LOST AUTHORS – Preserving Their Legacy



This page is dedicated to preserving the legacy of authors who have been lost to the fandom over time, for whatever reason. It’s a sad fact that writers come and go, and their stories become ‘orphaned’ on mailing lists and FB groups.  Many stories on this page were rescued from the old Yahoo sites Morro Coyo, Green River, and Spanish Wells before being lost forever when Yahoo shut down those sites. 

Normally, we would only archive stories with author permission, but the stories here are all orphans and we’re concerned that one day we could lose the stories completely. So, we’re storing them here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

However – and it’s a big ‘however’ – the original author still owns the story. Should they reconnect with the fandom at some point, we will naturally respect whatever they wish to do with their story.

If you’re one of the 19 authors listed here or are in contact with one, please let us know by leaving a message in the ‘reply’ box below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

There are still uncompleted stories on the fan sites. However, all the those you see below are completed.


Ain’t Nothing but a Kid by Phyllis (unknown date)

Brothers? Us? by Jackie (2009)

Drabbles by Juanita (Evi) (2009)
Brothers – Johnny
Brothers- Scott
Murdoch’s Drabble -Calling the Tune

Drabble by Cecilia (2008)

Drabble – (The) Experiment: Aftermath by Darcy

Drabble- House Call by Christine (2007)

Drabbles by Unknown Authors (various dates)
(The) Art of Conjugating
Chilli Work
Have Mercy
It’s All In The Genes
Love and Its Repercussions
Missing Scene from Last Train For Charlie Poe
Miss Teresa’s Tears
Missing Scenes from The Escape
The Ride
Thoughtless Words
WHN for Chase a Wild Horse

Full Circle by Nancy W. (unknown date)

(The) Game by Deb M. (2009)

(A) Gift from Nogales by Juanita (2009)

(The) Impostor by Millicent (2002)

In Transit by Sherri (2004)

Johnny’s Home by Jackie (2009)

Kindred Spirits by Morgana (unknown date)

Merry Christmas To You by Deb Eliz & Debbie/Gidget (2001)

My Brother, My Friend by Ama (2014)

Nightfall in Nogales by Juanita (Evi) (2009)

Only The Strong Survive by Ama (2015)

(A) Private Talk by Kee (2004)

(A) Real Good Man by Morgana (unknown date) (A Big Valley Crossover)

Retirement by Amby (2005)

Roll Call by Sherri (12/2003)

Someday by Amy (unknown date)

Someday by Morgana (unknown date)

(The) Storm by Morgana

(The) Stranger by Ama (2014)

To Follow A Dream by Morgana (unknown date)

Too Many Rules by Ama (2014)

(A) Very Berry Thanksgiving by Deb Eliz & Debbie/Gidget (2001)

Who Am I by Cecilia Jones (2008)



One thought on “LOST AUTHORS – Preserving Their Legacy

  1. Hi,

    Johnny’s Baby and A Working Man are my stories. I don’t recall ever posting them but I’m fine with you including them on this site.
    I didn’t ever post them under my name, but for the purposes of this site, please indicate the author as ladyt7087. Thanks


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