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Titles are listed alphabetically, and within their series where that’s appropriate. Most of the stories listed are archived on LancerLovers or Lancer FanFiction. But some are hosted externally at multi-fandom archives, and some links lead to an author’s own site.

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(The) Hacienda by Sandra

One More Silver Dollar
Fancy Dan
Shoes In The Jewel Box
Pride and Prejudice
Auld Acquaintance
Second Opinion
Tabula Rasa
Tamales and Beans
Parchment and Old Ink
Trade Secrets

Haikus by Liette

Half A Heart (Death Fic) by Winj

Halfway to Anywhere … And Beyond By Buckskin

Halloween by Margaret P.

Halloween Is Early (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

(A) Halloween Miracle by Dori

Halloween Pranksters by JEB

Halloween Traditions by  Belinda

Halloween Visitor by Barbara V.

Hands by Holly

Hands of Iron by Desert Sun

(A) Hanging Offense by Winj

(The) Hanging Tree by Dale L

Happy Birthday To Me by Barbara V.

Happy Birthday To Me (1st in Birthday Stories) by Winj

Happy New Year! by Kit

‘Happy’ Returns by Southernfrau

(A) Happy Valentine’s Day Affair by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Hard Heads (1st in Georges Rules of Etiquette Series) by Winj

Hard Lessons by  Belinda

Hard Ride to Green River by dnjlwilson

Hardly Golden by Trinidad

Harlan Garrett (Modern Lancer Series #12) by Lancer Redux

Harlan’s Legacy by goldieasj

Harmony by goldieasj

Harvest Hijinx by JEB

(A) Harvest Of Friends by JEB

(The) Hat by Taffey

Hate (Johnny Madrid Series #2) by Margaret P.

Hats Off  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Haunted by d.b.brisbin

Haunted by Linda B (Kona) and Ros

Haunted By A Name by Heather

Haunted by My Past (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Haunted Dream by Cheryl

Haunted House (Jemimah Day Series #14) by Anne

(The) Haunting by Buckskin

(The) Haunting by Doc

Have Your Cake and Eat It! by Lisa Paris

He Cried by Marilyn

He Was Nothing But Trouble by Margaret P.

He Wears His Hat Square On His Head by Patti H

He’s My Brother (Brother’s Series #1) by Whistle

He’s Not Bluffing… Honest… I Think by Maureen

(The) Headless Horseman of the San Joaquin by JEB

Heads Or Tails (alternative Homecoming story in 5 parts) by Dora

Headwinds by Whistle

Healing (Widow Morris series #12) by Doc

Healing of the Heart (Heart series #2) by AJ

(The) Healing Thread By PollyVictorian 

Heart Series by AJ
Schism of the Heart
Healing of the Heart

Heart of Chaos by Susan

Heart of Darkness by Arrenall

(The) Heart of Johnny Madrid by dnjlwilson

Heart Of The Matter by S.

Heart Strings by Karen F.

Heart Troubles by Whistle

Hearts and Souls by Winj

Heat by Olley

Heaven and Hell Series by Marcia
What The Hell
Heavens Above

Heavens Above (Heaven and Hell series #2) by Marcia

(The) Hands of Those We Meet by Kathy P

Hell by JenniferB

Hell for Lather by Whistle

Hello… Anybody There? by Becks

Hello Lizzie by Charlene

Helping Hand (Brat Pack Series #11) by Southernfrau

Her Husband’s Eyes (Lancer Eyes Series #2) by Geraldine

Her Luggage by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Here, Kitty by Barbara V.

Heroes by Ruth

(The) Hero of Sacramento Series by RonD
Because of a Galloping Horse
Sons and Fathers

Hettie Series by Olley
(A) Stranger Until You Become A Friend
(The) Storyteller

Hey Brother, You Should Try This by EJ

Hiding in Plain Sight (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Hidden Lies  (Family series #2) (link to FFN) by solista

Hidden Treasures by Doreen

(The) High Riders 2009 (Modern Lancer Series #1) by Lancer Redux

High Riders Series by Caroline
Hopes and Fears
Bright New Day

High Riders Series by Cindy
In Time Less a Stranger
Quiet Witness

High Riders: Missing Pieces by Whistle
(Warning Given With Story)

High Riders /The Homecoming – WHN (The Pilot) by Theresa

High Riders: Johnny’s Story (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(The) High Riders WHI by Terri

High Riders: Scott’s Story (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Highland Blood (Guardian Series #5) by ZoeyT

Hindsight and Hiding Places ( Jemimah Day Series # 3 )by Anne

Hired Gun  (link to FFN) by solista

Hiring Out [A series of short stories] by  Belinda

His [rated NC-17] (1st in Forever His Series) by Lacy and Seren

His (#3 Appaloosa Series) by Olley

His At Last by Robyn B.

His Brother’s Eyes (Lancer Eyes Series #1) by Geraldine

His Life, His Thanks by Barbara V.

His Moral Fiber by Patti H.

His Sons – A Poem by Patti H

His Special Someone by Laraine

His Touch by PaulaR

His Vengeance Rated R by Robyn B.

History Lessons (Uncertainly Series #3) by Winj

Hitos (Jamie Stories #5) by Cat

Hola, Val by Clementine

Holding On by Buckskin

Holes in the floor of Heaven by  Starbuck

(A) Holiday for Women by Desert Sun

The Holidays Series by Em
Thanksgiving 1880
Feliz Navidad
New Year 1883

Holiday Story series by Linda B (Kona)
Thanksgiving With Family
(A) Lancer Christmas in San Francisco
(A) New Year’s Eve in Hell
(An) Easter to Remember

Holly Night by Whistle

Hombres by Kathy Smith Barsotti

Home by Karen and Nancy

Home Rated R by Robyn B.

Home by Ronnie

Home by SilverWolf

Home Again  (link to FFN) by Qweb

Home Again Home Again (Brat Pack Series #5) by Southernfrau

(The) Homecoming/The Highriders by BluewindFarm

Home For Christmas by Winnie

Home For Christmas Series by Winj
Home for Christmas
(The) Second Lancer Christmas

Home Is Where My Heart Is (Small Matters Series #3) by Vicki L. Nelson

Home Is Where The Heart Is by Dori
– (THIRD PLACE Lancer Writers Awards : Best Drabble)

Home on the Range (Brothers Series #3) by Whistle

Home Sweet Home (Jemimah Day Series #19) by Anne

Home Truths by Suzanne

Homecoming (ext link to AO3) by clgfanfic

Homecoming by Winnie

(The) Homecoming (Surprise Series #7) by Terri

Homecoming Thoughts by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Homeless by Winj

Homemade Biscuits by Carole P.

Honor Bound by Buckskin

(An) Honorable Man by EJ

Hoof and Mouth by AJ

Hope by Dale L

Hope by Wendy P

Hope For The Future (#4 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Hope Sings (Feathers series #3)by Starry Diadem

Hopes and Fears (High Riders Series #1) by Caroline

(A) Horse by Yoshino

(A) Hot Enough For Ya Day by Desert Sun

Hot series 01 by Patti H.
Hot Dang!
Hot Springs
Hot Under The Collar!

Hot series 02 by Patti H.
Hot Tea Time
Hot To Trot
Hot Time in the Ol’ Park Tonight

(An) Hour of My Time by Buckskin

(The) Hour Before Dawn by Buckskin

(A) Houseful of Grandchildren by Kayla R

How It Looks Depends On Where You Stand by Rosalind

How Lucky Can We Be? by Becks

How To Stay Alive (Johnny Madrid Series #5) by Margaret P.

(The) Howling by Terri

Howling At The Moon by Buckskin

Huevos Para el Desayuno by Mary Whimsey

Hunted by Dale L

(The) Hunted (Maddie Series #5)  byRos

Hunter (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

(The) Hunter (Death Fic) by S.

(The) Hunter and The Hunted (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Hunter’s Moon by CC

Hunter’s Moon by Buckskin

Hunting Trip (What Will The Day Bring series #2) by EJ

Hurdles (#2 of a pentralogy) by S.

Hurting (The Widow Morris series #11) by Doc




I Ain’t Jealous (Surrogate Fathers series #1) by Olley

I Am Johnny Madrid’s Wife by Robyn B.

I Believe in Coyotes by Trinidad

I Can Make It by Laraine

I Don’t Know How by Winj

I Got Time (Time Series #1) by Darla M. Poulos

I Had A Dream by SandySha

I Know You’ll Always Be There (poem) by Laraine

I Only Have Eyes by Suzanne

I See Fire (It All Adds Up Series #12) by Sandra

I Walk Alone  (link to FFN) by solista

I Won! by Becks

Icebreaker (Modern Lancer Series #2) by Lancer Redux

Identity (Pre-Lancer series #10) by Doc

Identity Crisis by Caroline

If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words by Caroline

If Only In My Dreams by Desert Sun

If Walls Could Talk by Linda B (Kona)

If We Make It Through December by Vicki N and Sammi Q

Il faut que tu comprennes que tu n’es plus seul (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Ill Wind by goldieasj

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by JEB

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (At Last) (Small Matters Series #8) by Vicki L. Nelson

I’ll Be There Series by Winj
I’ll Be There

I’ll Watch Your Back . . .side! by Dori

I’m An Old Cowhand Who Found My El Dorado (Cowboy Appreciation Day Series #2) by Patti H.

I’m In His Hands by Adriana

I’m Movin’ On by KathyS

Illuminations by Charlene

Images and Memories (First Ride Series #2) by Laraine

(The) Immoral Acts of War by Deborah

(The) Impatient Christmas Gift by Patti H

Impossible Decisions by Terri

Impossible Odds by Em

(The) Impostor by Millicent (2002)

Improper Bostonian Series (AR) by Whistle
Improper Bostonian
Reluctant Californian

In A Father’s Arms by Southernfrau

In A Blaze of Anger by Desert Sun

In A Stable All Forlorn (#4 Surrogate Fathers series) by Olley

In Answer To Letters Written by PaulaR

In Appreciation of Our Father by Barbara V.

In Chains by Rosalind

In Dreams by Molly

In From The Cold by Jane-Louise

In Love by Beverly P.

In Memoriam by JEB

In Memoriam by Rhiannon

In Memory of Marlene- Johnny Madrid Western Hero by Margaret Schmitz Compton

In the Beginning by Sprite

In The Dark by Wendy K

In the Heat of the Moment by Desert Sun

In The Name Of The Father (FFN link) by geturkicks66

In The Rain by Ruth

In The Shadow Of The Sun by Buckskin

In Time Less a Stranger (The High Riders Series) by Cindy

In Transit by Sherri (2004)

In Trouble Again by Heather

(The) Incident: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Incident by Rosalind

(The) Incident of the Hanging Sheriff by Clementine

Incident of the White Wolf (#2 of the Tres Guerros Series) by Trinidad

Increments (Remembrances of Rain Series #3) by Gilda

Independence Day by JEB

(The) Inheritance (The Signing Series #2) by CC

Innocent Eyes – 2nd in The Amber Series by Sam

Instincts by Southernfrau

Intentions by Winj

(The) Interloper by Sprite

Interlude by Whistle

Intermedius – (Latin Series #2) by Shallowz

Intervention (Johnny Madrid Series #3) by Margaret P.

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall by Deborah

Introductions by Karen Campbell

Invisible by Winj

Invitation to Dance – Expanded Version by Cindy

Irish Eyes Ain’t Smilin’! by Patti H

Irreplaceable by Styzgal

Is There Anyone Home Series by Sharon
First Night
Chase A Wild Horse

Is This My Day to Die? by Buckskin

It Ain’t Me by Charlene

It All Adds Up Series by Sandra
Lost Souls
Shine A Light In The Dark
A Change In Plans
Misery Loves Company
Friends And Enemies
Making Do
Good Intentions And All That
I See Fire
Wrong Side of Heaven

It Comes From The Heart (AU) by Fozrulz

It Go Boom by SandySha

It Should Have Been The Best Christmas Ever by EJ

It Smells Like Wrong (A Match Unsurpassed – Related short stories) by Kathy P

It Was A Quiet Afternoon by Southernfrau

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by JEB

It’s Candy Cane Day by EJ

It’s Hard Not Trusting (2nd in the Trusting Series) by EJ

It’s Not the Size That Matters (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

It’s The Right Thing To Do by Laraine

It’s The Thought That Counts by CynthiaKay

It’s Time (Time Series #3) by LaJuan

Itching to Break Out (Brat Pack Series #6)by Southernfrau




Jackrabbits, Snow and Christmas Trees by Linda B (Kona) and Ros

(The) Jamie Stories by Cat
Jamie and the Ladies
Jamie the Wanderer
The New Year
Johnny Madrid- Gunfighter

Jaybirds by Darla M. Poulos

Jelly (Guardian Series #1 )by ZoeyT

Jelly’s Beard by Desert Sun

Jelly’s Boy by Deb B

Jelly’s Initiation by Em

Jelly’s Reluctant Passage to India by Sharon

Jelly’s Surprise by Barbara V.

Jelly’s Talk Series by EJ
Jelly’s Talk
Did Murdoch Listen?
Murdoch and Johnny Talk

Jemimah Day series by Anne
Jemimah Day
Hindsight and Hiding Places
The Pranksters
The Daredevil’s Club
The Trouble with Girls
A Blue Day
More Trouble with Girls
The Trouble with Boys
Partners in Crime
Twice As Tricky
No Smoking
Haunted House
Growing Pains
The Nephew
A Different Path
A Friend in Need
Home Sweet Home
Teresa’s Lesson
To Be Your Lawful Wedded Husband
Times That Try the Soul
Rhyme and Reason
The Past Comes Calling
Lion For A Day
Dream Lover

Jessamie’s Story by Ros

Jigsaw Pieces  (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian
(A) True Lady (The first of three Jigsaw pieces)
Long Delayed (The second of three Jigsaw pieces)
(The) Need To Know (The third of three Jigsaw pieces)

(A) Jilted Woman (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Jingle Bells by Charlene

Jingle Bells 1871  by ZoeyT

Johnnie Series by goldieasj
Johnnie and The Bath
Johnnie and The Women
Johnnie And Santa Claus
Johnnie and the Scavengers 
Johnnie and the Doxie

Johnny, Leaning by Cat

Johnny (Who Makes Me Happy #2) by Vicki L Nelson

Johnny and Holly Series by Buckskin
For My Brother’s Blood
Wind And Rain
Faith And Strength
Lancer Christmas
Dead Center
(The) Sound of Thunder
South of Midnight
Raining Fire
Shadows In the Night
Shadow Of The Wolf
Burning Bridges  

Johnny and Murdoch Alone Time by EJ

Johnny and Polly series by Cara
Johnny and Polly
Settlin’ In

Johnny and Santa’s Flubber Belly Dance by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Johnny and the Guardian Angel by Rosalind

Johnny and the Peer by Ros

Johnny and the Pinto (Pinto Series #1)  by Cat

Johnny and the Orphans by EJ

Johnny and the Queen by d.b.brisbin

Johnny And The Senorita by S.

Johnny Calls The Tune by Kayla R

Johnny Madrid Series by Margaret P.
(The) Beginning
Boot and Bandits
How to Stay Alive
Edge of Darkness

Johnny Madrid: Dead Or Alive? by Charlene

Johnny Madrid- Gunfighter (6th in Jamie Series)by Cat

Johnny Madrid – Killer For Hire by Bosco11

(The) Johnny Madrid Lancer Fan Club by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Johnny Madrid Was A Rebel- A Parody by Patti H

Johnny Saving Time (Time Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos

“Johnny, You Make Me Sweat (Valentine’s Day Series #1) by D.B.Brisbin

Johnny’s Big Day by ZoeyT

Johnny’s Bright Idea by PatriciaG

Johnny’s Birthday – a poem by PaulaR

Johnny’s Birthday Present (#2 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Johnny’s Birthday Star by Barbara V.

Johnny’s Choice by S.

Johnny’s Dilemma by CynthiaKay

Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Johnny’s Elf by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Johnny’s First New Years Day (New Years Series #2) by D.B.Brisbin

Johnny’s First New Years Eve (New Years Series #1) by D.B.Brisbin

Johnny’s Folly Series by Bosco11 
Johnny’s Folly
(A) Temporary Ceasefire

Johnny’s Gift (5th in Christmas Gifts Series) by Barbara V.

Johnny’s Girl by Desert Sun

Johnny’s Home by Jackie (2009)

Johnny’s Journal by Rosalind

Johnny’s Ladies by Patti H.

Johnny’s Loss by goldieasj

Johnny’s Monthly Holidays by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Johnny’s Requiem (M/M) (Link Line Shack) by Mistress Marilyn

Johnny’s Ride by Linda B (Kona)

Johnny’s Skating Lesson by JEB

Johnny’s Songs by Fraz

Johnny’s Surprise (Surprise series #1) by Marlene

Johnny’s Toothache by Linda B (Kona)

Johnny’s Tree by Laraine

(The) Journal of Nathan Pruitt (FFN Link) by JEB

Journey (Jamie Stories #4) by Cat

(The) Journey (#3 of a quadrilogy) by S.

(The) Journey (Blood Series #2) by Winj

(The) Journey Home Rated -R (#2 Todays Questions…Tomorrow’s Answers) by Nancy Marie

(The) Journey Home by Terri

Journey North (#2 of a trilogy) by S.

Journey to Visalia by Sherry

(The) Joys of Branding by Desert Sun

Joys Of Motherhood, Or Not  (link to FFN) by solista

Juanita Madrid by Marlene

(A) Judge’s Quandary (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

Judging A Book By Its Cover(Charlie series#2) (link to FFN) by McLance

Judgment  (link to FFN) by solista

Judgment Day (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

(The) Judgement Seat: Episode Tag- The Rivals  by Cobalt Jan 

Juliana Series (AU) by Fozrulz
Meeting Juliana
Juliana’s Ride

Jumping to Conclusions by Rosalind

Jumping The Hoops by S.

Juror Number 12 by Lacy 

Just A Glimpse (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Just A Little Change by ZoeyT

Just A Little Ditty by Lorraine M

Just A Matter Of Time by Buckskin

Just A Quiet Talk by MaryM

Just A Thought by Sprite

Just A Victim of Circus’Stance! (Brat Pack Series #13) by Southernfrau

Just Another Day by Desert Sun

Just Another One of the Boys by JEB

Just Another Whirlwind by Becks

Just Because by Desert Sun

Just Real Fun by Becks

Just Tell Me Why by Robyn B.

Justice by Caroline

Justice Series by Terri
Final Justice
Finding Justice

Justice for Johnny (Free Spirits series #2 – Death Fic) by Michele U.

Justice For Teresa Series Rated R by Nancy Marie
Justice For Teresa
The Madrid Way




Keep Your Enemies Close by Shelley

Keeping Brothers by Sherry

Keeping Warm by Christine

Keeping Resolutions by Barbara V.

Keeping Score by Kathy K

(The) Key (#2 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Kick Him by CC

Kidnapped (Link to SWA) by Round Robin Authors

Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day (Small Matters Series #12) by Vicki L. Nelson

Kids These Days by DianaP

Kill Phil by CC

(A) Killer’s Eyes by Rhiannon

Kindest Hearts  (link to FFN) by solista

Kindred Spirits by Cat

Kindred Spirits by BeckyW

Kindred Spirits Series Michele U.
Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits by Morgana (unknown date)

(The) Kingdom of Drabbles by LaJuan

Kiss by d.b.brisbin

Kiss Me Cate (#1 in The Cate Series) by MaryB

Knife and Gun (Pre-Lancer series #2) by Doc

Knife Edge by Cat

Knight In Shining Armor by Patricia G

(The) Knot – Episode Commentary by Coop




La Belle Dame Sans Merci by Dori

La Familia by Kit

La Familia (Charlie series#3) (link to FFN) by McLance

La Madrugada (The Dawn) by Lisa Paris

La Muerte de Johnny Madrid (Lancer/Emergency xover) by LaJuan and Jamie Simmons

La Vegenance de Johnny (Johnny’s Revenge) by Nanthana14 (at FFN)

La Vuelta (Grace Series #2) by Winj

(The) Lady and the Horse Trader by Charlene

Lady In Green by AJ

(The) Lady in Red by Cadillac Red

(The) Lady in White by Cadillac Red

Lady Luck Strikes Again by Kit

Lancer – TVLand Heros Web Page by Heather and Sue

Lancer and Curry by Sage (at Yucca Press)

Lancer Bingo Challenge by EJ

(A) Lancer Christmas in San Francisco (Holidays series #2) by Linda B (Kona)

Lancer Christmas Series by Suzanne
(A) Lancer Christmas Story, 1853
(A) Lancer Christmas Story, 1863

The Lancer, A New Century Series by Kit and Southernfrau
Grief In My Sorrow
The Long Trip Home
Adventures in Brother-Keeping
Trouble in the Air

Lancer ANC-related shorts by Kit and Southernfrau
Birthday Maneuvers
Fault by Proxy by Southernfrau
Field of Stones by Southernfrau
Getting Old Stinks by Southernfrau
Memories Of The King
Number Interpretation by Southernfrau
Pictures by Southernfrau
Summer Fun by Southernfrau
Peace, Perfect Peace! by Kit and Heather]
Moon Glow by Kit

(A) Lancer AU (To be read in order) by Lynne 
Lessons in Love and Trust
Adjusting To Life At Lancer
And So To School
Love Is Blind
Summer Mischief
Summer Holiday
Love Comes To Lancer
Getting Ready For Christmas
The Accident
Compassion is Colour Blind
Support Your Sibling
Another Stray for Lancer
From Lancer to Madrid

Lancer: A New Era (New Era Series #1) by JenniferB

Lancer Drabbles by LaJuan

(The) Lancer Dynasty by Deborah

(The) Lancer Easter Egg Hunt by JEB

Lancer Legacy: Mrs. Lancer by MaryB

Lancer Limericks 2015 by Desert Sun

Lancer Limerick by Patti H

Lancer Now, the Low Riders  by Winj and Chris

Lancer Nursery Rhymes – poems by LaJuan

Lancer Rhymes by Desert Sun

Lancer Season One by Patti H

(A) Lancer Standoff by Doreen

Lancer Style  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Lancer Takes Care of Its Own (Riding The River Series #7) by SandySha

Lancer, The Return (Lone Cowboy series #2) by MaryM

Lancer Three : Poem by Laraine

(A) Lancer Thing . . .  by Kit


(The) Lancer Watermelon Caper by JEB

Lancre by Olley

(A) Lancre By Any Other Name by Dori

Laramie Rest by Suzanne

Las Mariposas by Susan

(The) Last Attempt by Silvia

Last Fight by Winj

(The) Last Gunfight by Cadillac Red

(A) Last Hogmanay (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Last Look by Em

Last Man Standing by Buckskin

(The) Last Memory by Marilyn

Last Moments Rated R by Robyn B.

Last of the Super Lancers by Desert Sun

(The) Last Stage by Deborah

Late (Delia Series #8) by Wendy K

(The) Late Johnny Lancer (Delgardo Legacy #2) by M.E.

The Latin Series by Shallowz

Lather by Whistle

Laura’s Revenge by Marilyn

Lawman – Episode Tag by Ronnie

Lawman, Missing Scene by Danni

Lawman: A Missing Scene by Sue Salter

(The) Lawman – WHN by Vickie N

Layers by Olley

Le mystère de la maison (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Leadville by Winj

Learnin’ by Clementine

Learning Curve by  Belinda

Leaving by Cadillac Red

Left Behind by BeckyW

left Behind by Danni

Left Behind by Ronnie

Left Hand of God: Pt. 1 – Secrets by Kit

Legacy 2009 (Modern Lancer Series #14) by Lancer Redux

Legacy – Episode Commentary by Coop

Legacy – Missing Scene by Skyehyker

Legacy Series by EJ
Battle In Green River
Gunfighter With A Heart

(A) Legacy Worth Keeping by Cadillac Red

(The) Legend and the Gun (Rated NC-17) by Nancy Marie

Legends (#3 of a pentralogy) by S.

Legends Never Die (Pistolero Series #3) by SandySha

(A) Lesson in Manners by Dori

Lessons by Starry Diadem

Lessons by Terri

Lessons in Love and Trust  (A Lancer AU #1)  by Lynne

Lessons Learned by Southernfrau

Let It Be Christmas (Christmas Series #2) by Southernfrau

Let It Stand by Debbie Pack

Let Me Tell Y’All What Happened (Jelly’s Story) by EJ

Let’s Go Fly a Kite by JEB

(The) Letter by Ros

Letter Series by Winj
(The) Letter

(A) Letter to Heaven by Barbara V.

(A) Letter to My Niece by Doc

Letters from Murdoch (Names and Numbers Series #2) by Cadillac Red

Letters of Friendship
My Dear Friend Katie (Letter 1 of Widow Morris series #22 and Eliot series #5) by Doc
Dearest Emily (Letter 2 of Eliot series #5 and Widow Morris series #22) by Margaret P.

Letting Go by Sam

Libby by Wendy K

Lies by LaJuan

Lies, Regrets and Sorrows by Buckskin

Lieutenant Lancer by LaJuan

Life Series (link to FFN) by solista
Life 2

Life Before Lancer Series by Laraine
Encounter in Abilene
(A) Missed Opportunity

Life Goes On  (An Empty Place Series #3) by Laraine

(A) Life In Dreams by Cadillac Red

Life Lessons by Winj

(A) Life Unfinished by Arrenall

(A) Life Worth Fighting For by Martha

(A) Lifetime Ago by Buckskin

(A) Light in the Sky by Caroline

(A) Light in the Window by Doc

Light Rain by Ronnie

Like a Thief in the Night by Kitty

Like Diamonds and Dirt by Cadillac Red

Like Father Like Son by Margaret P.

Like Looking in A Mirror by Ladyt 

Like Moths to a Flame (Eliot Series #14) by Margaret P.

Lily of the West by SilverWolf

Lilly Ran by Susan

(The) Line Series by Buckskin
Staying Alive
(The) Line That Divides

(The) Line Shack (M/M) (Link Line Shack) by Mistress Marilyn

(A) Line in the Sand by Dale L

Lingering Impressions by Maureen
In memory of Marlene Campbell

(The) Lion and The Lamb- WHN by Olley

(The) Lion and the Lamb: WHN by Suzanne

Lion For A Day (Jemimah Day Series #27) by Anne

Lions Series by Seminole
Parallel Thoughts
What Happened To Johnny?
What About The Lions?
What Did He Say? (or Murdoch Finds Out)

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! (Brat Pack Series #7) by Southernfrau

(The) List by Styzgal

Listen by Dori

Listen by EJ

Listen To Me by Snicklefritz

Listening Destiny (Destiny Series #9) by Liette

Listening To My Sons by EJ

(The) Little Angels (FFN Link) by Geraldine

(A) Little Bit Of Soul by RonD

Little Boys at Heart by CynthiaKay

(A) Little Catitude by Cat

(A) Little Christmas Mischief (Christmas Mischief series #1) by EJ

(A) Little Conversation by Rosalind

Little Lamb of Christmas by  Belinda   

Little Sister by Whistle

Little Things (Path Well Traveled Series #1) by Maureen

Little Vacquero  (link to FFN) by solista

(The) Littlest Lancer by Deborah

Live to Die  (link to FFN) by solista

(A) Lively Tune by Mary Whimsey
(FIRST PLACE  Lancer Writers Awards: Best Canon Story)

Living On A Prayer (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Locked Down by Sherry

Lone Cowboy series by MaryM
(The) Lone Cowboy
Lancer, The Return

(The) Lone Wolf by KathyS

(The) Long & Smelly Road Home by Patti H

(The) Long And The Short Of It by Coop

Long Delayed (The second of three Jigsaw pieces) (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

(The) Long Awaited Journey by Becks

Long Way Home by Karen Campbell

Long Day (Delia Series #6) by Wendy K

(The) Long Johns by Dori

The Long Journey Home Series by RobFra
Solo y Asustada
Dang That Boy

(A) Long Night by EJ

Long Nights for Johnny by Martha

Long Overdue Series by EJ
(A) Long Overdue Talk
Scott’s Overdue Talk

(The) Long Road Home by Buckskin

(The) Long Road Home (Riding The River Series #4) by SandySha

(The) Long Sleep by Ruthie W.

The Long Trip Home (Lancer, a New Century Series #2) by Kit and Southernfrau

(The) Longest Day by BeckyW

(The) Longest Day by Danni

(The) Longest Day by Ronnie

(The) Longest Night by Sue Salter

Longing by Rosalind

Look Before You Eat (Brat Pack Series #22) by Southernfrau

Look Inside series (link to FFN) by solista
(A) Look Inside
(A) Look Inside 2
(A) Look Inside 3

Looking (Widow Morris series #6) by Doc

Looking After His Own (#5 in Appaloosa Series) by Olley

Los Cargadores by Bosco11 

Loss (Death Fic) by Caroline

Loss – The Hardest Lesson of All by Chaz

Lost by Winj

Lost and Found by Shelley H.

Lost And Found by Olley

Lost And Found by Whistle

(A) Lost And Lonely Man by SandySha

Lost Boy by EJ

Lost Causes by Winj

Lost In The Shallows by Buckskin

Lost Innocence Series (link to FFN) by solista
Lost Innocence
Lost Innocence 2

Lost Son by LaJuan

Lost Son by Linda L.

Lost Souls (It All Adds Up Series #2) by Sandra

Lost Trust by BeckyW

Love at First Bite (Bites Series #2) by Southernfrau

Love Comes To Lancer  (A Lancer AU #7)  by Lynne

(A) Love of Family by Karen F.

Love Is Blind (A Lancer AU #4) by Lynne

(The) Love Letter -An Emoji story by goldieasj

Love, Pure and Simple (in 10 parts) by Tina

Loyalty by Sandra

Loyalty by Terri

Loyalty Earned by Deborah

Lucifer (#3 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Luke 10:37 by Buckskin

Lulubelle’s Lament (#1 of a trilogy) by S.

(A) Lumpy Rug, Do-Dah Day by Desert Sun

Lyrics for the Theme Tune by Rosalind




Mad About Reading by Southernfrau

Maddie’s Love by Linda B (Kona)

The Maddie Series by Ros
Still Waters
That Damn Drifter
The Hunted
A Nightmare on Pine Mountain

Madre De Dios by Clementine

Madrid (#7 Surrogate Fathers Series) by Olley

Madrid – a poem by Shelley

Madrid Again by Rhiannon

Madrid Meets His Match by Rosalind

(The) Madrid Stare by Charlene

Madrid: The Gunfight by Kathy Smith Barsotti

(The) Madrid Way  (#2 in the Justice For Teresa series) by Nancy Marie

Madrid’s Army (Riding the River Series #3) by SandySha

Madrid’s Gun Series by EJ
Madrid’s Gun
Madrid’s Gun: The Morning After

Make It Right by PaulaR

Making Deals (#4 Surrogate Fathers Series) by Olley

Making Do (It All Adds Up Series #9) by Sandra

(The) Making of a Crooked Gambler by Desert Sun

(The) Making of a Man by Suzanne

Making Plans by Shallowz

Making Waves by Shelley

Maldecido by Linda B (Kona)

(The) Man Behind The Badge Series by Nancy Marie
(The) Man Behind The Badge Rated R
(A) Father’s Greatest Challenge PG 13 RATING
Troubling Teens Rated R

The Man From Visalia (New Era Series #2) by JenniferB

Man In The Middle by Wendy K

(A) Man Named Columbus by S.

Man Of the Hour by DianaP

Man Of The Year by Marilyn

Man with a Dream by Sprite

Man Without a Gun – Episode Tag by Doc

Man Without A Gun: Missing Scene by Suzanne

(The) Man Without A Past Rated R by  Robyn B.

(A) Man’s Good Name by Ros (in 4 parts)

(A) Man’s Gotta Do by RonD

Manipulation by S.

Many Happy Returns (2nd in Birthday Stories) by Winj

(A) Manner of Speaking by Margaret P.

Maple Dreams by JEB

(The) Marble by Wendy K

Maria Series by Snicklefritz
South of The Border
Maria’s Revenge

Maria  (link to FFN) by solista

Maria’s Great, I Got Some Chocolate Cake by Becks

Maria’s Revenge (Maria Series #2) by Snicklefritz

Maria’s Story by Caroline

Maria’s Wrath by Heather

Marking Time (Time Series #2) by LaJuan

Marshmallow by Shelley

(The) Mask of Johnny Madrid by MaryM

Masks (#1 of a quadrilogy) by S.

The Masters of Boston: Kensington by C J

(A) Match Not Made In Heaven by Nancy Marie
(A) Match Not Made In Heaven
(The) Mustangers

(A) Match Unsurpassed by Kathy P
Part 01 – Compromise
Part 02 – Connect
Part 03 – Compensate
Part 04 – Concede
Part 05 – Comfort and Joy
Part 06 – We Danced
It Smells Like Wrong (A Match Unsurpassed – Related short stories)

(A) Matter Of Life And Death by Robyn B.

(A) Matter Of The Past by BeckyW

(A) Matter of Trust by Suzanne

(A) Matter of Vengeance (Rated NC17) by Nancy Marie

Matters of the Heart  (link to FFN) by solista

Mattie by Robyn B.

Maura Talbot, Woman of the Year by JEB

May Morning by Lisa Paris

Meanwhile, Out At The Barn by d.b.brisbin and Judi

Measure of A Brother by Martha

Measure of a Man by Kathy K.

Measure of a Man – WHN by Deb B

Measure of Loss by S.

Measured by Margaret P.

Meddlesome Trouble by Becks

(The) Meeting (Facts of Life Series #1) by CC 

Meeting (Widow Morris Series #1) by Doc

Meeting Day by SandySha

Meeting Destiny (Destiny Series #8) by Liette

Meeting Destiny: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Meeting Poe (Pre-Lancer series #13) by Doc

Melted Into Air, Into Thin Air (Whore And Gunfighter series 03) by Starry Diadem

Melissa and the Maine Woods (Stories in Sequence Series# 7 ) by Sharon

Melody  (FFN Link)  by Geraldine

Memorial Day by Flynnie

Memories Rated R by Robyn B.

Memories of a Blind Man by Holly

Memories of A Gunfighter by ZoeyT

Memories of Time by Laraine

Memories of Birthdays Past by EJ

Memories Of The King by Kit and Southernfrau

Memories Made by Charlene

Memories Shared by Karen F.

Men Will Be Boys by Marilyn

Mending Fences by Caroline

Mending Fences (Truth or Consequences Series #2) by Winj

Merry Christmas To You by Deb Eliz & Debbie/Gidget (2001)

Merry Christmas To You, Too! by Snicklefritz

Messed Up by Sherry

Midnight Confessions by Laraine

Midnight Questions by  Becky S

Midnight Shadows  by Shelley

(The) Midnight Swim of Murdoch (Commando Cowboys series #4) by Patti H.

(A) Midnight Trip and Ponderings – a poem by Southernfrau

 Midnight Well by Caroline

Mighty Oaks series by Kit
(A) Tale of Two Kitties
Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow
Blest Be the Ties That Bind

Milagro by Winj

Miles Apart by Winj

Mine (#1 Appaloosa Series) by Olley

(A) Minimal Man  (link to FFN) by solista

(A) Minor Setback by Bosco11 

(The) Minstrel Boy by M.E.

Mirror Images by Taffey

Mirrored Christmas by Spiritfire

Mischief and Mayhem by Clementine

Mischief in Green River by Liette

Mischief Night (Small Matters Series #6) by Vicki L. Nelson

(The) Misdemeanor by Ronnie

Misery Loves Company (It All Adds Up Series #5) by Sandra

Misjudgment (Death Fic) by S.

Misplaced Trust (Railroaded Series #2) by Caroline

Miss Lilly by Heather

(A) Missed Opportunity (Life Before Lancer Series #2) by Laraine

Missing (FFN Link) by Wendy

Missing by PatriciaG

Missing Scene from Angel Day by MaryB

Missing Scene for Johnny from Escape by Cindy

Missing Scene from High Riders by Em

Missing Scene from “Man Without A Gun” (Kind of.) by Kit

Missing Scene for Warburton’s Edge by Doc

Missing Scene- To Chase a Wild Horse [co-written by Linda Rae] by Chris 

(The) Mission by Karen Campbell

(The) Missionaries by Nancy Marie

(A) Misunderstanding Between Brothers by Taffey

Misunderstandings by Winj

(The) Modern Lancers Series – (in story order) by Lancer Redux
(The) High Riders 2009
Chips and Salsa
Chocolate and Chili
Chase A Wild Horse 2009
Some Days
The Escape 2009
Conversations and Old Scotch
Gabriel Madrid
Yesterday’s Vengeance 2009
Harlan Garrett
Murdoch Lancer
Legacy 2009
Relative Deprivation
Change Of Address

Molars and Vets by S.

(The) Moments We Have by Mary Whimsey

Mommy Dearest Trilogy by Vickie N
And Mother Makes Three
Cold Shoulders, Hard Choices
From Mom, With Love

Monday, Monday (ext link) (Scott’s Journal Series #5) by Shelley

Montages (Artwork) by Starry Diadem

Monster (link to FFN) by solista

Moon Dance by Whistle

Moon Glow by Kit

Moonlight and Musings by Molly

Moonlit Destiny (Destiny Series #1) by Liette

Moonlight Magic by Becks

Moose Tracks – High Riders WHN by chrischime

More Discovery (Discover Series #2) (Rated R) by Winj

More Important Things than Money by Margaret P.

More Than Anything God Ever Created by Margaret P.

More Trouble With Girls (Jemimah Day Series #9) by Anne

More Wild Horses by Dori

Morning by CC

Morning After by Becks

(The) Morning After… (2nd in Sons, Drinking and the Morning After Series) by Buckskin

Mortal Judgment by Shelley H.

Most Discreet by Karen Campbell

Mother Goose Tale by Desert Sun

Mothers and Grandfathers (Blood Series #3) by Winj

Mothers Day by S.

(A) Mother’s Love by Barbara V.

(A) Mother’s Love (Small Matters Series #5) by Vicki L. Nelson

(A) Mother’s Worry by Shelley H.

(The) Mountain by Winj

(The) Mountain Man – (Surprise Series #11) by Terri
 FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Humorous Story

Moving On-Moving On- Wild and Free (#6 Surrogate Fathers Series )by Olley

Mr. Lancer by Latebloomnriter (at FFN)

(The) Much Maligned ( Fictems Series #2) by Molly

Muchachos by Whistle

Mule Tails (Link to SWA) by S

Mulish by Latebloomnriter (at FFN)

Mumford’s Gift by MaryM

Murder 101 series by Linda B (Kona)
Murder 101
Friends in Need

Murdoch by BeckyW

Murdoch and Johnny Talk (#3 in the Jelly’s Talk series) by EJ

Murdoch’s Boys by Em

Murdoch’s Christmas Present by EJ

Murdoch’s Ghost (#2 of the Ghosts series)by Buttercup

Murdoch’s Gift by JenniferB

Murdoch’s Halloween by EJ

Murdoch’s Kid by Charlene

Murdoch Lancer (Modern Lancer Series #13) by Lancer Redux

Murdoch’s Prayer (a poem) by Faith Brayden

Murdoch’s Spices by (Linked to SWA) Sissy

Musings (The Widow Morris series #8) by Doc

Musings by EJ

(The) Mustangers  (#2 in the Match Not Made In Heaven series) by Nancy Marie

My Anna by Marilyn

My Brother Is Not Disreputable! by EJ

My Brother, My Captive (Rated R) by Deborah

My Brother, My Friend by Ama (2014)

My Brother, The Brat (Brat Pack Series #1) by Southernfrau

My Brother, The Gunhawk by Vicki L. Nelson

My Brother’s Word (1st in the No Lying In The Family Series by Robyn B.

My Dear Friend Katie (Letters of Friendship #1) by Doc

My Dearest Sister by Linda B (Kona)

My Fair Lancer by Ros

My Family’s Eyes (Lancer Eyes Series #3) by Geraldine

My Father’s House (Coming Home series #3) by Margaret Schmitz Compton

My Father’s House by Sherry

My Heart Horse by Darla M. Poulos

My Heart’s True Treasure  (link to FFN) by solista

My Horse Awaits (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

My Inheritance (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

My Journey Back From Hell NC-17 by Robyn B.

My Little Blue-Eyed Boy by Cat

My Mother Used To Say… by Buckskin

My SonDeath Fic by Sam

My Son’s Smile by EJ

My Sweet Emma Rose by Cynthia Kay

My Turn by Becks

My Wandering Boy(Small Matters Series #2) by Vicki L. Nelson

My What? by Patti H.

My Wild Son by EJ

(The) Mysterious Affair Of The Purloined Suspenders by Starry Diadem

(The) Mystery of the Zanetti Train by Silvia


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