Geraldine’s plans of the house and environs

This page reproduces Geraldine’s work on the location and plan of the hacienda and includes suggested floor plans for the house. This is an invaluable help to writers.

From Geraldine (aka dinidesign):

This page is about the layout of the Lancer hacienda. I have done some drawings and created maps for reference for myself and other fanfic writers. All of the information I am sharing is for the entertainment of the Lancer fans.

Location of the ranch

I worked from various old maps to develop a possible version of the Lancer environs. I tend to favor its location further south, but this map places the Lancer spread to the east of San Jose. Some of the towns are real, some fictional. The dotted lines are railway tracks.

The house is located in the SE corner of the ranch, closest to Morro Coyo. There was a place named Fern Falls on the map of Lancer hanging in the great room. That could be the waterfall and pool where Johnny was wounded in Blind Man’s Bluff.

The Ranch Environs

The Hacienda

Above is my painting showing how I think the Lancer hacienda looks. The front of the set is never shown in its entirety in the show – you never see more than a hint of roof above the arches. Starting from the left, note the second floor bedroom Johnny occupied in Blind Man’s Bluff. He looked out the window to see the courtyard below and the doctor and Maddie driving away.

The bedrooms used in the sets were often used for a different purpose in another episode. Sometimes a character walks out of a bedroom formerly seen on the second floor, and he’s suddenly on the ground floor and walking into the courtyard.

Moving to the right you see the ‘Buscaderos‘ courtyard, where Scott was shot at by the bad guys at the helm of a Gatling gun. Jelly and even Scott resided in the lower bedrooms at times, as did many of their guests. The front door and arched French doors are seen at the right. These lead into the great room. Kitchen and storage would be located behind the great room

Early Floor Plan

The floor plans I have recreated of the Lancer hacienda are, of course, all guesswork. Throughout the show many of the rooms on the set were used for more than one shot or episode. Sometimes a room appeared to be on the second floor, then in the next episode it was on the ground floor, across the courtyard. The movement of the rooms and also some of the furniture and paintings has been described as being ‘fluid’.

This is my early version of the ground floor. Bedrooms would be above. Numbers 22 and 23 are ground floor guest rooms off the courtyard that Jelly also used. Numbers 1 and 2 were used as bedrooms ( top of picture). In Lifeline Jelly slept in one of these when he thought he was dying.

Originally they filmed in the real house, so in the pilot episode you can see the dining room through a door at the end of the great room – but was later turned into a hallway. I later realized that dining room juts out of the house and is located where I have drawn a vegetable garden. The set’s hallway is seen in The WeddingGlory and of course in Chase A Wild Horse from where Scott staggered in.

Number 12 is a small room that was never really used, but it led the way to the kitchen. There was an octagonal green leather-covered table in there that might be used for playing cards. In this small picture from The Kid, they pulled it out of the small room, which was perhaps a butler’s pantry or card room.

The front foyer was visible in more than one episode, and there was a large piece of art facing you as you entered. When seen from the great room, the foyer has a large painting on the far wall. In The Prodigal, when Murdoch lets the soldiers in the front door, they walk past him to the rear bedroom on the ground floor, so the main hall must go past the main staircase, though it is never seen.

The kitchen had a long farmer’s table, a central tiled hearth with a spit (seen in Buscaderos)and an arch-top oven with an iron door typical of those used for baking bread. There is a back stairway just outside the kitchen that leads to the second floor and a wine cellar below.

More recent floor plans

I studied the Lancer house layout as well as the plans of the original Moore house and came up with house plans that I feel are as accurate as I can make them, considering all of the inconsistencies in the filmed Lancer world.

Plan 1: the ground floor, front yard, barn and outbuildings. 

Plan 2 is a closeup of the ground floor.

Geraldine, aka dinidesign.

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