Lancer at 55: Images of Johnny


Lancer at 55 header provided by Laurie


Once again, we’re posting a special LANCER55 post that is bursting at the seams with images. Once again – and not for the last time – we’ve had fans all over the internet scouring their PCs, tablets and storage discs to share screengrabs, or copies of publicity shots.

Today’s celebratory post is to tell you we’ve collected as many good images of Johnny as we could find, and put them together on one page. Just as with the images of Scott published in March, they are eminently swoon-worthy and so inspirational for stories, or reminders of favourite episodes.


Unlike his brother, Scott, Johnny grew up along the border country with Mexico, after his mother left Lancer and took him with her. Living a life of deprivation and danger, he didn’t use the Lancer name, but is more famous as Johnny Madrid, a notorious gunfighter. We like to imagine the gunfighter under that cheerful, kind exterior, and everyone loves a frisson of delicious danger, right? Read more about Johnny HERE



Enjoy the pictures on the images, and send us more if you have them and you’d like us to include them on the page. As we said about Scott, there can never be too much of a good thing!

Coming soon: Images of the brothers together, the Lancer family and even Murdoch…



Lancer Gateway Team
14 May 2023


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