Transcript: The Buscaderos

Air Date: 17 March 1970
Director: Allen Reisner
Teleplay by: Ken Trevey

Guest Stars:
Violet: Brenda Scott
Drago: Warren Oates
Chapel: Rex Holman


Riders on horseback, no one that we recognize. Eight of them pass by. There seem to be quite a few more.

Then a wagon, with a male driver and a woman sitting next to him. There’s something in the back of the wagon, under a cover.

Violet: Wonder what he hid under there.

Driver: Drago said no peeking.

Violet: Well, I can read. What ever it is, its property of the US army . . And that means trouble.

While she is talking, there is a close up of the man that we will learn is Drago. He raises his hand, says “Ho”. He rides back to the wagon.

Drago: Curious enough to bust, ain’t ya?

Violet: Yes, you bet I am. I’m sick and tired of you smilin’ to yourself and keepin’ me in the dark. What’s the scheme you got hatched up?

Drago: You’ll know when the time comes.

Violet: Drago, you don’t satisfy my curiosity, I’m not gonna sleep tonight and if I don’t–(she smiles)—you won’t.

Drago: No?

Violet: No.

Drago: Well, then you’d better show her, Wolfson. ??

The driver take off the cover that says Property of the US Army on it–revealing a large gun. Very dramatic music.

Violet: A Gatling gun.

Drago: That there’s my magic machine. That’s gonna get me my three fondest wishes.

Violet: Such as?

Drago: Money, Mexico and . . .somebody.

Violet: Who?

Drago: An old friend of yours. And that’s my third fondest wish. Let’s go!!

Drago laughs and rides away. The driver covers the gun back up.


Jelly in the “great room” with a feather duster. He’s putting it to good use. There is a fire in the fireplace. Jelly is wearing his usual plaid shirt and his vest. He’s talking in a not very pleased tone.

“And I don’t care if Teresa is comin home tomorrow—I’m a horse wrangler and an expert handy man and my work is done out of doors and if you want your house polished, Mr. Murdoch Lancer, you can just hire yourself an English butler.”

We see an empty leather armchair–no Murdoch.

“That’s what I shoulda said to ya“.–sound of a door, Jelly leaves the room.

Scott walks through the next room, he’s wearing his tan jacket, holding his hat.

JH: Oh, that’s right, just walk on by, don’t say nothin’

SL: Say what?

JH: Like where are you going? (He’s still holding the feather duster)

SL: Out to milk a cow. (takes hat in both hands)

JH: You are not. You’re going out to the high country to see if the cattle got to spring grass and you’re all upset cause that’s Johnny’s job and he’s off gallivantin in the seven hills of San Francisco.

SL: Why tell you what you know? (he puts his hat on)

JH: Uh, well, you might just as well think about goin’ off without your trousers–he points to Scott’s gun belt which is hanging on a that rack. Scott goes to get it and puts it on.

SL: Tell Murdoch where I’ve gone.

Thru the door, we can see a stranger in the yard!!

JH: Oh, as if I’m about to tell him anything, he’s just about as viperous as you are this morning.

SL: Well, he’s always like that when he has to pay his taxes.

SL leaves. Jelly goes back to dusting.

Outside, Scott walks purposefully around the corner, through the gate–a man steps out of the doorway directly in front of him—then another one comes from the left, one on the right. He freezes, slowly turns. The gate–two swinging doors, closes and we can’t see Scott any more.


Box of money and hands counting it.

Tax guy: You know, I was telling the missus this morning –the only difference between a tax collector and a pick pocket is one of them gives you a dated receipt. He laughs, Murdoch doesn’t, he just accepts the receipt.. We are in town, at the sheriff’s office, there is a sign on a post which reads “Pay Taxes Here”

ML: How’s the collection coming, Sheriff?

Sheriff: We’ll have over 10,000 by nightfall.

ML: 10,000 is an awful lot of money to leave over the weekend.

Sheriff: with that new safe and extra deputies on duty, nobody will be stealing that money before we get it up to Sacramento.

ML: putting receipt in his inside vest pocket-(he’s wearing a dark shirt and a white vest.) I need a drink

Sheriff: Cheer up, Murdoch, Tax Day only comes once a year.

ML: laughs–Good thing.

Outside the sheriff’s office–riders & wagons with gunfire charging right down the main street. Wagon circles around and comes back. ML watches. A woman with two kids is trying to get across the street–ML runs out to help them, uses his own body as a shield. The Gatling gun is firing. People are hurrying to try to get to safety. The second wagon goes by and a man pushes a body out of it and into the street. We see the Sheriff firing after the wagon, then he goes to check the injured man–rolls him over and we can see that its Jelly. Close up of ML as he realizes this as well.


Close up of Jelly, lying down with a white cloth on his forehead. He puts both hands to his head. Seems to be in pain.

ML: Anybody else hurt?

Sheriff: Not a soul, but those people are trembling like an earth quake hit.

Now we can see that we are in the jail, there are bars, the Sheriff is sitting on a desk, the Tax Guy is behind him and ML is seated on the edge of the bed that Jelly is lying on.

ML: I guess they just mean to throw a scare, an object lesson of some kind, but what are they after—

JH: Money, the tax money. (He sighs.) They told me they want $10,000 by tomorrow noon, else they’re gonna use that infernal gun again. (He closes his eyes in pain.)

Sheriff: They won’t catch us off guard—not again they won’t

JH: No, not the town. They’re gonna shoot up cattle herds, farm houses, women and children—pained expression again.

In the door way, a deputy is trying to keep the door shut, keep people out.

Sheriff: If people get wind of this, we’re gonna have a real panic.

He goes over to the deputy, and says : Keep that door shut.

Camera on Jelly again–he speaks in a softer voice: Boss, there’s more

ML: What?

JH: They’re out at the ranch. They took Scott prisoner.

Reaction shot of ML.


In the Great room–opening shot is a strange man in a sombrero sitting at the table and eating rather aggressively. Other men sitting or standing around, there is a fire in the fireplace.

Violet is wearing a black lace mantilla and an yellow dress, carrying a black fan.

Violet: Well, how do I look?

Drago: Yellow—ain’t your color.

Violet: Yeah, well, men lie, mirrors don’t. ‘Sides, you told me to fancy myself up, didn’t you? For that old friend you think you’re gonna surprise me with . . .(She touches his arm with her fan.) Well, bring ‘im on.

Drago: Ain’t you curious who?

Violet: I had a lot of old friends ‘fore you came along.

Drago stands up: I ain’t talking about just any old friend. (He walks out and goes around the corner.)

Drago: Chapel! Get him out here. (to Violet) I’m talking about Johnny Madrid.

Two men bring in a struggling Scott, who looks up in surprise at the name Madrid.

Violet: Johnny . . .

Drago watches her intently. Scott still looks bewildered, he gets shoved to the floor, he rolls. Two other guys pick him up and put him on a chair. We can see that his hands are tied in front of him.

Drago: That kinda puts the bars on the jailhouse, don’t it?

Violet laughs: That ain’t Johnny Madrid, Drago. (she is still laughing)

Drago: Don’t you lie to me now, woman. I know all about him. Fella down in Texas told me how his old man hunt him down and gave him part of this ranch, just like some kinda story book prince. I’ve been scheming a long time how I’m gonna get you two together again.

Chapel: There were two sons Drago, this could be the wrong man.

Drago to Scott: You Johnny Madrid, ain’t ya? Huh?!

SL: I’m sorry . . . But you’ve got the wrong man.

Violet: Don’t Johnny!!! You can’t bluff your way out of this one!

SL: I’m Scott Lancer.

Drago: Maybe. . .maybe then again you just don’t like the odds around here, huh?

Chapel: There’s one sure way to find out. . . Madrid’s a gunfighter. Give this gentleman a pistol and see if he’s faster than Drago. . .right boys?

Drago agrees with the idea of a shootout with Johnny: All right.

A man unties Scott and Drago starts to get his gun ready. Meanwhile, we see that the sombrero guy is still sitting at the table and eating!!!!

Violet: Oh yeah, you go ahead Drago, you let him box you into your own coffin.

Scott, his hands now free, stands up.

Violet, to Drago: You want to see how I’ll grieve for you?

She goes over and gives SL a big kiss.–on the mouth. Drago turns and looks at them. Violet whispers to Scott: You be Johnny or you’ll die.

Drago goes over and pulls her away, pushes her against the sofa. He looks at her, then looks as if he is just going to shoot Scott.

Violet: Drago! No! Please!

Drago, to Scott: See that Madrid!? See how nice and honey drippin’ she begs for ya? You think she’s beg for me? No sir. And I’ve been good to her. I give her presents, I give her fancies, I make this pack of dogs show her respect!

He is very emphatic. Camera shots of SL show that he is listening but still not comprehending. Shots of Violet as she listens but makes no attempt to interrupt.

Drago: But according to her, there ain’t nothing I can do to hold a candle to Johnny Madrid. He can ride harder and draw faster and talk sweeter than any other man ever born. And you know what she loves most of all, rubbing Johnny Madrid in my wounds like salt. IN FRONT OF THEM!! Whittlin’ me down to the size of a goober pea.

He grabs her arm, turns her to face him.

Drago: Well, how long do you think I can take that?

Violet: All right, Drago!!! I’ll say I’m sorry if that’s what you want!

Drago: No . . I want more . . I want a whole lot more.

Chapel: Hold up, Drago. We were under the impression that we’re here to get that tax money, not help you settle a score.

Drago: That’s right. But that’s the puddin’, he’s the plum.

(to Scott) I’m gonna show my woman you’re human . . .


In town, at the sheriff’s office. Sheriff, deputy, ML, Jelly and the tax guy, who is counting the money.

Tax Guy: Over ten thousand . . We can meet their demand.

ML: Yeah, but should we? (He walks across the room.) I don’t know. I think we’d be better off taking the offensive.

Sheriff: We can’t stand up against that Gatling gun.

Jelly: Besides, they got Scott.

ML: Yeah . . And what guarantee do we have that they’d release him, even if they got the money? I say we should go on the attack.

Sheriff: Well, I can probably get together maybe twenty men, but I don’t think that they’d get through. And I just can’t see sending them straight into that Gatling gun.

ML: Maybe twenty men couldn’t get through. Two might.


Scott and Drago playing cards, seated at a table, Scott on the left, Drago on the right. Violet is standing behind Scott, watching over his shoulder. Some of Drago’s other men are standing or sitting around and watching. Drago fans the cards out on the table. He has a glass of whiskey, he sets it down after taking a drink.

Drago turns over a card: Beat the ten of hearts.

SL looks at the cards for a moment, picks one up. Drago watches. SL smiles. Violet laughs.

SL says: Jack of hearts.

Drago is NOT amused.

Drago, to Violet: Get over here. You stand behind his chair bringing him luck.

Violet: Johnny don’t need any luck. But she goes over and stands behind Drago. Scott gathers up the cards for another hand.

Drago: Now you’d better hope so for your Johnny boy’s sake. He ain’t gonna like losing.

Scott shuffles the cards: You mind telling me what we’re playing for? What the stakes are?

Drago suddenly pulls out a very large knife and drives the point into the tabletop!

Drago: Your fingers. Camera is on Scott, with the knife featured prominently in front of him. He looks concerned, his eyes flick over to Drago. Camera shifts to Drago who asks: How many you want to bet on the first deal? One or two?

Sounds of gunfire—-Drago runs out.

Drago: What’s goin’ on out there?

Big Guy: Nothin Drago! Calico’s just tryin’ to blow his way into the wine cellar.

Off screen: Wine cellar? Come on boys, let’s have a look. (could be Chapels’ voice)

Drago’s men file out of the room. Drago grabs the last guy out of the line and tells him: You stay here and watch him.

SL to Violet: Enough is enough.

He takes her by the arm and leads her away from the guy left to watch him.

Now, as soon as your friend comes back, I’m gonna tell him the whole truth before I lose my fingers.

Violet, emphatically: NO!

SL: Now look, he’s got no quarrel with me.

Violet: He’s got no reason for keeping you alive and even less for turning you loose. You’ve gotta play along for now. Later on, I promise, I’ll help ya. Trust me.

SL: Trust you? You’re the reason I got into this mess.

Violet: Well, I didn’t mean to, I was only trying to protect Johnny.

SL: Protect Johnny or yourself?

Violet, angry: All right, you go ahead, you tell him. Tell him you’re not Johnny and see if he believes you.

Chapel, comes around the corner: Try me. I shouldn’t be that difficult to convince.

(He walks around, hands behind his back, towards the table. ) I find it all rather amusing (picks up the knife) don’t you, Mr. Lancer? Bandits, phantom lovers, the innocent brother mistaken . . (he rests point of knife against SL’s chest, in the opening of his shirt) Well, in the theater, it would play to turn away audiences.

Suddenly, SL slaps the knife out of Chapel’s hand and then punches him in the face, sending him to the floor. The other guy comes at him, but SL uses the chair to trip him up. Scott runs to the doorway, starts to turn the corner and there’s Drago, with his gun drawn. Chapel also runs over with his gun ready and says : I’ll kill him for that.

Drago, to Chapel: He’s mine. Why does something always go wrong when I turn my back on you?

Angry looks pass between the two of them.

Drago, to Scott: I know you ain’t one for caution, but you make an enemy out of Chapel, you might as well of gone and bit a rattlesnake. (He laughs.) Why compared to him, Johnny boy, I’m gonna seem like a friend (big smile–then very serious) Almost.

Drago to men: Get him out of here, lock him up somewhere til I need him. (Chapel and the other guy comply)

Drago strolls over, laughs, picks up fallen chair, rights it and sits on it. Takes a drink from the glass on the table.

Violet, crouches near him: Give me your hand?

He just looks at her. She repeats : Give me your hand.

Drago sets the glass down and Violet takes his hand in hers.

Violet: Oh Drago—you wanna be better than Johnny Madrid–why don’t you show me how you can be kinder, more gentle?

Drago stares at her with a furrowed brow.

Violet: Please Drago. Don’t hurt him too much.

Drago kisses her. He’s a pretty good kisser. Then an embrace.

Drago, to Violet, while he’s still holding her: You’d do anything in the world for Johnny Madrid, wouldn’t you?

Drago smiles, then starts laughing. Violet struggles to get free of him: Oh! Let me go! Oh! Lemme go! She pounds his back.

Finally free, Violet tells him: You smell like a wet billy goat!!!

He just smiles and tips his hat over his face, leans back in chair, keeps laughing.

Violet storms out, slams the door.


It’s night. Lights on throughout the hacienda. Jelly and ML are outside.

ML: I’m going to slip in through the wine cellar, find Scott and bring him out the same way. Here (he gives Jelly some dynamite) use this in case you get close to the Gatling gun. If you don’t, save it, use it for a diversion in case I get into trouble.

Jelly: Which you won’t.

ML leaves.

Next we see the Gatling gun, guy guarding it is drinking from a bottle. Noise of revelry inside the house. We can see some of them through the glass doors. Drago breaks the top off of a bottle by smashing it against a table edge, he drinks from the broken bottle while leaning against a wall. Lots of shouts and laughter around him. His men are wrecking the room. Fire is still burning in the fireplace. Chapel sits in a leather chair with a book in his lap, he seems to have read most of it. He doesn’t seem impressed by what’s going on around him. Glass breaks and pieces fall around him but he doesn’t really react to it, just looks up.


Scott trying to get his hands untied. On a bed in one of the rooms, locked door. He looks at the door–hears something. Outside the door we see Violet standing, hands on hips talking to Big Guy who is on guard duty.

Violet: Well, open it up. I want in

He shakes his head no: Drago’d skin me alive.

Violet: Well, now, what’s he gonna do when I tell him how you’ve been making bold with me, hmmm?

Big Guy reluctantly unlocks the door. Camera pulls away and we see that someone is watching. Violet goes in. Now we see that its Drago, he isn’t happy.

Inside the room, SL grabs Violet and covers her mouth with his hand.

SL: One sound and I’ll break your pretty neck.

Outside again, we see Drago watching as Big Guy locks the door and sits in a chair. Drago leaves.

Inside, SL uncovers Violet’s mouth slowly. She turns to him

Violet: You really think I got a pretty neck? (She touches her neck with her hand) I’ve been told my teeth are my best feature.

SL: What are you doing here? He’s at the door, listening.

Violet: I came to say I’m sorry. SL just looks at her, then gets a chair. He uses it to wedge under the door handle to block the door.

Violet,continues speaking: And find out where Johnny’s at.

SL: San Francisco. But who knows, he could walk in here any minute.

Violet: But he can’t! I . . . I mean, seeing the two of you together, Drago’d know for sure which was which. SL just looks at her again

Violet: and he’d go hard on both of you.

SL: Lady, I don’t intend to stick around that long.

Scott goes to the dresser and opens the drawers, each of them in turn, feeling the clothes and searching for something. Then he moves to the bed, kneels beside it, feels under the mattress, looks under the bed, reaches behind the headboard.

Violet opens a door behind him: This lead to the attic?

SL: Yes–any guards on the roof?

Violet: I expect so—Drago is likely to post somebody on lookout–Starbuck, or Calico.

SL finds what he’s looking for–a gun–he holds it and spins the chamber. Gets up and moves to the door, sticking the gun in the front of his waistband. He starts to move the chair, then looks at Violet.

SL: Maybe I’d better tie you up, so Drago won’t be so hard on you.

Violet: You never mind him–you find Johnny–you warn him.

Outside, looking through the window, we see Violet Kiss Scott.

Violet: That’s for luck.

Scott reaches for her, pulls her to him and kisses her back, while we see Drago is watching.

SL: And that’s for the fun of it.

Drago, with coat in front of him to protect from the glass, bursts through the window. Scott grabs his gun and points it at Drago–Violet moves in front of Scott and deflects his gun arm, he fires at the floor. Drago stands in the window and laughs: This is gonna be a pleasure to me.

Violet: Drago NO!

Drago gestures with his gun for Scott to drop his, which he does. Violet is still standing in front of Scott. Drago goes to the door, kicks the chair away and Big Guy comes in. They all exit the room.


Shift to Murdoch climbing in a window to the wine cellar, he has his gun drawn. Someone comes down the stairs–it’s the guy in the sombrero. ML grabs him, puts his gun at his neck, says, very quietly :Let’s go back in. We can hear the noise of the bottle breaking somewhere upstairs.

Outside, we see Jelly in the dark, Jelly sees the Gatling gun and the guard is snoring.

Back to ML and the Sombrero guy, coming around the corner, ML holding SG in front of him. We see Scott coming into view at the top of a staircase. Big Guy shoves Scott and he ends up tumbling down to the foot of the stairs. Scott gets up and tries to run, but there is Chapel.

ML: Hold it.

So its ML with a gun on SomGuy and Big Guy, Drago and Violet at the top of the stairs.

ML: One move and your man dies. (He cocks his gun) I’m not bluffing.

Drago: That’s his hard luck. And neither is my man on the stairs up here pointing a rifle at your Johnny Boy’s skull.

ML, looks puzzled: Johnny?

SL turns to face Murdoch, hands raised to shoulder height: He’s right Murdoch. It’s a Mexican stand-off. Take it from me, Johnny Madrid.

Murdoch looks up at Drago and Violet, then looks at Scott again.

SL: Go on, Murdoch, get out!

ML says : Come on to his prisoner.

Drago comes down the stairs and yells after Murdoch: You got a new deadline Lancer . . . Get that tax money here by sun up tomorrow or I’m gonna hang ya Johnny boy from the gate post and burn ya house down!!!!

Drago pushes Scott.

Outside, someone shoots at ML. He fires back. Jelly tosses the dynamite at the Gatling gun and runs. The guard on the gun grabs the dynamite and tosses it away, but not far enough. It explodes and we see a big hole in the wall.


View of the Lancer arch. We see Drago, Chapel, Big Guy and another of Drago’s men working on the Gatling Gun.

Drago: Well?

Chapel: Doesn’t seem to be damaged . . Course I can’t be sure til I test fire it. May I suggest a target?

Drago turns and looks in the same direction that Chapel is looking and we can see . . Scott!! He is standing by the hole that’s been blasted in the low curved wall, looking at it, hands crossed in front of him.

Drago: You put this around there somewhere by the wall.

The other men move the gun while Drago goes over to Scott.

Drago: Well, Johnny Boy, I sure know who you take after now. Your dad’s got a lot of spunk.

SL: Thanks

Drago hops over the bar of the low fence. Gestures with a bottle: Want a drink?

SL: No thanks.

There are two other men nearby: Big Guy has a gun aimed at Scott and another man is on the other side of Drago.

Drago: You might need it.

SL, still standing with his hands crossed: All right, Drago, what’ve you got in mind this time?

Drago: Come on around the corner, let’s talk about it.

They walk around the wall. As they walk, Drago tells Scott: Well, my . .my ribs are achin where you pounded me.

SL: Well, I’ve got a pain or two myself.

Drago: We was goin’ pretty good there for a while. Well, Violet always said that you was a champion saloon fighter around Nogales.

SL (close up on him!!) He smiles, ducks his head down the way that he does, then looks up: Well, maybe she stretched the truth a bit.

Drago: I wouldn’t say that. He drinks from the bottle he’s holding.

SL: Look, Drago . . .

Drago: Want a drink?

SL: shakes his head, no.

Drago: Smoke?

SL: shakes his head again and says NO

Drago: Blindfold?

SL: reacts to this. Ominous music. Then he says Blindfold . ..

Drago: Well, sure, sure gotta test that Gatling gun. And Chapel, well, you know how he is . .he ain’t gonna be satisfied just bustin’ them pots.

SL, turns and looks at the pots, looks at Chapel and the gun: No, . . .no blindfold. He swallows. His mouth doesn’t give anything away, but there is a very sad look in his eyes.

Drago: Well, suit ya self. I ain’t gonna tie ya up, either. I wanna see if ya stand on ya feet or drop to ya knees when the time comes and crawl.

SL: Well, I . . I guess no man really knows . . Til his time comes.

Drago, gives a brief chuckle: You know, when I was a boy growing up, they had public hangin’s. And I seen rogue killers a beggin’ like little babies. Once, the rope broke. Now they had this revival preacher there and he had on all these black clothes ya know and black tie, black coat, clack hat, a big fierce beard and . . . (he gestures with the bottle in his hand) Well, he just kind of leapt up on the scaffold like that and he had this big black Bible with a gold cross on it. (he jumps up onto a bench and hold up the bottle, actually making a cross over the label with his hand.) he said “It’s a sign”., yes sir, he said it was a sign, and they voted, they voted by . . . Ac-cla-ma-tion, not to re-hang them killers over again.

SL: The rope won’t break for me.

Drago is leaning against the tree, still talking to Scott: Oh, no, I wouldn’t be too sure about that. . .I mean them Gatling guns, is . .they’re treacherous machines. But they do jam now, they jam . . .I’d take that for a sign. (He smiles.)

Chapel yells: Drago, what are you waiting for?

Drago jumps down, sits on the wall. Violet has come outside and is watching.

Chapel, to Drago: Come on, stand clear.

Drago, to Scott: I forgot . . Wanna say yourself a little prayer?

SL: doesn’t answer, just starts backing up against the wall.

Drago climbs down, sits on the wagon near the gun: Ready . . Aim.. . . FIRE!!

Chapel is working the gun. Violet is still watching. We can see some bullet holes appears around SL who is standing against the wall. Suddenly Drago makes a noise and gestures for Chapel to stop.

Chapel: What’re you doing?

Drago drops his bottle , says something about wanting to go see.

Close up of SL. Looks like he might pass out.

Drago approaches Scott, Drago looks kind of scared.

SL stands there and says : I, ah . . . I could use that drink now.

Drago nods his head. Takes SL by the arm.


Chapel is at the Lancer kitchen table arm wrestling with the Big Guy. Big Guy is winning, then Chapel suddenly puts him down.

BG: No fair, you kicked me under the table. BG starts to go for his gun, but Chapel stands up first. There are other guys around. A large piece of meat is cooking on a spit, Scott and Drago are standing behind the piece of meat.

Drago, to BG: You agreed to the rules. BG backs down.

Chapel: Well, who’s next? How ‘bout you, Madrid? Try your luck?

Close up of Scott, he doesn’t answer.

Chapel: Or perhaps Drago’s more to your liking. Take him and it’ll prove everything Miss Violet ever told us about you.

Violet comes into the kitchen. Drago looks at Scott. Drago says get up to the Big Guy and stakes his seat. Scott sits down where Chapel had been.

Chapel: Let’s make this interesting. (he puts some hot coals on the table so that the loser of this match will get his hand burned.)

Scott and Drago clasp hands and begin.

Chapel: Perhaps the woman’s been right about Madrid’s virtues. The strength of Samson. The courage of Achilles. The wisdom of Solomon.

Scott is winning. Chapel comes over to stand right next to Drago, practically talking in his ear.

Chapel: The beauty of Apollo. The purity of Galahad.

Ah . . .what a paragon.. A Bryan, a Quixote. Truly a man unmatched among men.

Scott almost has won, Drago’s hand is only inches from the hot coal.

Violet: Drago, don’t you listen to him. Can’t you see what he’s doin? He’s trying to fill you up with your own poison.

Chapel, to Drago: Hate him, Drago. Hate him.

Drago’s hand starts moving up. Chapel’s advice is working.

Scott is losing. Finally his hand goes down. He grimaces at the contact with the coal, but doesn’t make a sound. Violet grabs a bucket of water and douses them.

Drago yells at the men: Get out of here!!! All of ya!!!

Scott is holding his burned arm. The Sombrero Guy has been sitting at the kitchen table during all of this. He is still eating!!!!

Drago: Go on!!! They all leave slowly, except for Violet and Scott. Drago marches Scott to the wine cellar. He’s still holding his injured arm.

Violet: Drago, wait!! Let him go.

Drago: NO!

Violet: But you won, didn’t you? You showed me who’s the best man, now ain’t you satisfied? You let him go before Chapel kills him.

Drago looks at Scott: How do you do it? What kind of magic do you use?

He has a gun on Scott.

SL: Look, Drago , I’m not who you thi . . .

Drago shoves Scott through the wine cellar door.

Violet, to Drago: Drago, I’ll make you sorry. I swear I will. I’ll make your life . . .

He pushes her through the door also.

Drago shuts the door and yells: No you won’t!! Tomorrow I’m givin’ him to Chapel. And I’m throwin’ you back in the ditch where I found ya!

Dramatic music. Drago is bent over on his side of the door, clearly not happy. On the other side, Scott leans against the door with his arms crossed and Violet is holding on to the railing of the landing.



Chapel is sitting at the dining room table, eating alone. The candles are lit, he has wine, is cutting up some meat. Its quiet, no one else around.

Down in the wine cellar, one of Drago’s men enters. Kind of drunk. Scott stares at him. The Drunk Guy sees Violet on the other side of the cellar and goes over towards her. He laughs, keeps walking and then falls to the floor. Scoot goes over towards him, then whispers “come on” to Violet. They go up the stairs. They open a door and see Chapel, decide to go a different way. Chapel keeps eating.

Outside, its quite dark. Scott and Violet crouch down. Scott looks over towards the Gatling gun.

Violet: Forget it. If Drago catches us now, he’d kill us.

Scott: What about the people in town? I can’t leave here til I put that gun out of commission. He starts to move towards the gun.

Violet reaches for him: Scott . . . Be careful.

SL: Wait here. He goes over to the gun and climbs up onto the wagon.

Inside: Chapel drains his wine glass, the bottle is empty too. He gets up. We know he is heading towards the wine cellar!!!

Outside: Scott –with an UNBUTTONED SHIRT– is using a metal bar to try to pry the gun apart. Violet is on lookout.

Inside: Drago’s men are asleep all over the furniture. Drago enters, stands in the doorway of the room. In comes Chapel, gun in hand–he puts his arms apart and announces that “Madrid’s gone”.

Drago yells: Well, find ‘im! And he starts to rouse his men.

Outside: Scott is still working on the gun. Violet is still watching.

Inside: Drago is getting his men on their feet.

Outside: Scott finally snaps a piece off of the gun, just as Drago comes out and yells, “Madrid!”

Drago walks over, sticks his gun into the waistband of his pants, checks the gun. Scott just sits there on the wagon.

Drago: Oh man, you really did it.

Violet: Drago!

Drago, reaches for his gun: I mean you really—

Violet: Drago! She tackles him and they fall to the ground. We hear her say “Drago, I love you!”

Drago: Johnny Madrid is a dead man!

Scott is still just sitting there in the same position.

Violet: That ain’t Johnny Madrid!! . . . .I lied . . . .Drago just looks at her.

Violet: And if you. . .if you don’t believe me, ask Chapel, cause he knows.


In town, the Sheriff’s office. The Tax Guy is there and the Sheriff, Jelly and Murdoch.

Jelly, to ML: You gonna let ‘em go through with payin’ the ransom?

ML: How can I justify stopping them? . . . The danger to their families . . .

Jelly: What about Scott? What if its true they think he’s Johnny and their number one’s got a grudge against him?

ML: He’ll be dead by the time they get the tax money. If he’s not dead already.

Jelly: Well, don’t even think that.

ML: There’s one hope. (He looks at his watch) Its exactly 4:20.

ML to tax Guy: It’s 4:20 Stanley, that’s time enough for me to get back to the Ranch for the new time table. You got the money ready?

Tax Guy: Just about.

Sheriff: Delivering that’s my job, Murdoch.

ML: Your job, my son. Lancer takes care of its own.

Sound of door opening, ML turns. Its Johnny in the doorway.

JL: Takes care of its own what?


Drago: Where’s Madrid?

Scott: San Francisco, don’t expect him to be back, a week, maybe two.

Drago is standing. Scott is seated in an easy chair. Violet is there and so is Chapel, leaning against a table with a gun.

Drago chuckles. To Scott: No, no. If that was true, you’d have told me long before this. He’ll be back, soon.. And when he does, I’m gonna nail him.

Chapel to Drago: You don’t mean to wait? Drago, be sensible. Take your revenge on this one and get the hate out of your spleen. Kill her, too, and good riddance.

Drago: Kill Violet?

Chapel: Why not? She’s been nothin’ but trouble. Find someone else. The world’s full of women.

Drago: How would you know? Chapel just looks a t him.

Drago to Chapel: go on, get out of here. Get those boys awake, get ‘em saddled and ready to ride. When Chapel doesn’t move, Drago turns back to him and yells louder: Do it! Now!! Chapel stomps out.

Drago pours himself a drink. To Violet, who is standing beside him: Maybe I shoulda killed ya and be done with ya.

Violet: Well, go ahead. Cause I’d rather you did that than . . .

She stops. Drago looks at her, but she doesn’t continue.

Scott, still in the chair. Why don’t you tell him about you and Johnny?

They both turn to look at SL.

Violet: No, no, I won’t.

SL stands up. Then I will. Cause its about time we got the truth out in the open.

She knew Johnny, all right—eight years ago. Let’s see, that’d make her about thirteen.

Violet: I was fourteen, and Johnny was the first man to love me.

SL: The first man you ever loved. Camera zoom in on Violet’s face.

SL to Drago: Tonight she told me how it really was. Small girl, growing up in a backwater town, needing something or someone to tie her heart to . . . ., when a gunfighter, just passing through, never realizing how he’d become an ideal. When he left . . .the only real thing in her dreams.

Drago: He loved her and left her.

SL: He barely looked at her.

Drago to Violet: Then its all been . . . A pack of lies. He never even touched you. Drago puts his hands on Violet’s arms, looking at her as he speaks.

Violet: He could have. But he wouldn’t. Cause he cared for me. Why else would I remember him after all this time?

Drago just looks at her without speaking.

Violet: Johnny’s special. I’ll always love him. Like the only doll I ever got for Christmas.

Drago: You made me hate him all this time. Why?

Violet smiles sadly: So I could keep you. She is near tears.

Drago to Scott: Do you understand her? I don’t!

SL: I think so. I guess she figured you needed a rival, just to keep your interest.

Drago to Violet: Don’t I show you I love you? Hmm??

Violet: Oh Drago . . .how long would that last . . Once you found out for sure that I loved you back? You’d get tired of me, like all the others.

Drago: You don’t understand me at all. Again, more softly: You don’t understand me at all. He walks away, faces the window.

Violet walks over to him, stands right behind him.

Violet: Drago, you ain’t cryin’?

She says “oh” a few times, slips her arms around him and he clasp her hands in his own.

Drago: Oh Hell, woman . . .

SL is watching this tender moment. Nice close up of Scott.


Drago’s men are packing up the Gtling gun outside of house.

Inside, Scott, Violet and Drago walk through a doorway. Drago is buttoning up his coat.

Drago to SL: I think it’d be a good idea if you found some place to hide out til we all get out of here.

SL: And the tax money?

JL: It’s right here. He is standing there in hat and jacket, holding a saddle bag in front of him.

Close up of Violet while we hear Drago’s voice: Johnny Madrid.

JL removes his hat.

Drago turns: We just been talking ‘bout you. Big smile.

Johnny looks around, walks towards them.. Looks up and says : “Scott”

SL nods at him. SL is still standing behind Drago.

JL: Here’s your money– he tosses the bag to Drago.

Drago catches it. He turns back towards Scott and shakes his hand.

Drago to Scott: So long. You done yourself real proud.

SL shakes Drago’s hand and smiles.

Suddenly Chapel enters behind Johnny and raises his gun.

Drago sees this and yells : Johnny! Look out!

JL turns quickly, fires and drops Chapel. He’s dead.

Big Guy, with rifle pointed at Johnny: Hold it.

Drago also has a gun aimed at JL: Drop it, Johnny.

Johnny tosses his weapon to the floor.

Drago: I been waitin’ a long time to get one up on you and now I’ve done it. And I ain’t never gonna let this woman forget it.

Violet smiles at him. He takes her hand and they hurry out. Johnny looks slightly confused. Scott smiles, then follows them.

Outside, we see Drago and Violet climb up onto the wagon and drive away.

SL and JL are standing and watching through the glass doors.

SL: Good luck!!

JL: They’ll need it. Murdoch’s waitin’ out there with a posse.


The Lancer kitchen. Scott is sitting at the table, elbows on the table top, hands clasped and head resting on hands. Johnny is pouring him a cup of coffee.

JL: You wanna tell me what went on? He sets the coffee pot on the table.

SL looks down at his cup, picks it up. Then he starts to talk: It’s a long story.

SL takes a sip while JL pours his own cup.

JL: Well, I got time.

SL speaks again, mostly looking at the table: It’s about a man, a shadow from his past. The shadow got so big the man never thought he could match it.

No immediate response from JL. He picks up the coffee pot and carries it with him as he moves behind Scott. SL is picking at crumbs or something on the table top.

Still behind Scott, JL: How do you figure a man like that Drago character?

SL: It’s hard to figure him. He drinks again.

JL looks around. He’s still standing behind Scott. Scott places his elbow on the table in the arm wrestling position. “Johnny”, he says.

JL walks around to face him. “How come?”

Scott continues to hold his arm in position–moves his fingers. Looks up at JL and says: Come on.

JL sets his cup down on the table and starts to unbutton his shirt cuff. Scott moves their two cups out of the way.

Johnny rolls up his sleeve: Manana, maybe?

SL, taps table with his fingers; No, now.

JL: Okay, now.

SL smiles: Humor me.

As Johnny sits down, we hear Murdoch’s voice shouting: Johnny! Scott! Where are you?

JL: In here!

The boys clasp hands. JL says : Any time.

ML: Are you two all right?

He walks in with Jelly behind him. The boys start wrestling.

JL: yeah, we’re fine. Scott’s not quite himself though.

ML and Jelly watch the struggle.

JL: Did you get’em?

ML: The leader and the girl got away. . .but I don’t . . . .believe they’ll have too much trouble finding them.

JL: That girls, she sure looked familiar to me.

SL: Is that right?

JL: That wouldn’t have anything to do with this, would it?

SL: Seems to me she mentioned something about Johnny Madrid.

JL: I wouldn’t be that shadow, would I?

SL doesn’t answer that.

ML: Whenever you fellas feel like concluding this, I could remind you that there’s a mighty big ranch we gotta take care of.

JL: I’m tryin’ to conclude it!
The arm wrestling continues and ML and Jelly leave the kitchen.

Finally, Scott slams JL’s arm to the table. Scott smiles at JL. JL reaches out and slaps Scott’s cheek; SL slaps him back. Bigger smile from SL. He reaches for Johnny as he stands up. Johnny stand and the two walk out with their arms over each other’s shoulders.


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