August 2022 Update


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NOTE TO AUTHORS: Written an episode tag and you can’t see it on the Episode Tag page? Or a Holiday story, or a crossover and we haven’t also listed it on the specialist title page?

We’re pretty brilliant here, but we do miss stuff now and again. So please let us know if any of your stories are missing from our specialist collection title lists. We’ll correct it straight away!




New Stories Archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction

Another Little Talk by Sharon

Aunt Theodora’s Diplomacy (#2 in Aunt Theodora Series) by goldieasj

Birthday Stories by Winj
Happy Birthday To Me
Many Happy Returns

Blink by Shelley

Crossfire (Fear Series #3) by Buckskin

Drabbles by Winj
Bein Legal
(The) Curly Wolf

(The) Eve by Winj

Georges Rules of Etiquette Series by Winj
Hard Heads
What Would George Say?

Grudges- A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

In Appreciation of Our Father by Barbara V.

In Love by Beverly P.

(The) Incident: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

(The) Kingdom of Drabbles by LaJuan

(A) Little Catitude by Cat

Name on a Tombstone by DaleL

Remembrance (3rd in R Series) by Kit

Remember Me by Winj

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Esprit de Corps
The Modern Prometheus

Scott’s Secret…Johnny’s Headache – A Collaboration of Lancer Writers

Shallow Water (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Spring is Here by Beverly P.

Spring Storm: A Collaboration of Lancer Writers




New Authors

Beverly P.




Our Specialist Collection Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans

Holiday-Related Stories

Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards

Pre-Lancer Stories




Site Statistics

We’ve been totting up the monthly visitors/views stats for the sites and their subsites for a little while now. Now while we nerdy creatures quite like to look at stuff like that, it’s not for everyone. So, unless there’s a mass outcry and lots of disappointment from you all, we’re going to switch to doing an annual roundup that counts views (that is, pages visited), visitor numbers, likes and comments for each calendar year. We’ll publish this in the January roundups.




Next Update

The next monthly update is scheduled for September 24.


Submission Date

To have your story included in the next monthly update, please send it to the archive teams by September 20.



If you want to contact us about this update, please leave a comment below the post.


Lancer Gateway Team
Anna, Karen, Ronnie, and Sandy
August 28, 2022


One thought on “August 2022 Update

  1. I’m really enjoying all the stories in the August update. Thank you for putting it together and helping to make Lancer live on.


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