Transcript: The Fix-It Man

Air Date: 11 February 1969
Directed by: William Hale
Written by: Charles Wallace

Guest stars:
Frank McHugh as Charlie Wingate
Linden Chiles as Kirby
Barry Atwater Rogers as Bonell


We are in one of the towns, it’s nighttime, there are men in the streets and they seem rather rowdy.  Sudden shift to inside, we see a man in a black shirt and hat about to punch a man with a mustache, wearing a sombrero and a brown jacket.   After he is struck, he lands against the wall.  Black Shirt then grabs a blond man, (we see only the back of his head), and starts punching this second man. Meanwhile, a dark-haired man without a hat hits the Sombrero Man.  An unidentified man goes crashing out the window, while the fighting continues inside. 

Apparently we are inside the local saloon.  Seemingly oblivious to it all, we see two well dressed men seated at a table.  They are not paying hardly any attention to the activity around them, even when one man lands on their table momentarily. The older man with a mustache and a dark jacket gestures angrily at the interruption, but the other, younger man wearing a fancy vest and white shirt sleeves keeps writing on the papers in front of him. He dips his pen in the inkwell and turns to look behind him.  One man is spinning around with another one lying across his shoulders-then dumps the guy on a table.

A barman comes over to place a white mug in front of the older man at the table, then leaves.  The older man addresses a question to his companion: Well, how much you figure we, ah, busted up so far?

Man in Vest: Well, that plate glass window will get ya close to a hundred dollars.

Man with Mustache: Ummm.  That’s not bad for a two day vacation . . .

Man in Vest: Not bad at all.

More views of the fighting, one man gets tossed outside into the street.  Outside, it’s dark and across the street we see a familiar figure exit from another building and start walking towards the ruckus.  He puts his hat on and even though he is still in shadows, we just know right away that its Scott!

Inside again:  fighting continues, the older man with the mustache at the table laughs.  He looks up and reacts when the swinging batwing doors part and Scott walks in.  SL is wearing his beige checked shirt and he looks around at the activity.  

The man with the brown jacket (formerly wearing a sombrero) lands on a table, gets right up and charges after his attacker.  But Scott intervenes, pulls his gun and shouts out That’s enough!  Meanwhile, the man at the table-who we will eventually learn is Mr. Bonell-looks concerned.

SL, pointing his gun: Hold it right there.  (he turns, gestures with his weapon)  Over there. . .  Let’s go.

Black Shirt: What’s it to you?

SL: They work for me.

Black Shirt looks disconcerted, glances over at Bonell.
BS: It was just a friendly fight.

SL: Yeah, I can see that. 
Scott addresses the man in the brown jacket: Get everybody outside. 
Shot of Bonell and the man in the vest.

SL; Jose!

Jose: Si?

Scott backs up towards Jose, keeps gun drawn: What happened?

Jose: Grandote (big guy.  That big moose, Waxer-he said he wanted to fight, we tried to leave, but he hit me. (gestures with thumb towards the men outside)  The others came to help.

SL: You take the men and go back to the ranch.

Jose: What about you?

SL: I’ll be along . . .

Jose: Muy bien.  Esta bien.  SL nods, Jose exits.

Scott holsters his gun and goes over to the two men at the table, says the name of the man in the vest: Kirby

Kirby: Mr. Lancer, why don’t you pull up a chair . .and have a drink, on the house and cool yourself off.

Scott pulls up a chair, sits down.  He addresses Kirby’s companion, Bonell.

SL: Those your men?

Bonell: My men, oh no.  I wouldn’t say you can say that, they just ride with me, that’s all. 
He sits back, hands folded on his stomach.

SL: Then I suggest you take your men and ride out of Spanish Wells.

Bonell: Are you the , uh, Law around here, Mr. Lancer?

SL: No, there’s no law around here.  Not yet.

Bonell: Well, in that case, I think I’ll just stay.  But since there is no , ah, no jail, and no law in this growing little community, why don’t you just let my men have their harmless fun?

SL: You call it harmless fun to beat up ranch hands?

Bonell: Put it this way, M. Lancer, if they didn’t have this , ah, this kind of a simple release, they might turn to something like, uh, oh, ah, burning down ranch houses?  I think you’d be the first to agree that sort of thing wouldn’t help a growing little community.  (camera on SL,  he shoots a sideways glance at Kirby, Scott is breathing visibly, although his face stays calm, he’s not enjoying this little discussion.)

Bonell continues: Look—why don’t you take my advice-when this town wants law, it will have law.  Until then, don’t push it!

Dramatic music plays. Scott stares at Bonell, grim expression but doesn’t say anything.  Bonell just picks up his white coffee mug and takes a drink.  Scott gets up, walks away. In the background we see him retrieve his hat, and head for the door, giving Kirby and Bonell one long last look.  Outside in the dark, a cluster of local businessmen.

SL: Gentlemen, I want to talk to you.

One man responds: Don’t guess it’d hurt none to listen.  They follow Scott across the street.


Opens with shot of Lancer hacienda at night. 
Inside the Lancer great Room, Jose is speaking to Murdoch Lancer. Murdoch is wearing his brown vest and white window pane print shirt.

Jose: I’m sorry, Senor.  The men are proud, they would not run away.

ML: I know, Jose.  Thank you for filling me in.  Tell the men not to try working tomorrow. (he claps Jose on the shoulder)

Jose: Buenos noches.

ML: Buenos noches, Jose. 
Jose leaves and Murdoch addresses someone else in the room.

ML: Well, you heard that.  When are you going to change it?

His dark haired visitor is seated on the sofa.  He has on a nice dark blue suit, white shirt and tie. His response is: I don’t know that we can.

ML: I don’t want any political speeches, George, I want a marshal for Spanish Wells.
Murdoch is over at a drink table, it’s against the wall beneath a map of Lancer.

George: And every other flyspeck on the map wants—and even needs-the same.  Now what makes you different from any of them?

ML, speaking quite rapidly: Well, because we’re growing so fast, because you gotta start someplace and, yes, George, because you know me and you know I wouldn’t yell “Fire!” unless there was one. (he’s pouring now)  You’re the Lieutenant Governor, you have the authority to send a marshal here.

George: You know, I wondered why you insisted I be your guest for a few days; now I know.  (he smiles)

ML, smiles back: George, Lancer buys supplies in Spanish Wells, the men that work this ranch spend money there (he sits down on the sofa beside the Lt. Gov.) and right now there’s not a church, there’s not a school, there’s not even a stage passing through.

George: Suppose we send you a marshal, what’s he supposed to do, rent a hotel room for the prisoners?

ML: I’ve written the Governor about that, I’ve told him that Lancer pledges to have a jail built.

George: Murdoch, you should have been a lawyer.  All right, all right, you’ll ah, you’ll get your man. (big smile from Murdoch at this)  Just let me know when there’s a jail here. 

ML, gets up: Can I get you a brandy?

George: No, thanks, I’d better get some rest, I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow.

ML: Sure you won’t stay a little longer?

George: I’m a politician-it’s never wise to stay too long in the same place.
The two men chuckle, shake hands and bid each other good night.


Brief exterior shot, it’s still night, and then back inside the Great Room.  Now ML is seated on the sofa and it’s Scott who is pouring himself a drink.  The table with the drinks is behind the sofa-how many do they have in this room???

SL: Jose told you what happened . . . I think we’d better have a talk. 
Scott walks around the room, to a spot opposite Murdoch.  He has his gloves tucked into his belt.

SL: I did something tonight I  . .don’t think you’re gonna approve of. 
He leans against the mantle, facing ML. SL is standing under the Big L.

ML, on the sofa: Try me.

SL looks down at the drink in his hands, then up at Murdoch.  He hooks his right hand on his belt.
SL: I spent some of your money.

ML: How much?

SL: About a thousand dollars.  Right hand still at his belt, he takes a drink.

Murdoch doesn’t say anything, he lowers his eyelids, looks down.  The camera is still on him when Scott begins speaking again. 

SL: Well, somebody has to do something about Spanish Wells.  There are some good people there and they’re being hurt.  And because they’re hurting, so is Lancer. (He gestures with his glass as he speaks)

SL, continues: So I got together with the townsmen tonight and everybody agreed that they need someplace to put the drunks to sober up.  They all agreed that what the town needs —is a jail.  (Scott sits down, still facing ML)

ML: But they won’t build it.

SL: No.  (he looks down, then back up) No, they won’t.  So finally, I said that Lancer would . . as a gift to the community.  (he looks down again, gestures with one hand) Now, I know, I know, I should have talked to you before I made the offer, but I just felt the time was right.

ML: Why?

SL: Because the people are not against the idea.  Now Lancer could force it, but the town would resent that.  This way, I think we could get everybody behind us.  It could be the beginning to . . to other beginnings.

ML, gives a slight nod, has a slight smile playing about his lips. He wipes his finger under his nose and sniffs. 
ML: You, uh, you think it’s worth a thousand dollars of our money?

SL: Yes, yes, I do.  (he has that great inflection of his-very certain, very sincere)

ML: Well, I don’t know whether Johnny would, but I do.  As a matter of fact, I just pressured the Lieutenant Governor into promising us a marshal if we can get the jail built. 

Scott looks down and smiles at that.

ML: I . .uh, I assured him we would.

SL, smiling: We do think alike, don’t we?

ML smiles back at him: Is that so surprising?

Scott doesn’t reply, he makes a little sound and takes a drink.


Kirby is standing outside stroking a horse’s face.  A man runs past him, towards some construction.  Another man is already there, laying hands on the carpenter; the second man joins him. Together, they lead the carpenter towards the horse and Kirby.

Kirby: All right, get ‘im in the saddle.

The mustached blacksmith in the apron and black hat is standing and watching the proceedings; he makes no move to object or to interfere.  Next Peter Bonell fills the screen, he’s also observing the action.

The carpenter is now mounted.  Kirby is speaking to him.
Kirby: Now, you tell the Lancer people we don’t want a jail in this town, it’s an open town and we’re gonna keep it that way. You make sure they understand that!
Then Kirby speaks to his men: All right, get ‘im outta here.

The carpenter rides off.  The townspeople watch.  Bonell is laughing.  The white aproned shopkeeper, a balding, older man, watches, he seems kind of sad.  Then he goes back to sweeping the sidewalk.  Bonell is still laughing; as he moves out of the picture, we see the disgruntled looking blacksmith behind him.

Bonell: Nicely done, Kirby, nicely done.

Kirby: Thank you, Bonell. 
Kirby, to his men: You might as well finish it–get some rope and tear the rest of it down.

Bonell is drinking from a white mug, he gestures with the mug and says: No, no, wait a minute, hold it, hold it.  Bonell walks towards the framework, then turns to address Kirby with the construction visible behind him.

Bonell: Now look, I don’t . .I don’t want to interfere, I’m just a paying visitor, but I have had some experience in this sort of thing.  Let it stand.(he gestures at the structure behind him with a thumb) . . . . that way everybody’ll get the message.

Kirby, smiling: Good idea. 
Bonell takes a drink from his mug.

Kirby: Let it stand, boys.  (to Bonell) I’ll see ya back at the saloon.


Great Room at Lancer. Murdoch is standing in the foreground, with his arms crossed over his chest; he’s wearing a blue plaid shirt.  Scott, in his blue cropped jacket with the leather trim is speaking to him rather emphatically.

SL: Kirby deliberately stayed away from that meeting and now I know why.  As he speaks, he gestures with his right hand, then leans his left arm on the back of a chair.

There is a sound of hammering just outside; SL gestures again and turns away, while Murdoch looks off towards the left and the source of the noise. While Scott faces the chair back and rest both arms on it, ML moves to the open glass-paned door.

ML: Hey Charlie . . . Charlie, would ya cut the hammering for a while?

Charlie removes a nail from his mouth, says “Yes sir, Mr. Lancer” then pounds the last one in.  Charlie is an older man in a black hat.  Murdoch carefully closes the door.  We can hear him speaking his next lines while we watch Charlie through the windows, sitting in and testing the chair he’s been working on.

ML: Kirby has owned the saloon in Spanish Wells for a long time.  I imagine a lot of his business comes from men outside the law; only natural he’d be against a jail.  (As he speaks, ML is opening a box on table.)

SL, walks over towards Murdoch: Well, what do we do?

ML: Kirby’s a gambler, but I don’t believe he’s a killer.  (He looks into the box, withdraws some money) Maybe when he finds out we’re serious, he’ll back off.

Shot of Charlie outside, putting his tools away.  He picks up a square flat bottle, opens it, takes a long drink and then caps it.

ML, hands Scott some bills: Here ya are.  Double the rate. Tell the carpenter I personally guarantee Lancer men for protection. 

SL, smiles and rolls his eyes a bit: You’re gonna need a cavalry detachment to do that because your carpenter’s halfway to Modesto by now. He just left the lumber at the sawmill, turned tail and ran out.

ML, very long sigh:  Well . . .he’s got a family, he’s gotta make a living.  He’s not concerned about Law, about hope for the future, he can’t afford the price-that’s why we’ve gotta do it.  Take Charlie with ya, Scott, get the lumber into town, find somebody to build the jail.  Johnny will be in from the north tonight.

SL: What if Kirby wants to fight?

ML: I’d like to avoid that.

SL, in a slightly challenging tone: And what if we can’t?

ML: We fight.

SL, snaps his fingers and slaps the bills in his hand-this is evidently what he wants to hear, but all he says is “Fine.”  He quickly turns to leave, calling “Charlie”.  Quick shift to the next scene.


Quick shot of Charlie Wingate waving to someone off screen, then Scott enters the foreground and leans on the wagon bed. He’s wearing a white checked shirt.

Camera shifts and we see that it’s the storeowner in the white apron who Charlie is waving to-the man stops sweeping for a moment to wave back.  Then one of Kirby’s men shows up, stares at the storeowner. Kirby’s man has a mustache; he’s wearing a leather vest and a hat with a white feather on it. He stares at the shopkeeper, who seems a bit intimidated.

Back to Charlie and Scott.  Charlie is unloading a board from the back of the wagon. Scott takes his turn as well. Camera shifts back to Kirby’s man watching and the shopkeeper looking worried again. 

Charlie gets his bottle and takes a drink-he doesn’t have much left. Charlie sits down and Scott sits beside him.  Charlie is wearing a black hat and vest, holding his jacket in his lap.

Charlie, offering SL the bottle: Have a taste, Mister?

SL, shakes his head: No, thank you, Charlie, I’ve got a few things on my mind right now. 
Scott removes his right glove, then the left.

Charlie (CW): That’s the difference between you and me.  Fix-it man can take some time out for dreamin’ now and again.

Scott is sitting with his arms resting on his knees, holding both gloves in the right hand.
SL: No difference, Charlie.  (He tosses gloves to the ground) We all take time out for that.

CW: Oh, sure, sure—but what I mean is, I don’t have ta keep the wheels turnin’ every second . . .eh . .my specialty’s always been outhouses and hitch rails.

While Charlie is speaking, Scott wipes his mouth and then his neck with one hand.  He looks down and grins when Charlie mentions outhouses and hitch rails.

CW: Now, I always figured, if I was a little off here or there (gestures with one hand), didn’t make no nevermind. . . (shakes his head) drove a lotta nails into a lotta outhouses and hitch rails.  (he holds up his now empty bottle and looks at it)

SL, gestures towards the bottle: Looks like you’re a man just about out of dreams, Charlie.

CW: Yes, sir, it certainly does . . . (he caps the bottle) While we’re in town, I’d like ta do some bill payin’. I sure could use a little advance til Saturday.

SL grins again, reaches into his pocket for some bills:  How much do you need?

CW: Well, there was that table . .  and then there was two chairs . .and a hitch rail. (he gestures with his hand as he goes through the list of jobs, holds his chin in his hand to come up with the total.)  And then there was that Bur-ray in Miss Teresa’s room. Ah, I’ve got eight dollars comin’ up til now-be more by Saturday.

SL: All right, Charlie, here you are.  (he counts out some bills and hands them over.)
Eight dollars.  Oh, let’s  . uh, let’s make that an even ten. (Gives him a few coins)

CW: Oh, thanks.

SL, putting his money back into his pocket: Charlie, you wouldn’t happen to know any carpenters in town, would you?

CW: Ain’t many. Outside of that fella that quit, maybe two or three . . .ya gotta talk ta Harvey at the blacksmith,he helps ’em all, bendin’ iron and the like.  I’ll be at the saloon when yer ready.

He leaves and Scott smiles as he watches him go.


Inside the saloon, it’s a pretty busy place.  Bonell and three other men are seated at a table playing cards.  Scott enters with his hat square on his head, gloves tucked in his belt, blue-grey cropped jacket that we like is slung over his shoulder. He looks around and Kirby, still wearing his fancy vest, comes up behind him.

Kirby, somewhat tentatively: Hello, Lancer.

SL, turns to him: Kirby . .
Scott removes his hat, wipes his mouth with his hand, while holding the hat.

Kirby: I didn’t expect to see you in here, lemme . .    can we buy you a drink?

SL: I’m looking for Charlie.

Kirby stands with his hands clasped in front of him.  He speaks in a monotonish voice.
Kirby: Found yourself a carpenter yet?

SL: I think you know I haven’t.

Kirby: I don’t think you’re going to.  Better that way.  Save a few broken heads.

Scott just looks at him without speaking.

Kirby continues: Men like Peter Bonell, who live a little bit outside the law, need a place to relax, a place where they don’t have to worry about sheriffs and marshals. Now I have a good business here and I don’t like trouble.  I don’t have to tell ya, I’m not gonna let ya build that jail.

Scott: You’re right, Kirby.  You have a business.
Pause while Scott settles his hat on his head, then looks directly at Kirby.
SL: Mind it.

Scott: Now have you seen Charlie?

Kirby: He left here about fifteen minutes ago.

Scott gives him one last look, then turns to leave.  He gets partway to the door, when Kirby says: Lancer.

SL turns.
Kirby: If you find him, take good care of him, huh?

Scott exits the saloon and Kirby watches him go.


Scott, in the dark, approaches a dwelling.  He still has his jacket slung over his shoulder.
He knocks on the door, Charlie’s voice is heard: Come in!

SL enters, removes hi shat.  Charlie is there at the door to greet him. 

CW: I’ve been expectin’ ya.  I just couldn’t set there.  Come in, come in.

SL: You said you’d be at the saloon, Charlie.

CW: I’ve got ta talk to ya, bout somethin’ serious.  You set right down there.
Charlie goes to get a chair for himself and Scott sits down, facing him.

CW: I’ve been dreamin’ some, since I left ya this afternoon-and not just from that bottle, either.  Mr. Lancer, in sixty-three years, I never turned even one rock that said Charlie Wingate passed through here between heaven and hell.

Scott is sitting with hands on knees, just listening to Charlie.

CW: I ain’t done nothin’-just fixed things, and get drunk.

Scott looks up, considers that, with a slight smile on his face: Now Charlie, you sure you haven’t been drinking a little too much already?

CW:  Ahh . . . I got ta thinkin’, and thinkin’ . . .  it would be mighty good ta build somethin’.  Somethin’ strong,and fine, something people pass by and said, old Charlie Wingate did a good job there.  And I says ta myself, shucks, no body’d trust you to build a house or a ranch . .and I says ta myself. . How ’bout that jail?  How ’bout that, Mr. Lancer, how bout lettin’ me build that jail?

Scott looks concerned, he gets up, hat in hand: Why . .well, I don’t know, Charlie—(he turns away)

Charlie gets up and follows Scott.  He keeps talking to Scott’s back, while SL looks down at the hat he is holding in his hands.

CW: Now, now, don’t say no until ya hear me out. An old man like me ain’t gonna get many chances, now, you gotta fight for them.  Oh, I know, I’ve never done nothin’ but fix things. But I can build’er.  I’ll do exactly as you say, I’ll slow down on the drinkin’. I’ll work hard, I’ll even work for free.

Scott reacts at that, walks around, gestures with the hat in his hand,
SL: Charlie, that’s not . .  that wouldn’t be necessary . . . it’s  (he walks across sthe room)

CW: Ain’t found yourself no carpenter.
Scott stands back to Charlie again, leans on a shelf.

CW: Mr. Lancer, give me the chance. 

SL, turning to look at him: No, Charlie.

CW, looks down, sadly.
SL: One man’s been hurt already, and Kirby would see to it that you were hurt too.

CW, looks up, slaps his hands together: That’s just it, he wouldn’t hurt me.  I found him fifteen years ago, when he was a kid, didn’t have no place to go, I took him in, he wouldn’t hurt me.

SL looks stunned to hear this news. 

CW: You’re a young man, you’ve got time ta build something.  Can’t an old man build something too?

Scott turns, looks down.  CW continues speaking to Scott’s profile: Are ya sayin’ that it’s no use? That I might as well die and get it over with? (Charlie shakes his head) Don’t say that.

Scott seems to think this over, finally he looks up and smiles at Charlie. 
SL: All right, Charlie.

CW, very happy: Then I got the job?!

SL, nods: A dollar a day and we furnish the tools.

Charlie hurries over to get a bottle. 
CW: Think I’ll have a drink on that, Mr. Lancer.
He hands the bottle to Scott, who accepts it with a smile.  He’s still holding his hand and has his jacket draped over his arm. Scott takes a swig, then returns the bottle to Charlie. While Scott leans on the counter behind him and watches, Charlie takes a swallow, then caps the bottle, slapping the top with one hand as the scene ends.


Shot of Lancer hacienda, with cows.
Inside, Johnny is speaking, he’s wearing his pink shirt and does not seem to be very happy.

JL: Charlie’s not a carpenter.  He’s a tired old guy who can’t defend himself against a . . a tired old jackrabbit.

Johnny is speaking to Murdoch, who is seated behind his desk.  We can see Scott in the background, leaning against the back of a sofa, reading a book.

JL, to ML: What’s gonna happen when Kirby plows into ‘im?

ML: Johnny, it’s a chance to get some law in Spanish Wells.  If we fight it through, it might keep other Charlie Wingates from getting hurt.

JL: So, what do you want us to do, ring the jail with twenty men? Give’em rifles, get it built that way? (he is standing with his hands resting on the desk top, looking right at Murdoch)

Scott reacts at this.  He slaps the book shut, stands upright.
SL: Nope—won’t do any good.

JL drops his head, while Scott stands with hands on hips.
SL: Kirby will just wait til we build the jail, then he’ll wait til we leave, then he’ll tear it down.

JL straightens up, turns to look at Scott.
ML: Charlie’s worked for just about everybody around here. Everybody knows him, everybody knows him, everybody kind of loves the old boy.  If he builds the jail, he might bring this whole town together. . . Kirby might back off—-he doesn’t, I want you two there.

JL: You mean you want us ta sit there while he’s building this jail . .

Scott approaches: Now you just think of the experience you’re gonna get. I mean, you’re gonna know how that jail’s built and learn how to break out before they lock you in. Scott smiles, taps JL on the shoulder. Murdoch chuckles too, Johnny just gives them each a look.


In town: Same shopkeeper in the while apron is still sweeping as townsfolk pass by.  Shot of Charlie and Scott working on the frame of the new jail.  Quick shot of Harvey the blacksmith chawing and watching them.  Cut to an upstairs window, where Kirby is watching also . . .

He turns away from the window.  Kirby is wearing a dark blue jacket over his fancy vest. Kirby, to Bonell, who is seated behind him: I can’t understand why Charlie would do that.

Bonell: But he has.  And you’re the only one that can stop him.
He sits in profile to us and to Kirby, holding a white mug in tow hands.

Bonell: After all, this is one of the last towns open to us, we want to keep it like that, just as it is.

Kirby: I know that!  (He turns back to look out the window once more)
Well, don’t worry about it, I’ll . . .  (softly) I’ll handle Charlie.

Bonell: I’m sure you will. 

Kirby picks up his black hat from the table and exits.,  As he goes out the door, we see a cowboy standing beside it at attention, evidently Bonell’s bodyguard.

Meanwhile, back out at the construction site: Scott is hammering away, while Charlie steps down from the frameworks.

CW: I’ve sure worked up a sweat . . . booze and boards ain’t such a good combination, Mr. Lancer. 

Scott pounds a few more times, while Charlie picks up a board.
SL: Let me give you some help with those, Charlie.  We don’t want you to overdo it the first day. (Scott tosses a few tools out of the way, a shovel and an axe.)

CW: Oh, sure, sure . . . (Scott picks up a board, while Charlie keeps talking to him)
You know, it’s a funny thing, I never had a job lasted more’n a day or two.  Changes things, knowin’ there’s some place ta go the next mornin’.  Well, I gotta get movin’.  Now, don’t you worry, I can handle this myself. I’d kinda like ta feel as though this was all my job, if ya get what I mean.

SL: Sure, Charlie, I understand.

Charlie moves his board and Scott places the one he is holding on the pile.  He looks off to his right.  He wipes his mouth with his gloved right hand-left hand looks bare.  Scott heads over to the wagon.  Now we see that Johnny is seated cross-legged on a load of lumber.  He’s holding a rifle or a shotgun across his lap. Scott comes over, grabs a canteen.

JL: Should’ve brought a sack of marbles, then maybe we could play.

SL: Now, where’s your community spirit, Brother?

JL: Since when do you call this a community?  (Scott takes a drink, his eyes on Johnny)
JL, in a menacing tone: If Bonell and his men rode in her to take apart that jail, how many good, decent townfolk do you think you’d find standing at your side?

SL, sighs, put cap on canteen, looks up at Johnny: How many?

JL: None.

SL: Tell me, Brother, were you born that cynical, or did you just learn it?

JL: I learned my lessons, Scott,  . . .the hard way.

SL, pauses, blinks, then points at the gun in JL’s hands: That part of the lesson?

JL: That, no, that’s empty, ya see (he snaps it open and shows him).  That’s just window dressin’.  Nothin’ like the sight of a  . . scatter gun ta show ya mean business.

JL, continues: This on-(he pulls out a six gun), this is a hit or miss kind of gun . . it gives you a little hope, but not always. .. . . .You stand up to it, you figure maybe ya got a chance.

He holsters the pistol, picks up the scatter gun once more.
JL: This one, this wipes the whole street.

SL, slight grin: Then this kind of separates the men from the boys.
JL laughs, then grabs Scott around the neck and pulls his brother’s head to his chest.

JL: Now you’re learnin’ Brother.  You know, with a little work, I think I could make a professional out of you.

SL, seriously: I think maybe you could. 
Scott looks past Johnny, and Johnny turns his head to follows Scott’s gaze.  We see Kirby starting across the street.  When he reaches the wagon, Kirby stops and the Boys just look at him.

Kirby: I see you found yourself a carpenter.

SL, waits a beat, then shakes his head: Yes.  (The brothers exchange a look.)

Kirby: Charlie’s an old friend of mine—

SL: Yes, so I understand—

Kirby: You mind if I have a word with him?

SL, gestures towards Charlie: He’s right there. 
Scott rests his hand on his hip.  His other glove is tucked under his belt.  The boys watch as Kirby walks away.

Charlie is hammering while Kirby walks towards him, stepping along a plank.  Charlie looks up. 

CW, gesturing at the frameworks: Gonna be somethin’, Kid.

Kirby: You’re gonna have ta quit, Charlie.

CW: What’s gonna be fun is when I put the windows in, course that doesn’t come til I gt the walls up.

Kirby: I said .  .you’re going to have to quit.

CW: I heard ya, Kid.  The thing is, you’re wrong. I’m gonna finish.

Kirby: I’ll pay ya double, Charlie.

CW: T’ain’t that.

Kirby: Then what is it? Don’t you know you’re making a fool out of me? Every man in this town’s watching you, they all know we’ve been close.

CW: I never traded on that Kid.

Kirby: The Lancer family did, anybody else’d get hurt here, they know that, they’re using you.

CW: Not true.  Fact is, I had a hard time getting’ the job. (he steps down from the jail structure.)  I never made out I was your father Kid, or you was my boy. Oh, sure, I took ya in, gave ya a place ta sleep, found some clothes for ya and got enough jobs fixin’ things so we both have food. We never made no bones about things though.  You owed me nothin’. (he sits) What I done, was just what I done.  I never figured I owed you nothin’ neither.

Kirby: Charlie, you don’t owe me anything.  (He takes off his hat and sits down)

CW: You remember that bad winter, we was locked in because of the snow?  I made ya the hammer. Put the agates in the handle.  I told ya there was gonna come a time when ya’d have ta stand on ya own.  Same was gonna come for me.  Now’s that time, Kid.

Kirby: Charlie, I know that I owe you—

CW: I never held ya back, Kid. I don’t expect ya ta do that ta me neither.

Kirby: Charlie . . . . .(long pause, he looks away) I can’t let ya finish this jail.

CW, nods: That’s up ta you.  Ya oughta do what ya think is best. 

Charlie gets up and walks away; Kirby just sits for a moment looking rather unhappy. Shot of Scott and Johnny watching.  Finally, Kirby leaves without saying anything else.  Charlie goes back to hammering.  The Boys look concerned.

          SCENE 11

In the saloon. 
Charlie is wiping his neck, speaks to the bartender: Henry, I’ll need a bottle and three glasses. He wipes his forehead too.

Johnny and Scott are sitting at a table. 
JL: Oh, he’s awfully tired.  (he fiddles with the string from his hat.)
SL: I know.

JL: Why didn’t he want you to buy the drinks?

SL: He’s a proud man, Johnny.

JL: Yeah, I kinda like him.

Charlie comes over, sets three glasses down on the table.
CW: He wouldn’t let me pay for the whiskey.  It’s free! He left a bottle—compliments of the Kid. 
Charlie sits and starts pouring.

CW: Well, that’s Kirby ta me.  He prob’bly  figures I’ll get good an’ drunk and not be able ta work.

SL:  Charlie . . .if you think you should quit, we’d understand . . .

CW: Oh no, no, no.  I wouldn’t want that.  Fella kinda feels he can do the big job, if and when it comes.  He can handle the real bad things, trouble is all them little things, ya keep sayin’ they don’t count and ya talk yaself into not payin’ any attention.  Then ya get old, like me!  Ain’t never had any of the big fights and ya’ve lost all the little ones!  Time’s given out, all ya can do is try and make it up before it’s too late. I’m doin’ that. 

He takes a drink-drains his glass in one gulp. Scott raises his own glass and sips from it.

CW: That swallow was just enough.  (to the boys) Have another?
Scott shakes his head, holds up his hand to refuse. Charlie heads over to the bar.  Johnny quickly downs his glass and the Lancers follow Charlie.

CW, to barkeeper: Henry, put my name on this bottle, poke it back there somewhere, tell Kirby thanks.

The exit. It’s getting pretty dark.  Johnny unties his horse, then stops to speak to Charlie. 
JL: Charlie, you sure you’re gonna be all right, cause we don’t’ mind stayin’.

CW, hold up his hands: Oh, no, no, no.  Kirby won’t hurt me.  Your stayin’ only makes things worse.  People will talk more.  The Kid ain’t as bad as ya think.

JL: Okay.

Charlie waves and the boys ride off down the street.  Charlie walks off in the opposite direction, past one man leaning against a post with his hat covering his face, then he almost walks into another, starts backing away . . . .. it is revealed that one of the men menacing Charlie is Kirby’s man with the white feather in his hat.

Charlie: No, no, now wait a minute, wait a minute fellas . .  wait a minute.  He looks very frightened and ominous music plays.

Commercial break.


Murdoch is standing listening to Charlie, who is back to us, seated.  One sleeve is missing, torn right off of his shoulder.  Johnny is in the background, lounging in his pink shirt. 

Charlie: It coulda been for a lotta reasons, it was dark, I don’t know who it was, coulda been robbers, lookin’ for money.

ML, with a chuckle of disbelief: Charlie!

CW: Well, you can’t prove it was Kirby’s men.  Surrrre, they find I was workin’ on the jail, that mighta been a reason . .  I just can’t believe the Kid would do that, not ta me . . . and ya can’t prove it, Mr. Lancer.   (Charlie is bare-chested-his shirt is just gone!  And his face is dirty and bruised.)

ML: No, no, Charlie, I can’t prove it.

Charlie gets up, and walks off camera. Now we can see that we are at Charlie’s place.  Scott walks onto the screen to stand beside Murdoch.

ML, to Scott: I think it’s time we got used to the idea that we made a mistake.

Scott looks down, while ML continues speaking: We should have never let Charlie do that, we gotta stop it.  You tell ‘im  when he comes out, I’m gonna tell Kirby.  (Scott gives a little nod partway through ML’s speech, then folds his arms across his chest until he finishes.)

SL: I think one of us should go with you.

ML: No.


Abrupt scene change, suddenly we see Kirby in his string tie and fancy vest, we are at his saloon and Kirby is angry.

Kirby:  Don’t lecture me, Mr. Lancer, you started this, you hired Charlie.

ML, wearing his hat: I didn’t have him beat up.

Kirby: That beating saved his life, did you know that?  There are people in this town who would’ve killed him.  Pete Bonell and his gang were quite ready, I had to do what I did.

ML, looks down: I’ll tell Charlie that.

Kirby, looking concerned: How bad was he hurt?

ML: About fifteen years.

Kirby: I hope you don’t think that I wanted to hurt Charlie, I almost went crazy trying to figure out something else.  You’re very lucky, Mr. Lancer, you can do what you want, I have to do what others want.

ML: No you don’t????  Oh, Kirby, you can be your own man, that jail’s not gonna hurt you any.

Kirby: I don’t know that.

ML, big sigh: Well, I’ll tell you something, you’d better know that jail’s gonna get built if I have to nail every nail myself.  I’m not a carpenter; neither are my sons. You’d better send more men if you come after us.

Murdoch exits, leaving Kirby behind, looking unhappy.


Knocking sound.  We are looking into a hotel room, Bonell is at a table with three other men, playing cards.  Bonell has his white mug handy, as usual. 

Bonell: Get that, will you?  (He is speaking to the man who was his ‘body guard’ earlier, the one in the vest.) 

One of the card players gets up and goes to the door.  It’s Murdoch, he is very tall!! Fills the doorway. . .  Bonell is dealing the cards, he does not look up at ML’s entrance.

ML: You Bonell?

Bonell: Yeah.

ML: I’m Murdoch Lancer.

Bonell: Yes, I know who you are.

ML: I came about the jail.  Kirby says you’ve been pressuring him, I want it to stop.

Bonell: I always heard you were direct, so I’ll be too.  I’ll do everything I can to see that you fail in this thing-short of direct intervention. 

Bonell, disparagingly:  I’m not in the habit of playing little games, in little towns.  (He picks up his white mug and takes a drink)

ML: I suggest you tell Kirby that.

We hear the sound of a hammer.  Bonell tosses his cards to the table and gets up to go look out the window.  Charlie is back at work.

Bonell turns to look at Murdoch. 
ML: I hope we never have to talk again, Bonell.

Bonell: uh hmmm.  Well, that’s up to you, Mr. Lancer. 
Bonell walks back to the table, rubbing his chin, while Murdoch exits the room.  Bonell picks up his cards and says: Your bet.

Outside, Murdoch walks over to the construction site and speaks to Johnny, who is seated in the wagon bed once more. When he sees ML, Scott comes over, he is wearing his hat and gloves.  Johnny is bareheaded.

ML:  Johnny, didn’t you tell him he was through?

JL: Murdoch, he wouldn’t listen to me.

ML: All right, I’ll tell him.

JL: Murdoch.  You can’t fire Charlie.  You know, in the beginnin’, I thought we were wrong, mixin’ into this.  I don’t feel that way now.  And there’s only one reason (sigh) and that’s that old man—(camera shot of Scott in profile turning to look at Charlie-we can see CW hard at work through a window opening)

JL, continues: Look at him . . he’s so tired he can hardly pound a nail, got a bellyful of tears he can’t lose (JL looks down) cause Kirby did what he did.  Murdoch, Charlie’s got only one thing left, and it’s that jail and if you take it away from ‘im, be the same as killin’ him.

SL: It’ll kill them too. He nods in the direction of the townsfolk gathered to watch Charlie at work.

Harvey the Blacksmith yells: Hey Charlie, then something unintelligible. Then Charlie waves back with his hammer in his hand, we can still lsee him through the framed and empty window.

ML:  It was always this way-I’d forgotten . .  (he walks away from his sons as he delivers this speech. . hard to tell who he’s talking to, exactly!!)   cow towns, stage stations, rail heads, one little start . . you always think it can go straight to the end. Well, I guess if Charlie can stay with the Lancers, the Lancers can stay with Charlie . . . (he goes back over to the boys, who are smiling.)  You’re gonna have to keep a mighty close eye on him.

JL: Well, that won’t be so bad.


Suddenly, we are looking at a door and hearing a knock. The door opens and its Kirby, it’s night time now, it’s very dark outside.  As he enters, Kirby removes his hat.  Camera shifts to reveal the Lancers inside, JL is seated and Scott behind him, ML standing beside Johnny.

CW: Hello, Kid.

Kirby: Hello Charlie.  (to the Lancers) It’s all right, I just  . .I just want to talk to Charlie.

CW: Sure, Kid, ain’t nothin’ wrong with that . . you just step outside, in the yard.

Kirby, to Lancers: And I promise you, there’s nothing to be afraid of . .
Charlie exits first, Kirby goes out the door behind him.

ML: You’d better go out the back, keep’em in sight—
The boys do as he says, head out the door.

Outside, Kirby and Charlie are standing and talking.
Kirby: What’s it gonna take, Charlie . . to make you give all this up?

CW: Now, you know better’n that Kid, ain’t nothin’ gonna make me quit.

Kirby: I’ve tried to hold Bonell back as long as I can, Charlie, I . . from now on, I just can’t be responsible for what might happen.

CW: Don’t you worry none, everything’ll work out all right.

Kirby, sighs: Well . . Charlie, I’ll try and talk to Bonell again and see . . .I just don’t think it’s gonna do any good.

CW: You do that . 

Kirby: Good night, Charlie.

CW: Good night, Kid. 
Kirby walks away and Charlie stands holding on to the hitch rail.  Scott and Johnny approach.  Charlie turns to greet them..

CW: I told ya there’s be no trouble here.

SL, hands on hips: Well, you were right, Charlie . . . . we’ll bed down in the barn.

CW: There’s covers and everything out there, just come get me if you need anything more

JL: Thanks, Charlie.

CW: Good night, boys.

Boys: Good night. 
They head off to the barn, while Charlie goes back inside.  Murdoch is seated, wearing his hat, waiting for him, drinking from a tin cup.

ML: Everything all right, Charlie?

CW, hands in pockets: I don’t know . .  I think so, but I’m not sure . . (he walks away as ML takes a drink)  Oh, the Kid’ll work it out, can’t blame what happened on him  (he sits) It was them others. Deep down, I know that . . . sure as the world.  (poor CW sounds as if he is trying to convince himself more than Murdoch)

Suddenly there is a ringing sound. 

CW: That’s the fire signal, Mr. Lancer! 

They exit, the boys join them.  The next shot is of flames, there are people running around.  We see Harvey the Blacksmith sounding the alarm, it’s a triangle hanging from a tree.  Harvey yells out some instructions, including telling people to “get some shovels”.

The three Lancers stand and watch.  While the flames are on screen, we hear an unidentified man say “Poor old Charlie . .look what they done to his jail!”

People are running in the darkness, shot of Charlie watching.  Dramatic music.  Someone shouts: “Come on, get that water over there!’

SL: Those buildings catch, half this town will burn.

JL: Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad . . .

ML stands silently behind the boys.  Everyone else is racing around working, frantic, talking.  “You ain’t gonna save that jail,” someone says.  The final shot is of Charlie sadly shaking his head.  Commercial break.


Daylight. Scott kicks some burned boards aside. He is holding his hat and gloves, he has his gun belt over his shoulder.  Murdoch is standing nearby, so is Charlie Wingate.  Johnny is in the background, kicking at something that falls over. He has his hat hanging down his back.  Pink shirt for JL, same beige one for SL.

ML: Long night.

SL: Well, we managed to save everything but the jail. 
He puts on his hat and then starts to wrap his gun belt around his waist.

JL: Well, what’re we gonna do now?

ML: Let’s start with Kirby.
Murdoch leads the way, Scott follows him, still fastening his gun belt.  The two of them walk around the burned out structure, while Johnny goes out the back and meets up with them.


Inside the saloon, Kirby is sitting alone, in a downcast pose.
The Lancers burst through the batwing doors, Murdoch is in front. Kirby doesn’t even look up at them.

Kirby: I didn’t have anything to do with it.

SL: On your feet, Kirby!

Kirby, talking fast: I didn’t have anything to do with burning down that jail.  Pete Bonell and his gang, he came in here last night and burned it down!

The barkeeper is visible behind Kirby, listening, there does not seem to be anyone else in the saloon.

Kirby: He’s gonna make this town his headquarters, gonna build an empire here, bring all of his men here.  (he’s still speaking very fast and not looking at the Lancers)  Nothing I can do to stop him, nothin’ you can do either.

ML: Where is he?

Kirby: I wouldn’t fool around with him if I were you.  You cause trouble for him, he’ll come back and burn down the whole town.

JL: You let us worry about that.

ML: Where is Bonell?

Kirby: When he left here last night he said he was gonna camp at Fremont pass.

The Lancers quickly exit and Kirby watches them go.


Outside.  The three Lancers are on horseback riding up hill. Nice scenery.

Next we see some men in a small clearing with a campfire, one in blue has his hands tied behind his back-it’s Kirby’s bartender! (how did he get here so fast???)-he’s sitting on a large rock.  Bonell, dressed in black, is standing nearby and there are two of Bonell’s men as well, one holding a rifle on the prisoner.  They hear the sound of riders approaching-amazing hearing!!

Bonell’s man leaves the clearing and next we see him pointing a rifle at the Lancers. He tells them: That’s far enough! Get down off your horses. I said dismount!

They dismount.

Bonell’s man: All right.  Drop your guns!

They do so, tossing them to the ground.

Bonell’s man: Right, through here. 
Scott goes first, then Murdoch, then Johnny. JL holds the edge of his hat as he walks past. Bonell greets them.

Bonell: We’ve been expecting you Mr. Lancer.

ML: Obviously. 

Bonell, gestures at the seated man: This gentleman here rode all the way out to tell us you were coming.  I’m not used to such courtesy.

The Lancers have formed a lineup.  Scott stopped and ML walked past him, then turned to face Bonell. SL is in the middle between ML and JL.  One of Bonell’s men is to Johnny’s right and the other is behind the group.  Scott is tucking his gloves into his empty holster.  Bonell walks to our right, to stand and speak to Murdoch.  During their conversation there are alternating close-ups of the two men.

Bonell: So I invited him to stay, so you could confirm his story.

ML: Why?

Bonell: You’ve been a fool, Lancer, and I almost was.  Do you think I really care about Spanish Wells?

ML: You burned up that jail last night.

Bonell: My men and I rode out yesterday afternoon, the jail was still standing. 
(close up of Murdoch’s puzzled expression)  I have no intention of risking gunfire over some small town. 

ML: You trying to tell me you had nothing to do with setting fire to that jail?

Bonell: Nothing . . . you know what he came up here to tell us? (Bonell walks over towards the seated man in blue). His message was that you were gonna kill us-on sight.  We were warned to fire first.  I don’t like being used! (He kicks the seated man in the leg!  The prisoner flinches)

Bonell, crossing back to ML: I suggest you return to Spanish Wells, that’s where your real argument is.

ML: Who sent him?

Bonell: You got a man in that little town of yours, who’s all eaten out inside. Something about fellas who grew up hungry-never want to stop eating.

ML: Kirby?

Bonell throws something on the ground, but doesn’t answer.

JL: We’re in the wrong place.

ML: So is Charlie. . .


Abrupt scene shift to Charlie’s tools sitting on the ground, we see a saw.  CW picks up an adze and starts working on one of the timbers.

The Blacksmith is at work.
Harvey the Blacksmith: Hey Charlie! (CW looks up at him) Soon’s I get done with this iron, I’ll come over there and give ya some help!  (Shot of other townsfolk watching too)

Charlie, waves and shouts back at him: Always can use a little help, Harvey!

Harvey chuckles, says: “son of a gun”. Charlie keeps working.


At the saloon. It’s pretty dim inside.  Kirby is there, wearing a dark jacket over his fancy vest, and his man in the white feathered hat enters.

White Feather: Kirby, that old man—

Kirby: I can see!   (Long pause)

Kirby: Now listen and listen very carefully.  Blaine is up at the livery stable, I want ya to go get him.  Then you find yourselves a place opposite the jail and stake yourselves out.  I’m gonna go talk to the old man, when I walk away, if he isn’t with me, I want ya to kill’im. 

Kirby walks off camera. 
White Feather, in disbelief: Kill him? (he follows Kirby)

Kirby: That’s the word.

White Feather leaves, Kirby straps on a gun belt.


Quick shot of the Lancers galloping along, then we go back to Charlie at the jail.  Kirby is approaching, wearing a black hat.  His men can be seen up above the hotel on a balcony. The shopkeeper across the street in the white apron sits down with a rifle across his lap.  Charlie is looking around and waiting, hands on hips.  Harvey steps in behind him with a shotgun that he cocks.

CW: What is all this, Harvey?

Harvey: Well, ‘pears ta us like you got a little trouble and I think it’s about time some of us helped ya.

Charlie looks around at everyone again.
CW: I ain’t got no trouble I can’t handle.

Harvey: Now look here, Charlie, you know durn well-

CW: Don’t you worry none, Harvey, if I need help, I’ll call ya.

Harvey reluctantly leaves while Kirby continues to approach, his men remain in position.  Charlie resumes sawing a plank. Harvey pauses as he walks away, gives Kirby a long look. 

Kirby: Old Man, I wanna talk ta you.

CW: Sure thing, Kid. (he puts his saw down.) Just step right in, like the fella says. (Charlie stands with his hands on his hips.)

Kirby: No, Charlie. This is it, this is the end of the line. Now I want you to come with me. (He steps towards Charlie)

CW: Aww, I can’t do that Kid, I got work ta do here.

Kirby: Now, Charlie, ya got ta stop this, while ya can. 

Charlie shakes his head “no”, but doesn’t speak.  Through out the ensuing conversation, the camera alternates close ups of the two men.

Kirby: Now, listen to me Charlie. Big things can happen in this town, and big things can happen for you and me.  But we gotta keep an open town; we get this jail up and get a marshal in here, they’re gonna squeeze us to death. (he squeezes his fist very tightly as he says this)

CW: Always before, Kid, everything was you.  But now. You’ve growed up-you don’t need me.  Always before, you was it, now it’s me—(he points to himself)

Kirby: Charlie, then come and live with me.  I’ll take care of ya, anything you want, anything! I’ll get it for ya!  (Kirby puts his hands on CW, clutches at his vest.

CW, shaking his head: That ain’t it, Kid, I wanta take care of me.  Don’t ya understand, I hafta take care of me.

Kirby: That’s not true, Charlie.

CW: Yes, it is.  You’ve got the saloon. You got money, you’ve got years ahead, all I’ve got is me.  Now, I know I ain’t much, but I’m all I’ve got.  (He turns slightly and points at the structure) This jail is gonna be the only thing ta prove I ever passed through here.  Kind of a monument like. 

Kirby is very exasperated now.  He takes his hat off and walks away a few steps, looks up and sees his men still in position on the Mawson Hotel balcony, guns ready.  Kirby turns back to Charlie.

Kirby: Charlie, I don’t think you know how much this means to me-what I’ll do ta stop it.

CW: I know Kid. I know it was you had me beat up.

Kirby lowers his gaze.

CW: I know it was you burned all this down.  That’s why I gotta finish this jail.

The two men look at each other without talking. The camera moves back and forth between them twice before Charlie resumes speaking.

CW: Up ta then, I kinda figured you might be the one worthwhile thing I was gonna leave behind.

Kirby: Oh, Charlie . . .please. . . . please. . .   (Kirby is begging here.)
CW shakes his head sadly, Kirby looks as if he is in pain. 

Kirby, yelling: Why can’t you realize you can’t do this alone!?

CW: I’m not alone, Kid, you are.

Kirby just stares at him.  Ominous music plays.  Kirby shakes his head, he covers his face with one hand.  Suddenly, at the end of the street, the Lancers come into view, all three of them, on horseback.  Kirby looks up and sees them, he lowers his hand and says “No” in a tone of angry disbelief. The Lancers dismount, ML first, then the boys.  Murdoch looks up, immediately spots Kirby’s men on the hotel balcony.  He walks towards Charlie and Kirby.

ML, to Kirby: Bonell sends regards, says if you want Lancers killed, you’re gonna have to do it yourself.

Kirby walks towards ML: If I have to, I will.

Charlie is standing behind Kirby, up on the platform of the jail, watching.  There is a shot of Kirby’s men, looking at each other, then White Feather takes aim—his bullet just misses CW’s head!!!  Kirby throws his hands up, yells Stop! Stop! The second man on the balcony shoots and Kirby goes down.  Murdoch draws his gun and turns to fire up at the two men.

Johnny rolls to safety across the street.  He’s under the hotel balcony, firing upwards.  Shot of CW looking bewildered.

Shot of Scott crouching and gripping a hitching rail, while Murdoch hustles over and takes cover nearby.  Both of them are shooting.  While the Lancers and Kirby’s men shoot it out, Charlie goes to see how Kirby is.

Cut back to Scott, who fires and seems to hit White Feather, while Murdoch gets the other guy.  Scott looks over his shoulder at ML, slowly they both rise to their feet.

Camera goes to CW who is kneeling beside Kirby.  Charlie looks up with a stunned expression as SL and ML approach.   Scott turns to look up at the balcony and the Mawson Hotel sign, but Johnny hasn’t appeared yet.  As Scott turns back to look at Charlie, we can see JL emerge from a curtained window.

CW, in a tone of disbelief: Kid’s dead.

On the balcony, Johnny is rounding up the two men.  We hear him say : All right, come on, inside. . .

Murdoch, to CW: He’s been dead for a long time, Charlie.

CW: I, ah . . . don’t understand . . (he’s still stricken, shakes his head a bit)   . .any of it . . Why?  .  . did I do bad by him?

ML: Sometimes there is no ‘why’.  You get a boy, old enough to lead his own life, and then you say, Dear God, here he is, do the best You can.

Murdoch pauses, then shakes his head with a tight-lipped expression: You did your best, Charlie.

Charlie is still looking sadly down at Kirby.  The camera shifts to Harvey’s hand releasing its pressure on the trigger of his long gun.  He sighs, looks sadly at Charlie, then walks over to a saddle on a fence rail, and puts his weapon in the sheath.  The white aproned shopkeeper across the street stands and leans his rifle against the wall, then picks up his broom and starts sweeping.


Opens with a shot of a hammer pounding a nail into a sign which reads:

There is the sound of applause, and we see Charlie in a dark hat and black string tie-clean shaven— and smiling.  There is a view of the three Lancer men clapping.  Johnny is in his pink shirt, ML a blue plain number with a tan vest and SL in the ever popular beige job.  Scott is wearing his gloves and has his hat settled quite low over his handsome face. The jail is a white building, with a window on either side of the centered door.  There is a larger sign over the door that reads: Spanish Wells Jail.

Charlie bows a bit.  He puts his hammer in his tool box, and carries it over to the Lancers.
CW, gesturing with his thumb over his shoulder towards the jail: Some day, somebody’s gonna look at that and say ‘I wonder who he was!’

ML, chuckles: You did a good job, Charlie!

CW: It cost a lot.

Scott looks down when he says this. Charlie looks at the jail again. 
CW: But the Kid I knew long time ago woulda liked it though.
(as he speaks, he brushes his cheek with one hand, turns to face the Lancers)

CW: I sure wanna thank you Lancers.

ML: You already have, Charlie. 

Charlie gives a little salute with upraised hand and then walks away to a smattering of applause.   We see Harvey hand Charlie his jacket, pats CW on the back.  Charlie also meets up with the white aproned shopkeeper, who stops him and puts something in the pocket of CW’s jacket.  They both ‘bow’ by dipping their heads at each other, then Charlie continues down the street, carrying his tool box and his jacket.

Camera returns to the Lancers.  Johnny is looking over his shoulder at the jail.  They are all back to the camera, and start to walk down the street.  Cut back to Charlie, and at the bottom of the screen the Lancers come back into view. We see JL bend down and pick up a rock or something, shake his hand and then toss whatever it is down the street.


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