This Specialist Collections page lists stories archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction, and some listed on multi-fandom archives or an author’s own site.

AU stories: those set in an ‘alternate universe’ with significant changes to the characters’ history, motivation, environment etc. Some may be set in modern day, or with Johnny and Scott as werewolves, or any other change your heart may fancy!

AR stories: those set in the canonical universe (that is California of 1870) but with a twist – a different family history, for example.

Find the kind you like through this menu:

Childhood AUs
Crossovers with non-Western fandoms
Different Family History
Different Meetings
Modern Day Lancers


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Childhood AUs

Big Feet, Big Trouble by Becks

The Brat Pack Series AU
Author’s note on the Brat Pack here

My Brother, The Brat
Another Day in the Life
Breakfast: A Proper Way to Start the Day
Taking the Town by Storm
Home Again Home Again
Itching to Break Out
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Gifts of Love
Helping Hand
The Easter Bunny Cometh
Just a Victim of Circus’Stance!
Ask and You Shall Receive
The Gospel According to Johnny
Serving Up Trouble
No More Monsters Under the Bed
Wrinkled Potatoes and Old Tomatoes
O Come Let Us Adore Him
Spring Fever
Carving Out Fun
Look Before You Eat
Cover Up (written with Kit)
Go Figure

Christmas Mischief Series by EJ
(A) Little Christmas Mischief
Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny

Dueling Lancers by Becks

In The Dark by Wendy K

It’s Not Easy Being A Father by EJ

No Bones About It by Becks

(The) Protector by EJ

Small Matters Series by Vicki L. Nelson
(A) Small Matter To Contend With
My Wandering Boy
Home is Where My Heart Is
Patience Is A Virtue(Except When It Wears Thin)
A Mother’s Love
Mischief Night
We Gather Together: The First Lancer Thanksgiving
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (At Last)
Growing Pain(s)
Courtin’ Trouble
And They’re Off–Or Are They?
Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
Out On a Limb
There are Hungry Children in China! 

You’d Better Watch Out For Der Belsnickel! by Vicki L. Nelson
(AU. child Scott and Johnny)

Where Is It? by EJ

(The) Widow, The Skunk, The Bloomers And The Fire by Heather




Crossovers with non-Western fandoms

Evil Comes Calling by Linda B (Kona) and Ros – a X-over with Angel

La Muerte de Johnny Madrid  by LaJuan and Jamie Simmons – a X-over with Emergency




Different Family History

Alternatives by S.

Another Series by RonD
Another Beginning
Another Highrider

Bloodlines by Winj

Brothers Series (AR) by Whistle
He’s My Brother
Banished in Boston
Home on the Range

Coming Home Series by Margaret Schmitz Compton
Coming Home
National Mule Day
My Father’s House

Double, Double Lancer Trouble by Patti H

Finding A Family  (link to FFN) by chantellescribbler

Godfather Series (AR) by Whistle
Close But No Cigar
The Godfather, Offer Refused

(The) Hat by Taffey

Home by Ronnie

Improper Bostonian Series (AR) by Whistle
Improper Bostonian
Reluctant Californian

It Comes From The Heart (AU) by Fozrulz

Juliana Series (AU) by Fozrulz
Meeting Juliana
Juliana’s Ride

(A) Lancer AU (To be read in order) by Lynne 
Lessons in Love and Trust
Adjusting To Life At Lancer
And So To School
Love Is Blind
Summer Mischief
Summer Holiday
Love Comes To Lancer
Getting Ready For Christmas
The Accident
Compassion is Colour Blind
Support Your Sibling
Another Stray for Lancer
From Lancer to Madrid

The Latin Series by Shallowz

Lone Cowboy series by MaryM
(The) Lone Cowboy
Lancer, The Return

Lost And Found by Whistle

Reunion by Laura Roybal

Reunited by Winj

Scott/Laura series [Alternate Reality] by Judi
Promises Kept [revised]
Promises [revised]
Captured [revised]
Going Home

Trouble Around The Corners by Clementine

Victory by Wendy K

(The) Way It Could Have Been series by Em
(The) Way It Could Have Been
(The) Way It Could Have Been: Year 2
(The) Way It Could Have Been: Five Years Later

What If? by Em

Wild Card by Whistle

Yellow Hawk by Wendy K




Different Meetings

Alternative Homecoming by Fay

And the Hunter Home From The Hill  by Clementine

Angry Hearts Series by Lacy and Seren
Angry Hearts
(The) Tortured Gun

Another Beginning by RonD

Appaloosa Series by Olley

(The) Bostonian Vaquero by Doreen

Duology by S.
Brothers Apart
Brothers In Need

Coming Home by Winj 

Common Ground by Caroline

(A) Condemned Man (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Drifting by chrischime

First Contact by Doreen

Frosty Christmas Series by EJ
(A) Very Frosty Christmas
(A) Christmas Missed
Will Another Christmas Be Missed

Go West by Snicklefritz

Heads Or Tails (alternative Homecoming story in 5 parts) by Dora

(The) High Riders WHI by Terri

(The) Mask of Johnny Madrid by MaryM

My Brother, My Captive (Rated R) by Deborah

Lessons by Terri

Lone Cowboy series by MaryM
(The) Lone Cowboy
Lancer, The Return

(The) Mask of Johnny Madrid by MaryM

The New Era Series by JenniferB
Lancer: A New Era
The Man From Visalia

Odd Man Out by Winj

(The) Ogre and the Dandy by MaryM

Return Series by Winj
(The) Return

(The) Same Side by Mary B

Starting Over by D.B.Brisbin

Strangers Series by Winj  
Strangers on a Stage
No Stranger

Suspicions Series by Olley
Ezra Makepeace
Ezra Makepeace Epilogue
Legacy: Missing Scenes

(The) Test by MaryM

That Which Was Lost by SandySha

Unexpected Discoveries by Fay

Vayamos by Flynnie

Wanted by chrischime

Wasted Years Series by Doreen
Wasted Years
Painful Remembering
Following My Father’s Dream




Modern Day Lancers

Based Upon A True Story (FFN Link) by Latebloomnriter

Family Reunion by Margaret P.

The Lancer, A New Century Series by Kit and Southernfrau
Grief In My Sorrow
The Long Trip Home
Adventures in Brother-Keeping
Trouble in the Air

Lancer ANC-related shorts by Kit and Southernfrau
Birthday Maneuvers
Fault by Proxy by Southernfrau
Field of Stones by Southernfrau
Getting Old Stinks by Southernfrau
Memories Of The King
Number Interpretation by Southernfrau
Pictures by Southernfrau
Summer Fun by Southernfrau

Lancer Now, the Low Riders  by Winj and Chris Parks

(The) Modern Lancers Series – (in story order) by Lancer Redux
(The) High Riders 2009
Chips and Salsa
Chocolate and Chili
Chase A Wild Horse 2009
Some Days
The Escape 2009
Conversations and Old Scotch
Gabriel Madrid
Yesterday’s Vengeance 2009
Harlan Garrett
Murdoch Lancer
Legacy 2009
Relative Deprivation
Change Of Address

(A) Mother’s Worry by Shelley H.

Not Just Another Day (A/U Warning attached) by Shelley H.

Past Forward by Barb and Shallowz

Peace, Perfect Peace with Heather and Kit

Undercover Brothers (A/U) by Shelley H.




3 thoughts on “AU/AR STORIES

  1. I am trying to locate the story in which Scott is harassed and threatened by one of Lancer’s ranch hands for the simple reason that he is an inexperienced Easterner.


  2. Would you consider adding a – Johnny Madrid, Pre-Lancer – category to your menu? Would also like to ask if you know of any stories that are along the same storyline as Mary B.’s “The Ogre and the Dandy”? Loved her story but it was much too short.


  3. I can’t answer your question about stories similar to Mary’s, Carolyn, but we will look into a new page (it won’t be part of this one) that will cover pre-Lancer stories for both brothers and possibly Murdoch too. There are stories out there for all three that cover the years before the series opens, and it would make a good addition to our special collections pages.

    IF we go ahead, we’d probably be able to start pulling this together, but will almost certainly have to ask the fandom for help in compiling a list of stories to include. So this may take a few weeks to think about and get together.

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    (Starry Diadem)


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