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Episode 1.19 Angel Day And Her Sunshine Girls

Flies and Spiders by Starry Diadem

Manipulation by S.  

Missing Scene from Angel Day by MaryB

(A) Sharp Greeting by Cindy

Sobersides by S. 




Episode 2.04 The Black Angel

Our Ranch Series by CC
Our Ranch
Taking Care of Business


Episode 1.15 (The) Black McGloin’s Party

(The) Black McGloins by Suzanne

(The) Brother Thing by Katt

Brothers In Arms  by S.


Episode 2.01 Blind Man’s Bluff

Belonging by Debbie Pack  

Blind Man’s Bluff – Episode Commentary by Coop

Blind Man’s Bluff- Watching Her Disappear Into Dust by Flynnie

Blind Man’s Bluff WHN by Barbara

Blind Man’s Bluff- WHN: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

Blind Trust by Styzgal

Hands of Iron by Desert Sun

Mattie by Robyn B.

Memories of a Blind Man by Holly

See No Evil by Kimberly(KJB)

Threshold by Cindy

To See You Again by Kimberly(KJB)

WHN for Blind Man’s Bluff by Lynda


Episode 1.02 Blood Rock

Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Mellobee

Blood Rock: A Right to Know by Ronnie

(The) Gamble by Cobaltjan

Rock and a Hard Place by Shallowz

(A) Smile on His Face by JEB 

Trade Secrets (Hackamore series #12) by Starry Diadem

Well Aimed Conversation (Thursday Series #2) by Charlene


Episode 2.14 Blue Skies for Willie Sharp

Blue Skies For Willie Sharp Episode Commentary by Coop

Grey Skies for Scott Lancer (AO3 link) by gemspegasus

WHN for “The Kid” & “Blue Skies” (Stories in Sequence Series #8 ) by Sharon


Episode 2.21 The Buscaderos

After The Bandits Rated R by RonD

Buscaderos – Episode Commentary by Coop

(The) Buscaderos: Birth of a Shadow by Suzanne

Buscaderos-Missing Scenes by Mary Whimsey

(The) Buscaderos: WHN by Wendy K

Choices by Cindy and KathyK

Dreams Of What Might Have Been by Sherry

 Not With My Horse (Genesis Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos

(The) Promise by Doreen

Regarding Shadows by Maureen
THIRD PLACE Lancer Writer Awards: Best Episode Tag- Buscaderos

The Wall by Shallowz

WHN: Buscaderos by Deborah

Wrestling with Demons: Buscaderos WHN by Lisa Paris





Episode 2.15 Chad

Lancre by Olley

(A) Lancre By Any Other Name by Dori

Thoughts About Chad by Annk


Episode 1.03 Chase A Wild Horse

All Or Nothing by ZoeyT

Barn Dance by PatriciaG

Beginnings by Caroline

Being With Them Series by Sherry
Talking With Her
Riding With Him
Sitting With Him

Burden – WHN Chase a Wild Horse by Skyehyker

But It Isn’t What I Want by Jean

Chase A Wild Horse (Is There Anyone Home Series #2) by Sharon

Chase a Wild Horse WHN: The Choice by Suzanne

Catching Hold of Something  by Mellobee

Constellations by Cadillac Red

Dotting That ‘I‘ by Charlene

Forgotten Enemies by Debbie Pack

Good Listener by Margaret P.

Fences by Mary B

(The) Gamble by Cobaltjan

(The) List by Styzgal

Missing Scene- To Chase a Wild Horse [co-written by Linda Rae] by Chris 

More Wild Horses by Dori

Not a Fool Anymore by Margaret P.

On My Way Home by SandySha

Our Ranch Series by CC
Our Ranch
Taking Care of Business

(A) Question of Betrayal by Doc

Reflections by J M McClure

Return Series by Doreen
(The) Return
Returned To The Fold

Ripples on the Water by SandySha

(The) Road to Morro Coyo by Sherry

Shades of Grey by Sam

(The) Storm by Winj

Sweat by Shelley

Taming A Wild Horse Series by SandySha
Taming a Wild Horse
Black Mesa

Thoughts About Chad by Annk

(A) Time To Play (link to WWB) by Blueyes (aka LuvLittleJoe)

Time Well Spent by Molly

(The) Value of Freedom by Silvia

When Today Becomes Tomorrow Series by Olley
When Today Becomes Tomorrow Prologue
When Today Becomes Tomorrow 01
When Today Becomes Tomorrow 02

Won’t Even Leave a Ripple by CC

Words That Hurt by  Belinda


Episode 1.24 Child of Rock and Sunlight

Child of Rock and Sunlight – Episode Commentary by Coop

Child of Rock – The Search by Ronnie

Components of a Lancer by Deborah

Noblesse Oblige by RonD

WHN Child of Rock and Sunlight by Ronnie


Episode 2.06 Cut The Wolf Loose

Call of the Wheel by Dori

Laura’s Revenge by Marilyn

(The) Lone Wolf by KathyS

Next Time by Em

Spin of the Wheel by Suzanne





Episode 1.14 Deathbait

Deathbait: missing scene by Olley

Passing Through (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian


Episode 1.26 Devil’s Blessing

Blessing (Pre-Lancer series #8) by Doc

Double Blessing  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

(A) Good Night by Margaret P.

Regrets by Olley

(An) Unexpected Blessing by Dori


Episode 2.22 Dream Of Falcons

After Words by Cat

Regarding Chad by Shallowz

Thoughts About Chad by Annk




Episode 1.12 The Escape

After Escape by S

Another Escape by RonD (#5 in the Another series)

Barren Victory (WWB) by Theresa

Blood Trail by gemspegasus

Casus Belli by Cindy

Disclosures by Cindy

Emaline by Ronnie

(The) Escape WHI by Sue H (Suz)

(The) Escape – WHN by Vickie B

(The) Escape – WHN by Wendy K

(A) Father’s Job by Cadillac Red

Five Facts About Daniel Cassidy by Doreen

For All Time, Remembered by Kathy K.

Missing Scene for Johnny from Escape by Cindy

Purging the Past by Coop

(A) Scorned Past (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

(The) Second Escape – a Missing Scene for the Escape by Cindy

WHN: The Escape (Stories in Sequence Series#5 ) by Sharon


Episode 2.18 The Experiment

Banished to Cedar Canyon by Sherry

(The) Experiment: Aftermath by Olley

(The) Experiment – Missing Scene by EJ

(The) Experiment: The Well by Olley

(The) Experiment – WHN by Annk

Fear by Olley

Leaving by Cadillac Red

No Accounting for Sons by Cadillac Red

Truth or Dare by Margaret P.


Episode 1.18 The Fix-it Man

Measure of A Brother by Martha

Roped and Reeled In  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter


Episode 1.04 Foley

Dreams (A Foley Episode Addition) By Joan M.

Foley: Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Suzanne

(The) Folly of the Foleys and other Foolish Foes by Sherry

Johnny and Polly series by Cara
Johnny and Polly
Settlin’ In

Keeping Brothers by Sherry

To the Nest Return’d WHN Foley by Cindy

WHN: Foley by Deborah

(The) Whore and the Gunfighter Series by Starry Diadem
The Scent of Sandalwood
Green Tussore, With Roses
Melted Into Air, Into Thin Air
Every Sinner’s Future




Episode 2.05 The Gifts

(The) Gifts: WHN by Suzanne

Mumford’s Gift by MaryM


Episode 1.10 Glory

(A) Chance Encounter by Doreen


Episode 2.23 Goodbye, Lizzie

Good bye Lizzie: Father/Son Talk by EJ

Goodbye Lizzie: Missing Scenes by Olley

Hello Lizzie by Charlene

(The) Other Side of Right by Suzanne

Taking a Step by Liette




Episode 1.11 (The) Heart of Pony Alice

Johnny’s Girl by Desert Sun

Pony Alice–The Epilogue by Suzanne

Something More by Margaret P.

(The) Soul of Lin Li Mei by Sharon

What’s Another Dead Man? by Styzgal


Episode 1.01 The High Riders (or The Homecoming)

After The Battle: Business Associates by Timothy

After The Fire by Mary B

After The Pirates by RonD

Alternatives by S.

Amigos Del Alma by Flynnie

An AU for the High Riders or Queer Eye for the Straight Cowboy by Chris

Anniversary by Molly

(An) April MorningDeath Fic by Laraine

(The) Bargain by SandySha

Barren Victory by Theresa  

Beginning by Doc

Between the Battle And The Contract by Mary B

Big Dogs  by Mellobee

Black Friday by Whistle

Blood Is… by Molly

Boston 1870 (Stories in Sequence Series#1 ) by Sharon

(A) Brother (linked to FFN) by Cadillac Red

Brothers Apart (#1 of a duology) by S.

Brothers In Need (#2 of a duology) by S.

(The) Choice Made by Southernfrau

Cold Sweat, Numb Hearts by Cobaltjan

Common Ground by Caroline

Coming Home by Mary B

Coming Home by Winj

Complicated by PaulaR

Compliments by Starry Diadem

Confusion by Terri

(The) Consequences of Curiosity by Kaligirl

Conversations – A WHN for the Highriders by Carole P.

Crossroads To Home by Laraine

Dawn ‘Til Dusk Series by Shelley
Al Otro Lado Del Rio : Rio Grande

Deducing Native Languages by Mary B

Desperado by Patti H 

Destiny Series by Liette
Moonlit Destiny
Facing Destiny
Unfolding Destiny
Risking Destiny
Pursuing Destiny
Approaching Destiny
Forthcoming Destiny THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny Story
Meeting Destiny
Listening Destiny
Talking Destiny
Challenging Destiny
Confronting Destiny

Dinner at Six by Laraine

(The) End of the Beginning (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Every Year by Caroline

(The) Fall Guy by Marcia

(The) Family I Found by Charlene

Fears by Silvia

Feeling by Laraine

Fellow Travelers by Sharon

First Breakfast by Sherry

First Contact by Doreen

First Night by Molly

First Night (Is There Anyone Home Series #1) by Sharon

First Ride Series by Laraine
The First Ride
Images and Memories

(The) First Supper by Em

First Thoughts by CC

First Toast (Stories in Sequence Series#3 ) by Sharon

Five Facts: Day Pardee by Margaret P.

For the First Time by Margaret P.

(The) Gamble by Cobaltjan

Getting Acquainted Series by Rosalind
Getting Acquainted
Gettin’ Futher Acquainted

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You by Vicki L. Nelson

Go West, Young Man by Kaligirl

(The) Gunslinger and the Dandy by Rosalind

Hackamore Series by Starry Diadem
One More Silver Dollar
Fancy Dan
Shoes In The Jewel Box
Pride and Prejudice
Auld Acquaintance
Second Opinion
Tabula Rasa
Tamales and Beans
Parchment and Old Ink

Headwinds by Whistle

Hidden Treasures by Doreen

High Riders Series by Caroline
Hopes and Fears
Bright New Day

High Riders Series by Cindy
In Time Less a Stranger
Quiet Witness

(The) High Riders WHI by Terri

High Riders/Homecoming Missing Scenes/Drabbles by Olley

High Riders /The Homecoming – WHN (The Pilot) by Theresa

High Riders: Johnny’s Story (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

High Riders: Scott’s Story (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Homecoming Thoughts by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(The) Homecoming/The Highriders by BluewindFarm

I Can Make It by Laraine

Impossible Odds by Em

In the Beginning by Sprite

In Time Less a Stranger (The High Riders Series) by Cindy

Johnny and the Guardian Angel by Rosalind

Just A Little Change by ZoeyT

Lancer Season One by Patti H 

Lessons by Terri

Let It Stand by Debbie Pack 

(A) Life Worth Fighting For by Martha

Like Diamonds and Dirt by Cadillac Red

Listen To Me by Snicklefritz

(A) Little Conversation by Rosalind

(The) Longest Day by BeckyW

(The) Madrid Stare by Charlene

Madrid’s Choice’s: Lancer’s Price with Mary B and SandySha

Making Plans by Shallowz

Missing Scene from High Riders by Em

Moose Tracks – High Riders WHN by chrischime

Murdoch by BeckyW

New Blood by Winj

The New Era Series by JenniferB
Lancer: A New Era
The Man From Visalia

Nothing Good by Molly

Nous sommes frères, non? (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

One Little Word by Molly

On the Road to Morro Coyo by Laraine

Pasaba Por Aqui by Whistle

Planning for the Future by Cadillac Red

¿Qiuén es Este Hombre, Mi Sobrino?  by Buckskin

Razor’s Edge  by Buckskin

Remembrances Universe by Gilda
Remembrances of Rain
Burden of Shadows

(The) Road to Morro Coyo by Sherry

Safe At Home by EJ

Saying Hello by Sherry

Second Chances by Desert Sun

Second Thoughts by Whistle

Scott’s Journal Series by Shelley
Entry 1 : The Vigil (ext link)
Entry 2 : Gun Oil (ext link)
Entry 3: Wolf At The Hearth FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Family story
Entry 4: Gunfighter FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny story
Entry 5: Monday, Monday (ext link)
Entry 6: Twenty Bucks On The Greenhorn FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Scott
Entry 7: Finding Their Way
(ext link)
Entry 8: Good Clean Fun (ext link)

Shadows and Sunlight- In My Father’s House by Buckskin

(The) Shirt by Desert Sun

Slave or Partner by Carole P.

Some Nice People Series by Susan
Some Nice People
For a Thousand Dollars

Something in Common by Cadillac Red

Sons: A Homecoming by Joan M.

Stories in Sequence Series by Sharon
Boston 1870
Why Scott Stayed
First Toast
Together at Day’s End

(The) Stranger by Laraine

Surrey For The Trouble by Whistle

Telling Murdoch Goodbye/Why Johnny Stayed by Laraine

Thoughts On Having A Brother by EJ

Through the Eyes Of A Father by Mamse

Twice Blessed by KathyS

Uncertainty Series by Winj
(The) Education
History Lessons

Unfamiliar Feelings by BeckyW

Viva La Revolucion by Dori

(The) Wait by MaryO

Wars by Winj

(The) Weapon by Laraine

What Happened Instead for “The High Riders” by Sharon

What Happened Next – The High Riders, My Version by Kit

What Happened Series by Winj
What Happened First
What Happened In Between
What Happened In Between Sequel

Who Would O’ Guessed by Desert Sun

Will I?  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Why Scott Stayed (Stories in Sequence Series#2 ) by Sharon

Witness by Doc

Wonders Never Cease by Dale L







Episode 1.08 Jelly

Double Blessing  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Jelly’s Initiation by Em

(A) Matter of Trust by Suzanne

Sawdust – WHN Jelly by Skyehyker


Episode 2.07 Jelly Hoskins’ American Dream


Episode 1.06 Julie

Convincing Sheriff Cutler by Sharon and Sherri

(The) Wallet by Desert Sun


Episode 1.21 Juniper’s Camp

Melissa and the Maine Woods (Stories in Sequence Series# 7 ) by Sharon

Penmanship by Cat

Take That by Southernfrau




Episode 2.03 The Kid

(The) Old Maid’s Tale by Starry Diadem

Riding In by Margaret P.

(The) Ripple by Karen and Nancy

Short Money by Em

WHN for The Kid by Carole P.

WHN for “The Kid” & “Blue Skies” (Stories in Sequence Series#8 ) by Sharon


Episode 1.22 The Knot

(The) Knot – Episode Commentary by Coop

Teresa’s Quest by PatriciaG




Episode 2.20 Lamp in the Wilderness

Blueberry Pie and Conversation by Carole P

Don’t Fall Out Of The Acorn Tree by Charlene

The Things I Do by Margaret P.


Episode 1.09 Last Train for Charlie Poe

Meeting Poe (Pre-Lancer series #12) by Doc

(The) Misdemeanor by Ronnie


Episode 1.05 (The) Lawman

Coming to Terms by Dale L 

(The) Five Steps of Joe Barker by Suzanne

Invitation to Dance – Expanded Version by Cindy

Justice by Caroline

Lawman – Episode Tag by Ronnie

Lawman, Missing Scene by Danni

Lawman: A Missing Scene by Sue Salter

(The) Lawman : WHN by Vickie N

Reasonable Doubt by Shallowz

(A) Show of Faith by Suzanne

Strike by Sprite

Waiting by Charlene

(The) Wolf by Winj


Episode 2.10 Legacy

(The) Agreement by Deborah

Aunt Theodora by  goldieasj

Aunt Theodora’s Diplomacy by goldieasj

Ambush  by JEB   Legacy

Amende Honorable by Cindy

Bellum Justum by Kaligirl

(A) Brush With Trouble by Southernfrau

Delivery From Boston by Cadillac Red

Epilogue for ‘Legacy’ by Rosalind

Harlan’s Legacy by goldieasj

Johnny Saving Time (Time Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos

Legacy – Episode Commentary by Coop

Legacy: Missing Scenes (Suspicions Series #3) by Olley

Legacy – Missing Scene by Skyehyker

Legacy Series by EJ
Battle In Green River
Gunfighter With A Heart

(A) Legacy Worth Keeping by Cadillac Red

(A) Long Overdue Talk (#2 in the Long Overdue series) by EJ  

(The) Longest Night by Sue Salter

Longing by Clementine

Lost Trust by BeckyW

Midnight Questions by  Becky S 

(A) Misunderstanding Between Brothers by Taffey 

Out Of The Bottle by Whistle

Secrets – WHN Legacy by Ronnie

Troubled  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Turning Point by White Wolf

Victory [AR] by Wendy K

White Sadness by S.

Who Makes Me Happy by Vicki L Nelson
The Aftermath
Coming Home
Conversation with Grandfather


Episode 2.25 Lifeline

Epilogue for ‘Lifeline’ by Rosalind

Irreplaceable by Styzgal

Setting Things Right by Shallowz

Waiting by Shallowz


Episode 2.17 The Lion And The Lamb

Bitter and Twisted by Suzanne

(The) Lion and the Lamb: WHN by Suzanne

Johnny and the Queen by d.b.brisbin

(The) Lion and The Lamb- WHN by Olley

Quick Dip and A Lot of Scrub by Michelle

Star of Light by Darla M. Poulos


Episode 2.12 Little Darling Of The Sierras

(A) Penny For Their Thoughts by Suzanne

Penny Rose, Penny Rose by Flynnie

Quarantined: Lancer Style by SandySha


Episode 2.16 The Lorelei




Episode 1.23 Man Without A Gun

Badge Without a Gun by SandySha

Fate of the Borrowed Clothes by Desert Sun

Man Without A Gun – Episode Tag by Doc

Man Without A Gun: Missing Scene by Suzanne

Missing Scene from “Man Without A Gun” (Kind of.) by Kit

Not With My Horse (Genesis Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos

WHN: Man Without A Gun by Barbara


Episode 1.25 Measure of A Man

Catha by Suzanne

Gold Star For The Gun Hawk by Styzgal

Measure of a Man – WHN by Deb B   

Measured by Margaret P.

Runaway by MaryM










Episode 2.09 A Person Unknown

(A) Person Unknown – Missing Scene by Kit

Person Unknown: Epilogue by Suzanne

Removing Mrs Normile by Suzanne


Episode 1.07 (The) Prodigal

Faith: WHN for the Prodigal by Caroline

Messed Up by Sherry

(The) Prodigal: Aftermath by Olley

(The) Prodigal Returns-Missing Scene by Sprite

(The) Prodigal – WHN: – Johnny’s Reaction by Vickie N

Put Asunder by Starry Diadem

Return Of The Prodigal (Delgardo Legacy #6) by M.E.

WHN: The Prodigal by Heather







Episode 2.24 The Rivals

(The) Judgement Seat: Episode Tag- The Rivals  by Cobalt Jan 

Regrets by Olley

(The) Rivals – Missing Scenes by Olley

Stone Cold Fear by Buckskin




Episode 2.11 (A) Scarecrow At Hackett’s

(The) Devil’s Garden by SandySha

Scarecrow Series by Winj 
Worlds Collide

What If by Styzgal


Episode 2.13 Shadow Of A Dead Man

Baked Goods by Starry Diadem

Blue by Charlene

Fear by Olley

Feathers Sequence by Starry Diadem
Candle In The Sun
The Day’s Most Quiet Need
Hope Sings

Homemade Biscuits by Carole P.

Jessamie’s Story by Ros

Lancer Legacy: Mrs. Lancer by MaryB

Stitches and Biscuits by Belinda

Tequila Sunrise by Charlene

This is Home by Suzanne

Who Is This Johnny Madrid… Ah, Lancer? by Buckskin


Episode 2.19 Splinter’s Group

(The) Right Thing To Do by Caroline

Splinter’s Group– Episode Commentary by Coop

Splinter Group – WHN by Ronnie

Splinters by Shallowz













Episode 1.17 Warburton’s Edge

Beyond Redemption by MaryB

Blood On His Hands by Charlene

(The) Cause by Olley

Kindred Spirits by Cat

Missing Scene for Warburton’s Edge by Doc

(The) Prodigal Son by Caroline

Pulled From Darkness by Heather

Recollections by Doc

Sentenced To The Flames: Isham’s Regrets by Buckskin

Shouldn’t’ve Done That by Doc

Southern Sun by Trinidad

Warburton Scene – Murdoch’s POV by Sprite

Warm Hands, Warm Heart by Carole P.

Which One Are You More? by dnjlwilson

WHN – Warburton’s Edge by Chris

Who Are You More by EJ


Episode 1.13 (The) Wedding


Episode 2.08 Welcome To Genesis

Genesis Series by Darla M. Poulos
Nothing Less Will Do
Not With My Horse

Jelly’s Reluctant Passage to India by Sharon

Welcome to Genesis – Episode Commentary by Coop







Episode 1.16 Yesterday’s Vengeance

Closure by Styzgal

Johnny Saving Time (Time Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos




Episode 2.02 Zee

After Zee by Doreen

After Zee by Dori

To Zee or Not To Zee by Patti H. 

WHN to Zee, or The Story of Zee continued by Lorraine M


3 thoughts on “EPISODE TAG LIST

  1. I want to reread a story but don’t know the title and I’m struggling to find it.
    Johnny has been hurt and is been transported to Lancer in a wagon./buckboard. They can’t cross a river because it’s swollen so take a detour, but a landslide takes the wagon with it.
    I’m sure it’s an episode tag. Any ideas please?


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