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(A) Nagging Dream by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(A) Name by Sharon

Name on a Tombstone by DaleL

Nameless (#1 of a pentralogy) by S.

Names (Widow Morris series #17) by Doc

Names and Numbers Series by Cadillac Red
Names and Numbers
Letters from Murdoch

National Mule Day (Coming Home series #2) by Margaret Schmitz Compton

National Rhino Day by Margaret Schmitz Compton

National Vegetable Day by Lynne

Need by chrischime

(The) Need For A Father  (link to FFN) by solista

(The) Need To Know (The third of three Jigsaw pieces) (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Needling Teresa – 4th in the A New Family Series by JenniferB

(The) Neighbor by Ruthie W.

(The) Nephew (Jemimah Day Series #16) by Anne

Never A Still Moment by  Belinda

Never Let Them See You Cry by Snicklefritz

Never Mess With A Lancer by Robyn B.

Never Mess With An Old Man by Buckskin

Never Smother Your Sorrow (Followings Fathers Series #2) by Clementine

New Beginnings by  Belinda

New Beginning Series by Caroline and Linda B (Kona)
(A)New Beginning
(A) Vision of Hope

New Beginnings by Christy

New Blood by Winj

(The) New Cowboy – 2nd in the A New Family Series by JenniferB

(The) New Doctor in Town by PatriciaG

New Dreams by Charlene

The New Era Series by JenniferB
Lancer: A New Era -FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best AU Story
The Man From Visalia

(A) New Family Series by JenniferB
Tequila Musings
(The) New Cowboy
(A) Family Again
Needling Teresa

(A) New Generation (Guardian Series #2) by ZoeyT .

(A) New Life by Seren

(A) New Shop In Town! by Véronique

(A) New Taste Experience by EJ

New Traditions (Scotland Series #1) by Winj

(The) New Tub (external link) by Shelley

(The) New Year (Jamie Stories #3) by Cat

New Year Series by d.b.brisbin
Johnny’s First New Year’s Eve
Johnny’s First New Year’s Day
(The) Wishing Star JOINT SECOND PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Holiday Story

(A) New Year’s Resolution by Suzanne

New Years Series by Desert Sun
(The) Eve of a New Year
Whose Idea

(A) New Year’s Eve in Hell (#3 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

Next Mornin’ by Clementine

(The) Next Production (#1 of a duology) by S.

(A) Nice Lady by Doc

(The) Night by Buckskin

(The) Night Before Christmas – Lancer by Kit

(The) Night Before Christmas by Linda B (Kona)

Night Of The Hawk by Buckskin

Night of the Lancer Savage Land by Lorraine M

Night Mares by LisaA

(A) Night To Remember by Heather H

Nightfall in Nogales by Juanita (Evi) (2009)

Nightmare(PG-13) by Winj

(A) Nightmare on Pine Mountain (Maddie Series #6)  byRos

Nightmares! (Dreams Series #2) by Rosalind

Nino Salvaje by DaleL

No Accounting for Sons by Cadillac Red

No Bones About It by Becks

No Boston Lady by CC

No Dodging (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Shelley

No Greater GiftDeath Fic – by Wendy K

No I Won’t, Yes You Will (1st in The Fight Series) by Seminole

No Interruptions!  Are You Sure? by Desert Sun

No Lying In The Family Series by Robyn B.
My Brother’s Word (Rated R)

No More Monsters Under the Bed (Brat Pack Series #17 by Southernfrau

No Place Like Home by Whistle

No Quedan Palabras by Skye

No Questions, Yet Answers  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

No Regrets Warning: explicit content by d.b.brisbin

No Smoking (Jemimah Day Series #13) by Anne

No Stranger (Strangers Series #2) by Winj

No Turning Back  by Buckskin

Noblesse Oblige by RonD

Nobody’s Purr-fect! (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

North Star by Ronnie

Not a Fool Anymore by Margaret P.

Not A Wise Decision by Clementine

Not Again by EJ

Not As Advertised by Rosalind

Not Just Another Day (A/U Warning attached) by Shelley H.

Not One Inch of Give (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter 

Not To Be Sniffed At by Olley

Not Today  (link to FFN) by MarieDee

Not My Job by Southernfrau

Not Taking Chances by Danni

Not With My Horse (Genesis Series #3) by Darla M. Poulos

Not With My Ol’ Man series (link to FFN) by solista
Not With My Ol’ Man
Not With My Ol’ Man part 2

Not Your Typical Evening by phoenix

Nothing Else Will Do (Genesis Series #2) by Darla M. Poulos

Nothing Good by Molly

Nous sommes frères, non? (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Now and Then by Southernfrau

Now Just Look by PaulaR

Number Interpretation by Southernfrau

Nunca Lo Que Parece by Flynnie



O Come Let Us Adore Him (Brat Pack Series #19) by Southernfrau

Oasis by Winj

(The) Oath by Lisa Paris

Obligations by S

Observance Stories by Desert Sun
Bad Poetry Day
Buttons! Buttons! Buttons!
(A) Day For Checkers
(A) Day for the Birds
(A) Day of Panic
First International Day of Older Persons
(A) Forgetful Day
(A) Good Day to Nap
(A) Holiday for Women
(A) Hot Enough For Ya Day
Jelly’s Beard
Just Because
(A) Lumpy Rug, Do-Dah Day
Mother Goose Tale
No Interruptions!  Are You Sure?
Oh, What a Day
Potatoes!  Potatoes!  Nothing but Potatoes!
Rat Catchin’ Day at Lancer
Start of a New Tradition
Walking on the Wild Side
Who’s To Blame?

(An) Observant Eye by Mary Whimsey

Observations by Winj

Obsession by Winj

October 3rd. The Unofficial National Boyfriend Day by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Odd Man Out by Winj

Of Ants And Men  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Of Blood and Rain by Lacy and Seren

Of Eye Lashes, White Socks, Dusty Butts and Chest Hair by Southernfrau

Of Fathers and Sons by Castell

Of Gods & Men [rated R] (Gods and Men Series #1) by Caroline

Of Guilt by goldieasj

Of Lovers and Covens by Geraldine and Lacy

Of Mice and Scott Lancer (Eliot Series #13) by Margaret P.

(The) Ogre and the Dandy by MaryM

Oh Christmas Tree! (Christmas Series #3) by Southernfrau

Oh, What a Day by Desert Sun

Oh What (A) Tangled Web Part 5 Scott  (link to FFN) by solista

Old Acquaintances series by Patti H.
Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 1
Old Acquaintances Should Be Forgot Pt. 2

(The) Old Dog’s Story (The Widow Morris series #5) by Doc

Old Friends (#1 of a duology) by S.

Old Friends by Whistle

Old Habits by Ally

(The) Old Maid’s Tale by Starry Diadem

(The) Old Oak Tree by Linda B (Kona)

Old Woman In The Woods by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(An) Olfactory Offence by Ros

On a Clear Day by Lisa Paris

On a Moonless Night by Desert Sun

On An Easter Morning by Barbara V.

On Fragile Wings (#2 of the Angels series) by Heather H and Sue Salter

On My Way Home by SandySha

On Shaky Ground by Winj

On The Boat From Inverness (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

On The Doorstep (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

On The Other Side by Buckskin

On the Road to Morro Coyo by Laraine

Once Bitten by Winj

Once Upon a Time: A Bedtime Story (external link) by Cobalt Jan

Once Upon A Time by SandySha
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time: Epilogue

(The) One by Becks

One August Night by Desert Sun

One Country – One Flag by Patti H

One Damn Good Reason by Seminole

One Day More by Caroline

One Day Nearer by Wendy P

One For The Road by Becks

One Good Deed (FFN Link) by Molly

(The) One I Feed by Susan

One Last Chance by (#3 of Tres Guerros Series) Trinidad

One Last Legacy by Cindy

One Little Word by Molly

One Man Band (#3 in Georges Rules Series) by Vickie G

One Man’s Legacy by SandySha

One More Day Series by Robyn B.
One More Day NC-17
One More Day – The Epilogue (NC-17)

One More Silver Dollar (Hackamore series 02) by Starry Diadem

One Night Only by Jennifer

One Stormy Night by Laraine

One Thousand Dollars (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Onehellava Saturday Night by Em

(The) Ones We Trust Most by Linda B (Kona) and Maureen

(The) Only Easy Day by Wendy K

Only One Who Cares by DaleL

(The) Only Way to Have a Friend is to be One (Eliot Series #3) by Margaret P. and Doc

Only The Strong Survive by Ama (2015)

Ordinary (It All Adds Up Series #8) by Sandra

Orphaned by Marilyn

(The) Other Side of Right by Suzanne

(The) Other Side of the River by Christine

Other Thoughts (Thoughts Series #3) by Winj

Our Ranch Series by CC
Our Ranch
Taking Care of Business      

Our Weary Hearts by Maddie

Ours (#2 Appaloosa Series) by Olley

Out Of Sorts by Dale L

Out Of The Bottle by Whistle

Out Of The Past by Buckskin

Out of the Past by Ros

Out of the Shadows by  Belinda

Out On a Limb (Small Matters Series #13) by Vicki L. Nelson

Out To Pasture by Bosco11 

(The) Outing – Part 7 by Diana

(The) Outing- Entire Story-A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Outside/In Series by Bosco11 
From The Outside, Looking In
From The Inside, Looking Out

Overlook (Modern Lancer Series #11) by Lancer Redux




Package from St. Louis by Desert Sun

Pain Series by EJ
Pain Revisited

Painful Remembering (Wasted Years Series #2) by Doreen

Pancakes by S.

Pandora’s Box by Kaligirl

Paradigm Shift by Winj

Parallel Thoughts (Lions Series #1) by Seminole

Parchment and Old Ink (Hackamore series 11) by Starry Diadem

Pardon My French by Dori

(A) Parent’s Revenge by Chaz

(A) Part Gone Missing by Deborah

Parting Shot by Lisa Paris

Partners in Crime (Jemimah Day Series #11) by Anne

Pasaba Por Aqui by Whistle

Pasquinade  (Link to SWA) – Death Fic by S

Pass the Parcel by Margaret P.

Passages(Scott/Laura series #1)  by Judi

Passing Through (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Passion in Time by S.

Past And Present (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

(The) Past Comes Calling (Jemimah Day Series #26) by Anne

Past Forward by Shallowz and Barb

Past Imperfect (Eliot Series #1) by Margaret P.

Patchwork by Whistle

Patchwork Family of Friends by JEB

Path Of Fire by AJ

(The) Path Well Traveled Series by Maureen
Little Things
Sharp Edge
(The) Path Well Traveled

Patience Is A Virtue(Except When It Wears Thin) (Small Matters Series #4) by Vicki L. Nelson

(The) Patient Fool by Dori

Paul O’Brien’s Daughter by Lisa Paris

Pawns Series by Linda B (Kona)
Pawns: The Recovery

Payback by Wendy P

Payback (The Widow Morris series #3) by Doc

Payback For Scott (#3 February Observances series) by EJ

Paying The Debt (#4 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Paying the Piper by Kit

Payment For A Water Hole by DianaP

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men by Kit

Peace, Perfect Peace with Heather and Kit (Modern Day Lancer Story)

Pearls of Wisdom by SandySha

Pecados de los Padres by Whistle

Penance by Terri

Penmanship by Cat

(A) Penny For Their Thoughts by Suzanne

Penny Rose, Penny Rose by Flynnie

People, Places, and … Trouble by Buckskin

Perdon by Bert

(The) Perfect Stranger by Sue Salter

Perfection by AJ

Perfidy by Spiritfire

Peril of Listening to Gossip by EJ

Permission (Eliot Series #6) by Margaret P.

(A) Person Unknown – Missing Scene by Kit

Person Unknown: Epilogue by Suzanne

Perspectives of Time by Winj

Pestilence by Winj

Phoenix Rising (#3 of a trilogy) by S.

Picture Challenge 2017 by MaryB

Pictures by Southernfrau

Piece Of His Soul Rated R by Robyn B.

Pies by goldieasj

(The) Pilgrim by Chris

Ping by S.

Pinto Stories by Cat
Johnny and the Pinto
Sarah and the Pinto

(A) Private Talk by Kee (2004)

Pissing Contest by CC

Pistolero Series by SandySha
Shooting Star
Legends Never Die

(The) Pitchfork Massacre by Lacy and Seren

(A) Place to Play by Sue

Plaguing Revenge by Becks

(The) Plan by Spiritfire

Planning for the Future by Cadillac Red

Playing Hooky by Barbara V.

Playing The Devil’s Hand by Sherry

(The) Play’s the Thing (#2 in the Surprise series) by EJ

(The) Pleasure of Their Company (R-rated) by KarenF and Randy

Plum by S.

(The) Pocket Watch (Delia Series #1) by Wendy K

(A) Pocketful Of Memories by Patti H

Poetic License (M/M) (Link Line Shack) by Mistress Marilyn

(The) Point of No Return (Blame Series #2) by Winj

(A) Pome by Holly

Pondering by Sandra

Pondering Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Pony Alice–The Epilogue by Suzanne

Pony Alice’s First Diary by Desert Sun

Potatoes!  Potatoes!  Nothing but Potatoes! by Desert Sun

Por Favor, No Mas by Fozrulz

(The Portal) (Scott and Johnny in LancerLand Series #3) by Sharon

Portraits by S.

Pour le prix d’une âme (For The Price of A Soul) by PetiteDaisy (at FFN)

POV Challenges (October 2015) by Maddie

(The) Power of Love by Ruthie W.

Praeambulus ( The Latin Series #1) by Shallowz

Prankster Posse Santas by JEB

(The) Pranksters (Jemimah Day Series #4) by Anne

Prayer Series by Tina
Johnny’s Prayer
Scott’s Prayer

Preconceptions by Fay

Pre-Lancer Series by Doc
Rich Fruit
Knife and Gun
Pullin Back The Reins
Early Days
Small Memories
Bad Things
Chosen Identity
Calle De La India Triste
Meeting Poe
Before the Revolution

Premonitions by Winj

Preparations by Sandra

Preponderance by Winj

(The) Presence Of Christmas by S.

(A) Presentiment of Danger (Reminiscences Series #2) by FlissB

Pretending and Promises by ZoeyT

Prestidigitation by S.

Pretty In Pink by S.

(The) Price of Revenge by Nancy Marie (Rated R)

(The) Price To Pay by Buckskin

Pride and Prejudice (Hackamore series 05) by Starry Diadem

(The) Priest (NC-17) by Winj

Priorities by Terri

Prisons by S.

Privileged by Laraine

(A) Private Talk by Kee

(The) Prodigal: Aftermath by Olley

(The) Prodigal Returns-Missing Scene by Sprite

Prodigal Son (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

(The) Prodigal- WHN: – Johnny’s Reaction by Vickie N

(The) Promise by Doreen

(The) Promise NC-17 DeathFic by Robyn B.

(A) Promise Kept by Southernfrau

(The) Promise of Things To Come by Jo Butler

Promises [revised] (Scott/Laura series #3)  by Judi

Promises (Maddie Series #2)  by Ros

Promises & Red Velvet by  Belinda

Promises Broken by Jo Butler

Promises Kept [revised] (Scott/Laura series #2)  by Judi

(The) Proof is in the Pudding by Kit

A Proper Send-off (Delia Series #11) by Wendy K

Protecting My Brother by LibertyBelleAnne  (at FFN)

(The) Protector by EJ

(The) Protector by goldieasj

Primal Instincts by Winj

Pullin Back The Reins (Pre-Lancer 4) by Doc

Pulled From Darkness by Heather

Punching Cows, Horses, and Brothers by dnjlwilson

Punks-a-Tangy Phil’s Predication by Patti H.

Purging the Past by Coop

Put Asunder by Starry Diadem



Quake by Marilyn

Quarantined: Lancer Style by SandySha

Quelques mots des Lancer (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Quelques textes des Lancer (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Quest (#3 of a quadrilogy) by S.

Quests End by Martha

Question Series by Laraine
An Unanswered Question
Questions to Ponder

(A) Question of Betrayal by Doc

(A) Question of Loyalty by Doreen

(A) Question of Ownership by Desert Sun

A) Question of Size by Lisa Paris

(A) Question of Trust by Terri

(The) Question In My Heart by Cadillac Red

Questions and Answers by Molly

Questions of Brotherhood (Stories in Sequence Series#6 ) by Sharon

Questions to Ponder (Question Series #2) by Laraine

Quick Dip and A Lot of Scrub by Michelle

Quicksilver- Part 1 by Skyehyker

¿Quién es Este Hombre, Mi Sobrino?  by Buckskin

Quién Puede Saber? by Rosalind

Quiet Moments Bring on Memories by EJ

Quiet Witness (High Riders Series #3) by Cindy

(The) Quilt by Dori

(The) Quilt by S.K.Y.

Quirta by Dale L

Quo Vadis? by Cobalt Jan 




R Series by Kit

(The) Race by Winj

(A) Race of Young Scoundrels (Following Fathers Series #3) by Clementine

Railroaded Series by Caroline
Misplaced Trust

Rain by Shallowz

Rain by Winj

Rain, Mud and Other Complications by Winj

Raining Fire (Johnny and Holly Series #8) by Buckskin

Random Acts by Susan

Random Chance by Dale L

Ransom by SandySha

Rat Catchin’ Day at Lancer by Desert Sun

Razor’s Edge  by Buckskin

Read in Order: by Kit
Big Brothers
Bein’ Legal

Reaching Out by Karen and Nancy

Reaching Out  (Duology Series #2) (Link to SWA) by S

Ready by Molly

Ready (Delia Series #9) by Wendy K

(A) Real Good Man by Morgana

(The) Real Johnny Madrid by Linda B (Kona)

Realizations by Shelley H.

Reap the Wind by Patti H.

Reasonable Doubt by S.

Reasonable Doubt by Shallowz

Rebellion (1st in R Series) by Kit

Rebirth by Cobalt Jan  

Recipe For Disaster by Southernfrau

Recipe for A Family Christmas by Marcia

Reckless Endangerment by Heather

Reclamation by Winj

Recollections by Doc

Recollections by Linda B (Kona)

Red Sky at Night (Sainte Anne Series #3) by Sprite

(The) Red Sunset by Olley

Redemption  by Buckskin

Redemption by Winj

Reflection  (link to FFN) by solista

Reflections by J M McClure

Reflections On A Dead Horse (external link) by Shelley

Regarding Chad by Shallowz

Regarding Shadows by Maureen
THIRD PLACE Lancer Writer Awards: Best Episode Tag- Buscaderos

Regrets To My Loves by Barbara V.

Regrets by Olley

Regrets – A Christmas Story  (link to FFN) by solista

Regretting Nogales by Sherry

(The) Regulators by Winj

Relative Deprivation (Modern Lancer Series #15) by Lancer Redux

(A) Religious Experience by CC

Reluctant Californian (Improper Bostonian Series #1) by Whistle

(The) Reluctant First Foot by Mellobee

(The) Reluctant Guest by Em

Remember by Dale L (In memory of Marlene)

Remember Me (2nd in Christmas Stories) by Winj

Remembering by Sandra

Remembering by Sam

Remembering Mi Amiga by Desert Sun

Remembrance (3rd in R Series) by Kit

Remembrance by S.

Remembrances Universe by Gilda
Remembrances of Rain
Burden of Shadows

Reminiscences Series by FlissB
Courting (NC17)
A Presentiment of Danger

Removing Mrs Normile by Suzanne

Reputation (Pre-Lancer series #14) by Doc

Reputation (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Reputation and Consequences by AJ

Reputations (Hettie Series #2) by Olley

Requiem by Kathy Smith Barsotti

Rescue Race by AJ

Resolutions by Olley

Resolutions by Sammi

Resolutions (It All Adds Up Series #11) by Sandra

Response Series by Becks
Response To Intervention
Double Dipping
Boys Will Be Boys

Response To Intervention (Response series #1) by Becks

Rest In Peace, Johnny Madrid by Kit

Restless by Em

Resurrection  (2nd in Forever His Series) by Lacy  and Geraldine

Resurrection Mary by Vicki L. Nelson

Retirement by Amby (2005)

Retour au ranch (Return to the Ranch) (at FFN) by Nanthana14

Retribution by Doreen

Retribution by S.

Return Series by Doreen
(The) Return
Returned To The Fold

Return Series by Winj
(The) Return

(The) Return of Harlan Garrett by Winj

Return Of The Prodigal (Delgado Legacy #6) by M.E.

Returned To The Fold (Return Series #2) by Doreen

Reunion Series by Linda B (Kona)
(The) Reunion

Reunion by Laura Roybal

Reunited by Winj

Revelations by goldieasj

Revelations (2nd in R Series) by Kit

Revenge by Ronnie

Revenge Never Pays by Desert Sun

Reverberations (2nd in the Betrayed Series) by chrischime

Revere Beach by Suzanne

Rhyme and Reason (Jemimah Day Series #25) by Anne

Rich Fruit (Pre-Lancer Series #1) by Doc

Richer Man  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Riches Repaid by Maureen

(The) Ride by Mamse

Ride ‘Em Cowboy! by Becks

Riding In by Margaret P.

Riding On The Wind  by Buckskin

Riding The River Series by SandySha
Running Gun
Fate is the Hunter
Madrid’s Army
(The) Long Road Home
(The) Charade
Signed, Sealed, and Finally Delivered
Lancer Takes Care of Its Own
With This Ring

Riding With Him (Being With Them Series #2) by Sherry

(The) Right Choice by  Belinda

(The) Right To Choose  by  MaryB

(The) Right Thing To Do by Caroline

(The) Right Track by Maureen

(The) Right Way To Start The Day by Sarah

(The) Ring by Margaret P.

(The) Ring-Tailed Tooter by Karen and Nancy

Ringers (Link to SWA) by S

Ringing In The New Year by Desert Sun

Ringing In A New Year  (link to FFN) by solista

Rings Around The Moon by Buckskin

(The) Ripple by Karen and Nancy

Ripples on the Water by SandySha

Risk (Pre-Lancer series #3) by Doc

Risking Destiny (Destiny Series #4) by Liette

Riled by MaryB

(The) Rivals – Missing Scenes by Olley

(The) Road From Eagle Point by Buckskin

(The) Road to Morro Coyo– Satirical WHI and also a deathfic by Chris

(The) Road to Morro Coyo by Sherry

Rock and a Hard Place by Shallowz

Rocks, Balls, and Rabbit Holes by Viviane R and Rita H

Rocket’s Red Glare by Kit and Southernfrau

Roll Call by Sherri (12/2003)

Roped and Reeled In  (link to FFN) by Latebloomnriter

Rose-A-Shal by Ronnie

(A) Rose By Any Other Name by Caroline and Linda B (Kona)

(A) Rose For Maria by d.b.brisbin

(The) Rosewood Casket by Barbara V.

Rounders by JEB

(The) Roundup by CynthiaKay

(A) Routine Matter by Maureen
FIRST PLACE Lancer Writer Awards: Best Drabble

(The) Rubdown by Patti H

Ruffled by Margaret P.

Run! by Becks

(The) Run For The Border by Buckskin

Runaway by Kitty

Run Away!! by Vicki L. Nelson

Run Away Home by Whistle

Runaway by MaryM

Running Gun (Riding the River Series #1) by SandySha




2005 Souvenir Fanzine in Great Room Bookshelves

2006 Souvenier Fanzine in Great Room Bookshelves

Sacramento (2nd in Gunman’s Woman Series) by Charlene

(The) Sacramento Bee by Olley

Sacrifice by Buckskin

Sacrificed Dignity by Mary Whimsey

Sacrifices by Winj

(The) Saddle (Accessories Series #2) by Cindy

Safe as Houses by Kitty

Safe At Home by EJ

Safe Hands by Cindy

Saga of Johnny – a poem by LaJuan

Sainte Anne Series by Sprite
The St. Anne
A Sinking Feeling
Red Sky at Night

Saloons and Songs by Charlene

Saludos (Trying Series #3) by Clementine

Salvation (NC-17) by Winj

Sam: More Than a Doctor by EJ

Sam’s Best Christmas Present by JEB   

(The) Same Side by Mary B

Samhain Eve  (link to FFN) by KelticDream13

San Francisco to Nowhere by Suzanne

Santa Knows If You’ve Been Good Or Bad by EJ

Sarah and the Pinto (Pinto Series #2) by  Cat

Satan’s Trickster by Mary Ann

Saturday Night by Linda B (Kona)

Saturday Night (#2 of a duology) by S.

Saving Grace (link to FFN) by AnalisaPh54

Saving The World by Marcia

Sawdust – WHN Jelly by Skyehyker

Say Nothing At All (Abigale Series #2) by ZoeyT

Saying Hello by Sherry

Scarecrow Series by Winj 
Worlds Collide

Scenes From a Life by Lisa Paris

(The) Scent of Sandalwood (Whore And Gunfighter series 01) by Starry Diadem

Schism of the Heart (Heart series #1) by AJ

(A) Schoolteacher from Connecticut (Delia Series #4) by Wendy K

Scion by Coop

Scorched Earth by CC

Scorned by Winj

(A) Scorned Past (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Scotland Series by Winj
New Traditions
Snow Angels
Scotland Bound

Scott and Johnny in LancerLand Series by Sharon
The Shirt Off His Back
The Ends
The Portal

Scott and Nathan’s School Project by JEB

Scott and the Future Sharpshooter by JEB

Scott et Johnny (link to FFN) by Nanthana14

Scott For President by S.

Scott Is Not Happy (#2 February Observances series) by EJ

Scott/Laura series [Alternate Reality] by Judi
Promises Kept [revised]
Promises [revised]
Captured [revised]
Going Home

Scott Shares A Sweet Tooth by EJ

Scott’s Birthday by S.

Scott’s Birthday Memories by EJ

Scott’s Choice (Death Fic) by S.

Scott’s Dilemma by Desert Sun

Scott’s Eyes by RonD

Scott’s Fall Memories by JEB

Scott’s Journal Web Page by Laurie (an 1870’s version of blogging)

Scott’s Journal Series by Shelley
Entry 1 : The Vigil (ext link)
Entry 2 : Gun Oil (ext link)
Entry 3: Wolf At The Hearth FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Family story
Entry 4: Gunfighter FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Johnny story
Entry 5: Monday, Monday (ext link)
Entry 6: Twenty Bucks On The Greenhorn FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Scott
Entry 7: Finding Their Way
(ext link)
Entry 8: Good Clean Fun (ext link)

Scott’s Letter by Justine

Scott’s Overdue Talk (#3 in the Long Overdue series) by EJ

Scott’s Sacrifice (An Empty Place Series #2) by Laraine

Scott’s Secret…Johnny’s Headache – A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Scott’s Sweet Revenge by JEB

Scottish Fling by Whistle

Episode 1. 03 | Chase A Wild Horse
Episode 2.01 | Blind Man’s Bluff
Episode 2.03 | The Kid
Episode 2.06 | Cut The Wolf Loose
Episode 2.11 | Scarecrow At Hackett’s
Episode 2. 13 | Shadow Of A Dead Man
Unfilmed | Beef To Fort Bowie

Search by Lisa King

(The) Search by Ruthie W.

Season’s Feelings by Cindy

Seasonal Stories by Sprite

Second Best by Dale L

Second Chances by Desert Sun

(The) Second Escape – a Missing Scene for the Escape by Cindy

(The) Second Great Lancer Watermelon Caper by JEB

(The) Second Lancer Christmas (Home for Christmas Series #2) by Winj

Second Opinion (Hackamore series 08) by Starry Diadem

Second Thoughts by Whistle

Secret Valentines by  Belinda

Secrets in the Dark by Barbara V.

Secrets in the Dark by Winj

Secrets – WHN Legacy by Ronnie

See by Rosalind

See No Evil by Kimberly(KJB)

(The) Seeds of Discontent by Laraine

Seminole Winds by SilverWolf

Sentenced To The Flames: Isham’s Regrets by Buckskin

September Song by Southernfrau

Series of Firsts by Liette
A Series of Firsts – Johnny
A Series of Firsts – Murdoch
A Series of Firsts – Scott
A Series of Firsts – Teresa

(A) Series of Fourths by Cindy and KathyK

Services Rendered (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Serving Up Trouble (Brat Pack Series #16) by Southernfrau

Setting Things Right by Shallowz

Settling by Doc

Settling Down by Olley

Settlin’ In (Johnny and Polly Series #2) by Cara

Sex On A Stick Warning: explicit content by d.b.brisbin

Seven Deadly Sins by Wendy K

Shades of Grey by Sam

Shadows and Sunlight- In My Father’s House by Buckskin

(The) Shadow Line (Untamed Series #4) by Kim

Shadow Of A Dead Man SCRIPT

Shadow Of The Past  by Lacy  and Winj

Shadow Of The Wolf  (Johnny and Holly Series #10) by Buckskin

(The) Shadows Cast by Seren

Shadows Of Another Time Series by SandySha
Gunfighters and Schoolrooms: At Shadows Edge
Enemy At The Door: The Devil’s Shadow

Shadows of Her Mind by Kathy Smith Barsotti

Shadows of Things to Come by Kit

Shadows of Yesterday by AJ

Shadows In the Night  (Johnny and Holly Series #9) by Buckskin

Shallow Water (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Shame by CC

Shameless by CC

Sharin’ Stuff by Heather

Sharp Edge (Path Well Traveled Series #2) by Maureen

Shattered by CC

(A) Sheep In A Herd Of Cattle by Becks

Shiftless Behaviour by PatriciaG

Shine A Light In The Dark (It All Adds Up Series #3) by Sandra

(The) Shirt by Desert Sun

(The) Shirt by Ruth

(The) Shirt Off His Back (Scott and Johnny in LancerLand Series #1) by Sharon

Shiver Me Lancers by Linda B (Kona)

Shock by Lacy 

Shoes In The Jewel Box (Hackamore series #4) by Starry Diadem

Shoot by CC

Shootout  (FFN Link)  by Geraldine

Shoot ‘Em by Becks

Shootout in Tucson by SandySha

Shooting Star (Pistolero Series #2) by SandySha

Shortcut by Em and Linda B (Kona)

Shortcut to Hell by Sue Salter

Should Wild Horses Be Tamed by phoenix

Shouldn’t’ve Done That by Doc

(A) Show of Faith by Suzanne

Showdown by EJ

Showdown In Four Corners (Crossover with The Magnificent Seven #1) by Jennifer

Showdown With The Past (link to FFN) by  Carla K

(The) Showoff (100 word drabble) by Chris

Sick Of Bein’… Well, Sick! by Heather

(The) Signing (The Signing Series #1) by CC

Signed, Sealed, and Finally Delivered by SandySha

Silent Witness by CC

(A) Silent World by Winnie

Silver Bells by Christine

Silver Bells Ringing by SandySha

(A) Simple Game by Desert Sun

(A) Simple Act of Kindness by Dale L

Sin Nombre by Whistle

(A) Sinking Feeling (Sainte Anne Series #2) by Sprite

Sins Of A Child by Marilyn

Sins Of The Father by Dori

Sins Series by Buckskin
Sins Of The Past
Sins Of The Present

Sisters Under The Skin by Starry Diadem

Sit Down Young Stranger by Mary Whimsey

Sitting With Him (Being With Them Series #3) by Sherry

(The) Skinny of It! (Commando Cowboys series #2) by Patti H.

Skirmish by Sharon

Slateboards And Brothers (Link to SWA) by S

Slave or Partner by Carole P.

Sleeper by Winj

Slow Ride by Patti H

Small Blessings by Karen Campbell

Small Comforts by Maureen

Small Matters Series by Vicki L. Nelson
(A) Small Matter To Contend With
My Wandering Boy
Home is Where My Heart Is
Patience Is A Virtue(Except When It Wears Thin)
A Mother’s Love
Mischief Night
We Gather Together: The First Lancer Thanksgiving
I’ll Be Home For Christmas (At Last)
Growing Pain(s)
Courtin’ Trouble
And They’re Off–Or Are They?
Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day
Out On a Limb
There are Hungry Children in China!

Small(er) Matters Series  by Vicki L. Nelson
(The) Elf On The Shelf
The First Annual Green River Trick or Treat
You’d Better Watch Out For Der Belsnickel!
(AU. child Scott and Johnny)

Small Memories (Pre-Lancer series #6) by Doc

(A) Small Ripple by Cobalt Jan

Small Things by  Belinda

(The) Smile by LaJuan

(A) Smile on His Face by JEB

Smoke and Mirrors by Susan

(The) Snake (Teresa’s Birthday Duo #2) by Desert Sun

Snake in the Grass by CC

Sneak Thief by EJ

Snow Day by Southernfrau

Snow Angels (Scotland Series #2) by Winj

Snow Warriors by JEB

So This Is Christmas by Winj

So What Another Birthday by Vickie G

So You Want to be a Cowboy – Lancer fic spoof by Kaligirl

(The) Soaped Window Escapade And It’s Consequences (FFN Link) by JEB

Soapus Operandus by Kit

Soar Like An Eagle by JEB

Sobersides by S.

Social Standing by dnjlwilson

Sod’s Law (Eliot Series #9) by Margaret P.

(A) Soldier’s Christmas (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Soldiers Heart by Ronnie

(A) Soldier’s Hallowe’en (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Solitude… Kind Of by Buckskin
(or Don’t Let The Wolverine Eat Your Pants)

Solo y Asustada (1st in the Long Journey Home Series) by RobFra

Someday by Amy

Some Bad Things by Caroline

Someday by Morgana

Someday We’ll Laugh About This – But Not Today by D.B.Brisbin

Some Days (Modern Lancer Series #6) by Lancer Redux

Some Nice People  by Cobalt Jan    

Some Nice People Series by Susan
Some Nice People
For a Thousand Dollars

Somebody Waiting by Sherry

Someone Else’s Star by Barbara V.

Someone To Ride The River With  (link to FFN) by solista

Someone To Watch Over Me (WomenWriters Block Link) by Linda B (Bristow)

Something In Common by Cadillac Red

Somethin’ In My Eye (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Something More by Margaret P.

Something More than Strangers by Doc

Something To Get Used To by Molly

Sometimes, the End Justifies the Means by Kit

Sometimes the South Wind by Ronnie

Sometimes Wishes Do Come True by Southernfrau

Son, Have You Been Drinking? by Buckskin

(A) Son Is Born by Barbara

Songbird by Em

Sons: A Homecoming by Joan M.

Sons and Fathers (#2 Hero of Sacramento Series) by RonD

Sons Haunted by Deborah

(The) Sorceress by Marilyn

(The) Soul of Lin Li Mei by Sharon

Soul-Searching Life-Wrenching Need by Becks

(The) Sound of Thunder (Johnny and Holly Series #6) by Buckskin

Sous les étoiles ( Link to FFN) by Nanthana14

South of Midnight  (Johnny and Holly Series #7) by Buckskin

Southern Sun by Trinidad

South of The Border (Maria Series #1) by Snicklefritz

Southwest of Nevada by Kate (CMT)

(The) Spanish Wells Cookie Eating Fund Raiser by JEB

(The) Spark by Sandra

Special Delivery by Charlene

Special Delivery by d.b.brisbin

(The) Special Gifts by goldieasj

(A) Special Lady by SandySha

(A) Special Little Group (external link) by Cobalt Jan

Spilling Words by Whistle

SPIN (#2 of a duology) by S.

Spin of the Wheel by Suzanne

Spring (Dear Angus Series #1) by Sprite

Spring (Seasonal Stories #1) by Sprite

Spring Fever (Brat Pack Series #20) by Southernfrau

Spring Has Sprung by Patti H

Spring is Here by Beverly P.

Spring Storm: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Spring Visit (Father Donovan Series #1) by Sprite

(The) Spirit of the Season by Terri

Spirit Star by Buckskin

(The) Spirit Stone by Lisa Paris

Spirits by goldieasj

Splash By Whistle

Splinters by Shallowz

Splinter’s Group– Episode Commentary by Coop

Splinter Group – WHN by Ronnie

Spinning Tales by S.

Spooked by Whistle

(The) Spurs of Johnny Madrid Lancer by PaulaR

(The) Spurs of Johnny Madrid Lancer – poem by Southernfrau

(The) Squirrels (Surprise Series #8) by Terri

(The) St. Anne (Sainte Anne Series #1) by Sprite

St Patrick’s Day Party by EJ

(The) Stage by Christine C.

(The) Stage by Sherry

Stagecoach Encounter (1st in the Encounters Series) by Fay

(The) Stagecoach Holdup by Deborah

Stalk the Ground by (#4 in Tres Guerros Series) Trinidad

Stalker (M/M fiction) (at SWA) by Peja

Stand By Me (link to FFN) by westernfan

Standing In The Rain by Buckskin

Star Bright by Dale L

Star of Light by Darla M. Poulos

Starlight by Cat

(The) Star Pupils (link to FFN) by PollyVictorian

Start of a New Tradition by Desert Sun

(The) Starting Point by Cadillac Red

Starting Over by D.B.Brisbin

Staying Alive (The Line Series #1) by Buckskin

Staying Out of Trouble by Desert Sun

Still Waters (Maddie Series #1)  by Ros

Stinks by Heather

Stitches by Whistle

Stitches and Biscuits by  Belinda

Stitches Series by SandySha
Double Stitched
Waisting Away

Stockton by Sprite

Stolen Moments by Ronnie

Stone Cold Fear (#1 in Fear Series) by Buckskin

(The) Storm by Morgana

(The) Storm by Olley

Storm Series by PaulaR
Storm Damage

(The) Storm by Winj

Storm Clouds: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

(The) Storm King by Christine

Stories in Sequence Series by Sharon
Boston 1870
Why Scott Stayed
First Toast
Together at Day’s End
WHN: The Escape
Questions of Brotherhood
Melissa and the Maine Woods
WHN for “The Kid” & “Blue Skies”
Echoes of the Heart

(The) Story by Winj

Storyboards – Artwork by Southernfrau

Story Starter Challenge 1 by Winj

Story Starter Challenge 2 by Winj

Storybook Christmas by Maureen

The Storyteller (Hettie Series #3) by Olley

Straight From The Heart by SandySha

Stranded in Dos Dedos by Desert Sun

Strange Fruit by Wendy K

(The) Stranger by Ama (2014)

(The) Stranger by Laraine

The Stranger (Guardian Series #7) by ZoeyT

Strangers Series by Winj  
Strangers on a Stage
No Stranger

(A) Stranger Until You Become A Friend (Hettie Series #1) by Olley

(The) Stray (external link) by Shelley

Stray Pup by CC

Strays by Annie S

Strays by BeckyW

Streets of Laredo by OpalGirl

Strike by Sprite

(The) Striving Son of A Rancher by Nancy Marie

(The) Strongest Link: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Stubborn Is As Stubborn Does (Wild Horses, Wild Boys Series #2) by Clementine

Stumped by Bosco11

Stung!  by Cindy and KathyK

Stunt Gone Wrong by EJ

Summer (Seasonal Stories #2) by Sprite

Summer Fun by Southernfrau

Summer Holiday  (A Lancer AU #6)  by Lynne

Summer Mischief (A Lancer AU #5)   by Lynne

Summer Sun (Tanned Beauty series #2) by MaryM

Summertime (Dear Angus Series #2) by Sprite

Summer Visit (Father Donovan Series #2) by Sprite

Sunday by Doc

Sunday Maladies by Southernfrau

Sunnyside Up by Kathy W.

Sunrise by Mary Whimsey

Superstitions (I’ll be There Series #2)by Winj

Superstitions and Apparitions: A Lancer Halloween by SandySha

Support Your Sibling (A Lancer AU #11)    by Lynne 

(A) Sure Way To The Heart (Charlie series#1) (link to FFN) by McLance

Surprise Series by EJ
(The) Surprise
(The) Play’s the Thing
Fireside Chat

Surprise Series by Marlene
Johnny’s Surprise

Surprise Series by Terri
The Surprise
The Gifts
The Dates
The Easter Bunny
The Chase
The Exchange
The Homecoming
The Squirrels
The Duchess
The Deal
The Mountain Man – FIRST PLACE Lancer Writers Awards: Best Humorous Story

Surrey For The Trouble by Whistle

Surrogate Series by Winj
Adjustments by Winj

Surrogate Fathers and Adopted Sons Series by Olley
I Ain’t Jealous
Father’s Day – Val
In A Stable All Forlorn
Making Deals
Tuck and Roll
Moving On-Moving On- Wild and Free

Surrogates by Sue

Survival by Nancy Marie (Rated R)

Suspicion by Winj

Suspicions Series by Olley
Ezra Makepeace
Ezra Makepeace Epilogue
Legacy: Missing Scenes

Sweat (external link) by Shelley

Sweat by White Wolf

(The) Sweater (Delia Series #5) by Wendy K

Sweet Dreams (external link) by Shelley

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These (Gunslinger Series #3) (FNN link) by Desert Sun

(My) Sweet Emma Rose by CynthiaKay

Sweet Revenge by Bosco11 

Sweet Torture by S.

(The) Sweetest Memory by Margaret Schmitz Compton and Suzanne

Swimming (The Widow Morris series #10) by Doc

Sworn Promises (Finding Faith Series #2) by Renegade



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