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This Specialist Collections page lists stories archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction, and some listed on multi-fandom archives or an author’s own site that cover the lives of the Lancer men before they meet at the hacienda: Murdoch’s journey from Scotland, or Scott’s life in Boston or in the Army, or Johnny Madrid’s life along the border. We’ve also included those stories which are a mix of pre- and post-Lancer.

Click on one of these links to go to the stories for the Lancer you’re interested in. In alphabetical order:

Johnny Madrid

Murdoch Lancer

Scott Lancer

Stories that include the pre-Lancer period

Johnny Madrid

Amigos: Ranger and Pistolero

An Hour of My Time by Buckskin

Another Beginning by RonD

Battle of Wills by Buckskin

Benedictus (Hackamore series #1) by Starry Diadem

Blaze Of Glory by Winj

(The) Buscaderos: Birth of a Shadow by Suzanne

(A) Certain Kind of Fool (Rated R) by NCT

Close But No Cigar (Godfather Series #1) by Whistle

Corriendo by Buckskin

Dang That Boy (2nd in the Long Journey Home Series) by RobFra

Death of His Innocence by Laraine

Destiny Series by Liette
Moonlit Destiny
Facing Destiny
Unfolding Destiny
Risking Destiny
Pursuing Destiny
Approaching Destiny
Forthcoming Destiny THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny Story
Meeting Destiny
Listening Destiny
Talking Destiny
Challenging Destiny

El Coyote Series
El Coyote
El Coyote…The Return

(The) Gringo by Kit (Temporarily removed by Kit)

Is This My Day to Die? by Buckskin

It All Adds Up Series by Sandra
Lost Souls
Shine A Light In The Dark
A Change In Plans
Misery Loves Company
Friends And Enemies
Making Do
Good Intentions And All That
I See Fire
Wrong Side of Heaven

Johnny Madrid Series by Margaret P.
(The) Beginning
Boot and Bandits
How to Stay Alive
Edge of Darkness

Last Man Standing by Buckskin

Life Before Lancer Series
Encounter in Abilene
(A) Missed Opportunity

(A) Lifetime Ago by Buckskin

Maria’s Story by Caroline

Meeting Day by SandySha

My Little Blue-Eyed Boy by Cat

Of Guilt by goldieasj

One More Silver Dollar (Hackamore series #2) by Starry Diadem

Pasaba Por Aqui by Whistle

From (The) Path Well Traveled Series by Maureen
Little Things
Sharp Edge

Pinto Stories by Cat
Johnny and the Pinto
Sarah and the Pinto

Playing The Devil’s Hand by Sherry

Pre-Lancer Series by Doc
Rich Fruit
Knife and Gun
Pullin Back The Reins
Early Days
Small Memories
Bad Things
Chosen Identity
Calle De La India Triste
Meeting Poe
Before the Revolution

Redemption  by Buckskin

(The) Road to Morro Coyo by Sherry

Running Gun (Riding the River Series #1) by SandySha

(The) Scent of Sandalwood (Whore And Gunfighter series 01) by Starry Diadem

Shadows Of Another Time Series by SandySha
Gunfighters and Schoolrooms: At Shadows Edge
Enemy At The Door: The Devil’s Shadow

Shootout in Tucson by SandySha

Solo y Asustada (1st in the Long Journey Home Series) by RobFra

Some Bad Things by Caroline

Some Nice People Series by Susan
Some Nice People
For a Thousand Dollars

Storm Clouds: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robins

Surrogate Fathers and Adopted Sons Series by Olley
I Ain’t Jealous
Father’s Day – Val
In A Stable All Forlorn
Making Deals
Tuck and Roll
Moving On-Moving On- Wild and Free

Tombstone Territory: Riding the Silver Trail by SandySha

That Which Was Lost by SandySha



Murdoch Lancer

From Highlands to Homecoming by Margaret P.

From Highlands to Homecoming Chapter Notes, Bibliography and Timeline by Margaret P.

Just A Glimpse (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(A) Last Hogmanay (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Maria  (link to FFN) by solista

On The Boat From Inverness (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Put Asunder by Starry Diadem

Shoes In The Jewel Box (Hackamore series #4) by Starry Diadem

Sisters Under The Skin by Starry Diadem



Scott Lancer

Circumstances by Margaret P.

Emaline by Ronnie

Fancy Dan  (Hackamore series #3) by Starry Diadem

Just A Glimpse (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(The) Longest Day by Ronnie

(A) Soldier’s Christmas (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(A) Soldier’s Hallowe’en (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(The) Star Pupils (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(A) Tangle in Abilene (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian



Stories that include the pre-Lancer period

Bah, Humbug by Starry Diadem

(The) Longest Day by Ronnie

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