Mid-Month Memo 08: Thanksgiving Stories


Another themed mid-month memo today, highlighting topical stories in our collection, this time (of course) our list of Thanksgiving stories:

(The) Best Gal Darn Turkey in the Whole Gal Darn World  by Linda B (Kona)

First Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Desert Sun

For These We Give Thanks by Patti H.

Giving Thanks by Laraine

Giving Thanks by Winj

His Life, His Thanks by Barbara V.

New Traditions (Scotland Series #1) by Winj

Pondering Lancer Family Thanksgiving by Margaret Schmitz Compton

(A) Reason to Give Thanks by Desert Sun

Remembrance by S.

Thanksgiving 1880 (Holidays series #1) by Em

Thanksgiving At Lancer by EJ

Thanksgiving At Lancer by Vickie B

Thanksgiving With Family (#1 in the Holidays series) by Linda B (Kona)

Truman’s First Thanksgiving by  Boonie

We Gather Together: The First Lancer Thanksgiving by Vicki L. Nelson

Wrinkled Potatoes and Old Tomatoes (Brat Pack Series #18) by Southernfrau



A vintage Thanksgiving greeting card.



The Gateway Team

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