Statistics: 2021


Stories and Authors

In total, 231 authors and 3,401 stories are either archived with the LancerLovers and LancerFanFiction (former Peter Brown) archives, or are linked via the Gateway.

In 2021, we uploaded 261 new stories and added 11 new authors.

However, we had 4 authors who removed their stories from the archives or asked us not to link to them via the Gateway, so we lost access to 133 stories. This is sad, but authors have every right to control where their stories are archived or linked.



The Lancer Gateway

Except for hosting the Round Robin stories, the Gateway is not an archive. It’s the directory of stories on LancerLovers and LancerFanFiction (as well as stories on external archives such as fanfiction-dot-net or AO3), the repository of our Resources section—which is really worth a look if you’re interested in writing westerns—and the place where we publish our monthly updates.

The Gateway, then, is usually a place that people just pass through on their way to the author or story they want. Even so, here are some numbers to ponder for 2021:

234,720 pages viewed by 27,068 visitors who left 46 likes on the pages and 97 comments.



The Lancer Archives

We manage two archives ourselves: the LancerLover archive and, since September 2020, the new (old!) Peter Brown site, LancerFanFiction.

The number of visitors and views in 2021 to the archives had our jaws dropping and eyes popping:

732,742 pages viewed by 93,793 visitors who left 3,246 likes on the pages and 5,499 comments.





Footnote 1 : All the figures for the Gateway and the two archives are taken from the number of views (that is pages looked at), individual visitors recorded at the sites, number of pages liked and number of comments left between 01 January – 31 December 2021, as compiled automatically by

The number of authors and stories is compiled manually by the brilliant Sandy.

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