Mid-Month Memo 07: Hallowe’en Stories

. One of the best things about organising an archive, is that we can create a host of specialist lists of titles, dividing them up into anything from stories covering specific holidays to cross-overs to episode tags. Today’s post falls into two parts. First, our list of stories themed around Hallowe’en, with all its ghostlyContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 07: Hallowe’en Stories”

Mid-Month Memo 06: Firearms

Perhaps the most iconic thing in Hollywood westerns, other than the cows themselves, is the six-gun sported by the hero. His fast draw and unerring aim puts paid to rattlers, rustlers and bad guys alike. The western wouldn’t *be* a western without firearms, without the lightning fast draw, and the shoot-out on the streets ofContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 06: Firearms”

Mid-Month Memo 05: The Lancer Hacienda

Have you ever wondered about the enormous house used as the hacienda in Lancer? Many of you probably know that it wasn’t just a backdrop on a film lot somewhere, but a real house near Carmel. Handily placed for the film industry, actually. While only the pilot episode was actually filmed on location, the houseContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 05: The Lancer Hacienda”

Mid-Month Memo 01: Home Remedies

Here’s the first of a new series of mid-month posts about… well, stuff that might be of interest to our readers, and to writers who want to add a note of authenticity to their stories. These posts will cover a whole range of topics on the history of the old West. We hope they’ll beContinue reading “Mid-Month Memo 01: Home Remedies”