March 2023 Update


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New Stories Archived on LancerLovers and Lancer FanFiction

(The) Board is Set by MaryB and Sherry

Buried Treasures by SandySha

End Of The Line by Buckskin

Gratitude by Yoshino

Johnny Madrid: Dead Or Alive? by Charlene

Judgment Day (Rated R) by Nancy Marie

Scott’s Journal by Laurie
Eye for An Eye

Solo y Asustada by RobFra

(A) Time to Weep by Yoshino

Trusting Series by by EJ
Was It Worth Trusting?
It’s Hard Not Trusting


Preserving The Legacy: Older Stories/Newly Archived

All Choked Up by Wendy P (2005)

Boys and Mud Definitely Mix by Martha (2011)

Challenge by Lynda (2009)

Drabbles by Becks (Unknown date)
Another Doubt
Let’s Get This Dance Started
Ok Now What?

Drabbles by Ladyt (formally A Lost Author Story)
Johnny’s Baby

(The) Fire Witch by JenniferB (2012)

Forgiveness by Martha (2011)

Guilty Pleasures by Lynda (2010)

I Know You’ll Always Be There (poem) by Laraine (2005)

Like Looking in A Mirror by Ladyt (formally A Lost Author Story)

Maddie’s Love by Linda B (Kona) (2006)

Murdoch’s Gift by JenniferB (2012)

My Dearest Sister by Linda B (Kona) (2007)

POV Challenges (October 2015) by Maddie

Quests End by Martha (2012)

Use Your Words, Johnny by Martha (2011)

(A) Working Man by Ladyt (formally A Lost Author Story)


New Authors


Ladyt (formally A Lost Author)



Our ‘Specialist Collection’ Title Lists


AU/AR Stories

Crossovers With Other Westerns


Episode Tags

For Specific Lancer Fans
(who are ill or In memoriam stories)

Holiday-Related Stories


Lancer Writers 10th Anniversary Awards

Lost Authors – Preserving Their Legacy

Pre-Lancer Stories: The Road Home…

Round Robins



New/Updated RESOURCES Pages

IMAGES : SCOTT LANCER – now updated with even more images! So many Lancer fans scoured the archives to give us the biggest collection of Scott pictures we’ve ever seen in one place! You are all stars!


RESOURCES Pages to bookmark

Episode List


Lancer Hacienda Cookbook




Special Request: help us celebrate Lancer at 55

As you all know, this year marks Lancer’s 55th anniversary and of course we want to celebrate this momentous milestone with a series of special updates. We’ve already issued a couple and we have one or two others planned, but we need your help for more:

(i) Tell us about your memories of the first episode of Lancer. What stuck in your mind? What image or scene or bit of dialogue knocked your socks off and made you think that there was no way you were going to miss watching the next episode? What brings you back, time and time again to watch the episodes and read/write fanfic?

(ii) goldieasj wonders if we can find some behind the scenes goodness. Well, we have one call sheet and one shooting schedule (shared with us by Connie Biel – thank you Connie!), lots of scripts (thank you Charlene!) but almost nothing that relates to what was going on behind the cameras while filming was happening. Does anyone have anything they’re willing to share? Photographs, anecdotes of what was happening on set… stuff like that.

(ii) WRITERS : of all the stories you’ve written, which is the one you’re proudest of, and why? (Thank you, Doc, for the suggestion!)

(iii) More broadly, tell us what you’d like to see us do to celebrate 55 glorious years. What sort of post would you like to see? What should we cover? Any ideas?

Let us know at lancerloversarchive@gmail. com and help make this anniversary one to remember!




Next Update

The next monthly update is scheduled for April 30, 2023.


Submission Date

To have your story included in the next monthly update, please send it to the archive teams by April 23, 2023.




If you want to contact us about this update, please leave a comment below the post.


Lancer Gateway Team
March 26, 2023


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