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Numeral Titles

2005 Souvenir Fanzine

2006 Souvenir Fanzine

5 Facts About Angel Day by Dale L

(The) 7:15 to Red Bluff by Buckskin




Abandoned Hope by Terri

Abbie by PatriciaG

Abigail Series: by ZoeyT
Say Nothing At All

Abilene Bound (Rated -R) (Wanted: Dead Or Alive #2) by Nancy Marie

About Cows by Karen and Nancy

About Horses by Winj

Above and Beyond by Maddie

Abuela  (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

Acceptance by Sue H.

Accepting (Widow Morris series #2) by Doc

Accessories Series by Cindy
The Saddle
All Wrapped Up

Aces and Eights by Tina

(The) Accident  (A Lancer AU #9)  by Lynne

Acts of Kindness (link to FFN) by kayaklady

Actions by Sandra

Actions Past and Present by Kitty

Adjusting To Life At Lancer  (A Lancer AU #2)  by Lynne

Adjustment by D.B.Brisbin

Adjustments (Surrogate Series #2) by Winj

(The) Adventures of Goldie Locks & Red Robin Hood by Desert Sun

(The) Adventures of Mark Sullivan by AJ

Adventures in Brother-Keeping (Lancer, a New Century Series #3) by Kit and Southernfrau

Adventure in the Desert  by  Robyn B.

Affectio (Latin Series #6) by Shallowz

(An) Affinity For Horses by Wendy K

After Escape by S.

After Redemption(Travel and Travail Series #2) by Clementine

After The Bandits Rated R by RonD

After The Battle: Business Associates by Timothy

After The Fall  by Diana

After The Fight (2nd in The Fight Series) by Seminole

After The Fire by Mary B

After The Pirates series by RonD
After The Pirates 
After ‘After The Pirates’

After The Storm by SandySha

After Words by Cat

After Zee by Doreen

After Zee by Dori

Aftermath by Tucker

(The) Aftermath (Who Makes Me Happy series #1) by Vicki L Nelson

Afternoon Delight by Laraine

Afternoon’s Mischief by Heather

Aftershock by JEB

Afterthought by Wendy K

Afterthought No Longer by Vicki L. Nelson

(The) Agreement by Deborah

Ah, Shucks! by CynthiaKay

Ahoy, Matey by Kit

Ain’t Gonna Do It by Jean

Ain’t Nothing but a Kid by Phyllis

Air by Wendy K

Al Otro Lado Del Rio : Rio Grande (Dawn ‘til Dusk series #3) by Shelley

Alienation of Affection by PatriciaG

All Choked Up by Wendy P

All Hallows by Mary Whimsey

All Hallow’s Eve by Winj

All His Christmases At Once (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

All I Want For Christmas by Susan

All Or Nothing by ZoeyT

All That Glitters by Caroline

All The Time In The World by DaleL

All Things Being Equal by Maureen

All Wrapped Up (Accessories Series #3) by Cindy

All’s Fair Series by Kit
All’s Fair in Love and War
All’s Fair in Love and War – Pt. II

Almost Alone by Linda B (Kona)

Almost Home by Ronnie

Along The River Ness by SandySha

Alone (#2 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Alone In The Desert by Heather

Alternative Homecoming by Fay

Alternatives by S.

Always (Maddie Series #4)  by Ros

Always and Forever by Tina

Always Buy The Best by Rosalind

Amazing Grace by Winj

(The) Amber Series by Sam
Easy Company
Innocent Eyes

Ambushed by Nancy Marie

Ambushed (Guardian Series #4) by ZoeyT

Amende Honorable by Cindy

Amigos by JEB

Amigos Del Alma by Flynnie

Amigos Para La Vida by Winj

Amigos: Ranger and Pistolero by Buckskin

Among the Wicked by Karen Campbell

And Mother Makes Three (Mommy Dearest Trilogy #1) by Vickie N

And My Heart Burdened Be by Southernfrau

And So To School  (A Lancer AU #3)  by Lynne

And the Hunter Home From The Hill  by Clementine

And The Rains Came by Carole P.

And Then There Were Two by FlissB

And They’re Off–Or Are They? (Small Matters Series #11) by Vicki L. Nelson

And to all a Good night . . . by Kit

And Unto My Care by Cindy – Second Place Lancer Writer Awards – Best Drabble

And When I Got Home (Wild Horses, Wild Boys Series #3)by Clementine

Angels Series by Heather H and Sue Salter
Angels From The Ashes
On Fragile Wings

Angel Kisses by Palouse (at FFN)

Angels With Dirty Faces by (#1 in Tres Guerros Series) Trinidad

Angie by SilverWolf

Angry Hearts Series by Lacy and Seren
Angry Hearts
(The) Tortured Gun

Angst by Heather

Angst Misbehavin’ by Whistle

Anniversaries  by Holly

Anniversary by Cadillac Red

Anniversary by Molly

(The) Anniversary by Sprite

Anniversary by Winj

Anniversary Gifts by AJ

Annwn by Jean

Another Series by RonD
Another Beginning
Another Highrider
Another Rival
Another Legacy
Another Escape

Another Day by Docsov

Another Day in the Life (Brat Pack Series #2) by Southernfrau

Another Dream (Dreams Series #1) by Rosalind

Another Life by Holly

Another Little Talk by Sharon

Another Midnight by Ruth

Another Sort of Conversation by Adriana

Another Stray for Lancer (A Lancer AU #12)    by Lynne

Another Time by  Belinda

Answers by Dale L

Answers by EJ

Answers (Letters Series #2) by Winj

Any Other Business by Styzgal

Anytime, Brother by Cristy

Apologies by Vickie G

Appaloosa Series by Olley
Looking After His Own

(The) Apple . . . Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree by Dori

Approaching Destiny (Destiny Series #6) by Liette

April 15, 1912 by CC

(An) April Morning – Death Fic by Laraine

Aqui Gatito Gatito by Buckskin

(The) Arby Adam’s Gang Comes to Green River by Sherry

(The) Art of Humility by Vickie N

As Ever by S.

As The Grass Grows by DianaP

Ascent (Pre-Lancer series #7) by Doc

Ashes (#1 of a trilogy) by S.

Ask and You Shall Receive (Brat Pack Series #14) by Southernfrau

Assumptions by Winj

Asunder by Whistle

At What Cost A Dream by Buckskin

Atonement by Lorraine M

Attack by Marilyn

(The) Attic by Shelley

Attitude Adjustment by Doc

(An) AU for the High Riders or Queer Eye for the Straight Cowboy by Chris

Auld Acquaintance (Hackamore series 06) by Starry Diadem

Aunt Theodora Series by  goldieasj
Aunt Theodora
Aunt Theodora’s Diplomacy

Author, Author by Kit

Autumn Night’s Visitor by Barbara V.

Awakening by Winj

Away in A Manger (link to FFN) by solista

Away in a Manger by Suzanne




Baby  (Jamie Stories #1) by Cat

Back Behind Bars by Sammi

Back To The Christmas Cabin (#2 in The Christmas Cabin series) by Ruthie W.

Bad Company by Dori

Bad Company (Rated NC17) by Nancy Marie

Bad Company by Winj

Bad Day for a Withdrawal by  Belinda

(A) Bad Day In Spanish Wells by Patti H

Bad Luck by Maureen

Bad Poetry Day by Desert Sun

Bad Things (Pre-Lancer Series #8) by Doc

Badge Without a Gun by SandySha

Bah, Humbug by Starry Diadem

Baked Goods by Starry Diadem

Ballad of the Desert Sun by Desert Sun

Bandidas (Jemimah Day Series #20) by Anne

Band of Gold (Delia Series #3) by Wendy K

Banished in Boston by Whistle

Banished to Cedar Canyon by Sherry

Bannack (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Banishing Shadows by White Wolf

(The) Bar Call Out by Deborah

Barbed Wire (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

Barbershop Buzz by d.b.brisbin

(The) Bare Facts of It!(Commando Cowboys series #1) by Patti H.

(The) Bargain by SandySha

Barn Dance (Part One of Dance Trilogy) by PatriciaG

Barranca (Hackamore series 07) by Starry Diadem

Barren Victory (WWB) by Theresa

Based Upon A True Story by Latebloomnriter

(The) Bath by Dori

(The) Battlefield by Wendy K

Battle In Green River (#2 in the Legacy series) by EJ

Battle of the Bathlands by Whistle

Battle of the Rules (#1 in Georges Rules Series) by Vickie G

Battle of Wills by Buckskin

Be Careful What You Wish For by Lisa Paris

Beans Again! by Patti H.

Beans, Bacon, and Beer by Tina

(The) ‘Bears’! by Heather

Beautiful Wind by Margaret P.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder by Kit

Because of a Galloping Horse  (#1 Hero of Sacramento Series) by RonD

Bedding (Widow Morris series #19) by Doc

Beef To Fort Bowie by AJ

Before by Rhiannon

Before the Revolution (Pre-Lancer series #16) by Doc

Begging (Link to SWA) (Duology Series #1) by S

Beginning by Doc

Beginning Series (links to FFN) by solista
(A) Beginning Part 1 
(A) Beginning Part 2
(A) Beginning Part 3
(A) Beginning Part 4

Beginning a Blessed New Year by JEB

Beginnings by Caroline

(The) Beginning (Johnny Madrid Series #1) by Margaret P.

Beguiled by Heather

Behind Closed Doors  by CC

Behind My Eyes – a poem by Shelley

Behind The Mask by Heather H

Behind The Man by S.

Behold A Pale Horse by Lacy

Bein’ Legal (Big Brother Series #3)by Kit

Being With Them Series by Sherry
Talking With Her
Riding With Him
Sitting With Him

Believe by Wendy

Believing is Seeing by Snicklefritz

Belittle, Or Be Big by Clementine

Bellum Justum by Kaligirl

Belonging by Debbie Pack

Ben Twofeathers by Winj

Benedictus (Hackamore series 01) by Starry Diadem

Besotted Rated R by RonD

Best Christmas Ever Series by EJ
It Should Have Been The Best Christmas Ever
(The) Christmas That Wasn’t

(The) Best Friend  by Deborah

(The) Best Gal Darn Turkey in the Whole Gal Darn World by LindaB

Best Month for a Gunfight by SandySha

(The) Best Seat In The House by Shelley

(The) Best View In The World by Cadillac Red

(The) Best Worst Christmas by Vickie N

(The) Bet by S.

Beth by Winj

(The) Betrayal Rated -R (#3 Todays Questions…Tomorrow’s Answers) by Nancy Marie

Betrayal by Sharon and Sammi

Betrayed by Blood by Sherry

Betrayed Series by chrischime

Betrayed Trust (Rated -R) (Wanted: Dead Or Alive #3) by Nancy Marie

Better Out Than In by Southernfrau

(A) Better Place by Kimberly(KJB)

Between A Rock and A Hard Place by Mellobee

Between A Rock And A Wet Place by Southernfrau

Between Heaven And Hell by Buckskin

Between The Battle And The Contract by Mary B

Between The Eyes  by D’Artag-NOT

Between The Lines (Eliot Series #12) by Margaret P.

Beware the Dare by Suzanne

Beyond Redemption by MaryB

Beyond the Gift by  Belinda

Biding Time (Time Series #1) by LaJuan

Big Brother, Little Brotherby EJ

Big Brothers (Big Brother Series #1) by Kit

Big City Blues by Kit

Big Dogs  by Mellobee

Big Feet, Big Trouble by Becks

(The) Big Gamble (ext link to AO3) by rowdy_tanner

Big Sky by Marilyn

(A) Bird in Hand (external link) by Cobalt Jan

Birth Of A Legend by Winj

Birthday Maneuvers by Kit and Southernfrau

Birthday Memories by Winj

(The) Birthday Present by Rosalind

Birthday Stories by Winj
Happy Birthday To Me
Many Happy Returns

Birthday Wishes Granted by PaulaR

Birthdays by S.

Birthdays by Sharon

Birthdays Series by Cadillac Red
Birthdays Left Behind : Scott
Birthdays Left Behind: Johnny

Birthright Series by Shelley
Birthright Revisited

Bite Series by Southernfrau
Love at First Bite
Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Bitter and Twisted by Suzanne

Bitter Heart by Winj

Bitter Justice by Lisa Paris
Bitter Justice and Bitter Justice (alternative ending)

Bitter Medicine by Maureen

Black Friday by Whistle

(The) Black McGloins – WHI by Kit

(The) Black McGloins by Suzanne

Black Mesa (Taming a Wild Horse Series #2) by SandySha

(The) Black Widows by Amber

Blame by Sue Salter

Blame Series by Winj
(The) Point of No Return

Blazes (Genesis Series #2) by Darla M. Poulos

Blaze Of Glory by Winj

Blessed Series (link to FFN) by solista
Blessed Part 1
Blessed Part 2

Blessing (Pre-Lancer series #9) by Doc

Blest Be the Tie by Mary Whimsey

Blest Be the Ties That Bind by Kit

Blind Man’s Bluff – Episode Commentary by Coop

Blind Man’s Bluff Too by Winj

Blind Man’s Bluff- Watching Her Disappear Into Dust by Flynnie

Blind Man’s Bluff WHN by Barbara

Blind Man’s Bluff- WHN: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

Blind Trust by Styzgal

Blink by Shelley

Blood Series by Winj
(The) Journey
Mothers and Grandfathers

Blood Ties by Charlene

Blood Is… by Molly

Blood Lust by Maureen

Blood On His Hands by Charlene

Blood On My Hands by Darla M. Poulos

Blood On The Moon by Lisa Paris

Blood Moon Rising by SandySha

Blood Rock: A Right to Know by Ronnie

Blood, Sweat and Fears by Whistle

Blood Trail by gemspegasus

Bloodlines by Winj

Blue by Charlene

(The) Blue Blanket by Marlene

(A) Blue Day (Jemimah Day Series #8) by Anne

Blue Skies For Willie Sharp Episode Commentary by Coop

Blueberry Pie and Conversation by Carole P

(The) Board is Set by MaryB and Sherry

Body and Soul by DaleL

Body Heat by Terri

(The) Bond by SandySha

(The) Bond Between Brothers by Buckskin

(The) Book Club by Olley

Book of Rules Series by Kit
(The) Book of Rules [1]
(The) Book of Rules [2]
(The) Book of Rules [3]
(The) Book of Rules: Epilogue

(The) Books by Michelle

Bone-Tired  (link to FFN) by solista

Boots and Bandits (Johnny Madrid Series #4) by Margaret P.

Boston 1870 (Stories in Sequence Series#1 ) by Sharon

(The) Bostonian Vaquero by Doreen

Bound For Honor by Tina and Southernfrau

(The) Bounty On Wolves by DianaP

(The) Box (#2 of a duology) by S.

Boy by Kit

(The) Boy by Karen and Nancy

Boy Are We In Trouble Now (#1 in the Trouble series) by EJ

(The) Boy In The Man (In memory of James Stacy) by EJ

Boy, It’s Hot by Southernfrau

(The) Boy Lost by Linda B

(A) Boy Named Truman  (Truman Series #1) by  Boonie  

 Boys and Mud Definitely Mix by Martha

Boys in the Attic by Whistle

Boys Loose In The Kitchen by EJ

Boys Will Be Boys (#3 in the Response series) by Becks

Boys Will Be Boys by EJ

Boys Will Be Boys by Rosalind

Branglers by Whistle

The Brat Pack Series AU by Southernfrau
Author’s note on the Brat Pack here

My Brother, The Brat
Another Day in the Life
Breakfast: A Proper Way to Start the Day
Taking the Town by Storm
Home Again Home Again
Itching to Break Out
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
Gifts of Love
Helping Hand
The Easter Bunny Cometh
Just a Victim of Circus’Stance!
Ask and You Shall Receive
The Gospel According to Johnny
Serving Up Trouble
No More Monsters Under the Bed
Wrinkled Potatoes and Old Tomatoes
O Come Let Us Adore Him
Spring Fever
Carving Out Fun
Look Before You Eat
Cover Up (written with Kit)
Go Figure

Breakfast: A Proper Way to Start the Day (Brat Pack Series #3) by Southernfrau

Breaking The Circles (Circles series #2) by Winj

Breathing (Widow Morris series #14) by Doc

Brief Encounter by dnjlwilson

(A) Brief Reunion by Doreen

Bright As Yesterday (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Bright New Day (High Riders Series #2) by Caroline

Bringing Back Memories by EJ

Broken (FFN Link) by Molly

Broken by SandySha

Broken Promises (WomenWriters Block Link) by Linda B (Bristow)

Broken Series by Terri
Broken Trust
Broken Truth

(A) Brother (linked to FFN) by Cadillac Red

(A) Brother Lost by Winj

Brother Mine by Heather H

(The) Brother Thing by Katt

Brother, Where Are You? Rated R by Robyn B.

Brothers? by Olley

Brothers by Linda B (Kona)

(A) Brother’s Choice by Doreen

(A) Brother’s Love by Winnie

Brothers Series (AR) by Whistle
He’s My Brother
Banished in Boston
Home on the Range

Brothers And Friendship by Faith Brayden

Brothers And Sisters   by CC

Brothers Apart (#1 of a duology) by S.

Brothers By Blood (Rated R) by Chris

Brothers Day by EJ

Brothers’ Honor by chrischime

Brothers In Arms by Patti H

Brothers In Need (#2 of a duology) by S.

Brothers? Us? by Jackie

Brotherly Love by CynthiaKay

Brotherly Love by Karen F.

Brunet by S.

(A) Brush With Trouble by Southernfrau

Brushes And Brothers by S.

(A) Bump in the Night by Linda B

Burden of Shadows (Remembrances Series #2) by Gilda

Buried Treasures by SandySha

Burn by chrischime

Burning Bridges  by Buckskin

Bury Me In Yellow Butte by Southernfrau

Burying Johnny Madrid by goldieasj

Buscaderos – Episode Commentary by Coop

(The) Buscaderos: Birth of a Shadow by Suzanne

Buscaderos-Missing Scenes by Mary Whimsey

(The) Buscaderos: WHN by Wendy K

Busted  (Big Brother Series #2) by Kit

Bustin’ Broncs and Other Critters by Bosco11

But I’ll Call the Tune by Kit

But It Isn’t What I Want by Jean

Butter And Bread by DaleL

Buttons! Buttons! Buttons! by Desert Sun

(The) Butterfly by Ronnie

By Accident by Whistle

By Any Name (#2 in The Cate Series) by MaryB

By Any Other Name by CynthiaKay

By George, I Think He’s Got It!  by Patti H.

Bygones by Darla M. Poulos




(The) Cabin (Rated Strong NC17) by Nancy Marie

(The) Cake Made Me Do It by Southernfrau

Caldera Getaway by SandySha

California (Hackamore series 13) by Starry Diadem

California Dreamin’ by Em

California Heat by Ruth

Call of the Wheel by Dori

Calle De La India Triste (Pre-Lancer series #12) by Doc

Called Out by Winj

Calling the Tune by Dori

Calling the Turn (external link) by Cobalt Jan

Calm After The Storm (a ficlet) by Charlene

Campanadas by Whistle

Camping (Widow Morris series #9) by Doc

Candle In The Sun (Feathers series 01) by Starry Diadem

Canine Heroine’s Reward by JEB

Can’t Save Them All by Becks

Capture Series by Nancy Marie Rated R
(The) Capture
Forbidden Consequences

Captured [revised] (Scott/Laura series #4)  by Judi

Carl Freeman’s Boy by Ros

Carving Out Fun (Brat Pack Series #21) by Southernfrau

(A) Case of Mistaken Identity  (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

(A) Case of Proper Etiquette by Desert Sun

Casualty Of Christmas by S.

Casus Belli by Cindy

(The) Cat by Winj

Cat Love by LaJuan

Catalyst (external link) by Cobalt Jan

Catch Colt (link to FFN) by NokuMarieDeux

Catch of the Day by Whistle

Catching Hold of Something  by Mellobee

(The) Cate Series by MaryB
Kiss Me Cate
By Any Name

Catha by Suzanne

CattleDrive (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

(A) Cattleman’s Son by Nancy Marie

Caught Without a Shirt by Desert Sun

(The) Cause by Olley

Celebration by Southernfrau

‘Celebration of The Horse’ Day by EJ

(A) Certain Kind of Fool (Rated R) by NCT

C’est La Vie by EJ

(The) Chair by Mellobee

(The) Challenge by Buckskin

Challenging Destiny (Destiny Series #11) by Liette

(A) Chance Encounter by Doreen

(A) Chance In Life by Becks

Change Of Address (Modern Lancer Series #16) by Lancer Redux

(A) Change of Clothes by Doc

(A) Change In Plans (It All Adds Up Series #4) by Sandra

Changes by Terri

Changes  (link to FFN) by solista

Changes- The First Year by Buckskin

Changing Directions by Cindy

(The) Charade (Riding The River Series #5) by SandySha

Charlie Series  (link to FFN) by McLance
(A) Sure Way To The Heart 
Judging A Book By Its Cover
La Familia
Eyes on the Prize

(The) Chase (Surprise Series #5) by Terri

Chase A Wandering Father by Dori

Chase A Wild Horse SCRIPT

Chase A Wild Horse 2009 (Modern Lancer Series #5) by Lancer Redux

Chase A Wild Horse (Is There Anyone Home Series #2) by Sharon

Chase A Wild Horse WHN: The Choice by Suzanne

Chase A Wild Son by Whistle

Chasing Rainbows by Wendy K

Checkmate by Lady Di

Checkmate (Death Fic) by S.

Cheyenne (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Chiaroscuro by S.

Chico  by  MaryB

(A) Child Alone by Marilyn

Child Of Rock And Sunlight – Episode Commentary by Coop

Child of Rock – The Search by Ronnie

China Doll by Whistle

Chips and Salsa (Modern Lancer Series #3) by Lancer Redux

Chocolate and Chili (Modern Lancer Series #4) by Lancer Redux

(The) Choice Made by Southernfrau

(The) Choice of A Life by Véronique

Choices by Cindy and KathyK

Choices (Link to SWA) by S

Choices by Terri

Chosen Identity (Pre-Lancer series #11) by Doc

Christmas (Widow Morris series #16) by Doc

Christmas Series by Southernfrau
Christmas Memories
Let It Be Christmas
Oh Christmas Tree!
Faith Will Bring You Home

Christmas 1858 by Mary Whimsey
(FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Holiday Story)

Christmas 1864 by MaryO and Mary Whimsey

Christmas Blessings by JEB

The Christmas Cabin series by Ruthie W.
(The) Christmas Cabin
Back To The Christmas Cabin

(The) Christmas Choice by Karen and Nancy

Christmas Countdown by  Belinda   

Christmas, Finally by Adriana

Christmas Gifts Series by Barbara V.
A Gift For Murdoch
Scott’s Gift To Murdoch
Teresa’s Surprise
(A) Thoughtful Gift For Scott
Johnny’s Gift

(The) Christmas Guest (Guest Series #1) by Em

Christmas Lesson ( Winter’s Tale series #2) by EJ

(The) Christmas Letters by Laraine

Christmas Memories (Christmas Series#1) by Southernfrau

Christmas Mischief Series by EJ
(A) Little Christmas Mischief
Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny

(A) Christmas Missed (Frosty Christmas series #2) by EJ

Christmas Morning by Linda B (Kona)

Christmas Morning by Lorraine M

(A) Christmas Morning Stray by Buckskin

Christmas Morning for Scott and Johnny (Christmas Mischief series #2) by EJ

Christmas Past – Christmas Present by Sue

Christmas Prayers by Cadillac Red

Christmas Prayers – Epilogue by Cadillac Red

(A) Christmas Promise and Prayer -a poem by Southernfrau

(The) Christmas Star by Sandra

Christmas Short Stories by Winj
(The) Eve
Remember Me

(The) Christmas That Almost Wasn’t by Mary Ann

(The) Christmas That Wasn’t (Best Christmas Ever Series #2) by EJ

(The) Christmas Tree by LindaB

(A) Christmas Visit by Winj

The Christmas Visitor by ZoeyT

Christmas Worlds by Desert Sun

Church Dance (Part Two of Dance Trilogy) by Patricia G.

Cinco de Mayo by KathyS

Circles Series by Winj
Vicious Circles
Breaking The Circles

Circumstances by Margaret P.

Clarity by S.

Cleansing The Soul (or A Bet Is A Bet) by Maureen

Cliffhanger by FlissB and Lacy 

Close But No Cigar (Godfather Series #1) by Whistle

Close Your Eyes My Darling – Death fic by Lisa Paris

Closure by Styzgal

Clothes Make The Man by Dori

Clouded Memories by Desert Sun

Codicil by Whistle

Cold by Mary Ann

Cold Beer And Hot Women by S.

(A) Cold Day In Hell by Eileen

Cold November Rain by Wendy K

Cold Shoulders, Hard Choices (Mommy Dearest Trilogy #2) by Vickie N

Cold Sweat, Numb Heart by Cobalt Jan

Cold Water Helps by Margaret P.

Collateral Damage – Death Fic – by Wendy K

Collateral Damage by Winj

Colored Eggs & Giant Bunnies by Belinda

(The) Colt by Winj

Comatose by Southernfrau

Comatose and Bored by LaJuan

Comfort and Joy (Part 05 of A Match Unsurpassed) by Kathy P

(The) Comfort of Others by Ronnie NEW

Coming Back To The Ranch by Véronique

Coming Home (Drabbles) by Mamse

Coming Home Series by Margaret Schmitz Compton
Coming Home
National Mule Day
My Father’s House

Coming Home by Mary B

Coming Home by Winj 

Coming Home Again by Ros

Coming Home (Who Makes Me Happy series #3) by Vicki L Nelson

Coming to Terms by Dale L 

Commando Cowboys series by Patti H.
(The) Bare Facts of It!
(The) Skinny of It!
Taking a Moonlight Swim
(The) Midnight Swim of Murdoch

Common Ground by Caroline

Common Ground by Winj

Common Scents by Whistle

Community Service by Sharon

Compassion (Link to SWA) by S

Compassion is Colour Blind  (A Lancer AU #10)  by Lynne

Compensate (A Match Unsurpassed #3) by Kathy P

Complicated by PaulaR

Compliments by Starry Diadem

Components of a Lancer by Deborah

Compromise ( A Match Unsurpassed #1) by Kathy P

Concede (A Match Unsurpassed #4) by Kathy P

Concludere (The Latin Series #3) by Shallowz

Conclusions  (link to FFN) by solista

(A) Condemned Man (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Condor by Mary Whimsey

Conflicting Evidence by Doreen

Confrontations by Bosco11

Confronting Destiny (12th in the Destiny Series) by Liette

Confronting The Ghost Of Madrid (Ghosts series #4) by Buttercup

Confusion by Terri

Connect ( A Match Unsurpassed #2) by Kathy P

Connection by Terri

Consequences: A Night Of Fun by Heather

(The) Consequences of Curiosity by Kaligirl

Consolation by S.

Constellations by Cadillac Red

(A) Contemplating Moment by Becks

Contemplation – a drabble by Christine C.

(A) Contemplation of Life  (link to FFN) by solista

Contentment/Acceptance by Lynda

Contentus (Latin Series #5)by Shallowz

(The) Contract by Ruthie W

(The) Conversation by JenniferB

Conversation with Grandfather (Who Makes Me Happy #4) by Vicki L Nelson

Conversations – A WHN for the Highriders by Carole P.

Conversations and Old Scotch (Modern Lancer Series #8) by Lancer Redux

Conversation With My Father by Jean

Convincing Sheriff Cutler by Sharon and Sherri

(The) Cookie Monster (FFN Link)  by Geraldine

Cookie Monsters by JEB

Cookin’ Up A…What? By PollyVictorian 

Cooking by Southernfrau

Cool Relief by Southernfrau

Corriendo by Buckskin

(The) Cost of Justice by Winj

Could Only Happen To Johnny by EJ

(A) Cougar in Boston by Sam

Count His Blessings by Dale L

Counterfeit Law (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Cousin Henry by PatriciaG and Raian

Courtin’ Trouble (Small Matters Series #10) by Vicki L. Nelson

Courting (NC17) (Reminiscences Series #1) by FlissB

Counting the Cost by Justine

Cousin Kate by Dori

Covenant (Ties that Bind Series #2) by Fliss B and Lacy 

(The) Covenant by Theresa

Cover Up (written with Kit) (Brat Pack Series #23) by Southernfrau

(The) Coward by S.

(The) Cowboy by Suzanne

Cowboy Appreciation Day series by Patti H.
Cowboy Up
I’m An Old Cowhand Who Found My El Dorado
(The) Cowboy In Me

(Le) choix d’une vie (The Choice of A Life) by Nanthana14 (at FFN)

Coyote Trap (Coyote Series #2) by D.B.Brisbin

Coyote Wishes and Peyote Dreams (Coyote Series #1) by D.B.Brisbin

The Cradle (Delia Series #10) by Wendy K

Cradles by Dale L

Cravings (Jemimah Day Series #24) by Anne

Crossfire (Fear Series #3) by Buckskin

Crossfire by Winj

Crossover with The Magnificent Seven series by Jennifer
Showdown In Four Corners
Gunfight In Nogales

Crossroads To Home by Laraine

Crosswinds by Sharon and Chris W.

Culture Trip by Heather

(The) Curandera by Olley

Curtains by Dale L

Cut the Ace by  Belinda





(A) Dad Of Heart  (link to FFN) by fanclaire

Dammit, Val (Following Fathers Series #4) by Clementine

Dance Trilogy by Patricia G.
Barn Dance
Church Dance
To Dance or Not To Dance

(The) Dance by Sherry

(The) Dance by SilverWolf

Dance With Me by Whistle

Dance With Me, Johnny by Sandysha

Dancing Around The Flames by S.

(The) Dandy by PatriciaG

Dang That Boy (2nd in the Long Journey Home Series) by RobFra

(A) Dangerous Game by Caroline

Dangerous Mind by Winj

Daniel by Winj

Dare by EJ

(The) Daredevil’s Club (Jemimah Day Series # 6) by Anne

(The) Dark Angel by LisaA

Dark Forest (Delgado Legacy #3) by M.E.

Dark Memories by chrischime

Dark Though It Is by Karen Campbell

(The) Darkest Hours by Caroline

Darkness (Pre-Lancer series #15) by Doc

Date With Destiny    by CC  

(The) Dates (Surprise Series #3) by Terri

Dawn And Dusk by Barbara

Dawn ‘Til Dusk Series by Shelley
Al Otro Lado Del Rio : Rio Grande

(The) Day After Easter FU:The Easter Bunny and JM (FFN Link) by d.b.brisbin

(A) Day For Checkers by Desert Sun

(A) Day for the Birds by Desert Sun

(A) Day In Green River by Barbara V.

(The) Day’s Most Quiet Need (Feathers series 02) by Starry Diadem

(A) Day of Panic by Desert Sun

(The) Days of the Dead (FFN Link) by Maddie

Dead Center ( Johnny and Holly Series #5)  by Buckskin

(The) Deal (Surprise Series #10) by Terri

Deals Lancer (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

Dear Angus Series by Sprite

Dear Mrs. Sinclair by Cobalt Jan 

Dear Prudence by Wendy K 

Dearest Emily (Eliot Series #5—Letters of Friendship #2) by Margaret P.

Death of His Innocence by Laraine

(The) Death Of Johnny Madrid (link to FFN) by Carla K

Death’s Letter S by Deb B 

Death’s Letter, S by Lisa Paris

Deathbait: missing scene by Olley

December 25 (link to FFN) by solista

Deception by Latebloomnriter (at FFN)

(The) Debt by Caroline

Decking The Halls by Desert Sun

Decision Series by Vickie G

Decisions (Johnny and Polly Series #3) by Cara

Decisions (Surprise series #2)by Marlene

Deducing Native Languages by Mary B

Deep Breaths  by CC 

Defenseless by LisaA

Delay by JenniferB

(The) Delgado Legacy by M.E.
(The) Falcon
(The) Falcon’s Apprentice—The First Lesson
(The) Falcon’s Apprentice—The Last Lesson
(The) Late Johnny Lancer
Dark Forest
That The Devil Drives
Epilogue To That The Devil Drives
Return Of The Prodigal

Delia Series by Wendy K
The Pocket Watch
Getting Married
Band of Gold
A Schoolteacher from Connecticut
The Sweater
Long Day
The Cradle
A Proper Send-off

Delicacies by Diana

Delivery From Boston by Cadillac Red

(The) Demise of Raul  (link to FFN) by solista

Departures (#1 of a duology) by S.

Depends On What You See by Buckskin

Depths by Winj

Desert Nightmares: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

Desert Nightmares (Becky’s part of the story) by Becky S

Despair by Heather

Desperado by Patti H

Desperado Series by Winj
Goodbye Doc

Desperation and Need (link to FFN) by callyhughes

Destiny Series by Liette
Moonlit Destiny
Facing Destiny
Unfolding Destiny
Risking Destiny
Pursuing Destiny
Approaching Destiny
Forthcoming Destiny THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny Story
Meeting Destiny
Listening Destiny
Talking Destiny
Challenging Destiny
Confronting Destiny 

Destiny Series (link to FFN) by solista
Destiny Part 2

Dewdrops Adventures – Volume 1 by Desert Sun

Devastation by Robyn B.

(The) Devil and Johnny Madrid (Rated R) by Winj

(The) Devil Made Me Do It by Kit and Southernfrau

(The) Devil’s Advocate by Winj

Devil’s Daughter, The (Gods and Men Series #2) [Rated R] by Caroline

(The) Devil’s Due by Winj

(The) Devil’s Garden by SandySha

(The) Devil’s Time by Marcia

Devotion by goldieasj

Dia de los Muertos by S.

Diamond by Goldieasj

(The) Diary (#4 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Dichotomy (1st in the Betrayed Series) by chrischime

Did I Hear You Mention Boston? by DJK (At WWB)

Did Murdoch Listen? (Jelly’s Talk series #2) by EJ

(A) Different Path (Jemimah Day Series #17) by Anne

(A) Different Type of Housekeeper by JEB

Dilemma by S.

(The) Dime Novel Hero by goldieasj

Dime-Store Novel (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Dinner at Six by Laraine

Disclosures by Cindy

Discomfiture by Winj

Discovery (Long Overdue series #1) by EJ

Discovery Series by Winj
More Discovery (Rated R)

Disinclined (The Gunman’s Woman Series #3) by Charlene

Distant Love Remembered by Heather

Do We Call This a Christmas Miracle?  (FFN Link) by Maddie

Do You Get That From Chickens? by Southernfrau

Do You Love Me? by Véronique

Doctor Jellifer (#2 in Georges Rules Series) by Vickie G

(The) Dog by Bosco11

Dollars and (Horse) Sense by Latebloomnriter (at FFN)

Dollies and Llamas by PaulaR

Dominoes (It All Adds Up Series #1) by Sandra

(The) Donkey by Kim

Don’t Fall Out Of The Acorn Tree by Charlene

Don’t Look at Me by CynthiaKay

Don’t Need A Father  by Shelley

(The) Door To Christmas by SandySha

Dotting That ‘I‘  by Charlene

Double Blessing  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Double Dipping ( Response series #2) by Becks

Double, Double Lancer Trouble by Patti H

Double Madrid (Rated R) by Robyn B.

Double Stitched (Stitches Series #1) by SandySha

Doubting (Widow Morris series #23) by Doc

Doubts by Winj

Down by the River by Cobaltjan

Drabbles (The Complete Collection)

Drabbles by Becks

Drabble – Error by BeckyW

Drabble by Cecilia

Drabbles by Cobalt Jan  

Drabble- House Call by Christine

Drabble -Contemplation by Christine C.

Drabble – (The) Experiment: Aftermath by Darcy

Drabbles by Cindy

Drabbles by Desert Sun

Drabbles by EJ

Drabbles by Juanita (Evi)
Brothers – Johnny
Brothers- Scott
Murdoch’s Drabble -Calling the Tune

Drabbles by Ladyt 
Johnny’s Baby

Drabbles by LisaA

Drabbles by Lynda

Drabbles by Kathy Smith Barsotti

Drabbles (Who Told You This?/What’s in A Name) by Margaret P

Drabbles by Olley

Drabbles By PollyVictorian 

Drabbles (Link to SWA) by S
Flying Missiles
Lancer Drabbles

Drabbles- by Southernfrau

Drabbles by Spiritfire

Drabbles by Winj

Drabbles Collection by Caroline

Drabbles and Fifty Five Fiction by Sharon

Drabble – Home by MaryB

Drabbles and Shorts by Cristy

(The) Dream by Winj

Dream Lover (Jemimah Day Series #28) by Anne

(A) Dream Shared by Dale L

Dream Within A Dream by MaryB

Dreams (A Foley Episode Addition) By Joan M..

Dreams Of What Might Have Been by Sherry

Dreams Series by Rosalind
Another Dream

Dreams  (link to FFN) by solista

Dreams and Realities by Winj

Drifting by chrischime

Drifting by White Wolf

Driving Cattle and Sons by Silvia

Driving The Chariot by Starry Diadem

(The) Duchess (Surprise Series #9) by Terri

Duel en Villa (Duel in Town) by Nanthana14 (at FFN)

Dueling Series by Becks
Dueling Lancers
Dueling Cousins
Dueling Thieves
Dueling Brothers

Duology by S
Begging (Link to SWA)
Reaching Out  (Link to SWA)

Dusk (Dawn til Dusk Series #2) by Shelley

Dust by Cobalt Jan  

Dying To Live by Starry Diadem




Each Other by Mary B

Eggs Over Easy by Kit

(An) Early Christmas Present by Margaret P.

Early Days (Pre-Lancer series #5) by Doc

East Meets West by AJ

(The) Easter Bunny (Surprise Series #4) by Terri

(The) Easter Bunny and Johnny Madrid by d.b.brisbin

(The) Easter Bunny Cometh (Brat Pack Series #12) by Southernfrau

(An) Easter to Remember (Holdays Series #4) by Linda B (Kona)

(An) Eastern Accent by Sharon

Easy  (link to FFN) by JoaniexJony

Easy Company – 1st in The Amber Series by Sam

Echo of a Ghost by Dale L

Echoes In The Night by Buckskin

Echoes of the Heart (Stories in Sequence Series# 9) by Sharon

Edge of Darkness by Buckskin

Edge of Darkness by Margaret P.

(The) Education (Uncertainty Series #2) by Winj

Eggs Over Easy by Kit

El Coyote Series by Jane-Louise
El Coyote
El Coyote…The Return

El Diablo (#3 of a trilogy) by S.

El Espírotu de la Abuela by Buckskin

El Paso by Winj

Elpaso – A Vision From The Past by Chaz

El Perdido by Winj

(The) Elf On The Shelf (1st in Small(er) Matters Series) by Vicki L Nelson

Eliot Series by Margaret P.
Past Imperfect
(The) Visit
The Only Way to Have a Friend is to be One—by Margaret P. and Doc
Unfinished Business
Dearest Emily (Letters of Friendship #2)
What Katie Did
Trust Me
Sod’s Law
What Katie Said
Cold Water Helps
Between the Lines
Of Mice and Scott Lancer
Like Moths to a Flame
Every Father’s Right
Family Matters
Twelve Days

Emaline by Ronnie

Emilia by Olley

Emerson Was Right: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robin

(An) Emoji Christmas Story by Suzanne

(An) Empty Place series by Laraine
An Empty Place
Scott’s Sacrifice
Life Goes On
(The) Final Chapter

(The) Empty Years by Molly and Con

Encore by LaJuan

Encounter in Abilene (Life Before Lancer Series #1) by Laraine

Encounters Series by Fay
Stagecoach Encounter
Further Acquaintances

(The) End by S.

End of Day Challenge by Sprite

(The) End is Enough by Arrenall

(The) End of the Beginning (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

End Of The Line by Buckskin

End of The Tunnel by Kathy K.

Endgame (Scarecrow Series # 1) by Winj

(The) Ending of Nightmares by Chaz

Endings by Dale L

(The) Ends (Scott and Johnny in LancerLand Series #2) by Sharon

Endure, And Persevere  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Enemy At The Door: The Devil’s Shadow (#2 Shadows of Another Time Series) by SandySha

(The) Engagement   by CC 

Enigma  (link to FFN) by solista

Elder Thoughts (Thoughts Series #4) by Winj

(The) Epidemic by Barbara V.

Epilogos (The Latin Series #4) by Shallowz

Epilogue to the Appaloosa Series by Olley

Epilogue for ‘Legacy’ by Rosalind

Epilogue for ‘Lifeline’ by Rosalind

Epilogue to Breathing (Widow Morris series #15) by Doc

Episode Commentaries by Coop
Blind Man’s Bluff
Blue Skies For Willie Sharp
Child of Rock and Sunlight
(The) Knot
Splinter’s Group
Welcome to Genesis

Equals by Jean

Errand of Mercy by JEB

Eruption (#1 of a duology) by S.

(The) Escape 2009 (Modern Lancer Series #7) by Lancer Redux

(The) Escape 2010: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

(The) Escape WHI by Sue H (Suz)

(The) Escape – WHN by Vickie B

(The) Escape – WHN by Wendy K

(The) Eve by Winj

(The) Eve of a New Year by Desert Sun

Even The Darkest Night Will End by Barbara

Evening Star by S.

(An) Eventful Journey by Caroline

Everafter by Arrenall
(A Lancer/Laramie Crossover)

Every Father’s Right (Eliot Series #15) by Margaret P.

Every Sinner’s Future (Whore And Gunfighter series 04) by Starry Diadem

Every Time I Fall Back by Karen F.

Every Year by Caroline

Everything I Need  by Shelley

Evil Comes Calling (Lancer/Angel X-over) by LindaB and Ros

Evil Comes To The San Joaquin by Deborah

Evil Spirits by d.b.brisbin

Evil Twin by Winj

(The) Exchange (Surprise Series #6) by Terri

Expendable (It All Adds Up Series #6) by Sandra

(The) Experiment: Aftermath by Olley

(The) Experiment – Missing Scene by EJ

(The) Experiment: The Well by Olley

Experimental Conclusion  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

(The) Experiment – WHN by Annk

Explanations by Mary Whimsey

Expectations by Kathy W.

Extremes by S.

Evergreen  (FFN Link)  by Geraldine

(An) Eye For An Eye by Kitty

(The) Eyes of a Gunfighter by Laraine

(The) Eyes of Johnny Madrid by Buckskin

Eyes on the Prize (4th in the Charlie Series) by McLance (at FFN)

Eyewitness to a Full Moon by Southernfrau

Ezra Makepeace (Suspicions Series #2) by Olley  

Ezra Makepeace Epilogue (Suspicions Series #3) by Olley




(The) Face Of A Father by Margaret P.

Face of An Enemy by Sue Salter

Facets by S.

Facing Destiny (Destiny Series #2) by Liette

Facts of Life Series  by CC 
(The) Meeting
(The) Facts of Life  
Where Do Babies Come From? 
You Want to Touch It?  

Faded Photograph by Mary B

Faith And Strength (Johnny and Holly Series #3) by Buckskin

Faith: WHN for the Prodigal by Caroline

Faith Will Bring You Home (Christmas Series #4) by Southernfrau

(The) Falcon (Delgado Legacy #1) by M.E.

(The) Falcon’s Apprentice—The First Lesson ( Delgado Legacy #2) by M.E.

(The) Falcon’s Apprentice—The Last Lesson (Delgado Legacy #3 )by M.E

(The) Fall by Kitty

Fall (Dear Angus Series #3) by Sprite

Fall (Seasonal Stories #3) by Sprite

Fall From Grace (Grace’s Series #1) by Winj

(The) Fall Guy by Marcia

Fall In Place by Whistle

Fall Visit (Father Donovan Series #3) by Sprite

Fallen (Untamed Series #2) by Kim

Fallen Idols by JEB

Falling by CC 

Fallout by Winj

False Though She Be by Clementine

Familia by Winj

(A) Family Again -3rd in the A New Family Series by JenniferB

Family series  (link to FFN) by solista
Hidden Lies

Family by Terri

(The) Family I Found by Charlene

Family Matters by Fay

Family Matters (Eliot Series #16) By Margaret P.

Family Portrait by EJ

Family Reunion by Margaret P.

(A) Family Reunited by Mamse

Family Ties by Olley

Fancy Dan (Hackamore series 03) by Starry Diadem

Fanzine2005 Souvenir

Fanzine2006 Souvenir

(The) Farewell Letter by White Wolf

Farewell to a Friend (link to FFN) by kayaklady

Fate is the Hunter (#2 Riding The River Series) by SandySha

Fate of the Borrowed Clothes by Desert Sun

Father and Sons by Southernfrau

Father Donovan Series by Sprite
Spring Visit
Summer Visit
Fall Visit
Winter Visit

(A) Father’s Greatest Challenge (#2 Man Behind The Badge Series) PG 13 RATING by Nancy Marie

(A) Father’s Job by Cadillac Red

Father’s Day, 1875 by Cadillac Red

Father’s Day – Val (Surrogate Fathers series #2) by Olley

(A) Father’s Love by Barbara

(A) Father’s Revenge by Doreen

Fathers and Sons by Sue Salter

Fault by Proxy by Southernfrau

Fear Series by Buckskin
Stone Cold Fear
Trigger Point

Fear by Olley

Fears by Silvia

Feathers Series by Starry Diadem
Candle In The Sun
The Day’s Most Quiet Need
Hope Sings

February Observances and Holidays Series by EJ
It Started Out A Good Idea
Scott Is Not Happy
Payback For Scott

‘Feel Better’ Poem for Melanie by Vicki L. Nelson

Feeling by Laraine

Feeling Safe by Mary B

Feliz Navidad (Holidays Series #2)  by Em

Fellow Travelers by Sharon

(The) Fence Mender by CynthiaKay

Fences by Mary B

Festivities … and Reflections by Heather

(The) Feud (link to FFN) by kayaklady

Fever Pitch by Ros

(The) Fib by Vickie N

Fictems Series by Molly 
(The) Much Maligned

Fidelity – by Ros – SECOND PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny Story

Field of Stones by Southernfrau

Fight Series by Seminole
No I Won’t, Yes You Will
After The Fight

Figure This by Whistle

(The) Final Chapter (Empty Places Series #4) by Laraine

Final Impression by Cobaltjan

Final Justice (Justice series #1)by Terri

(The) Final Straw by Winj

(The) Final Sacrifice   Death Fic (Gods and Men Series #3) by Caroline

Finally, Belonging by Robyn B.

Finding A Family  (link to FFN) by chantellescribbler

Finally Home by Linda L.

Finding Family by Robyn B.

Finding Faith Series by Renegade
Finding Faith
Sworn Promises

Finding Justice (Justice Series #2) by Terri

Finding Their Way (Scott’s Journal Entry #7)  by Shelley

(A) Fine, Fractious Family by Clementine

Fire and Water by Shelley

Fire on the Mountain by Winj

Fire on the Water by Buckskin

(The) Fire Witch by JenniferB

Firecrackers (Jemimah Day Series #5) by Anne

(The) Fires Of War by S.

Fireside Chat (Surprise series #3) by EJ

Fireworks by Cheryl (Rated R)

Fireworks by S.

(The) First Annual Green River… series by Dori
Boxed Supper Auction and Valentine’s Day Dance
Saint Patrick’s Day Horserace and Potluck Dinner
Community Picnic and Harvest Dance
Independence Day Sharpshooters’ Competition and Fireworks Display 
(THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards : Best Family Story)

The First Annual Green River Trick or Treat (part of the Small Matters series) by by Vicki L. Nelson

(The) First Birthday by Wendy P

First Breakfast by Sherry

First Cattle Drive  by Desert Sun

First Contact by Doreen

First Dance by Margaret P.

First Footer by Linda B

(A) First For Christmas by Skye

First Impressions by Deb B 

First Impressions by JEB

First Impressions Too by JEB

First International Day of Older Persons by Desert Sun

First Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Desert Sun

First Light by S.

First Mother by PaulaR

First Night (Is There Anyone Home Series #1) by Sharon

First Night by Molly

(The) First Supper by Em

First Ride Series by Laraine
(The) First Ride
Images and Memories

First Son (Link to SWA) Rated R by S

First Thoughts by CC 

First Toast (Stories in Sequence Series#3 ) by Sharon

Five Facts About Daniel Cassidy by Doreen

Five Facts About Sam Jenkins by Starry Diadem

Five Facts about the Widow Hargis by Vicki L. Nelson

Five Facts: Day Pardee by Margaret P.

(The) Five Steps of Joe Barker by Suzanne

Five Times A Failure by d.b.brisbin

Five Times Blind by Suzanne

Fix This by Sherry

Flames (#2 of a trilogy) by S.

Flesh and Fire Rated R by Robyn B.

Flies and Spiders by Dale L

Flies and Spiders by Starry Diadem

(The) Flight of Johnny Madrid, The Return of Johnny Lancer – a poem by Southernfrau

Flood by Winj

Flores De Noche Buena by Barbara

Foley: Actions Speak Louder Than Words by Suzanne

Following A Dream by Barbara V.

Following Fathers Series by Clementine
Follow In Haste And Repent Later
Never Smother Your Sorrow
A Race of Young Scoundrels
Dammit, Val

Following My Father’s Dream (Wasted Years Series #3) by Doreen

Following The Tune [A series of short stories] by  Belinda

(The) Folly of the Foleys and other Foolish Foes by Sherry

For a Thousand Dollars (Some Nice People Series #2) by Susan

For All Time, Remembered by Kathy K.

For My Brother’s Blood ( Johnny and Holly Series #1) by Buckskin

For Elise – Or How To Tame A Mad Cow by BeckyW

For One Fleeting Moment by Laraine

For The Best by S.

For The First Time by Margaret P.

For The Love of A Brother by Winj

For These We Give Thanks by Patti H.

For You To See The Stars by Sherry

For What You Are About To Receive, Boston by Clementine

Forbidden Consequences (Rated R) (Capture Series #2) by Nancy Marie

Forbidden Encounter (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Forever and Always Series by Buckskin
Forever and Always
Grace’s Legacy

Forever His Series
His (rated NC17) by Lacy and Seren
Resurrection  by Lacy and Geraldine

Forged Chains by Kathy P

Forged From The Pyre by Katt and May Robinson

(A) Forgetful Day by Desert Sun

Forgiveness by Bosco11

Forgiveness by Martha

Forgotten Enemies by Debbie Pack

Forsaken by Winj (Rated R)

Forthcoming Destiny (Destiny Series #7) by Liette

(The) Fortress (FFN Link)  by Geraldine

Fortune by Ros

Forty Years Ago Today by Cadillac Red

Found (Jemimah Day Series # 2 )by Anne

Foundations (Return Series #2 ) by Winj

Fourteen, Fifteen, Foolish… by Clementine

Fourth Rite by Whistle

Francie (Jamie Stories #6) by Cat

Frater (Latin Series #7) by Shallowz

Free Spirits Series (Death Fic) by Michele U.
Till I See You Again
Justice for Johnny
Free Spirits

Fresh Blood by Maureen
WINNER- Magnificent 7 2015 Convention Fanfiction Contest

Fresh Heir (Heir Series #2) by Whistle

(A) Friend In Need (Jemimah Day Series #18) by Anne

(The) Friends by Shelley H.

Friends (poem) by Winj

Friends And Brothers (#2 of a duology) by S.

Friends And Enemies (It All Adds Up Series #7) by Sandra

Friends And Guns United by Marilyn

From Across The Miles by Wendy P

From Atlantic To Pacific by phoenix

From Darkness Into Light – A Poem by Molly

From Dust To Diamonds by Buckskin

From Highlands to Homecoming by Margaret P.
(From Highlands to Homecoming Chapter Notes, Bibliography and Timeline)

From Lancer to Madrid  (A Lancer AU #13)  by Lynne

From Mom, With Love (Mommy Dearest Trilogy #3) by VickieN

From the Inside, Looking Out ( Outside/In series #2) by Bosco11 

From the Outside, Looking In (Outside/In series #1) by Bosco11 

Frosty Christmas Series by EJ
(A) Very Frosty Christmas
(A) Christmas Missed
Will Another Christmas Be Missed

(A) Frozen Rose  (link to FFN) by Pvt. Bear

Fruity Monkey Brains by Becks

Fruit of the Vine (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

Frustration Evident! by Heather

Fugitive by Winj

Full Circle by Cadillac Red

Full Circle by Karen and Nancy

Full Circle by Nancy W.

Further Acquaintances (2nd in the Encounters Series) by Fay




Gabriel Madrid (Modern Lancer Series #9) by Lancer Redux

Gaining Ground by Charlene

(The) Gallic Charmer by Desert Sun

(The) Gamble by Cobaltjan

(The) Gambler by Em

(The) Game by Deb M.

(The) Garrett Letters Series by Ros
The Garrett Letters (1st in the Garrett Letters Series )
The Garrett Christmas Letters, 1870 (2nd in the Garrett Letters Series)
(The) Garrett Christmas Letters, 1871
JOINT SECOND PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Holiday Story

Gem (Reunion Series #2) by Linda B (Kona)

Genesis Series by Darla M. Poulos
Nothing Less Will Do
Not With My Horse

Genre Challenge  by CC  

Genre Challenge by Starry Diadem

Genre Challenge by Wendy K

Genre Challenge – My Way by Patti H.

(A) Gentle Breeze by Laraine

(A) Gentle Touch by Bosco11

George by Molly

George’s Book of Rules by Suzanne

Georges Rules of Etiquette Series by Winj
Hard Heads
What Would George Say?

Georges Rules Series by Vickie G
Battle of the Rules
Doctor Jellifer
One Man Band
Watch What You Say

Getting Acquainted Series by Rosalind
Getting Acquainted
Gettin’ Futher Acquainted

Getting Married (Delia Series #2) by Wendy K

Getting Old Stinks by Southernfrau

Getting Ready For Christmas (A Lancer AU #8)   by Lynne

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You by Vicki L. Nelson

Ghost by Cat

Ghost by Charlene

Ghost From The Past (Ghosts series #1)by Buttercup

Ghost Riders in the Sky   by Charlene

Ghost Town by Marilyn

(The) Ghost Tree by SandySha

Ghostly Apparitions by Heather

Ghosts Series by Buttercup
Ghost From The Past
Murdoch’s Ghost
(The) Ghost Of Johnny Madrid
Confronting The Ghost Of Madrid
Word From A Ghost
Ghost Thoughts
Ghosts in Kansas

(The) Gift   by CC   

(The) Gift by LaJuan 

(The) Gift by Wendy P

(A) Gift from Nogales by Juanita

(A) Gift of Gold by Ruth

Gift of Hope by Karen and Nancy

(A) Gift of Snow by Desert Sun

(The) Gifts  (Surprise Series #2) by Terri

Gifts From The Heart by Buckskin

Gifts of Love (Brat Pack Series #10) by Southernfrau

(The) Gifts: WHN by Suzanne

Girls, You Make Me Sweat (Valentine’s Day Series #2) by D.B.Brisbin

Give It Time by Buckskin

Giving (Widow Morris series #7) by Doc

Giving Thanks by Laraine

Giving Thanks by Winj

Gliding Along the Milky Way by  Belinda

(A) Glimmer Of Hope by BeckyW

(A) Glimpse of His Sons by Seminole

(The) Glorious Fourth by Mary Whimsey

Gloves (Accessories Series #1) by Cindy

Go Ahead, Make My Day! by Patti H.

Go Figure (Brat Pack Series #24) by Southernfrau

Go Fish!!! by Wendy K

Go West by Snicklefritz

Go West, Young Man by Kaligirl

God Bless You, Johnny Lancer by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Godfather Series (AR) by Whistle
Close But No Cigar
The Godfather, Offer Refused

(The) Godfather, Offer Refused (Godfather Series #2) by Whistle

Gods and Men Series by Caroline
Of Gods & Men [rated R] by Caroline
(The) Devil’s Daughter [rated R]
(The) Final Sacrifice Death Fic

Going Home(Scott/Laura series #5)  by Judi

Going South by LibertyBelleAnne  (at FFN)

Going to the Dogs by Southernfrau

Gold Star For The Gun Hawk by Styzgal

(The) Golden One by NCT

Goldie by Joan M.

Gone by Molly and Con

Gone by Molly and Con

Gone Fishin’ by Kit

Good Clean Fun (ext link) (Scott’s Journal Series #8) by Shelley

(A) Good Day to Nap by Desert Sun

(The) Good Doctor by Kit

Good For the Soul by Em

Good Honest Sweat by Susan

Good Intentions And All That (It All Adds Up Series #10) by Sandra

(A) Good Man by Suzanne

(A) Good Night by Margaret P.

(The) Good Night by Sprite

Good Night Ladies by Whistle

(The) Good Shepherd by Cindy

Good With Horses by DianaP

Goodbye (Death Fic) by Doreen

Goodbye Doc (Desperado Series #2) by Winj

Good bye Lizzie: Father/Son Talk by EJ

Goodbye Lizzie: Missing Scenes by Olley

Goodbye Johnny Lancer NC – 17 by Robyn B.

Going to the Dogs by Southernfrau

(The) Gospel According to Johnny (Brat Pack Series #15 by Southernfrau

Grace Series by Winj
Fall from Grace
La Vuelta

Grace’s Legacy  (Forever and Always Series # 2) by Buckskin

Gratitude by Yoshino

Graveside Manner by CC

(A) Gray Hair For Every Blade Of Grass  by D’Artag-NOT

Grey Skies for Scott Lancer (AO3 link) by gemspegasus

(A) Great Day To Be Born by Desert Sun

(The) Great Room Bookshelf Vol. 1 (Spring 2005) in Great Room Bookshelves

(The) Great Room Bookshelf Vol. 2 (Spring 2006) in Great Room Bookshelves

(The) Great Room Bookshelf Vol. 3 (Spring 2007) in Great Room Bookshelves

(The) Great Room Encounter by Cindy

(The) Greatest Gift by EJ

(The) Greatest Gift Of These by Winj

Green Broke by Kit

(The) Green Mountain Avalanche by CynthiaKay

(The) Green River Massacre by SandySha

(The) Green River Punkin’ Chunkin’ Contest by JEB

Green Tussore, With Roses (Whore And Gunfighter series 02) by Starry Diadem

(The) Greenhorn by Bosco11

Greenhorn   by Ros– SECOND PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Family Story

(The) Grey Ghost by Mary Ann

Grief In My Sorrow (Lancer, a New Century Series #1) by Kit and Southernfrau

(The) Grip Came Along by phoenix

Grit by Winj (Rated R)

(The) Grouch Who Stole Christmas by Whistle

Growing (Brat Pack Series #9) by Southernfrau

Growing Pains (Jemimah Day Series #15) by Anne

Growing Pain(s) (Small Matters Series #9 by Vicki L. Nelson

Growing Up Lancer by Maureen

Grudges- A Collaboration of Lancer Writers by Round Robins

Grudges by Winj

Guardian Series by ZoeyT
(A) New Generation
(The) Wedding
Highland Blood
Tea Party
The Stranger
The Christmas Visitor

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner by CC

(The) Guest Series by Em
(The) Christmas Guest
(The) Reluctant Guest

Guilt by Linda B

Guilty Pleasures by Lynda

(A) Gun For Hire (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Gun Oil (ext link) (Scott’s Journal Series #2) by Shelley

(The) Gunbelt by Charlene

(A) Gunfight Gone Wrong – Death Fic – By Wendy K

Gunfight In Nogales (Crossover with The Magnificent Seven Series #2) by Jennifer

(The) Gunfighter And The Lady (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Gunfighter (Scott’s Journal Series #4) FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny story by Shelley

(The) Gunfighter, the Lion, and the Dandy by d.b.brisbin

Gunfighters by Stardust (at WWB)

Gunfighter’s Tale by Desert Sun

Gunfighter With A Heart (Legacy series #3) by EJ

(A) Gunfighter’s Hands by Holly

Gunfighters and Schoolrooms: At Shadows Edge (Shadows of Another Time Series #1) by SandySha

(The) Gunman’s Woman Series by Charlene
Tequila Sunrise

Gunpowder Day: Who Would’a Thought by Buckskin

(The) Gunslinger and the Dandy by Rosalind

(The) Gypsy Fortune Teller by LisaA



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