Transcript: Legacy

Air Date 9 December 1969

Director: Christian Nyby
Written by: Jack Turley

Guest Stars:
Julie: Katharine Justice
Harlan Garrett: George Macready


Jelly rides up and sees Murdoch is pounding on anvil. JH asks ML if he has something against the anvil the way he’s beating it. ML asks does it? JH asks him if something is wrong and ML replies with “Did I say something was wrong?

JH shrugs “Some things don’t need sayin”.

JH rides over to fence and ties up horse. He puts his hands in pockets and walks up behind ML standing there waiting.

ML looks behind him and says, “All right go on and say it whatever it is you’re waiting to say.”

JH “Who me?”

ML “You.”

JH “Well it’s just I ain’t never seen you act this way before!”

ML “What way?”

JH “The way you’re actin”

ML “I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

JH “Scott’s grandpa. I’m talkin’ about the fella that raised Scott for most of his life that’s who I’m talkin about.”

ML “You’re not making any sense.”

JH “Then how is it that ever since ya heard he was coming you been actin like a snake bit ya? (Murdoch spins around almost pointing the anvil in JH’s face.)

ML “If there’s not enough work around here Jelly to keep you busy besides pestering me then maybe I can find something.”

JL “All anybody ever needs to do around here to get his hair singed is just mention a certain relative of somebody’s son which I ain’t never gonna do again. “


Scott and Johnny are riding into town. Scott has a horse and buggy and Johnny is riding Barranca. They pull up to the hotel and Scott gets down and asks JL what he’s waiting for.

JL replies with “Um well, I tell ya, I got a a few things to do, you ah, you go ahead I’ll be right along. “

Scott enters the hotel and starts looking around. The hotel clerk asks if he can help him and Scott says no that he’s looking for someone. He sees his grandfather and simply says, “Grandfather”.

Harlan Garrett turns in his chair and looks at Scott, addressing him by name: “Scotty.”

They shake hands and Scott asks HG how he is. HG tells Scott to sit down. Scott puts his hat down on the table and takes a seat. HG inquires on whether he’s had breakfast and Scott tells him he had his at sunup. HG suggests a cup of coffee and then he stops.

“Sunup!” he says, astounded.

SL replies with “You’ll find that life starts a little bit earlier out here sir than in Boston.”

HG looks at Scott’s clothes and comments that life must be a lot more rustic referring to his clothes and the town. SL simply states that “I like it out here, sir.”

HG comes back with “Yes, I assumed that since you failed to acknowledge numerous invitations to return home.”

SL again simply tells him it will be some time before he ever gets back to Boston.

HG says “Well, we’ll see.”

Scott starts to drink his coffee when Johnny enters, asking “Any more coffee left?”

Scott says “Johnny.”

HG : “Well, this must be Scotty’s half brother, Johnny Madrid.”

Johnny wipes his hand on his pants and shakes HG’s hand.

JL: “Well,it’s not Madrid anymore, it’s Lancer.”

HG is immediately apologetic. “Forgive me, of course.”

JL:”Scott’s talked my (pause) ear off about you, and Boston.”

HG :”Let’s see your mother was a foreigner now wasn’t she?”

JL simply says “Mexican”.

Again HG comes back with a line that tries to fix it “Yes, I understand she was a very lovely woman. SL jumps in with “I think we better be going, sir.”

HG says that yes, Scott is right but first he has a surprise for him, an old friend and nods his head to the right. SL looks up and sees Julie. He is stunned. Julie says “Hello, Scott.” Scott gets up and walks over to her, grasping both of her hands. He says her name a couple of times. HG tells SL that it seems the lady deserves a more substantial kind of welcome and SL agrees, kissing her. SL laughs picking her up off the ground and hugging her.

SL: “Julie I can’t believe it’s you. You never answered my letters”

Julie tells him she wanted to but couldn’t and SL asks why. She responds with she can’t talk about it not there.

JL walks over: “Now I know why Scott liked Boston.” He hits Scott in the arm. “Well come on aren’t you gonna introduce us?”

SL says “Julie, I want you to meet my brother, Johnny. Julie Dennison.”

JL kisses her hand “Julie, it’s my pleasure.”

SL says the carriage is outside and looks around, remembers his hat and grabs it. He asks HG where his bags are and pulls Julie off with him.

JL exclaims “oooh whee, is she pretty!” with that Johnny smile on his face.

HG comes back with the information that SL and Julie were engaged at one time.

JL is stunned. “Engaged!”

HG says that they were very much in love and that he was disappointed that they never got married but adds that there’s “still time. “

HG: “Time and long distance dim the hurt, at least for some people. “

HG walks away and Johnny hits his hat on his leg a few times before he puts it on.

HG goes to pick up his suitcase and Johnny gets it for him.

Next we see a horse and carriage coming up the road. Johnny is walking Barranca a little ways behind the carriage. Scott stops the buggy, smiling with pride.

HG looks around “Lancer?” he asks.

SL replies with “From here all the way to the mountains”

HG comments that he’s never seen it and yet he knows it so well and looks around again saying thatto this wilderness a naive young girl came to search for her “sugar dreams.”

SL defends his mother by saying she loved Murdoch and came out here to share her life with him.

HG says that he wonders what drives a man so hard that makes him put ambition above all else even his family.

SL again defends ML, pointing out that Murdoch didn’t have a family when he came here.

HG says that ML had to force himself to make the trade.

SL wants to know what trade and HG replies: “I raised you Scott. Not Murdoch, I took care of you for 24 years while he was carving out his little empire”.

SL: “With all due respect sir, I’ve tried to show my gratitude.”

HG tells him he doesn’t want his gratitude. Then he tries to make amends by asking SL to forgive him, says he’s a silly, old muddled man and asks to move on.


Murdoch and Harlan are in the Great Room.

ML: “Let’s not waste any more of each other’s time, Harlan. What are you doing here?”

ML stands up and walks around to HG. HG observes that that is not a very hospitable way of putting it. ML: “Well, I don’t feel very hospitable at the moment.”

HG: “Well, surely we can have a friendly conversation?” HG is playing with his pocket watch.

ML:”Why? Our last conversation wasn’t on that basis.”

HG starts walking around says, “Well, perhaps you’re right but that was years ago. Any differences between us are finished….done with.”

ML: “Are they?”

HG: “There’s no…nothing to be gained by hostility Murdoch, you have your two sons at your side, a splendid ranch, well, everything you want.” HG picks up a book, then puts it down and looks at other items on the end table.

ML: “That takes care of me, now what about you what do you want?”

HG picks up a picture, looks at it: “Hmmm, dear precious Catherine. I don’t remember this picture?” ML:”One of the momentos you left behind in Carterville.”

HG looks at the picture sadly, “She was the only thing of real value in my life.”

ML: “The only thing! What about Scott? Where does he register on that scale?”

HG :, “Catherine was my daughter.”

ML, angry: “She was my wife, the mother of my son!”

HG says resignedly “I did what I thought was best…She was my responsibility.”

ML: “To kill her?”

As the camera is on the photo, ML takes it from harlan and the screen shifts to the past with a young Murdoch standing near the place where Catherine was buried.

Woman, mournfully: “This is all mister. Said he was her father, took everything else her belongings everything.”

ML: “Did she suffer?”

Woman: “Wasn’t there. He wouldn’t let me take care of her…he come back and paid me for my trouble….arranged for everything….then left with the boy, that’s all I know, mister, that’s all I know.” (ML gets down on his knee beside Catherine’s grave) Woman continues speaking: “Gonna be real showy when they get finished….heard tell the old man paid a pretty penny to plant some grass and carve up a fine granite headstone….Still if he’d cared that much I’d think he’d a stayed for the burying.”

ML: “If she hadn’t been moved.”

Scene fades on ML’s face and returns to present with ML in a close up once more. ML says, “If you’d waited until I got there.”

HG replies with, “What chance would she have had in that filthy little town. I wanted only what was best for Catherine.”

ML questions that statement with “Do you call that the best, leaving her to die in a wagon on a deserted road?”

HG: “That’s all in the past.”

ML is angry now, “Not for me it isn’t, no sir. It’s here right now. You kept my son away from me for 24 years.”

HG defensively says, “And what could you have done for Scotty? A down the hills dreamer with nothing.”

ML states, “He was still my son.”

HG comes back with, “But I’m the one who raised him. I’m the one he belongs to.”

ML shakes his head, “Ahh, now it makes sense.”

HG disbelieving asks “Really?”

ML : “Yes, you want to take Scott back to Boston with you don’t you? The girl….the memories…all very convincing arguments.”

HG: “Scotty has a legacy waiting for him in Boston, an estate of considerably worth.”

ML : “He has an estate right here.”

HG :, “To be shared with his half breed brother! No Murdoch, there’s no comparison between what each of us can give Scotty. He belongs in the world he grew up in, with the right people….where he can make something worthwhile of his life”.

ML: “You’re forgetting one thing, Harlan, he’s not a child anymore, he’s a grown man with a will of his own.”

HG: “I believe he can be persuaded.”

ML,firmly: “Never!”

HG :, “I’ve no doubt Murdoch that you could sway Scotty by revealing your own sullied version of the past– unless of course you’ve already done so.”

ML: “I’ve never thought I had to.”

HG, relieved: “Then we can make a bargain. Whether Scotty returns to Boston or not must be solely his decision without any outside influence….not yours…..not mine. Agreed Murdoch?”

ML seems to think a moment. “Agreed.”

HG says, “Good”.

Scene ends.


Scene starts with a shot of town at night. HG enters hotel walking up to counter.

HG: My name is Garrett. Has anyone been looking for me?

Clerk: Oh, yes right over there Mr. Garrett. (HG enters next room where Degan’s are sitting at table playing cards)

HG: Gentlemen

CD: You Mr. Harlan Garrett?

HG: That’s correct.

CD: I’m Carl Degan (Standing up) and this here’s Billy (Nudging Billy)

We got here right on time just like you wanted.

HG: Good, now all you have to do is stay here at the hotel until I need you.

CD: Well, we was….we was kind of hoping to have a drink or two

HG: Ah (Opening his wallet pulling out money, Degans leaning over looking at money in his wallet I think that that…I think that that will cover your expenses.

BD: We was promised 500.

HG: I’ve just explained to you that’s for your expenses. You’ll get your 500 when you’ve performed the required services.

BD: 500 don’t seem like much after coming this far.

HG: The price was agreed upon….that’s what it will be.

CD: (HG starts to leave CD slams his hand on table) Mr. Garrett wouldn’t want you to think we was greedy or anything but testifying against a man on a murder charge ain’t something you do everyday, you know.

HG: Well, perhaps that won’t be necessary. However, if I need you I’ll get in touch.

Good day gentlemen. (HG leaves, Degans watch him leave and count money)

CD: Hey, bartender, drinks.


Scene starts with a shot of the ranch with cows roaming in front. JH and Teresa are getting horse ready.

Jelly says “These things are just ridiculous. I can’t see why she can’t ride with one leg east and one leg west like the rest of us.

Teresa comes back with, “Because Julie is a lady that’s why. It just isn’t proper”.

JH says, “Well just because it belongs to you I hope i never see you trying to be a lady on it. I’d as as soon see you tryin to ride a rockin horse.

Teresa replies with, “Would you just hurry up and finish.

JH says, “I’m hurrin, I’m hurrin”.


Julie is doing her hair

HG walks in. He says, “He’s waiting for you”. J

ulie replies with a hint of sarcasm, “You want me to look pretty don’t you? That’s what’s going to make it all work isn’t it?”

HG says, “If I didn’t know how spineless you were I’d say that sounded like defiance.”

Julie says, “What make you so sure I can bring him back?”

HG grabs her arm and spins her around, “Because I know what you have at stake!”


Scott is in front of the mirror doing his tie. JL walks in

SL says, “Johnny”.

JL walks across the room obviously he’s just gotten up and walks backwards and looks at SL.

SL says, “How do I look?”

JL leans on mantle smiling says, “Elegant”.

SL says, “I gotta agree”.

JL says, “Breath taking. You are pretty.”

SL smiles looks at JL, “You think so, huh?”

JL says, “Yeah”.

SL points finger at JL and says, “Anymore cute remarks from my little brother I’ll have to teach you some manners.”

JL comes back with, “You don’t want to get all wrinkled up do you?

SL says, “No” and turns as HG and Julie come into room.

HG says, “Here she is, splendid day for riding.”

JL says, “Morning, Julie”.

SL says, “Indeed it is, sir”

JL says, “Indeed”, S

L says, “Indeed…….I’ve got a lot of things to show you. Walks away with Julie

HG turns to JL and says, “You weren’t going too were you?”

JL says, “No, Teresa forgot to (Louder) iron my riding pants.”


Scene starts out on the ranch. Scott and Julie are sitting on a log kissing.

Julie says to Scott, “You try to forget me out here in all this wilderness, Scott.”

SL says, “Well, it takes more than an argument to end what we had” SL breaks branch

. Julie is playing with a leaf, “What do we have now?”

SL says, “I don’t know”.

Julie pauses looking at SL says, “Scott, do you ever think about coming back to Boston?”

SL looks away, “Yeah, I’ve thought about it.?”

Julie comes back with, “Then why don’t you?”

SL says, “Cause I’ve got a home here with Johnny and Murdoch” SL is smiling.

Julie says, “Well what about your grandfather?”

Smiling with a little laugh SL says, “My grandfather is capable of taking care of himself you know that.” SL throws a piece of the branch.

Julie says, “Is that the only obligation you think there is in Boston? What about me?”

SL says, “Now, Julie if we’d have gotten married—-

Julie interrupts with “If ——-is that the only word we can use what about now. Scott, I love you. I want you to come back to Boston with me, make your grandfather happy.”

SL seriously, “Who makes me happy?”

Julie comes back with, “I will, I promise…….You’ve got to believe me.”

SL thinks for a minute, “Julie, marry me….Marry me and live at Lancer.”

Julie looks down, “I can’t”.

SL asks her, “Why”.

Julie hesitates saying, “Because my father is an old man he’s sick and he needs me”.

SL says “We could bring him out here.”

Julie looks away, “There is no use talking about it Scott. You just don’t understand or maybe you just don’t care.”

SL responds with, “But I do understand because I have the same feeling about my father that’s why I can’t leave Lancer. He needs me too.”

Julie looks back at Scott disbelieving, “Does he. Then why didn’t he need you when you were growing up?”

SL says, “Julie, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Julie says “I remember when we used to talk about it back in Boston. You hated your father then, you said he didn’t care anything about you.”

SL says, “Well I was wrong because he does care.”

Julie says,” Still, it does make you wonder doesn’t it? All those years he never came to see you.”

Scene fades with Scott thinking.


Scene starts with ML thinking,

JL comes in the hacienda and stops holding his coat looking around says, “Scott back yet, Murdoch?”

ML says “Not yet”.

JL walks over and puts hat down saying, ” Well, I can’t say I blame him out there spending the whole day with a girl like Julie…….in fact I don’t know how you ever got him to leave Boston. (pause Johnny puts something in his mouth then starts walking around desk) You know…I know it was hard for you to locate me down in Mexico after all those years….you know try to locate one stray boy.”

Murdoch says, “Took time”.

JL replies, “Yeah, . . . what I’m wondering was, you knew where Scott was all the time . . . what took you so long……..Murdoch?”

ML says absently,,,,”I tried….I tried”.

Scene fades to the past where Murdoch is thinking of the past. A birthday party with balloons and small children.

HG says, “As you can see Murdoch, Scotty’s happy. I’ve tried to give him everything a little boy can have….every advantage. I’ve hired a private tutor….a nurse…the best of everything.”

ML says Did you tell Scott about me?”

HG says, “That would be a bit premature wouldn’t it, the boys only 5 years old”

ML turns to HG, “Well, he’s old enough to know his own father.”

HG replies with, “But I’m his father, Murdoch at least he accepts me as such. But that’s beside the point. I assume you’ve brought lawyers with you.”

ML says, “I’ve come prepared to take Scott if that’s what you mean,”

HG says, “Are you prepared as I am. Have your lawyers told you how many years it would take to fight my legal guardianship, Scotty, endlessly dragged into curt as a key witness. Take a good look at your son, Murdoch. (Murdoch looks at Scotty) These are the happiest times of his life, his childhood. He’s with his friends, secure in his home. The only home he’s ever known. Now what can you give him to replace all the years of court battles and if your lucky a desolate strip of sand and rock to play on instead of that….a mud hut to live in instead of a comfortable home. Is that what you want for your son. (HG closes doors to party.) Make up your mind, Murdoch, do you want Scotty torn apart.” Knock on door. HG opens door and a young Scott is standing there with a servant. HG :”Ah, Scotty. What is it?”

SL: “We’re ready to cut the cake, Grandfather.”

HG says, “Good, I’ll be right there.” (pause) “Oh, Scotty, I want you to meet a friend of mine. His name is Murdoch.”

SL:, “How do you do, sir?”

ML smiles slightly, “Hello Scott”. Shakes his hand. “Glad to meet you.”

Scott leaves and HG closes doors, then turns to ML, “You may call that decision my one moment of weakness. Now it’s your decision….if you truly love the boy I know what you’ll do.”

Fades out on Murdoch’s face….

Scene fades back into Murdoch’s face.

JL asks, “What’d you say?”

ML says, “About what?”.

JL says, “About Scott and Boston.”

ML says, “Oh, that was nothing ath ah—-

SL interrupts with, “What about me?”.

ML dismisses it with, “Like I said it was nothing….Have a pleasant ride?”

When SL enters, he speaks to ML, but nods at JL and JL nods back. I like that detail.

SL says, “Mostly. ” SL puts gloves in hat and sets it down, sitting down. “Murdoch I think you and I are overdue for a little talk.”

JL looks at both ML and SL stands up slapping his hands together, “Think I’ll go find….ah….Teresa”. he taps SL’s shoulder and SL smiles watching him leave.

SL looks at the floor moves his foot around and says, “There’s….ah…something I’ve been wanting to ask you. Well….”

ML says, “Go on and ask it.”

SL sighs crosses his arms, closes his eyes and says “Well “. . . he sort of claps his hands together, It’s….it’s the past, I guess it doesn’t die that easy.”

ML says, “It will if you let it…no reason to dredge up the past. Close up of Scott (LOVE THIS SHOT) what we’ve got is here and now…that has to be all that counts…you understand that don’t you, son?”

SL nods his head softly, “Yes I understand that…it means don’t ask questions…especially why you never came to Boston to claim me.”

ML says “I wanted to take you with me…there just wasn’t any way.”

SL says, “But you’re my father”. M

L says “Nobody knows that any better than I do and I’m grateful.”

SL says, “Grateful for what (SL stands up) you let somebody else raise your son!”.

ML puts his hands on SL’s arms. ML says, “Listen, Scott all I ask is one thing if you’ve got any decisions to make don’t make them out of anger.”

SL picks up his hat and walks away.


Julie is packing. HG knocks and enters. Noticed that HG seems to be coming into her room from the outdoors.

HG says, “May I come in”

Julie doesn’t answer keeps packing.

HG Qualms, my dear? When I advised you of what your function would be you assured me that under the circumstances there would be no qualms.

Julie looks at HG and keeps packing. Julie says, “That was before I realized how ugly it would be.”

HG says, “Ugly? ……AH, yes I suppose I should have accounted for that reaction…..Did I ever tell you, my dear that I’ve lived my life as a master accountant? Julie just looks at him. Accounting for every dollar every reaction every emotion and then one day I came to realize that those 60 careful scrupulous years had brought me nothing but money, power, position…’s inconceivable to you isn’t it that those cherished goals should com to mean nothing….that a lonely hollow old man could hunger for something more.

Julie says, “You’ll never get him back. Never.

HG replies with, “Julie, never underestimate an accountant.”.

Julie takes her bags outside and puts them in the carriage.

SL comes out of door of Hacienda. SL says, “Julie” walking over, “You forgot to say goodbye”.

Not looking at SL Julie says, “It’s no use Scott. I can’t go through with it.

SL says, “Go through with what?”

Julie says, “This make believe game that I’m supposed to play, the romantic decoy. Looking at SL she says, “Your grandfather forced me to come here. I was a trick to get you to come back to Boston.”

SL looking upset says, “Go on. sounds interesting.”

Julie says, “There was nothing else for me to do. He said that’d he’d bankrupt my fathers company if I didn’t cooperate. My father is a sick old man. I don’t want to see my father destroyed…..What would you have done, Scott?”

SL says, “I don’t know. But at least I’m grateful to know the truth.

HG walks out towards them. “That was an unfortunate mistake, Julie. Very unfortunate. I had counted on your discretion.”

SL says, “No grandfather, I think the mistake was all yours.”

HG says, “I think not boy. You will return with me to Boston if not for Julie for other more convincing reasons. A number of years ago when you were a child your father presented something of a threat to me. As a cautious man I took steps to protect myself. I had the Pinkerton Agency investigate him. Gentlemen” The Degans walk out smiling. “This is Carl and Billy Degan. The Pinkertons were fortunate enough to pick them up again after all these years. They have something to tell you Scotty. Something about your father.

Scene fades on closeup of Scotty.


Scenes opens in Great Room. Murdoch sits down opening book. SL walks in with HG and stops. Teresa is knitting, JL is sleeping at the chess game with JH.

ML says, “Something wrong, Scott?”.

SL says, “Somebody want to wake up Johnny. He might as well hear this too……Since we’re all together.

Teresa nudges JL with here foot saying, “Johnny.”

JL picks his head up and puts it back down.

JH says, “Yeah, wake up it’s your move.”

ML says to SL, “Well go on.”

SL says, “I’ve….I’ve decided to go back to Boston with my grandfather.”

JL sits up abruptly and turns looking at SL. ML and Teresa both hesitate as if they were about to say something.

HG says, “It was a surprise to me too, I must say a pleasant surprise.” patting SL on the back.

SL says, “Excuse me” leaving room, JL gets up and follows him out stopping for a moment to look at HG.

Scene fades on ML. Notice the smile on HG’s face as he looks towards ML

Everyone is outside and SL comes out carrying bags.

JL says, “So, just like that huh? You suddenly decide you’re going back to Boston.”

SL says, “That’s right.” He puts bag in buckboard.

JL walks around. JL says, “What’s the matter big brother, you get a little sand in your boots and you got to run home.”

ML says, “Johnny.”

JL says, “I want to know why, Murdoch that’s all.”

SL says, “I’m just not cut out for this kind of life, that’s all”.

JL says, “Oh, pfft.”

SL says, “Anyway, you got along all right without me before you’ll do just fine from now on.”

HG says, “I’m sure Scotty feels a deep regret. But after all he did live 24 years of his life in Boston.”

Teresa walks over, “Scott, we don’t want you to go.”

SL says, “I know . There’s no reason why you can’t come to Boston to visit me.” He looks at ML when he says this, even though its Jelly who answers.

JH says, “Boston’s a long way off even if we was invited.”

ML says, “Planning on taking the afternoon stage?”

SL says, “Grandfather left a few things at the hotel…..We’ll go there first then cut out south and pick up the train.”

ML says, “Good idea, save a lot of rough travel .”

SL says, “Yeah” looking away.

ML says, “Son” (shakes his hand) “take care of yourself.” SL looks away again. “If you ever feel that you…”

HG says, “Scotty, we better be on our way”.

SL gets on buckboard looks around:.

JL says, “Bye, Scott”.

Scott and HG leave Lancer in buckboard.

JH says, “Never did see anything so all fired fancy about Boston, even when I was there.”

JL playing with a rock says, “Seems to me, Murdoch, you could have tried a little harder. You could have put up a fight.”

ML says, He’s a man, Johnny. He’s not a little boy, it’s his decision.”

JL says, “Yeah, that may be good enough for you, but it’s not for me.” JL throws rock and walks away, JH follows him.

Scene 14

Scene opens with JL at hotel.

Clerk says, “Nope, Mr. Garrett didn’t leave any belongings here. All he did was come by to have a talk with the Degans.”

JL questions, “Degans?”

Clerk says, “Two brothers, they must work for Garrett or something. He came in three days ago, left $100 for their keep. They have been livin top of the hog ever since.”

JL says, “Degan? They from around here?”

Clerk says, “I never seen them before. Now, you wanna talk to them,” They walk towards bar room. “There they are down at the end of the bar. They’ve been bellied up almost every day since they been here, drinkin on Mr. Garrett’s money.

JL says, “Hmmm, thank you. I think I will talk to them.”

JL walks over to bar, putting his coat down and stopping in between the brothers at the bar. JL says, “Howdy, buy you a drink?”

BD says, “Here that, Carl. The man wants to buy us a drink, like we’re dirt poor or somethin”

CD says, “You keep your hands out of your pockets friend. We’re buyin the drinks here. Hey barkeep, slide us another glass.”

JL says, “Very nice of you, much abliged.”

BD says, “You can thank Mr. Harlan Garrett of Boston.” JL says, “Well, why don’t I make a toast to Mr. Harlan Garrett from Boston.”

BD says, “He’s been mighty good to us.”

JL says, “Yeah, he must be a real friend of yours.”

CD says, “I wouldn’t exactly call him a friend but he’s sure got lots of money.”

JL says, “Oh, boy. If only I had a friend like Mr. Garrett, huh?”

CD says, “Hard pickins to find that kind of luck.”

BD says “Little more than luck I’d say. Don’t forget Murdoch Lancer helped out a little bit too.”

JL says, “Lancer?”

CD says, “Shut up, Billy.”

JL says, “Hey, come on now. Don’t worry about me. I’m just making a little conversation that’s all.”

CD says, “Sounds more like your askin questions and lookin for answers.”

BD says, “Who are you mister?” J

L says, ” Johnny…..Lancer”.

CD says, “Ain’t got nothing more to say to you. We’re mindin our own business.”

JL says, “Your business seems to include a lot of interest about Murdoch Lancer. I just want to know why?”

CD says, “Don’t know what your talkin about?”

JL moves his hat so that the gun is now visible– points gun at CD and says, “I think you do.”

CD says, “We are peaceful citizens, mister. We ain’t done nothin wrong.” He says this loudly so that the entire bar will hear and look their way. So CD is the “smart” Degan.

JL puts gun away and says, “All right, but if I find out different, I’m gonna come back and talk to you again.”

JL leaves room and CD hits BD saying, “What’d you run off at the mouth like that?”

BD says, “I didn’t say anything.”

CD says, “Not much you didn’t.”

BD says “Ain’t nothin he can do anyhow, was our pa got murdered law was on our side.”

CD says, “If’n we was going to the law….Remember when Mr. Garrett paid us.”

BD, “Yeah”.

CD says, Catch a look at this wallet?”

BD says smiling, “Fat as a stuffed toad.” CD says, “He’s headed for the train junction as I recall.”

BD says, “Right on our way.”

Scene 15

ML is getting a drink of water and JL is pushing dirt around with boot.

JL says, “That’s right, Degan. Two brothers, Carl and Billy Deegan, a little older than me, dirt scratchers, they know you Murdoch and they know Garrett because Garrett is payin’ ’em off.”

ML says, “Degan. ….I knew him, Johnny…..It happened a long time ago, Johnny. See, I had received word that Scott’s mother was very seriously ill. I’d been riding steady for about two days…..” Scene fades into the past, ML is telling the story. “It was about 10 miles outside of Cartersville. I was cutting through the badlands. I had to ride through a narrow canyon when he started gunning for me.”

Degan to boys, “Go no get back….get back”

ML says, “I only wanted to disarm the man, but he forced me to kill him. But he wasn’t alone like I first thought, the man had a family, two boys. Maybe a wife. I wasn’t sure. I could feel them watching me but I couldn’t see them. His name was Degan. His motive must have been robbery== nothing else made any sense.”

Back to present. ML says, “I went back to the canyon as soon as I could. The wagon was gone, the only thing they left behind was the grave.”

JL says, “What about the law?”

ML says, “I went to Sacramento, made my statement to the federal marshall. I was cleared. I thought that was the end of it. I guess other people had different ideas.”

JL says, “Oh, Murdoch. Been a lot easier sharing it with someone.”

ML says, “There are some things in this world a man tries to forget, Johnny. Killing a man is one of them.”

JL says, “Old Garrett found out and used it as an ax over Scott’s head, huh?”

ML says, “That’s my guess. Scott went along with it because he thought he was protecting me from a murder charge……Come on, Johnny. Let’s go meet a train”


SL and HG are riding down the road to catch the train.

HG says, “Can’t we at least talk, Scotty. It’s going to be a long trip.”

SL says, “I think we’ve said just about everything that has to be said.”

HG says, “Is it possible that we could lose so easily what we had for so many years?”

SL says, “We didn’t lose it, you threw it away.”

HG says, “Well there’s time, plenty of time for mending, you’ll see. Scotty, once we get back to Boston….Gunshot is heard and SL is hit falling off buckboard and rolling. HG yells, “Scotty!”

HG takes reins and buckboards goes off down the road.

Flashes to Degans, BD says, “We got the other one!”

CD says, “The old man’s gettin away, come on!” T

he Degans quickly head for their horses and HG is seen on the buckboard rolling down the road.

Scott is trying to sit up, JL and ML come along on horseback, see SL and dismount running over to help him.

JL is holding SL and he’s trying to get up says, “Ambush. Grandfather, I’ve gotta help him.”

JL says, “You’re not going nowhere.”

SL still trying to get up says, “Yeah…I’ve got to help…..

JL says, “Stay down.”

ML says, “Somebody (Couldn’t make out the name) ranch is right over the hill. Get him over there.” ML gets up and heads for horse.

JL helping SL says, “Get the horse.” JL helps SL over to horse

SL says, “Gotta help…..”JL and ML get SL on horse SL says, “I gotta help. I’ve gotta help him.”

JL mounts behind SL holding him, ML mounts horse and says, “Hurry up and get him over there, Johnny.”

JL says, “Murdoch, stay here”.

ML says, “And get help”.

Riding off, JL yells, “Murdoch!” JL rides off towards ranch.

HG is trapped behind a large boulder and the Degans are firing at him.

BD says, “We’re gonna scare that old man to death. He’ll be beggin us to take his money.”

CD says, “Ain’t no time for funnin, show him what we got, come on. They start firing, HG fires back. “Old goat’s got a gun.”

BD says, “Aint’ gonna make no difference, we got more than he has.”

ML comes riding down the road, BD says, “Hey, who’s that?”

ML rides dismounts quickly and runs over by HG.

HG says, “Murdoch”

CD says, “Makes no difference we’ll kill him anyway.”

HG says to ML, “Murdoch, they killed Scotty!”

ML says, “As usual, Harlan your making one of your momentous conclusions too soon. Scott’s still alive.”Looking at gun. “If that thing is loaded I could use some help.”

ML and HG start firing with the Degans firing back.

CD says, “Come on. We can get around behind them. Come on”

The Degans start moving around back, pause to shoot at them and BD looks off saying, “Carl, look there!”.

JL is coming with help, they chase the Degans down and catch them.

HG says, “They…they could have killed me, Murdoch.”

ML says, Probably.

HG says, If you’d let them your troubles would have been over. Why didn’t you, Murdoch?”

Close up of ML, “I’ve got no troubles, Harlan. Not anymore.”



Scene opens in great room. JH and JL are throwing something at each other. WHAT ARE THEY THROWING!!!!! Same things that JL was eating earlier when he asked ML about Scott and Boston. He’s eating them in the opening scene of Zee also .

SL is sitting on the couch while Teresa is bandaging his head.

JH says, “Oh. I’m gonna have to wear my glasses…I chewed that right down….now stop that…pfft.”

HG is standing by doorway looking in, ML walks up. HG says, “Another dawn, another time. Ironic…the losers become winners and the winners losers.”

ML says, “I can’t think of no reason to look at it that way. Harlan.”

HG says, “When you get to be my age there is only one way to look at it.” HG looks at ML saying, “I won’t offer an apology for what I wanted to do only for how I tried to do it” Shaking his hand” Murdoch, I’m sorry. Perhaps if we could have brought ourselves to this 25 years ago. Perhaps….Perhaps…”

JL is picking up the floor,

SL sees his grandfather saying, “Grandfather we better hurry if we’re gonna catch that stage in town.”

HG looks at ML, “ah, well Goodbye Murdoch.”

ML says, “Goodbye Harlan”

HG walks towards his bags and SL joining him saying, “I’ll get those for you, sir.” .

HG says, “You still remember your good manners.”

SL picks them up pauses, saying, “I’ll…ah…I’ll try to get back to Boston sometime.”

HG says, “Yes, Scotty you do that….sometime.”

SL and HG leave getting on buckboard and riding out.

ML and JH come out to watch.

JH says, “Aw, I’d soon see a hard drought come visit as him.”

ML says, “Even a hard drought can do us some good, Jelly.”

JH says, “How’s that?”

ML says, “Makes us appreciate what we sometimes take for granted.”


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