?” ML looking at both sons.

JL says, “Man’s got a point.”

SL says, “I guess he does.”

ML is standing facing Scott directly.  they are face to face.  JL is in the background.  ML realizes which of them he has to convince

ML says, “Well, now that you can see that, I’ve got another point I’d like to bring up and that is that we’ve got a nice tidy nine hundred dollar profit tucked away in our sock.” ML has made his way to stand next to JL. “Now the bright thing to do would be to reinvest it.”

SL says, “Buying land we’ve never seen?”

ML looks at SL, “No, that wouldn’t be smart.”

Turning to JL, ML says, “Johnny I want you to ride into town and wire Cleve Harper in San Jose.”

JL says, “Just to find out about that land, Murdoch!”

ML says, “That’s right. When we  hear from him we’ll know whether or not we should invest.”

SL says, “Good! Then it’s all worked out.”

JL says looking at SL, “For you!”

JL and ML look at SL,

ML says, “Well, not quite.” Walking back over to SL saying “There’s a little cooperation I’d like from you, Scott. After all you know we have a guest,  try to be a little pleasant. After all the tradition goes back a long time.”

SL says, “Tradition?”

ML says, “Yes, the affinity for Lancer men for beautiful young women.”

Scene fades on them all laughing.

Scene 10

Scene opens with a shot of a man sitting on the sidewalk and whittling.

JL walks out of a door and says to someone still inside, “Say, ah you get that answer back from San Jose in the next couple hours I’ll be over at the saloon.”

Man says, “Very well, Mr. Lancer.”

JL walks down off sidewalk and towards saloon.”

Collier is playing cards saying, “Why, there’s not a man amongst you who isn’t sitting here right this moment praying that he’ll find his own El Dorado. Straight five card draw and deuces wild. It’s there hidden like foxfire in a bayou swamp. If you want to hit it big you’ve got to gamble big. Open on anything? No limit on raises, you’ve got to put your soul straight on the line. Devil take his due. Now, lets find out amongst you who has the spirit of adventure.”

Man says, “I’ll open for fifty cents.”

Collier says, “You sure you want to risk everything Fred?”

Man says, “I think so.”

Collier looks up and sees Hatcher staring at him.

JL walks in looks around.

Collier looks at JL saying, “I fold. Looks like you gentlemen have found yourself a helpless victim.”

JL looks at card table. Collier looks at him saying, “Ah, you sir. Would you care to join us?? It’s a friendly game. Good conversation and ah charitable companions.”

JL says, “What’s the limit?”

Collier says, “Well, ah fifty cents. Of course, if you insist we might be persuaded to increase it.”

JL pulls chair over and sits down pushing hat on his back saying, “That’s fine with me.”

 Collier says, “The heart of a lion.”

Hatcher and his man are watching game.

Scene 11

Scott is working unloading bales of hay from a cart, shirt is unbuttoned.

Glory walks up saying, “Excuse me, I was looking for Teresa.” Glory is wearing Teresa’s clothes, most likely, blue shirt and tan pants.

SL is hauling hay off wagon, using a hook and wearing his gloves, says, “Did you…ah… expect to find her in the….in the barn, Miss Smith?”

She walks to other side of wagon saying, “It’s…ah…really hot today isn’t it?”

SL continues to work saying, ” I hadn’t noticed.”

SL gets off wagon,

Glory says, “I shouldn’t think a back East gentlemen like you would enjoy field hand labor.”

SL is tying up hay, says, “Nobody said I enjoyed it.”

Glory says, “Well, it’d be nice to be rich, find a shady tree somewhere and sit down and watch the world go by. You think you’ll ever be rich?”

SL is hooking up hay, says, “Anybody in the ranching business doesn’t have time to sit under a tree. Rich or otherwise.”

Glory says, “That’s too bad. Still it might be nice huh?”

SL gets on wagon and pulls hay up while Glory says, “I don’t suppose ah you and I will have much of a chance to get to know each other what with me just passin through and all.”

SL says, “Probably not.” SL has pulled hay up to top, Glory says, “You know a woman doesn’t get a chance to meet many nice people, not these days, not like your father and brother.

SL looks at her and says, “I’ll relay the compliment.”

SL is still pulling on rope Glory says, “I guess you’d like me to quit bothering you, huh?”

SL ties rope around wagon wheel saying, “Well, I do have my work to finish, Miss Smith.”

Glory says, “Oh, go right ahead! I’ll just sneak out quiet as a church mouse.”

Glory watches SL walk away, he walks over to water, looks at her.

Glory loosens rope on tied hay hanging over barn while SL is getting a drink.

Glory walks under hay, SL starts to ladder, here’s line squeaking, looks back, realizes hay is going to fall on Glory runs and pushes her away landing on top of her . .

SL touches her face with gloved hand saying, “Glory! Glory, are you all right?”

She says, “What….what happened?”

SL is staring at her says, “Ah…the rope sl…slipped and the bales almost fell on you.”

Glory says smiling, “Maybe it was worth it. I like Glory a lot better than Miss Smith.”

SL looks around saying, “Ah, perhaps it might be safer if you spent the rest of your visit near the house.” He gets up and pulls her to her feet.

Glory says with hands on her hips, “Oh, safer for who, Mr. Lancer?”

She walks away, SL watching her, he smiles. Its a very quick smile and then he stops himself.

Scene 12

Back at saloon JL says, “Everybody call, I have 3 nines.”

They all put cards down, JL says, “Well, I win the pot. You win the deal.”

Collier picks up cards saying, “Far be it for me to…ah…break up a lucky game. For the…ah…local residents that is.” Collier looks up at Hatcher then at JL saying, “I wouldn’t be in California at all if a very dear friend of mine hadn’t recently passed away.”

JL says, “That’s too bad.”

Collier says mixing cards, “As a matter of fact, he was a rancher like yourself.”

JL says, “Well, that…ranching you know it’s a tough life.

“Yes, but a profitable one I imagine for those with an adventurous spirit.? Jacks or better.” Collier starts passing out cards saying, “He was a widower too poor man. Three thousand acres of prime cattle land and no one to leave it to but me, his oldest truest friend.”

JL says looking at cards, “Better than a kick in the mouth, ain’t it.”

Collier says, “Well, I’m a man with city ways. What could I do with three thousand acres of prime meadow and river?”

Man says, “Pass.”

JL says, “I’ll hold for two bits…..You might try workin it. Raising a herd of your own.”

Collier says, “Cards, gentlemen?”

Man says, “Two.”

JL says, “Three.”

Collier says, “Well, I’m growing old and tired. All I want to do is return to St. Louis, to the comforts of my home in my declining years. Oh, the dealer takes three. No, I shall just have to sell those three thousand acres for…ah anything I can get, at a considerable loss no doubt.”

JL stares at him, “Where’d you say your friends ranch was?”

Collier says looking at cards, “San Jose.”

JL says, “San Jose.”

Collier says, “Uh, huh. With money as scarce as it is today I shall probably have difficulty buying…finding a cash buyer.”

JL looks at card players, “You in or out?…I’ll bet fifty cents….You know Mr. Collier you could find someone to give you a down payment. I mean just a show of good faith, you know.”

Collier says, “Say, that’s a good idea.”

JL smiles saying, “Yeah, I thought maybe you’d like that. You said you live in St. Louis? What’s it like to live in a big city like that?”

Collier says, “Well, we live modestly…but…comfortably. Ah, my home is high on a hill surrounded by a grove of black heart hickory, it’s white with marble columns and a rose garden.”

JL says smiling, “I bet you sit on top of that hill and watch the Mississippi gently rolling off to New Orleans.”

Collier says, “Why, yes! How’d you know that?”

JL says, “Well,…ah…just a lucky guess.”

Collier says, “Oh.”

JL says, “Tell me more about this ranch.”

Collier says, “Are you interested?”

JL says, “Oh, yes Mr. Collier I’m interested.”

Scene 13  back at the ranch

Scott is just fixing wagon wheel on buggy. There is another guy working and Scott shouts to someone: “All right, hitch ’em up!” He walks over to a wash tub, throws tools down, takes gloves off, putting them in his pocket. Glory appears over stone wall, watching him.

SL puts hands in tub of water and gets his hands and face wet.

Glory says, “I missed you at lunch today.”

SL grabs towel and walks over saying, “My apologizes, Miss Smith.”

Glory says, “It doesn’t matter. I know you had a great deal of work to do. Ah…I’ve…decided I’m not going to stay any longer.”

She is wearing the dress that she had on when she first arrived.

SL says, “Because I didn’t join you for lunch?”

Glory says, “No, of course not, it’s just that I’m not accomplishing anything here. At least not when it comes to making friends.”

SL says, “Well, let’s just say I’m hard to get to know.”

Glory says, “After the accident in the barn I was thinking. You may not like the idea but you did save my life. I want you to know that I’m grateful.”

SL says, “It was my fault. The rope slipped. “

Glory says taking brooch off, “Well, anyway I want you to have this. It’s…it’s a family heirloom.” She puts it in his hand continuing, “My grandmother got it from a Dutch sailor in New York. Of course I don’t know very much about gems but I’ve been told they’re very good ones.”

SL says, “Thank you, but…”

Glory says, “You may please. I do want you to have it. It’s the only way I have of expressing how I feel.” T

hey stare at each other, Glory is rubbing Scott’s had with hers,

Glory says, “Well, I guess I’ll be gone by the time you finish work, so….so we’ll just make this goodbye.”

SL gestures with the pin in his hand a few times, takes him a moment to answer before he finally says , “Goodbye.”

Glory starts to walk away, makes a brief pause and SL yells, “Glory!”

She smiles with her back to him and SL comes through gate, turns back to close it, and then comes up to her saying, “Murdoch doesn’t have a friend who’s interested in your grandfather’s ranch. It’s him. He’s the one.”

He is standing over her, very close, her face is at his chest level.

Glory says, “And what about you?”

SL pauses, glances down briefly and then looks at her and says, “Well, I want you to stay.”

Glory says, “Well, then I’ll stay for a while.”

She walks away with SL watching her.

Scene 14

JL is riding across range on his way home.

Inside, ML is walking across great room with telegram in his hand, reading it. He says, “Surprise double check on story, no such ranch in vicinity of San Jose. Cleve Harper.”

JL says walking back from gun case, “I would have come back sooner but I wanted to wait for that, make sure.”

ML laughs says, “A swindle! A pure bald faced swindle and I almost swallowed it whole.”

JL grins, says, “Well, I took a pretty good bite myself.”

SL says, “Are you sure it was Glory’s grandfather you were playing cards with?”

JL says, “I’m positive. That old fox is as smooth as greased glass. You know I bet he could sell a dead horse to an Indian.” JL laughs.

ML says to JL, “Johnny, get the lady’s buggy out of the barn. I’ll have her waiting downstairs.”

SL says, “No.” Getting up, SL says, “This is something I want to attend to myself.”

JL and ML watch SL leave.

ML takes out telegram again, shakes his head.

Scene 15

SL is standing leaning on the doorjamb.

Glory walks across room and turns around saying, “What else could I do?” Sitting on bed. “I was stranded in a small town. I had no money, no friends. All I wanted is to get my Grandfather to the doctor in San Francisco. His heart. He doesn’t even know it.”

SL just stares at her Glory says, “There’s not much time left. What would you do if he were your only living kin? Wouldn’t you try anything to save him?”

SL says, “Turn it off, Glory. It doesn’t work anymore.”

Glory sighs deeply, “All right!” Glory gets up walking to SL and says, “How about the plain, dull truth!”

SL nods.

Glory with her hands on her hips says, “My grandfather isn’t sick. He’s just a bad card player. We need five hundred dollars to pay off a gambling debt. And if we don’t pay it the man is going to kill him.”

SL says, “Sorry.”

Glory says, “Sure, I’ll bet you are.”

SL says, “Well, it’s a long ride back to town in the dark. I guess you can wait until morning.”

Glory says, “Do I have to?”

SL says pulling away from doorjamb, “Well, I guess that’s up to you, Miss Smith.”

As he turns to leave, Glory says, “Scott!”

 SL turns back, Glory says, “Just one thing. That house I told you about in St. Louis.”

SL says nodding, “The white one, marbled columns and the rose garden.”

Glory says, “Yeah. Well that’s the only part of the story that I didn’t make up. There’s a house like that. I used to see it when I was a little girl. When my grandfather came over from England he used to take me down the river on a paddle boat and there it was on a hill in a grove of black heart hickory. I used to pretend that that house was mine. I guess cause I didn’t have one of my own. Funny after a hundred trips or so it…it’s awfully hard to tell the difference between the truth and a lie…Well, keep your hands in your pocket, cowboy or somebody might pick em clean.”

SL looks at Glory and says, “Goodnight, Miss Smith.” He walks away and Glory cries.

Scene 16

In town Collier is outside the Saloon, he walks up to man leaning on post and says giving him money, “This won’t start another poker game friend, but it will allow me to buy you another drink.” Tips his hat. “To your health, sir.”

Collier watches man go in Saloon and then sneaks down road and tries to leave on horse and buggy.

Collier says, “Hey what are you doing there? You get out of the way.”

Hatcher walks up, Collier says, “Well, hey Mr. Hatcher allow me to explain, I….I was just going”

Hatcher interrupts saying, “You try to leave town before your debts paid off I’ll kill you where you stand. One more day, Collier.”

Hatcher walks off and close up of Collier looking scared.

Scene 17

Glory is sneaking past the great room and hears the Lancers talking, stands next to doorway eavesdropping.

ML laughs saying, “Well, unless I’ve ah left out a decimal point, we have enough money to buy that purebred bull we saw in Stockton and still stay within the monthly budget.”

JL is sitting in a chair, looks up at ML, says, “Sounds good to me.”

ML says to Teresa, “Hmmm….Teresa, you’re a member of the family.”

Teresa is sitting on desk, swinging her feet, “Well, it’s fine with me. I’ll wait another month for a sewing machine.”

ML looks at SL, “What about you, Scott?”

SL is sitting in a chair, looking distracted says, “Hm. Oh, yeah. Sure anything you say.”

ML says, “And what did I say?”

SL says, “I wasn’t listening. I’m sorry.”

ML says, “Well, uh.. Scott we might as well get this out in the open and be done with it. If you have any feelings for this young woman….”

SL Interrupts saying, “If I have any feelings for this woman it’s my business and my problem. Mine and nobody else’s.”

JL gets up and walks over to SL saying, “Hey, come on now, don’t start chewing on each other. ” He’s talking in a cheerful tone and sort of kicks at SL’s foot. “I mean I brought her here didn’t I, it’s just as much my fault.”

Teresa says, “Why should it be anyone’s fault. I mean we believed in her because we wanted to believe in her.”

SL gets up walking over to chair facing away from family saying, “Why does a girl like Glory have to lie anyway?”

Shot of Glory eavesdropping her head down.

SL says, “Any man would be glad to hand her the world and thank her for the privilege.”

ML says, “Including you?”

SL starts walking away again saying. “What does it matter? She’ll be gone in the morning.”

ML says, “Scott! If the Lancer Ranch is going to get that purebred somebody’s gotta go buy it.” Throwing SL money in sack.  “There’s an early stage to Stockton, there’s six hundred dollars there. Five hundred for the purebred and a hundred in case you stumble into a good bottle of whiskey on the way back.”

JL laughs slapping his hands together. Teresa smiles and SL gets a slow smile and says quietly, “All right.”

Shot of Glory still listening in the hall. She walks away.

Scene 18

Show clock in Lancer home. It’s 3:00 a.m. Shows SL’s bedroom. He’s sleeping and Glory sneaks in. She is looking for the six hundred dollars, checks his pants, box on his dresser, a vase, she goes to open nightstand and SL turns over. She opens drawer and finds the money bag. SL sighs, breathes audibly, moves around, rubs his nose. Doesn’t wake up. She find the brooch in the drawer also and leaves it on nightstand. She leaves room, quietly shutting door. Shot of SL sleeping.

Scene 19

Glory leaves house and hitches and turns buggy.

Shot of SL sleeping.

Horses are making noise. SL wakes up and lights in Lancer house turn on.

Glory goes into barn and gets horse leading him out, horse pulls back neighing, knocking over bucket, Glory says, “Come on! Please, come on!”.

More lights in Lancer turn on,

ML and JL come outside and

ML says, “It’s in the barn.”

JL says, “It sounds like it.”

SL comes running out behind them shouting, “Where’s Glory?”

ML says, “She’s in her room.”

SL says, “No, she’s not. The money’s gone.”

SL heads toward barn with ML and JL behind him. They see Glory take off on a horse with buggy.

ML says, “Our guest forgot to say goodbye. Let’s show her some manners.”

They go after their horses.

Glory watches them leave still hiding in the barn, she grabs money bag and heads out.

Glory rides into town and gets off buggy hurrying. We see two of Hatcher’s men watching.

1st Man, “That’s the old man’s granddaughter. She is up to something. Go get Hatcher.” 2

nd man nods and leaves.

Scene 20

Glory is in hotel packing bags, she says, “Hurry, grandpa.”

Collier says, “Well, ah….dear, since you were able to get a loan, I see no any reason why we should sneak out of here in the middle of the night like common criminals. Tomorrow morning we’ll pay Hatcher this blood money and …”

Glory closes bag interrupting, tying it up saying, “Grandpa, I don’t have time to argue with you, just do as I say, please!”

Collier says, “Very well. I don’t suppose I have the right to decide the matter, do I?”

Glory looks at him and walks over to help him get his jacket on saying, “Oh, Grandpa! Why our luck’s gonna change you’ll see. In the next town everything’s gonna be all different!”

Collier says, “Yes, that’s all we need Glory!” He puts on his hat saying, “Another town. Another deal of the cards.” He starts walking to door. “I…I’ll take the money!”

Glory says, “No no, I’ll take that Grandpa you take the booty”.

Collier says, “Yes, of course. I…I expect Hatcher will be waiting for us downstairs, won’t he?”

Glory says looking at Collier, “Well, if he is we’ll give him the money and keep right on going. That’s important, do you understand that?”

Collier says, “Yes.”

Glory says, “We give him the money but we don’t stop and talk.”

Collier says, “There’s precious little to talk about with a common scoundrel like that.”


Lancer men come riding into town.

Close up of ML, he sees buggy and says pointing it out, “You’re right, Scott. There’s her buggy over there.”

He follows the boys and ties up horse. The Lancer men head towards buggy and hotel. Hatcher and his men are coming out of door, they watch the Lancers walk up to buggy.

Man says to Hatcher, “Maybe they’re friends of the old man?”

Hatcher says, “So, we’ll take em.”

Glory and Collier come out of hotel and head for buggy. Lancers are standing on sidewalk.

Just as she’s about to get on buggy, ML says, “Going for a ride, Miss Smith?”

Collier and Glory turn to Lancers.

SL walks over staring at Glory.

Collier says, “What is this, Glory? Who are these men?”

Glory says, “They’re just some friends of mine, Grandpa.”

JL looks at Collier, “How’s your poker game?”

Collier says, “Why, yes of course. The…the..rancher. Well, if there’s been any misunderstanding gentlemen I’m sure we can….”

ML interrupts saying, “Miss Smith, we’d like to have the six hundred dollars you borrowed.”

Glory says, “It all seemed so easy.”

SL still staring at her says, “Why Glory?”

Glory says shaking her head, “Oh, it’s a long story and I don’t think you’re interested.”.

Hatcher and his men come out guns drawn. Hatcher says, “How about me, lady?” Lancers turn and Hatcher says, “Six hundred dollars makes killing easy!”

ML says, “Better give him what he wants Miss Smith.”

Hatcher says, “I want the money sack. Five hundred dollars for the old man’s debts and a hundred for the trouble of collecting it. Hand it over.”

Glory says, “No, I don’t.” think so.”

SL says, “You better do what he says, Glory. The money’s not that important.”

Glory says, “Oh, really it was a moment ago.”

Collier says, “Please! Glory! Give him the money!”

“No!” Glory yells and throws money through window.

Hatcher watches and the Lancers/Glory/Collier all scatter. Hatcher and his men go for cover. A gunfight ensues and the Lancers win when SL shoots Hatcher in the arm and the other two give up as one of them runs out of bullets.

Man yells, “Don’t shoot”.

They come out with hands up.

ML says, “All right, Johnny. Get them on their horses and get them out of here.”

Scene goes to Collier and Glory hiding behind wagon wheel.

Collier says, “Remember the riverboat, Glory? Back in St. Louis? Ah,…that’s where we should have stayed. In the protective arms of a gentle society.”

Glory says wiping his face, “Yes,…yes, Grandpa.”

JL takes men to leave town and ML and SL walk over.

Glory says to SL, “Thanks for the shove.”

SL says, “My pleasure.”

Staring at her. ML says, “Hey, Scott. Want to see what she put in the sack?”

SL dumps washers in Scott’s hand and he smiles.

SL says, playing with washers, “This what you took all those chances for? A handful of washers?”

Collier says, “Washers? Well, there must be some mistake?”

Glory says looking at SL, “Your six hundred dollars is back at the ranch. It’s in a bucket beside the barn door.”

SL says, “Why?”

Glory says, “Let’s just say I’m hard to get to know.”

SL and ML smile,

Glory says, “Oh, don’t you believe me, Mr. Lancer?”

ML says, “Can you give me a good reason why I should?”

Glory says looking at SL, “How about you, Scott. Are you a gambling man?”

SL says, “One day I’d like to see that house on the hill myself.”

Glory says, “Well, it only takes a boat ride down the Mississippi. Keep your eyes open, Cowboy. You can’t miss it.”

Hatcher and his men ride out of the stable and out of town.

JL walks up,

SL says, “Well, I think we’re finished here.”

JL says, “What do you mean finished? Let’s have the money.”

SL says showing him washers, “The lady said she left the money in a bucket by the barn door.”

JL says, “You believe her?”

SL takes her chin in his hand, kisses her and nods, “I believe her.”

JL laughs, “Woooh!”

ML says, “Well, for some fool reason I guess I do too.”

JL and ML walk away, a few seconds later SL follows. Scott flips the washers away as he turns.

Glory stares after him.

Collier says, “Another deal of the cards, that’s all we need Glory, for a fresh start!” Glory says, “Sure Grandpa! Just another deal of the cards.” They get in buggy and ride away. The Lancers watch them leave and head in other direction towards Lancer.


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