Transcript: Zee

Air Date: 30 September 1969
Director:  Leo Penn   
Teleplay: Andy Lewis — Winner 1969 Western Writers of America “Spur Award” for Best TV Script

Guest Stars:
Zee: Stefanie Powers   
Trask: Vaughn Taylor
Harker: Dub Taylor   
Mangrim: Jack Elam
Widow Hargis: Ellen Corby


Kids in the street playing “Kick the Can”.  We are in town and see Murdoch sitting on the buckboard seat, Johnny is standing beside him, eating something.  Scott, wearing his blue shirt, is arranging barrels in the back of the wagon.

SL: There, that’s it.
JL: Nope, two more.
SL: Two more?!!  He is leaning over, looks rather tired.
JL: That’s right, what’s a matter, didn’t they teach ya to count at that . .what was that school, Harvard?

ML just sits and watches.  SL looks very tired and rather exasperated.  He goes back into the building . . .

Suddenly, riders come down the street, start shooting. There are three of them.  Johnny starts to reach for his gun, but Murdoch says no, “there’s too many kids.” JL is still chewing on something.  SL comes out with a barrel over his shoulder.  

ML, from the buckboard: Scott, stay where you are.    Scott looks startled, goes back inside.

One of the gunman, his face partially covered by a bandanna, says: “Ya’ll stay where ya at, ya here me?”  whereupon JL and ML both put their hands up in the air.  JL is still chewing.  An old guy, Harker, in long john shirt and round hat puts his hands up very high.  The third robber is still on horseback, but the other two head into a store.

JL: They’re looking to rob Widow Hargis.
ML: That’s what I call real bad judgment.

One robber comes crashing out the window, the widow chases them with a broom: “Don’t come back!!!” The two would-be robbers go for their horses . .  ML gets his team moving, places the wagon in a position to block the street.  JL draws his gun, and fires, some other bystanders join in as well.

One robber rides his horse and jumps right over the buckboard.

SL appears, a coil of rope in hand, he ties it around a support post of a porch roof of a building.  

Meanwhile, JL shoots one guy off of his horse.  SL brings the rope across the street, and winds it around another post, he crouches and pulls it tight, causing the third robber’s horse to rear up, spilling the rider into the street.  SL is right on it, tackles the robber, who scrambles up onto a wooden sidewalk–Scott grabs the robber again and they tumble backwards over a hitching rail.  JL, ML and Harker among others, are watching this.  Finally Scott has the robber pinned face down on the ground and is sitting on him. SL uses a rifle to hold the victim down.  JL and ML run over.

Its clearly a stunt man that is wrestling with the robber–certainly another stunt man and not Stephanie Powers.  That baggy rear is definitely not WM’s butt!!!!  Nice contrast where JL uses his gun and shoots the guy and SL comes up with an innovative method to get his man alive and unharmed.  Even though he is wearing a gun, he doesn’t opt to use it.

There is a crowd of people standing around.
ML: There’s three of them Sheriff, one’s dead over yonder and one of ’em got away.
JL: He won’t get far, he’s ridin’ a crow bait.
Sheriff Gabe: All right, I need some men for a posse . .who’s with me?
A couple of men raise their hand, but not the Lancers.  The Sheriff speaks to JL and ML standing beside him:  I’d appreciate it if you two would help me catch him

ML: Sure Sheriff.

Sheriff: Good, get your horses.  
JL is bending over to check out Scott’s prisoner, then starts to walk away with the other men.

SL, yells: What about me?
JL, over his shoulder: You already got one . .   JL and ML keep walking away.

SL: What am I supposed to do, sit on him all afternoon??  JL just looks back and grins.

Sheriff: Take him and shove him in jail. We’ll be back inside of three hours. He takes out his key to give to SL.

SL, pointing: Wait a minute!

Well, SL is getting no respect here.  His family just walks away and the sheriff orders him around.  JL thinks its all amusing. WM’s accent shows through when he says all afternoon . . .

Sheriff: You’re deputized .  He walks away. Everyone else starts to leave too.   SL puts the big ring of the keys over his gun handle, stands up, still holding the robber’s rifle.  He pulls the prisoner to his feet, but when the robber tries to struggle, SL holds him with one arm around the waist, half carries him to the jail.  Prisoner keeps kicking out a bit.  They get inside, SL closes the door, the prisoner is really struggling now.  SL puts down the rifle, uses both hands, gets prisoner up against the door of the jail cell.  The prisoner is facing the bars and holding them with both hands.

SL: Now you stay there . . Now I mean it.  He starts patting down the prisoner, looking for weapons.  Reaction shot as he realizes . . . . 

SL: Turn around . . .  
He pulls the bandanna off of the robber’s face, lifts the hat off of the head
SL: Why ..  You’re a . .  . SHE grabs his hand and bites it!!!!!  She also kicks him in the knee, he yells, she tries to run to the door, grabs the rifle.  Scott stops her, he gets a grip on the rifle too, points it towards the ceiling, it goes off.  He forces her to drop the gun, grabs her, struggles but finally gets her into the cell and closes the door.  He’s trying to lock the door and she’s yelling how she’s going to kill him and reaching through the bars.  

Zee: I’m gonna stomp on you!!!  Stomp on your liver!  
Then she turns away and starts moaning.  

Zee: Oh!! Oh!  . . You hurt me!
SL: I what??!!  He is looking at the bite on his finger.
Zee: YOU HURT ME!!! You big.(???) . . Oh . . You mashed my ribs clean to my gizzards. . . .
SL: Well, what about my finger??  And my knee???

Zee: Uh . .  Them’s just little nibbles . . . .she laughs

Zee: Hey, Casper . .  Hey, you don’t reckon you’re gonna keep me in here very long, now do you? I’m gonna be outta this crib in three days . .maybe even at sundown. She’s smiling, holding onto the bars.

SL, shakes head: No

Zee: You know, you ain’t half bad looking for a law  (??) .  .fella ..   He smiles.
She continues: You wanna see my  . . My ribs where I been hurted?  Huh? You wanna see them?? . . .ooooh . .  .

SL, shakes his head again: No.
She srarts screaming: Why you hog whallopper!!!! I’m gonna get you this time, I swear I’m gonna get you!!!!!!  She’s yelling loudly, grabs the basin and throws it between the bars.  Continues to carry on about what she plans to do . .not all of it is intelligible.

SL is over at the sheriff’s desk, leaning over it, back to her.  

Zee hears a noise outside the window.  She stops yelling, goes to the window stands on the bunk to look out.  We don’t get to see what she sees.  She lies down on the bunk and pounds the pillow with her hands, kicks her feet, fake crying.

SL is still leaning over the desk, then he hears something outside, walks over and bends down to pick the rifle up off of the floor.  He stands it up by the door, and then he opens the door. Townspeople come in, 6-7 of them.  Trask is in front, wearing a hat and black string tie.  Harker is there and at least two other men and two woman.

Trask: Everything all right, Lancer? We heard ruckus.
Scott backs up as they all troop in . .he sits down on the edge of the desk.
SL: Everything’s just fine.

Trask: Well, as Justice of the Peace, I instruct you to present the prisoner for arraignment at 9:00 tomorrow morning.  
SL: Mr. Trask, I’ll be very happy to tell the sheriff when he gets back.  Soon . . .  I hope.
The prisoner starts moaning and crying again.  Has a pillow over her head, still lying on the bunk.

Harker: What’s that!!??

SL: That . . . Is the prisoner.    She fake cries again.

Harker: Got a mighty high squeaky voice, ain’t he!?

SL: Well, he is a she . .  He crosses the floor to a chair and pulls it back into its place.

Harker: A what!?

SL: A girl.  He picks up the basin from the floor and goes over to sit on the edge of a table.  The townspeople react to the news and crowd around the cell.

Harker, gripping bars and peering in: By golly!! She is a girl ain’t she!?

Trask: Girl?   Get up.

Zee: Yes, sir ..  She speaks faintly and does as he says.

Trask: Come over here.  I want to talk to you.  What’s your name?

Zee, approaching: I . . I’m awful feared sir, if I’s ta tell you my real name  . . . 
Trask, pointing at her: You’re in serious trouble, you know!!

Zee: Oh . . I’d like to explain that sir, there’s been a terrible mistake, see .  ..

Trask, holds hand up: Wait!

Zee: I.  .I was just riding through town here and . . On . .on my way home to the convent . .and I,  and I heard all these shooting and shouting . . (reaction shot of SL)

Trask: Wait!

Harker, shouts: I seen you up on top of that horse with that handkerchief around your face!!  And that shotgun, I seen ya, I’m a witness!  I’m a witness!

Zee: Oh . . I could explain all that . . .

Trask:  Wait I said!!! (they quiet)  We’ll hear all of this testimony tomorrow at the arraignment.  (to Zee) Don’t be frightened . . All we want to know now is, are you all right?  Are you being treated fair?  (the camera is on Scott as he asks this)
Zee: No!   
Facial reaction from SL, but he doesn’t say anything.

Zee: Him ..  He . . .  he . . . hurt me!  Yes he did, he got me in here and he stomped on me . . . And . . Pushed me around. . . .

Harker: He had ta arrest ya!

Zee: Afterwards!!! Found out I’s a girl!  Using vile words and language and oohh, it was just awful . . 

Everyone is looking at Scott, finally he responds: She was trying to blow my head off.

Z: Well, look here, he’s taken my wash basin and my drinking cup . .  She sits on the bunk.

Trask, coolly, to Scott: You reckon you might give her back her washbasin, Lancer?

When Scott hesitates, Trask gets a bit more heated: She may be your prisoner, but . . .

Scott can’t hold back now, he interrupts: Oh, now wait a minute . . Oh, oh . . She is not my prisoner.  Oh no, she is not my prisoner.  Now if you gentlemen want her, all you have to do is undeputize me and take her.  He gestures with the washbasin in one hand.

Trask: Only the Sheriff can do that.

SL: Well, then until the sheriff gets back, I figure I am in charge of these premises and you people are all interfering with my duty.

Trask,loudly: Now just a minute!

SL, raises voice: Now let’s go!! Come on! Let’s go! Out! Everybody.  He slaps the basin against one hand as he chases them out

Harker: You need, you need any help, you call on me!!

SL: Thank you very much Harker . .  Harker and the others exit, Harker repeating his offers of help.  Reaction shot of Zee grinning in  the cell.  SL thanks Harker again, says Fine, fine, thank you . . .
Trask: Understand, we do not mistreat prisoners in this town!!!

SL: Right sir.  He closes the door on them, still murmuring “right, right”.  Leans against the  closed door, tosses the basin up in the air.

Zee is standing at the bars smiling. He walks over to her and she backs away, smiling still and shaking a finger at him.  He passes the basin through the bars and she takes it.

Scott goes over to sit at the sheriff’s desk, finds something to read.  She sits on the bunk, smiling.  He looks at her over his shoulder . .there is nice music playing since the townspeople left . . .

Later: He’s still seated and reading, back to her.  Zee starts singing idly. . . Moans a little.
Zee: Oh, oh . .  I’m hurt real bad. I said, I’m um . .um really hurting . .  He doesn’t react, turn or answer her . . She picks up the bar of soap.

Zee: It’s all hurt inside me, sloshing around . . .  She bites into the bar of soap.  Makes faces and keeps chewing . .   Starts moaning some more . .oh  oh . . .  She lies down on bunks and we hear a pounding noise


Abrupt shift . .the pounding is Scott knocking on the door to the doctor’s office, he has Zee in his arms.

Dr.: Come on, come on, put her in there.  (He points to the next room as SL carries Zee in the door, Trask is following him and there are a few other townspeople looking in the doorway too.)

Trask: Oh, great man, she told ya, said she was hurt.

Dr: What happened?  SL puts Zee on the examining table, Trask is still following.  

Trask: He crushed her, apparently. 

SL, with hand up: Now wait a minute.  She seemed all right to me . . . Afterwards . . Um, pretty much.

Dr, using a stethoscope: How long has she been unconscious?

SL: I just noticed . . .  I mean, she was making all these different kinds of  . .choking noises, I didn’t pay much attention.

Dr, removes stethoscope and looks at him: You heard someone choking and you didn’t pay attention?

SL: But then, I did, I did.  I went in and she was lying there and sort of  . . foaming, at the mouth, like you see now.  (he has a drop of perspiration running down his face)

Dr: Trask, get the Widow Hargis, she may be in need of scripture.  
Dr, to SL: Now you, heat up some water, so I can sterilize some instruments, we may need to open her up.  

Trask and SL leave the room. Doctor pulls instruments out of cabinet–sharp ones. Zee opens one eye and looks at him, sees what he’s doing, then closes her eyes again.

Dr, comes out of examining room, closes curtain, hiding Zee from view.  He speaks to the people standing in the doorway:  All right, move along.  What are you gawkin’ at?

Dr, to Scott, who is working by the stove: Is it boiling yet?

SL: No–take a few minutes.

Dr: Eh . . . . Its warm enough to wash my hands in.  Get some wood!!!  Heat it up!!!

SL: Yes, sir.   He tosses a stick of wood to the floor and then leaves.

Doctor goes back to the examining room, pushes curtains aside and Zee is missing!!!
Scene shifts to SL outside gathering an armload of wood.  He hears a noise above him and slowly turns.  He looks up and see Zee halfway out the window.  She has an expression that says “Caught”, then she smiles.

The people in this town don’t have much to do except follow other people around!!!  Like how SL is still the hard worker, gets right at the fire, gathers the wood.  His reaction to the noise up above him is a bit long.  Like how he says “Yes sir” to the doctor.

Scene shifts to the Widow Hargis and Trask coming down the street.  They are not in a big hurry.  Two ladies are strolling behind them.

Trask: I don’t think Lancer’s really to blame, I guess.. I . . I mean, maybe, after all, he just thought she was funnin’ with him

Widow: Funnin’?  He nods in assent.

Scott is coming towards them, carrying Zee over his shoulder, her butt is in the air.
She is moaning.

Trask: I thought she was close to dyin’?

SL: Well, uh . . She’s feeling much better now.

Widow: Scott Lancer, is that how you treat a lady?

SL: No, ma’am, I wouldn’t say that it was.

Scott sets Zee down on her feet, she is standing in front of him and he is holding each of her arms. She drops to her knees or tries to and extends one hand towards the Widow.

Zee: Oh . .ma’am, say can I have that please? 
She is reaching towards the Bible that the Widow is holding.  

Widow: Why child?

Zee: Cause maybe it . .  it’ll protect me.

Widow: Protect you against what?

Zee, gestures towards Scott with her thumb: From him.  He’s been crawlin’ into ma cell, gigglin’ and pawin’ at me.  

Trask and the Widow look at Scott.  SL looks away, looks exasperated, but doesn’t say anything.  The two women behind Trask and the Widow also react.  Trask puts his hands on his hips, the Widow looks very concerned, but still not totally convinced.

Widow: Scott Lancer?

Zee: Makin’ indecent suggestions . .  Oh, it’s so terrible, ma’am, I can’t really talk about it.

Widow looks at Trask, then she gives Zee the book.

Zee: Thank you ma’am and bless you.
SL pulls her to her feet.  

Widow: Scott Lancer, have you been making attempts on her person?

SL: Madame, I can hardly wait to get rid of her person.

Zee: Bless you . . Oohhh, thank you, ma’am, bless you. She continues on as SL pulls and pushes her down the street. 

Meanwhile, riders approach, its Johnny, Murdoch and part of the posse.  SL walks towards them, bringing Zee along with him, calls out: Johnny!

Murdoch: Scott!

JL: Hey, what ya got there, Scott?

Scott stands beside Zee, he has a grip on her left arm with both hands. He asks:Where’s the Sheriff?
Zee, smiles at the newcomers: Hello.

ML, points at Zee: That the third one—a woman – – –

SL: Please. I don’t want to go into that again. . .is he at the jailhouse, the Sheriff?
ML: He’s back at the Ander’s ranch.  We got into a gun fight with that third man, the Sheriff got wounded.

SL, shaking his head: No,no . .  .

JL: He’s not that bad, he just got shot in the leg.

SL: I don’t care where he got shot, I want to know who’s watching the jail house.

ML: You are . . Take us at least three or four days to find another lawman.

SL: No, no please . . .

JL: Hey whatsa matter with you brother, can’t you handle one girl?

SL just looks at him, Zee smiles.

SCENE 3  The Arraignment

Trask is putting up a sign in the saloon: “No Liquor Served During Court Hearing”.  He sits behind the bar, there is an electric??? fan.

Trask:  All right, sit down everybody.  He raps on the bar with a beer mug. Then he announces that : This hearing is in order.  (to Zee) Sit down girl.

Zee: Thank you, sir.   She sits down with Scott in the front.  SL is to her left, the Widow Hargis is seated to Zee’s right.  Harker is behind and between Zee and Scott.  There are many other people seated and a few standing at the back of the room.. Johnny enters through the swinging doors and joins the men standing at the back.  He drapes his jacket over one door and hangs his hat on the edge of the other.

Trask, to Scott: Deputy, was it necessary to bring her in shackles?

SL: I thought so.

Zee: Sir, excuse me, but is this my trial?

Trask: No, miss, this is an arraignment.  We’ll discover sufficient evidence to support a charge to hold you for trial next week.  

Zee: Oh, but that’ll be too late. 
While she is speaking, a cowboy enters the saloon, JL reaches for his hat and holds it.

Harker: What does she mean, too late?

Trask:  Harker—
Zee: Ah, I’m sorry to keep interruptin’, sir, but I think it would be better for everybody if ya was just ta let me go.

Harker: Let you go!!?  You robbed a store!!

Trask, pounds on the bar with the glass: Order!  Both of you.  They quiet down.  He continues: To begin with, the defendant will identify herself.  Your name girl?

During this exchange, we have a close up of the stranger at the back of the room, listening to the proceedings.  He is still wearing his hat.  Harker also has his hat on, sits with arms folded across his chest.  SL is seated in a relaxed position, with elbows on the arms of the chair, hands placed one on top of the other.

Zee, speaks a bit more quietly: That’s what I’ve been trying to explain . .  Ah, it’d save an awful lot of embarrassment and trouble and some awful things could happen .  . .

Trask: Your name please.

Zee: Zee Mangrim.

Reaction shots of Harker, then Trask, Johnny, and the new guy. Back to Harker, who mouths the words “Zee Mangrim”, looking around.  Audience reaction, murmuring.  Harker starts to leave, SL looks back at him in profile, slight smile.  

Trask: Harker!! (Harker is at the door now)  Order! (Trask bangs with glass again)
Trask, to Harker: You stay in the room!!

Zee: Well, that’s what I’ve been trying ta tell ya, I’m Tom Mangrim’s own daughter, the outlaw?

Harker: She could be, I seen pictures of Tom Mangrim, she do favor him .  .. 

Trask: Harker!

Harker: He’s ——-???(didn’t get this, think its where they are?)  with his whole gang.  Why do you know what they could do? They could ride right in this town right here and just wipe it right off of the map.

Shot of the new guy, who is watching and listening with great interest.

Zee: Yes, they could do that, yes, it would be awful.

Harker: Why I bet he’s got more than forty outlaws with him out there . .

Trask, pounding with the mug:  Order! Harker!
Now listen to me, all of you. Who this girl might and who she might not be has nothing to do with the law.  We are bound by our duty and the rules of evidence. Harker, you’re the first witness.

Harker: Witness?

Trask: The events that happened yesterday afternoon!

Harker: Everything went black. . .  I mean, I don’t remember yesterday . . .nothin’ since Tuesday.

Trask: You’ve been telling everybody in town–
Harker: No, no! No, no!  I was home, in bed, drunk, I don’t remember nothin’!
Harker looks left and right while he is speaking.  Reaction shot of Scott who slowly turns to look at Harker, who continues to speak: I’m . .I’m I ain’t no witness, no suh.  You know, what you can do, you can hang me right up by my thumbs. (he gestures with both thumbs raised) I ain’t no witness.  No suh. (reaction shot of the stranger at the back of the room, he’s smiling.  Reaction shot of SL, he isn’t smiling.)

Harker: You know what I bin thinkin’? The best thing for this whole town ta do is ta let that girl go and get her out of here.  He points at Zee.

Trask pounds on the bar as people react and talk.  Trask: Order! Order!

People quiet down.  
Trask: Well, we can’t return an indictment against this girl without a complaining witness.    People murmur.

Trask: Mrs. Hargis?

Widow: I have a different attitude that Mr. Harker. I don’t know if the girl’s telling the truth and I don’t care whose daughter she is . . . But she’s young, and she’s helpless, and I’m hopin’ she’s learned her lesson and that she’ll study that book she’s holdin’. The Widow is somewhat impassioned here, and is about to continue speaking when Zee interrupts her

Zee: Oh, I will, I will!

Widow: I’ll not sign a complaint.

Zee: God bless you for being a good, kind, woman.

Reaction from audience, Trask again calls for Order!

Trask, to Scott: Lancer, we can’t indict without a complaining witness, so in lack of such testimony—

SL: Now wait just a minute!  He holds up one hand and stands.
SL, sighs, then continues: All right.   . . . I’m a complaining witness.  Now I don’t know how you people can change the facts according to what you’re afraid of or what you want to believe.  But the fact remains that she tried to rob a store, and I’m a witness to that.  (reaction from Zee here.  SL is very emphatic during this speech.)

SL, speaking more rapidly: Afterwards, she tried forty different ways to break jail, tried to knock my head off, blow my head off, bit my finger, kicked my knee–now that must sustain some kind of a complaint!  

Scott turns to Trask at this last, but has been addressing the audience. We can see the people in the room listening, including JL standing at the back smiling at his brother.

Trask: Hmmm.  He nods in assent.  
The defendant is indicted and will be held for trial at the circuit court Tuesday next.

Zee, to Trask and Widow: You know why he did that?? He did that so he can get to me.  
Trask pounds on bar some more, Zee keeps talking about how Scott’s been coming into her cell.  Trask orders him to remove the defendant from the room and adds “God help us all”. Scott escorts Zee out and everyone else leaves too, but the Widow is  concerned.

Widow:  Mr Trask, I’m troubled.  Ohh, what she said about Scott Lancer.

Trask: Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that . . .I know he’s handy with the girls, but, ah, with a prisoner, I, I don’t think he’d try anything.

Widow: The way she described him reminded me of my late husband. .  The only way I ever got any work out of him. (reaction from Trask, this is more than he wants to know!)

Widow: Mr. Trask, there’s got to be a better solution!

SCENE 4  Back at the Jail

We see Scott’s hand locking the door to the cell. Then all of him as he walks away from it.

Zee: Scott . . . Scott . . . I reckon you win.  
He turns to face her.

Zee: I said I’d be out of here in three days . . I reckon I won’t.
He sits in a chair.
She is standing near the bars, with her arms through the bars and hands clasped.
Zee: I reckon I’ll go ta prison . .  Well, I tried just about everything . . .
SL: Why didn’t you try the truth? Everyone in that room wanted to help you—even me.  He looks away, gestures with hands and then repeats the phrase: Even me.

Zee, looking sad: Truth’s nuthin’.  Truth is my father was a thief, he died in jail.  Mother works in a gin mill.  (Camera cuts to Scott who is listening intently without looking directly at her) After I left that place I took up with these two saddle tramps and ah . . They got ta big mouthin’ about how they could rob this store.  And I being stupid just went along with ’em.  Truth is I was born to nuthin’ . . it’s in my blood.

SL:  Zee, Zee, Zee (gestures with key ring in his hand.)  There’s nothing in your blood, nothing!  Or anybody’s blood for that matter.  Nothing.

Zee: Well, I just ..  I just didn’t want you to feel too bad about the way things turned out.

SL: It hasn’t turned out anyway, yet.

Zee: Scott, I don’t want to talk about it any more.  

She goes to the back of the cell and sits on the bunk.  He gets up, hangs the large key ring over his gun handle, walks over to the window, leans against it and looks out.  He seems troubled.  Zee gets up and stands on the bunk to look out of her cell window, she sees the Widow and Mr. Trask out in the street, coming towards the jail.  

Zee, looking towards Scott: Scott?

SL: Hmm?

Zee: Scott, do you forgive me? 
She is watching him and removing the bandanna that she is using for a belt.

SL, still at the window, reacts to her question, looks down: There’s  . . .nothing to forgive especially.

Zee, still removing her “belt”: Well,  . .  I forgive you. . . And I want you to know . . That . . I go happy.

SL: Go where?  To jail?  You haven’t even been tried yet.  (he shakes his head a little)  I just don’t understand your attitude.   Anyway, its not the end of the . . . .
He turns and looks towards her, reaction–then he says NO!

We see that Zee has hung herself with her bandanna from the bars of the window of the cell. Frantic music plays as he hurries over to the cell, and hurries to unlock the door, saying No . .  no . . . and then her name.  Inside, he lifts her up, grabs a knife from????, cuts through the bandanna, then holds her and places her on the bunk.  He leans over her, touching her face with his hands.
SL: Zee. . Are you all right?  Zee? Are you all right?

Suddenly Zee grabs Scott around the neck, pulls him down and starts screaming.  He keeps trying to tell her that she is all right . . Then we see the Widow and Mr. Trask looking in the window.  The Widow exclaims: Scott Lancer! Scott hears her and turns to look.  He has a guilty expression.

Trask and Mrs. Hargis hustle into the jail, Zee relaxes her grip enough for SL to raise himself up a bit and then Zee shoves him to the floor.  He disappears from view.  Zee grabs for her Bible and jumps up off of the bunk. She runs over to the Widow, crying.

Zee: Oh, he almost got me.  I told you he’d try again and he did, he did try.  
She kneels and the Widow hugs her.

The camera goes back to the bunk and we see SL’s head appear over the edge of it.  He gets up and comes over the bunk.
SL: The only reason I came in here was—
Widow: It’s all too clear what was happening.
Zee: But I kept it with me, the Good Book.
SL, with some emotion: I’m trying to tell you why I came in here!

Trask: Don’t try!  I’ll tell you. This girl is paroled to the custody of the Widow Hargis until the trial.

SL: If you take her out of here, she’ll never make it to trial!  Now, she’ll escape the first time you turn your back!

Widow: At any rate, Mr. Lancer, she will escape from you!


Close up of a campfire. There is a man kneeling beside it, drinking from a cup. Camera goes to another man shaving, he has cream all over his face. There is the sound of a rider approaching, an animal call. The man shaving turns and whistles. The rider comes in, it’s the stranger from the saloon. He gets off his horse and walks over to the man who is shaving. The man shaving pauses long enough to ask: Get the supplies, Owen?

Owen: Yes, yes I did, Mr. Mangrim. Also . . Uh . .(he sits down) hey . .
Tom Mangrim looks up at him.

Owen: I found your daughter.

Mangrim, raises one eyebrow: My what?

Owen, smiling: Your daughter! There’s a girl in town in jail for robbery, claims to be your very own daughter. Zee . .Zee Mangrim, she says . . You think she really is?

Tom Mangrim keeps on shaving with the straight razor, holding his nose with one hand.
TM: Light haired girl or dark haired girl?

Owen: Dark.

TM: Couldn’t be mine. . .never took up with a dark haired girl. (he shakes his head) They’re tricky.

Owen: I’ll tell you tricky . . She got that town half frantic you gonna ride in there and pull her out.

TM, stops shaving, smiles: They’re scared, huh?

Owen: She got their heads turned around and their collar backs.

TM: That right, Owen? She’s got em believing’ she’s my daughter . . (he seems very pleased about this) And I’ll come after her, huh?

Mangrim laughs. Owen laughs. They laugh back and forth and dramatic music plays. Scene changes.


Zee is standing in front of a mirror, looking at herself in a dress. It’s a blue-grey, tight bodice with little buttons down the front, v neckline. Not frilly, looks good on her though. She heads down the stairs.

We are at the home of the Widow Hargis, and Murdoch is seated in a rocking chair. He’s wearing a white shirt and black string tie. Scott is seated at the organ and is trying to play a piece, sounds like “I Dream of Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair”. He hits a wrong note, Widow Hargis corrects it. He plays that note, then stops, lightly slaps hands on thighs and says: It’s been a long time. Murdoch chuckles, the Widow nods. Zee enters the room.

Scott looks up and gets up off of the bench. ML stands as well.
Zee looks bewildered: Well, what’d I do now?

WH: Nothing, dear, it’s customary for gentlemen to rise when a lady enters the room.

SL walks over to Zee and offers her his arm. She just stands there, so he takes her arm and places it on his own. He is wearing his nice caramel colored jacket, no string tie for him though. Looks like the same white shirt he had on at the arraignment.

ML, offering his arm as well: You look charming, Miss Mangrim . . Or whatever it is.

Zee: I do? Oh, thank you.

They walk over to the table, which is set for a meal. Zee is arm and arm with the two Lancers.

Zee: Oh . . That looks good! SL helps Zee with her chair, Ml does the same for the Widow. It’s a round table, WH and ML are seated closest to the camera, with Zee and SL opposite.

WH, to Zee; That’s it, just gather your skirts a little. (she turns to ML) Oh, would you oblige, Mr. Lancer?

ML: Oh, of course, Mrs. Hargis.
He starts to carve the roast.

WH, to Zee; Dear, no, you don’t stare at the food . . You make conversation across the table.

Zee: What? Talk? About what?

WH: About the weather . . pretend you’ve just arrived by carriage and . . it’s raining.

Camera shot of her, ML, SL, back to Zee, waiting for her to say something.
Zee, smiles: Sure is raining enough to drown a rat.

ML smiles, looks at Scott. Scott stops himself from laughing by fake clearing his throat into his napkin.

Zee: I mean . .it’s raining, harder than a . . .(she stops herself, Looks at the Widow) oh, this ain’t gonna work.

WH: You’ll catch on.

Zee: I mean . . no, I mean the whole thing ain’t gonna work. It’s like . . Oh you people are . . You’re lovely people and you’re tryin’ to make me feel better and I really like it, I do, it’s . .it’s real nice, but . . I . .I . . It just don’t feel right to me, I mean, I feel kinda . . . . strange, I mean and it’s like I’m . .

SL: It’s alien.

Zee: Huh?

SL: Extraneous.

Zee: What’s that?

SL: Well, it’s . um . . Immaterial. You don’t need it.

Zee: No, I don’t need it, that’s good. That’s real good. Uh, extraneous, huh? Well, it’s extraneous to my personality. (Widow reacts with disapproval)

Zee: I . . . I was just born bad.
Reaction from ML, disagreeing, without saying anything. Shift camera to SL.
SL: No one is born bad.

Zee: I mean, I just can’t help myself. Right now, this very moment, I could be thinkin’ of betrayin’ you. (SL looks at ML, but doesn’t say anything)

Zee: I . .I . . I kinda sorta feel it creepin’ up on me, I mean it’s kind of twitchin’ there,
Inside, down deep. I don’t know why, just to show you I guess . .

ML, chuckles: Well, uh . .no nobody makes all right choices. The time may come along and surprise you . . You find yourself thinking’ of them, choosing them and doing them. (He gestures with the carving knife) more than you ever dreamed possible.

ML, to WH: Miz Hargis, may I have your plate? (she offers her plate and he finally serves the roast)


Zee is back upstairs, getting clothes out of a dresser drawer. Downstairs, evidently immediately below her, Scott seems to be in the Widow’s store. He has his white shirt on, with sleeves rolled up, he looks up at the ceiling. He checks the padlock on the door and then places the key on a high shelf near the door. Scott takes a pillow, places it on the counter. Upstairs, Zee is singing, loudly and off key. Downstairs, SL places a crazy quilt on the counter. Apparently he is planning to sleep there.

Zee keeps singing. Scott pats the counter–it seems pretty hard. He keeps looking up at the ceiling. Upstairs, Zee, still singing, is getting out her clothes. She moves the rug beside the bed, sees a knothole. She takes the lighted candle off of the nightstand, looks through the hole and there is SL lying on the counter down below.

Zee: I see you!

SL, makes some acknowledging noise: Yeah. (he closes his eyes)

Zee; How’dya like ya fancy bed?

SL: It’s all right. I’ve had worse.
He has a beige blanket over him and is lying on the quilt.

Zee: You wanna come up here and learn me some more extraneous?

SL, laughs: Good night. (he closes his eyes again.)

Zee is holding the candle, gets an idea. She drips hot wax through the hole in the floor and it drops onto SL’s forehead!!

SL sits up very quickly when the wax hits him and Zee is laughing upstairs.
Scott wipes his forehead, looks up, flings the blanket aside, swings legs over the counter and goes over to the door.

Zee: Widow Hargis!! Widow Hargis!! He’s gonna come and get me! He’s comin’ ta get me again!

The Widow, dressed in a ruffled sleeping cap and nightgown comes in to find that SL has the key and is about to unlock the door to the upstairs. She gives him “a look”. Scott takes the Widow’s arm, brings her over to the counter and points up.

SL: See that hole? She dripped candle was on my forehead.

Widow: Move your forehead!

He looks exasperated, says nothing. Gives the Widow the key, which she puts back on the shelf while he sets about moving his pillow to the other end of the counter. The Widow leaves and Scott gets back “in bed’.

Zee is upstairs, making lots of noise. She stomps around, throws a chair to the floor, yells, tips a crate over . . .

SL: Will you cut that out! He jumps up off of the counter again, goes for the key. Zee yells for the Widow again the Widow comes back in, simply holds out her hand for the key.

SL, pointing at the ceiling: She’s making all kinds of racket up there.

WH: Can’t you ignore it?

SL: Frankly . . No.

He climbs back up onto the counter. Zee continues her antics upstairs. He points upwards again.

SL, to WH: You see?

WH: I’ll speak to her. The Widow unlocks the door. Meanwhile, Zee is still yelling, “He’s after me!’ and we see she is tossing books on the floor. The Widow starts up the stairs, while Zee is pulling the quilt off of her bed. She keeps yelling. Then there is a big reaction shot of the Widow, wide eyes and open mouth.

Downstairs, SL is on the counter, listening to the noise above. He gestures with one hand, says “Go to sleep”, and puts his head on the pillow, eyes are closed. The Widow comes through the door and closes it. Scott is lying on his back, hands behind his head, says : Mrs. Hargis . . You forgot to lock the door.

The Widow back up and locks the door. We never see her face.

Scott rolls over, and immediately we hear noise from upstairs, pounding and the squeaking of bed springs.

SL: Go ahead, make all the noise you want.
He puts his head under the blanket.

Scott is still a do the right thing kind of guy, he reminds the “widow” to lock the door. I’m not sure what the point of locking it has been, with the key right there within reach. A little glitch, however, when the fake widow leaves, she doesn’t put the key back on the shelf, but when SL gets up next, he takes the key off of the shelf to unlock the door.

The sounds continue.
SL: Widow or no widow . . .
He gets up off the counter once more, takes the key from the shelf, unlocks the door and goes upstairs. Where he sees the furious Widow Hargis tied to the bed, a gag in her mouth and a “Home is Where the Heart Is” sign fastened to her chest. She is making very angry noises, but can’t speak. Scot turns and leaves to go after Zee.

Outside, it’s dark and we see Zee running across the street, removing the nightgown and sleeping cap as she goes.


Scott is on horse back, looking at the ground, searching for tracks. He is wearing his white shirt still. Zee is up above, she has a horse, and is watching him. Suddenly there is a close up of a rattle snake. We see Scott’s horse rear up on its hind legs, and he tumbles off!! He is lying, face down on the ground, we don’t know where the snake is. Zee gets on her horse and rides over to him, dismounts and picks up a big rock, lifts it over here head and throws it at the snake (which is hidden). She has a “yuck” expression on her face, wipes her hands on her pants and then runs over to Scott. He hasn’t moved.

Zee kneels beside him, and uses his belt and shoulder to turn him onto his back, grunting as she moves him. She starts slapping at his cheeks, shaking his shoulders: Hey . .hey . . . You okay? . .hey, wake up, you all right? . .Scott–whoa!

He suddenly reaches up and grabs her, turns her so that she is on her back on the ground and he is above her.

Zee: Hey! What are you doing?? Hey, . Hey I coulda got away . . .

SL: But you didn’t.

Zee: Oh, I thought you was hurt bad.

SL: Well, that’s tough luck.

Zee: I mean, I was thinking’ bout what your pa said and all, about—

SL: That’s strange, cause then you tricked a woman that trusted you, tied her up and ran off like a fox. Now . . You’re going back to where you belonged in the first place.

Zee, looking at him with tears running down her face: Don’t you understand what I’s trying to do?

Shot of SL, staring back at her, he doesn’t have a sympathetic expression on his face. Camera back to tearful Zee.


Zee and Scott enter the door of the jail, he has a good grip on her arm. We see that someone is sitting at the desk, has his feet up on top of it, looking at a couple of sheets of paper.

SL, to the stranger: Who’re you, the new lawman?

TM: No, (he chuckles) No, you’re the lawman. My name’s Mangrim.
Close up of Zee’s stunned expression.

TM: Come ta see ma daughter.
He gets up, walks over to Zee: My own little girl . . If you ain’t the spit of your ma, sure as her name was Emma Mangrim.

TM pats Zee on the cheek. She smiles, SL has a serious expression. Scott’s hand went for his gun as TM approached, but now he has a firm grip on Zee once more.

Zee: Oh, well . . Hello Daddy.

TM: Who’s this gentleman here . . I don’t believe we’ve . . .
SL: Excuse me.
Scott leads Zee over to the cell, says “Inside”. Puts her in and shuts the door. He locks it with the key on the big ring. Zee stands at the door holding onto the bars. SL crosses back over to the desk, puts the keys in the top drawer, then sits on the edge of the desk, folds his arms and addresses Mangrim: I don’t believe she’s your daughter.

TM: Well, she must be! She says she’s Zee Mangrim, doesn’t she? I’m Tom Mangrim. The truth must be somewhere in between.
He is standing with his left hand resting on the back of the desk chair and his right hand on his hip.

TM: Oh, you don’t reckon she’s got my profile, uh?
He turns to show it off, grins.

SL almost smiles, but doesn’t.
He looks down, then back up: She’s a prisoner of this town.

TM: Oh, yeah, but she’s got a right ta talk to her daddy, don’t she? That’s a law, isn’t it?

Shot of Zee, looking bit apprehensive.
TM: There’s ma gun. (He hands it to Scott.) Just take a minute.

Mangrim walks over to the cell, grabbing a chair and dragging it along with him. He sits in the chair, quite close tot the bars. Zee sits down inside the cell, facing him.

Scott goes outside, onto the boardwalk. He stops, looks, sees six men, three on horseback, three on the roof, most of them clearly very well armed.

Inside, Mangrim chats with Zee.
TM: Tell me, is it true, everything I hear about what you did here?

Zee, smiles: Well, I reckon, but you know . .
She gets up, puts her hands in her pockets and turns away from him, then faces him once more.

TM: That’s clever . . That’s very good . . . I’d like you for a daughter.

Zee: Well, but I . . .

TM: Now let your daddy talk. You know how Tom Mangrim stayed alive long enough to get this old when a lot of good men went down kickin—I wanna tell ya . .. I study people. And I never mistake a person. And I been studying you and I see what I can use—Smartness . . Now let me ask you the question: You want out?

Zee; Well, yes, I want outta here.

TM, nods: All there is to it.

Zee: But I don’t want nobody hurt.

TM, nods again: All there is to it. (He puts the chair back where it was.)
Nobody gets stupid, nobody gets hurt.

Mangrim picks up his gun from where it is lying on the table, holsters it and goes out the door. Outside, he stands near Scott, Mangrim has hands on hips..

TM: That was real polite of you son, my daughter and me. There’s just one small thing still disconcerts her . .can ya guess?

SL: The answer’s no.

TM: That’s a hasty answer. That’s a young man’s answer. You wait a minute.
Mangrim walks away, stops in the center of the street and looks at his men. He sighs, then says “Owen”. Mangrim puts his finger alongside of his nose as some sort of signal. Owen seems to recognize the signal right away and he doesn’t look too happy.

Owen: Oh . . Come one, Mr. Mangrim, please, I . . . (the guy seated on horseback alongside Owen is looking at him, chawing away on something, he doesn’t look sad that he wasn’t chosen!)

Mangrim repeats Owen’s name and the signal. Owen is really not happy, but he dismounts. Shot of Scott who has no idea what is going on and seems uncertain as to how worried he should be. Owen puts his hat on the pommel of his saddle.

TM: We gotta learn’im, Owen.
Significant looks pass between TM and Owen. TM looks at Scott

Owen drops to his knees, then lowers his hands to the ground and starts crawling on hands and knees in Scott’s direction. TM walks alongside Owen. Scott looks even more puzzled, but is trying not to show it too much. Owen starts to crawl up the few steps to where SL is standing. SL looks at TM, who grins.

Owen wipes SL’s boot tip with one hand, places one hand on boardwalk near SL’s foot, looks up at Scott, who is looking down at him, still bewildered. Close up of Scott’s boots–his pants have a slit in the bottom of the hem to accommodate boots.

Owen swiftly kisses the boot tip, SL reflexively draws the boot back and away, Owen quickly gets up and turns away from Scott.

TM: Now that was very good, Owen, very good.
TM pats Owen’s shoulder as he goes past him. Owen goes back to his horse.

TM, to Scott: Son, now I want you to reflect on that. (He folds his arms across his chest, is standing one step below SL) Stands to reason, if I can make a man do a thing like that, I can make him do anything, don’t it?

SL looks at him. Scott is standing with his left arm on a post and his right hand resting on his gun.

TM: You wanna take an older man’s —-No, you wanna reflect, don’t ya? All right, I reckon I can sit on this town for abut one hour. You reflect good, I can’t sit any longer.

Scott still does not look scared, but determined. TM walks over towards his men.

Scott goes back inside the jail and immediately picks up a rifle that is just inside the door.
He goes over to the desk, places butt of rifle on the desktop, holds the barrel with both hands and momentarily pauses, with his head down. Then he opens the desk drawer, removes the key ring and goes over to the door of the cell. He puts the key in the lock. Zee comes over to the door, all smiles. SL takes the rifle and uses the end of it to break the key off in the lock.

Zee: oh! Oh!

SL: They want you out, they can saw you out.

Zee: Oh, well–they’re gonna kill you.

SL: Well . . . . .I hope not.

Zee looks upset. SL closes the wooden shutters on the window and puts the bar across. Outside, Mangrim and his crew watch and smile, especially Owen. Inside, Scott sits down in a chair, takes out his gun and begins to load it.

Zee, reclining on the bunk in her cell: You’re still a fool. You don’t look brave, you just look foolish.

Scott doesn’t respond. He looks serious, lowers his eyes, but doesn’t speak to her or look at her. He’s clearly listening though.

Zee: Oh, Scott . . What’s it all for? Ta keep me?
She has one arm draped over the top of her head.

Scott: I don’t know how to say it exactly. I’m not sure you’d understand it exactly.
But it has something to do with a lot of things. . . The law . . Duty.

Zee: Law??! (she sits up) Well, what’s everybody think that this law’s so important? Mangrim’s in town, he’s got forty men.

Scott looks at her now. She is seated on her bunk, gestures with her hands as she speaks.
Zee: Do what everybody else is doing. It’s easy, and it’s sensible. All ya gotta do is bend a little bit.

He sets his jaw. No other response.

Zee; All right then!! Be stupid!. But it’s your choice!! If they kill you, it’s your choice for bein’ stupid and I don’t even care! (She gets up and comes over to the door of the cell and point sat him.) I don’t even care!

He sits in profile, still listening, but not looking at her or answering.

We hear Mangrim’s voice outside: You been reflectin’ boy?

Scott gets up and goes over to the shuttered window.

Zee: Scott, don’t you realize everybody else is livin’ in another world? A world that don’t want no heroes, can’t you understand that?
She is near sobbing.

Outside, Mangrim is on the sidewalk. He plops a rocking chair down in front of the jail house door. He sits in it.

TM: Son, ya been reflectin? Mangrim crosses one leg over the other.
Inside, we see SL has his gun in hand.

TM: Believe me, Boy, I know how ya feel. Proud young man, ya don’t like givin’ in. Everybody gives in, at some time.

SL: Stay back from that door, Mangrim.

TM: Boy, what I’m telling’ ya is so much better than being proud and lonely . . And dead.

Scott swallows at this. Close up of Zee, looking scared. TM pulls his watch out of his pocket, looks at it.

TM: We’re runnin’ short of time, boy.

SL: Get back from that door, Mangrim!
He points the gun at the top of the door.

TM: You got just five . . POW! Scott shoots through the door!

TM looks up at the bullet hole. He puts his watch back in his pocket, stands, puts the chair back to where it was and then walks over to his men. We can see that there are a lot more than just the six that were there earlier!!!.

Inside, we hear a noise, Scott turns and looks towards the cell and he sees a rope tied around the bars of the cell window. Zee is standing on the bunk. SL hurries over to the cell door, but of course he can’t open it. He holsters his gun, turns and runs out . . Zee lifts her leg up to the window.

Outside: we see SL come out of the jail and run around the corner, rifle in hand. It’s the townspeople who are springing Zee!!

SL: Harker!! Shove her back inside! SL gestures with the rifle.
Harker: Oh no I ain’t! . .you don’t give a hoot if this whole town gets killed. We ain’t gonna ?????? For ya prisoner.

SL: Harker, shove her back in.

Widow Hargis, pointing a pistol: We’re not going to .. .

SL starts to move, but the Widow says: Don’t turn! I have a gun. All right, drop it. You wouldn’t shoot at a woman, would ya?

Scott drops his rifle. The Widow removes the gun from his holster.
WH, to Harker: Help her down!

Zee jumps into the wagon bed which is positioned below the window. Then Mangrim rides over with his crew.

TM: Now you see, son, you’ve got these good friends here, they wouldn’t let ya destroy yourself for your own pride. . .(to the townspeople he adds): And you done it yourselves! Of your own free will, I never asked for it! I call on ya to remember that!

Close up of an unhappy SL.

WH, to Zee; Well, go ahead. We did our best for ya . . You made your choice. Go with him.

TM, to Zee: See, Girl, they washed hands of ya.
TM, to townspeople: She thanks ya kindly. You’ve washed hands of her, move along, that’s it.

Widow: Go on home! Go on!

Trask, walks over to Scott: Lancer, I . . I . .
Scott just looks at him, Trask gives up and walks away.

Harker jumps down from the wagon bed, leaving Zee standing there alone. Scott is standing on the ground near the cart.

Zee, to TM: All right, I’m ready ta go with you.

Mangrim reaches for a shotgun with a very looong barrel.
TM, to Zee: I got one other lesson ta instruct ya, Girl. See these people of mine here . .well, they all hate me. (Zee looks around at his men) They sure do . . You probably wonder why they stick with me . . You know why? Cause as much as they hate me, every one of ’em’s got something even worse waitin’ for ’em somewhere else. But you don’t , ya see. (Close up of Zee) Now you gotta have that something worse waitin’ for you, so I know you’re never gonna leave me. Hm?

Close up of SL, wondering where TM is going with this. Mangrim hands Zee the gun. She takes it.

TM: What I mean is, draw down on him Girl. Both barrels.

Close up of SL again, he swallows. Zee looks determined.

TM: Go ahead. The town folk are off there, but they won’t likely interfere. . .go on.

Zee looks rather distressed now. She looks at Scott. He looks back at her, without much expression. Zee cocks the gun, one barrel. SL watches, swallows again. She cocks the second barrel. He keeps looking at her. She stares at Scott.

Zee: Mr. Mangrim . . (she turns towards him) You are the most ex-traneous man I ever did meet!

She fires at Mangrim! Mangrim just sits there. His men all laugh!

TM: I’m, umm, very disappointed in you, Girl.
Mangrim reaches for the gun, takes it from her.

TM: Remember, I told ya I never mistake a person? I wouldn’t give you live shot in them shells–it’s the weakness of a dark-haired woman . .they ain’t just tricky, they’re sentimental. Well . . .I’m disappointed, but I’m alive, an’ legal.

He rides away with his men.

SL looks up at Zee and smiles (in relief). He helps her down from the wagon.


We see the saloon, court is in session. We hear the judge tapping with his gavel. Zee is seated in the front row, she is wearing a dress. We see the Widow beside her and ML is also in the “courtroom”, but the deputy seated next to Zee is not Scott.

Judge: The defendant will rise . . .in accordance with the jury’s findings, I sentence you to two years imprisonment—-
Camera shift to Scott standing outside the swinging doors, hat in hand. He is wearing his caramel colored jacket . . He looks at the ground, reacts to the judge’s words.

Judge: And I suspend sentence on good behavior . . (Scott straightens, smiles) I remand you, in probation, to the custody of Mrs. Eulalia Hargis. (Scott turns towards the door, big smile!) This court is adjourned and the bar is open.

Scott goes into the saloon. The new lawman is removing the handcuffs from Zee’s wrists. Her dress is pretty, red, and ML is standing behind Zee.

Zee, to Scott: Hi. You’re that deputy.

ML: Ex-deputy.

Zee: You’re late.

SL: Zee . . I . . I’m really happy the way things turned out.

Zee smiles at Scott, then says: I reckon I’ll be in this town for quite a while, keeping’ store for the Widow, so she says. You ever come in ta town, buy your dry goods?

SL: I come in to town a couple of times a year.

Zee: Well, maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll see me.

Camera has been tight on Scott and Zee–now we see the room and the people, including JL seated in a chair with his hat on his hand, spinning it. The Widow and Zee leave, JL gets up from his chair and approaches the bar, saying : How ’bout a drink?

Murdoch and Scott go out following the Widow and Zee. The two women are walking away.

Scott, with hat in hand: Zee . . I’m not through with you yet.

Zee, turns and smiles at Scott: Well, now, I ain’t through with you, neither.

She goes over and gives him a Big Kiss. She puts her arms around him, but he is holding his hat, so he just stands there and gets kissed. Shot of JL, with his chin resting on the top of the swinging doors of the saloon, watching, beer mug in hand.

Big smile from SL as he watches Zee and the Widow walk away. Zee tries to join in a game with the kids in the street, but the Widow won’t let her.


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